Honeymoon Destinations: 15 Incredible Locations to Plan Your Sweet Getaway

Honeymoon Destination

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Planning your honeymoon can be another overwhelming aspect of your wedding and house arrangement. We like to consider planning a honeymoon as the fun part after the exhaustion of planning for months and worrying about every detail. You should be looking forward to reaching your honeymoon destination to peel off that tired skin and start anew.

We’ve hopped across the globe to bring you a collage of honeymoon destinations that will lure you in. Worry not; we’ve got comprehensive guides to every destination we’ve listed below; all you’ve got to do is pick a destination and let’s start planning your honeymoon.

Honeymoon Destinations That Will Captivate Your Soul

Today, honeymoon destinations aren’t the same as they used to be. Choosing the perfect location depends on your preferences and what activities and adventures you wish to embark on during your getaway. Some couples choose the chilled and laid-back experience, while others dive head first in the adrenaline-pumped adventures. We’ve brought you both!


Honeymoon Destination

The Land of the Rising Sun will let the sun rise in your heart. As a unique honeymoon destination, Japan combines the modernity of architecture and technology with captivating nature; both dipped in Japanese traditions for a truly memorable experience. As your honeymoon getaway, you can choose to spend your time in just one of Japan‘s prefectures or diversify your itinerary to hop between the country’s most popular tourist destinations. The capital, Tokyo, and the cities of Kyoto, Hokkaido, Fukuoka and Kobe are some of the most visited destinations, where the range of available activities depends on the season, with colourful cultural, religious and flower festivals adorning the yearly calendar.


Honeymoon Destination

Our love for Scotland started way before Outlander, the smashing historical fiction. We love rallying through the luscious Scottish Highlands, chasing a fairytale here or there. Scotland is perfect as a honeymoon destination, for it transfers you to another time the moment you step into its streets. The country brings you wonderful beaches to complement its incomparable historical Highlands. The capital, Edinburgh alone, will encapsulate your soul between her alleys, and you’ll want to return time after time to explore her secrets and those of the entire beautiful country.

Bali, Indonesia

Honeymoon Destination

We had to include Bali in our list, and everyone almost spends their vacations there now. From outdoor yoga and massage to interacting with local animals and keeping a safe distance from those monkeys, Bali is a captivating honeymoon destination. Bali’s vibrant blend of cultures, religions, history and art will appeal to your taste, no matter what it is. You can book a hotel in the middle of the forests and overlook the incredible gradient crop fields, an experience rarely available in other destinations. Or you can head out on a powerful hiking trip to ignite the adventurer in you.


Honeymoon Destination

It was only in recent years that Colombia began to make a name for herself in the worldwide tourism market. This splendid honeymoon destination combines all the odds: the desert with the forest and the coast with the high mountains. The number of exciting things you can do in Colombia is limitless. You can wander along the old streets of her cities. You can head to the Caribbean coast and splash against a wave or two. A thrilling boat ride in the dense Amazon forests is a promise of the thrill of a lifetime. Colombia has successfully shifted the world’s perception of her; we couldn’t be happier.

Paris, France

Even though her most common name is the City of Light, Paris is the world’s most romantic honeymoon destination. The illuminated city instils hope and beauty in your heart as you walk between her streets or along The Seine. France is enchanting as a whole, from the French Riviera to the beauty of Nice and the rustic home feel of Lili-Roubaix. However, Paris will take you to a different world. You can enjoy its unlimited number of historical landmarks and museums, get lost within its gardens and we can’t forget about the decadent and sumptuous French cuisine.


Honeymoon Destination

With some of the world’s breathtaking sea cliffs and fantastic historical filming locations, the Emerald Isle hits the spot as a wonderful honeymoon destination. Ireland’s rich history touches every corner of the island; even some of its most secluded locations have a historical background. Many people consider Ireland an ideal location for recreational activities, with some of the world’s best trekking, camping and rock-climbing locations. We see Ireland as an opportunity to escape the ordinary and get lost in its green fields. Whether you choose to begin in Northern Ireland and make your way through Ireland or hop between Irish cities and charming, cosy towns, your time in Ireland will be unforgettable.

