10 Things to Do in Naples, Italy – Places, Activities, Important Advice

Updated On: March 30, 2023

naples landscape

The Italian people say: “See Naples and die.”

If you visited Naples, you would already see all aspects of life; there is nothing further you can discover anyplace else.

You will try various activities in Naples, Italy, that will revive your soul and allow you to embark on a new chapter in your life.

In Naples, visitors come any time of the year, and every time they say they can explore something different from the last time they have been.

It’s no surprise that football legend Diego Maradona was so enamoured with Naples.

Lip-smacking multiple cuisines, stunning beaches, friendly people, pure nature, and rich culture, Naples, where the hustle and bustle never stops, can offer you much, you might think.

naples landscape
The stunning Naples landscape with gorgeous sea views.

You may find a blend of nationalities who are fascinated by the extraordinary beauty of this chaotic Italian masterpiece, and we are one of them.

Let’s see the top things you can do in Naples, Italy, advice before travelling, and some free fun activities to try.

1- Join Us for a Tour Around Spaccanapoli

Spaccanapoli min The Italian people say: “See Naples and die.”
10 Things to Do in Naples, Italy - Places, Activities, Important Advice 10

Location: Pendino
How you get there: 5 minutes’ walk from Sant’Anna Dei Lombardi bus station
Price: Free Access
Being in Naples is scouting for the true face of Italy. People who enjoy life don’t care how much money they make, how gorgeous their homes are, or how well their streets are so lively. 

They simply want to be happy. That is the secret you are about to discover in Spaccanapoli. It’s a popular neighbourhood with small lanes and cobblestone streets, and it’s a bustling area with odd art shops, crucifixes and rosaries everywhere, numerous churches, and delicious pizza.

Why is Spaccanapoli awesome?

If you want to understand Italian culture, take a walk down this street. Chat with store owners and ask about how they spend their time, their favourite items, and how they make money during the off-season.

There are many stories in store for you.
What distinguishes this site is that it offers various brilliant activities that you will experience for the first time, such as curing your child’s doll.

For example: If you, or your child, have a doll that is torn, broken, or even missing hair, please bring it to L’ Ospedale Delle Bambole, located in Spaccanapoli on Via San Biagio Dei Librai 46.

You can also simply explore the area equipped with beds and unique equipment for repairing dolls and bringing them to life.
It is one of the most popular spots to visit if you are planning a family trip.

Things to Do:

  • Eat pizza at the place where it was invented; it will change your perception of all pizzas you’ve ever eaten.
  • Explore the handcrafted craft business that still survives in Spaccanapoli’s small lanes.
  • Take an exciting stroll through the lively streets and strike up conversations with friendly residents.
  • Visit Santa Chiara, a religious complex, and spend some time in its garden and sat in peace or at the museum adjacent to the church, where you may learn about the church’s history.
  • Pay a visit to the Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore, the underground remnants of the old Naples.

Things Not to Do:

  • You may meet pickpockets in and around Spaccanapoli; please keep an eye on your money pocket to prevent this situation.
  • The main concern is avoiding being hit by a motorcycle, which is everywhere on Naples’ streets in general, especially in Spaccanapoli.
  • If you have a problem with crowds, especially at night, please avoid this location. You can be frustrated and have a wrong time there.

Pro Tip: Don’t leave without trying one of Spaccanapoli’s pastries. There are a lot of sweet stores here, and they are all fantastic. However, my recommendation is to pair Sfogliatella with coffee. Tasty!

2- Adventure waiting for you in Catacombe di San Gennaro

Catacombe di San Gennaro min The Italian people say: “See Naples and die.”
10 Things to Do in Naples, Italy - Places, Activities, Important Advice 11

Location: San Carlo Arena
How you get there: Take the lines bus 168, 178, C63, and R4 and get off at the Catacombe di San Gennaro bus stop.
Price: Around USD 11
Going downstreet, you will see a 2nd-century site turned into a memorial service for San Gennaro, who was buried here and then the Catacombe di San Gennaro. These graves are most likely one of Naples‘ most popular tourist attractions.

