The great beauty of a country like Slovenia is that although it may a small country, there are many great activities offered here. Whatever you want to do, from relaxing at a thermal spa, visiting museums, exploring or enjoying sports activities; Slovenia couldn’t be a more appropriate choice. Thermal heavens await, this country has more than just Lake Bled.

From Ljubljana (the capital of Slovenia) you can easily rent a car, take a shuttle or the train and follow the Sava river path (the river that flows through all Slovenia) which leads to the cities of Sevnica, Krško, Brežice and Čatež ob Savi, our recommended destinations of this region.

Here is some information about how to get to the Posavje area:

By train:

By shuttle

If you go by car, just check out google maps.



Sevnica Castle Slovenia Image for ProfileTree Blog
Sevnica Castle Slovenia (Image Source: Flickr – JernejKastelic –[email protected]/30127774765/)

The first place to visit on this list is Sevnica, a small city, located in this region, a place that is often described in fairy stories with beautiful green valleys, and an impressive large river running through the city.


Must-Experience in Sevnica;

1.The Sevnica Castle; This magnificent Castle located on a hill above the old town centre of Sevnica. Built in the first half of the 12th century, in recent years the castle has been renovated, but still represents a medieval-like panorama, that takes you back to the city fascinating past.  You can check out Sevnica Castle through guided tours where you can explore the castle and what it has to offer.


2. Ajdovski Gradec; This is one of the most researched villages from the time of migrations in the 5th and 6th century AD in this part of Europe. Its also home to a historical archaeological park that allows visitors to explore a period of time when many different settlements lived here. For tourist’s packages click on


3.Cycling at the Sava river embankments and its reservoirs; With tidy cycling paths, suitable for all bikers, especially for families with children and those wanting a few hours of undemanding cycling time along the tidy Sava cycling path.


4. Proud Salami producer; The Sevnica Salami is a traditional culinary product on offer here. The society of people who make salami has been organising the festival “Sevniška Salamijada” since 1962.

It’s considered the oldest evaluation of home-made salami in the country. The traditional salami festival is carried out every year on March 10 (The day of the 40 martyrs). Another special feature of the festival is that only men are allowed to attend it. However, for four years, the Ženska Salamijada (an event only for women) has taken place, the same day at the Sevnica’s castle.


Where to Eat in Sevnica?

A list of highly recommended places to eat in Sevnica;

And for sweet taste lovers, stop by Slaščičarna Julija

Sevnica features one hotel in the city centre:

And one Hostel as well



  1. Next stop Krško; There is no fantasy-like place without a castle, and Krško is no exception. The Rajhenburg Castle was rebuilt by Bishop Konrad of Salzburg in the time between 1131 and 1147. Rajhenburg Castle is one of the most important monuments of medieval architecture in Slovenia.


2. Do not miss the Chocolaterie in this same castle. The Rajhenburg Castle history boasts the legacy of the Trappist monks, who were the first to carry out industrial chocolate production in Slovenia.


3. The Bohor Mountains is a must visit aimed at nature lovers. This wide, 20-km long mountain is located left of Krško and sitting at an altitude of 900 metres. Interesting fact, the yew tree that can be found here is protected among tree species in Slovenia. You’ll be captivated by the surrounding scenery as you reach the top/


4. The waterfalls of Bohor; Surging above Senovo, the area of the Bohor Mountains reveals a real masterpiece of nature where everybody can admire four stunning waterfalls: Bojanca, Pekel, Ubojavnik and Bojavnik.

Some of the waterfalls are even more than 15 metres high. This majestic place can be accessed by anyone who is in good physical shape to get there via the trail of the four waterfalls, which makes an adventurous day trip.

For safety reasons, a local guide is recommended. We advise you to take the trip in nice weather and when it is not too wet, as the trail could otherwise be much more difficult.

For more information visit check out the following sites:


Where to Eat in Krško


Tri lučke



Where to sleep in Krško

Hotel Kunst

Tri lučke




The Castle Brežice was built in the 12th century on a small slope on the left bank of the Sava River. It was built by the Salzburg people in order to serve administrative and defence purposes.

One of the many important tourist attractions in Slovenia is wine cellars. There are many farms run by family businesses that arrange tours to their farm, and most of the time also offer something to eat and drink.


Wine Cellar Komatar, Gadova peč; The Komatar family owns 45,000 vines, they produce the traditional cviček Slovenian wine from their own trademark Turdus which is bottled in their own filling station. The family offer a tour of the estate and their cellar with wine tasting, along with homemade snacks in a tasting room.

Tours can be arranged at any time, but you will have to arrange wine testing. And of course, the wine is also for sale. There are other sorts of wine they produce and sell as well. If you decide the place is just too beautiful to leave so soon, ask for accommodation thus the place features a cosy apartment to stay.

A quick drive or 19 km from Brežice is Kostanjevica na KrkiA beautiful tiny island, a place to enjoy a calm walk by the river Krka, you may encounter a few swans, ducks and very friendly people in this small but charming place.


Where to Eat in Brežice



Pizzerija & pivnica Point


Where to sleep in Brežice?

Splavar Hotel



Čatež ob Savi

Less than three kilometres from Brežice is Čatež, the land know for its amazing thermal spas. Therme Čatež is the main attraction here. Imagine a -20°C temperature outside and a long winter season. Problem solved at Therme Čatež. The Thermal Riviera features a winter and a summer Thermal Riviera, large indoor swimming pools, suitable for the whole family, and with a self-service restaurant.

In the summer its the best time to experience the outdoor Riviera with 10,000m2 of thermal water surface, a pool with waves, a pirate island, children’s water park and more. Fortunately, there are cafes and restaurants in the same area for you to choose from.

If you wish for more and try some sports and other recreation activities, visit

Here at Therme Čatež, are plenty of choices when it comes to accommodations. From hotels to the Terme village with apartments, a camp, an Indian village and mobile homes.


There are some of the top places for you to experience the best of Slovenia, let us know if you’ve been to any of the places listed and what you enjoyed most.


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