Dubai, the UAE

Honeymoon Destination

Dubai city in the UAE is the Arabian city of luxury. The metropolitan city evolved rapidly during the past years to include some of the world’s biggest names in the hospitality industry. Additionally, the city council worked fervently to elevate the city’s cultural and artistic scene by rearranging the city’s historical heritage in top-tier museums, establishing unlimited entertainment facilities for all the family, and even breaking a few Guinness World Records with the world’s tallest building. If you’re seeking a top-notch luxurious gateway surrounded by Arabian desert, Dubai is your best honeymoon destination.


There’s no land steeped in history like Italy; there’s a story to be told in every nook and corner. Italy is known as the most romantic honeymoon destination. You might think, but that’s Paris? Well, Paris is called the City of Light; we call Italy the Romantic Country. This historically rich country isn’t only rich in battles and power struggles but in memorable and epic love stories. Who can forget Romeo and Juliet? And did you know you can visit Juliet’s balcony? Who can deny that a gondola ride through Venice’s canals is like leaving this world for another magical world, where architectural magnificence manifests itself everywhere?


Honeymoon Destination

This southwestern Pacific island is a perfect honeymoon destination for its surreal, beautiful beaches and temperate weather during the summer months. Fiji’s islands boast a wide variety of natural parks, habituated with diverse wildlife and breathtaking greenery. There are forests, green mountains and deep forestation. On the other side, the islands bring you incredible beaches with white sand, perfectly temperament sea water and inviting waves. You can get up to many activities in Fiji, depending on your preference, from sea-related activities to recreational and hiking activities. 


Honeymoon Destination

Bhutan doesn’t get the same propaganda as its neighbours when it comes to promoting tourism. We feel this is such a shame; Bhutan is an incredible South Asian country. The country’s unmatched location among The Himalayas blessed her with breathtaking views and wondrous forests. Visiting Bhutan’s monasteries and Buddhist temples is just one of the numerous things you can do there. The country’s vibrant festival calendar will fill your heart with joy if your vacation coincides with any of them.


Honeymoon Destination

You might’ve heard that Finland is the Land of a Thousand Lakes, but this is far from the truth. In fact, Finland is home to nearly 180,000 lakes, amounting to 10% of the country’s land. When we talk about Finland, we immediately think of Christmas and Santa Claus. The country’s unique landscape is almost 75% untamed forests. Finland also has incredible hot and geothermal springs, which are a stark contrast to the country’s freezing weather. This Scandinavian beauty also has Earth’s last remaining snowy wonderland, Lapland. Whether you visit the beautiful natural parks, the Santa Clause Village, or even the nearby castles, Finland is a magical honeymoon destination.

Costa Rica

Honeymoon Destination

This Central American country includes everything you could need for your honeymoon getaway. Not only is Costa Rica rich in magnificent golden beaches, but also rich in stunning canyons and incredible landscapes. From the cobblestone streets of San José and a visit to one of the local museums to any of the country’s famous beaches, such as Playa del Coco. If you’re craving a thrilling adventure, a hike up Costa Rica’s Mount Chirripò will satisfy the adventurers in you. we promise you the breath of fresh air at the peak will make you feel like a new person.


Honeymoon Destination

Dubbed Heaven on Earth, the Maldives has been welcoming honeymooners from all over the world for years. With its unimaginably magical beaches, its range of available islands, mid-sea and rooms, and the entertaining local festivities, the Maldives is truly a once-in-a-lifetime honey destination. Your honeymoon wind-off starts immediately when you get there. All you need to do is get to your resort and choose your favourite room. You can even choose a cabin in the middle of the ocean, and then you’re in your little world for the next few days. The thing about the Maldives is you don’t need to do anything to unwind; the magnificent beaches, see-through turquoise water and warm local aesthetic will make you feel incredible.


Honeymoon Destination

We’ve always imagined Slovenia as the Country of Dragons, where an enormous one treads the banks of Lake Bled. This unexpected honeymoon destination is Croatia’s neighbour yet so different from it. Slovenia is a wonderful destination with ski resorts, mountainous terrain and glacial lakes. Additionally, the country is famous for its therapeutic hot springs, where locals and foreigners alike reaped the benefits of soaking themselves in them. These hot springs helped the tourism industry flourish, where spas and luxury hotels developed around them. How about coming over and, perhaps, spotting a dragon or two?