And don’t be afraid of the weather inside; it’s a relaxed, well-ventilated environment.

Why is Catacombe di San Gennaro awesome?

It is unlikely that the visitors would not adore this place, as they will enjoy watching artwork, like fifth-century mosaics, a room designed with fifth-century mosaics in mind and decoded with different unique paintings. This site was once a worship site, and thus you can see how well it has been well-preserved over time.

Underneath are several types of burials, the most prestigious of which sound like chapels filled with frescoes and paintings, although many of them have been nearly gone. And, without a doubt, these venues belonged to the wealthy.

The best part about the catacombs is that the admission price includes an English-guided tour. If you’re on a limited budget, it’s a low-cost activity that you may add to your list of top things to do in Naples, Italy.

Things to Do:

  • Listen to the tour guide as he tells you stories about royal figures who were buried there.
  • Don’t rush back to your hotel after concluding the Catacombe di San Gennaro; instead, explore the neighbouring region.
  • Eat at one of the famous restaurants located around the historical monument.
  • If you buy your ticket online before you travel, you will avoid massive lines.
  • Snapping away with your friends and family in the dark tunnels, or even going live with your followers to share the fun with them.

Things not to Do:

  • Take a human-guided tour of the Catacombe di San Gennaro rather than merely a strolling trip without studying the site’s history.
  • There are long walk-in cut pathways, so wear only athletic shoes. It would help if you felt at ease.
  • Even in the summer, don’t go there without a light sweater on your person. It could be a tad chilly beneath the ground.

Pro Tip: Be aware that the schedule is very tight here (from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with the final entrance at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday), so arrive early to have the opportunity to tour the entire location.

3- Stepped in History: the National Archaeological Museum

National Archaeological Museum min The Italian people say: “See Naples and die.”
10 Things to Do in Naples, Italy - Places, Activities, Important Advice 12

Location: Piazza Museo
How you get there: 2 minutes walk from Museo Nazionale bus stop
Price: Around USD 12
This museum makes Naples a worthwhile stock, attracting thousands of visitors daily to explore plenty of Roman monuments and unique statues.

Why is the National Archaeological Museum awesome?

The National Archaeological Museum offers the best possible peak into Pompeii and Herculaneum civilization. 

The museum’s archaeological collection makes it one of the most important institutes compiling this incredible collection in one place. Furthermore, various paintings are on exhibit in the museum’s halls. You will discover stunning giant statues made of gleaming white marble and bronze, lovely mosaic pieces, and the epic painting item, Grand Battel of Alexander, as you go around the museum.

Don’t miss checking the painting of Mount Vesuvius glazed on one of the walls of the museum. 

Most of these artworks depict daily life in this era, providing insight into how their people lived and established this remarkable history.

To make your visit to this museum even more memorable, get an audio tour that will walk you through the history of each artefact featured in the archaeological museum.

Founded in 1777, the museum is still neat, and the halls of displays are extensive enough that you feel safe going around and checking antiques, even if it is a little crowded.

Things to Do:

  • Viewing Pompeii and Herculaneum art
  • Visiting statuary masterpieces and learning about how women in the ancient past ran their households.
  • Taking pictures with incredible artefacts.
  • Exploring a bunch of the most exquisitely created mosaics.
  • Thoroughly enjoy a variety of sensual statues and frescos.

Things not to Do:

  • Going to the museum without purchasing an e-ticket, please do this to avoid long lines.
  • Don’t use flash inside the National Archaeological Museum. Otherwise, you can capture everything you want.
  • Your visit here may take longer than 2 hours, so plan accordingly.

Pro Tip: You can cancel your online ticket up to 24 hours before your intended visit date.