Honeymoon Destination

Escape the usual honeymoon destination choices by coming to Morocco, a melting pot of cultures, history and traditions. The country is perfect for your honeymoon because it allows you to experience numerous and diverse activities, all while laid back and with no rush. Even the country’s busiest cities give you a chance to escape reality between their old town centres and local souks. Morocco’s history combines the glory of both kingdoms, the Arabic and the European, which infused to bring you a thrilling experience, where you will find luxurious hotels with ancient Kufi decorations, Turkish hammams and modern-day facilities.


Honeymoon Destination

Imagine a country that combines luscious forests, bare deserts, glaciers and modern metropolitan cities. If you put all these together, you get Argentina. The South American country’s landscape nearly ticks all the marks in the book, which makes it perfect as a honeymoon destination. Argentina will teach you about her history without forcing it down your throat; she exhibits it in everything and every aspect of daily life. You can visit any of Argentina’s wildlife-filled forests or national parks, gaze upon the beauty of its natural glaciers or even visit its incredible Salt Flats.


Honeymoon Destination

Croatia is often overlooked when planning honeymoon destinations. Neighbouring Venice on its Adriatic Sea coast, the European country looks and feels as if it were pulled out of a fictional postcard. The country’s aesthetic, colour pallet and magical alleyways promise you an exciting and romantic honeymoon. From the country’s cultural and artistic hub, Zagreb, to the majestic old and walled town of Dubrovnik to the city of Split, which stands on a ruinous Roman palace. You can choose to split your time between Croatian beaches, explore the cities’ old centres and learn their secrets, or you can head to the country’s national parks for great outdoor activities and wildlife observation.


When you choose Greece as your honeymoon destination it feels like going back home, but you’re not. Somehow, Greece makes us all feel that we belong there or would live there in an alternate life. Greece’s tourist attractions portfolio brings you historical landmarks where myths and legends combine, incredible locations with a rustic feel and clear blue sea shores. You can certainly do both or choose either, to go on walking tours of Greece’s famous landmarks such as the capital, Athens, exceptional landscape contrast between the buildings and the beach in Santorini and the buzzing nightlife is Mykonos.


There’s more to Iceland than the northern lights. Iceland is a perfect honeymoon destination for couples seeking exciting adventures in the snowy-ish country. The weather and daylight circumstances in Iceland are rather unique, which further distinguishes it from its Scandinavian neighbours. Unlike what her name denotes, Iceland isn’t all ice and cold. The country has a lavish green cover which hides beneath some of the world’s magnificent caves. There are black sandy beaches, clear lakes, and geothermal spas such as the Blue Lagoon and the Geysir.


Honeymoon Destination

Where to start when it comes to India? The country brings bustling cities that embrace historical landmarks, high mountains with luscious green forests and others with snow-topped slopes, to incredible beaches and religious monuments. India combines the cultural and religious landmarks of numerous civilisations and beliefs, forming its distinguished touristic scene. From the heart of Bollywood, Mumbai, to the eccentric Goa to the world-renowned Taj Mahal, India will captivate you and ensure you have the experience of a lifetime.


Honeymoon Destination

When you think of Peru, the Machu Picchu ruins immediately pop into your head. The splendid ancient ruins that testify to its inhabitants’ history are an eccentric location to visit during your honeymoon. However, Machu Picchu isn’t the only wonder that Peru offers its visitors. Lima’s historic centre will take you back in time to an era of architectural excellence; hiking Peru’s incredible Rainbow Mountain is a symbolic and exciting experience, and trying sand surfing in Huacachina Oasis is an equally thrilling experience as wave surfing.


Honeymoon Destination

Switzerland has always been observed as an epitome of luxury. The country’s incredible green scenery lures tourists, especially honeymooners. Moreover, the country offers visitors various snowy ski resorts, luxurious services and a rich history to go with them. When you visit Switzerland, you can get the best of her culinary excellence as well as chocolate manufacturing. Swiss chocolate and chocolate-making facilities are among the most-visited locations in the country. Whether you’re looking to book a cabin in the Swiss Alps for a little snowy gateway or choose a luxurious city break, you should consider Switzerland as a possible honeymoon destination.  

We’ve shared with you some of our top recommendations for your upcoming honeymoon, but we still have one more thing to share. Try the local food to immerse yourself in the experience fully. If travelling is a cure for the soul, local food is the recipe for humility and beauty.

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