4- Have a Great Walk Tour inside Oldest Structure- Castel Nuovo

Castel Nuovo min The Italian people say: “See Naples and die.”
10 Things to Do in Naples, Italy - Places, Activities, Important Advice 13

Location: Via Vittorio Emanuele III
How you get there: 13 minutes walk from Castelnuovo-Zanzibar bus stop or you can talk a taxi from the drop-off point or your hotel if you don’t want to walk all the way.
Price: Around USD 7

It’s probably one of the go-to-destinations if you are in Naples. Or, if you happen to be a history buff, Castel Nuovo is the right place for you. Conveniently located alongside the Mediterranean, the castle stands with its impressive architecture bearing witness to the historical events of the last eight centuries.

Why is Castel Nuovo awesome?

Here, you can learn about Naples’ evolution from a city that made everything to fight oppression to becoming one of the most visited cities in Italy. Castel Nuovo highlights a pivotal period in Italian history. It’s a medieval fortress that served as the palace of two royals in Naples during the 13th century when the city’s royal king wanted to make Naples the cultural and artistic center of Europe. 

You can see tourists are crammed here to see this enormous feature, so get there early to savour the magic of history overlooking the city’s main harbour.

Many photos, antiques, finely created paintings, frescoes, and remnants of war attire, like iron helmets, may be found inside Castel Nuovo.

The castle roof is available to the public, and the view from the top is spectacular.

Things to Do:

  • Take a tour of the castle to learn about the value of art in previous eras.
  • View some of the archaeological finds on display in Castel Nuovo.
  • Bring your children and take them on an informative tour of the intricately handcrafted ornamentation.
  • Use the option to climb to the fortress’s highest point and enjoy the delicious view over Naples and the harbour.
  • Take photos of the ancient site and massive dungeons, or perhaps attend one of the unique plays staged here from time to time.

 Things not to Do:

  • Don’t arrive late because it will take hours to explore all of the rooms in the castle, and some areas are not accessible after hours.
  • The tour guide is somehow expensive, if you are a big family, skip it, and you can gather some information before visiting Castel Nuovo.
  • Nothing is more joyful than viewing from the roof terrace, but bring a light sweater with you, so you don’t spend your time shivering.

Pro Tip: Before you pay a ticket, ask the guards if there are any sections or places inside that are closed, possibly just for that day, because maintenance work is done virtually every day (so you can think about coming back later in sake to make this visit worth)

5- Chiostri di Santa Chiara

Chiostri di Santa Chiara min The Italian people say: “See Naples and die.”
10 Things to Do in Naples, Italy - Places, Activities, Important Advice 14

Location: Via Santa Chiara
How you get there: 4 minutes’ walk from Sant’Anna Dei Lombardi bus stop
Price: Around USD 7

One of the famous landmarks in Naples, Chiostri di Santa Chiara is a religious complex including a church, monastery, and convent. Founded in 1382, it’s the most peaceful place in Naples where you can replenish your energy and spirit.

Why is Chiostri di Santa Chiara awesome?

The majestic architecture will sweep you off your feet as you pass through the gate, followed by a masterfully carved tower with an angle on the top. The place consists of some corridors and lengthy vaults decorated with colourful paintings that are still reasonably clear and lively. However, the site was under attack during the Second World War, and most of the art succeeded in surviving.

Here you can see people sitting in peace, maybe pondering, maybe meditating, but the atmosphere inside is slightly better than anywhere else in Naples. Additionally, the lanes connecting the various buildings are lined with lush plants and majestic marble tiles.

The church is tidy and neat, with a handful of beautifully made shrines, and it provides a peaceful haven after a long day lost in Naples’ crowded sidewalks.

And don’t forget to look up at the ceilings and domes, which are the complex’s masterwork, covered with majolica and frescoes.

Things to Do:

  • Appreciate the Italian art of maiolica tiles and how they took full attention to the details while establishing their worship houses.
  • A perfect spiritual retreat to forget about congested Naples.
  •  Walk around and soak up the tranquil atmosphere to clear your mind from any chaos. 
  • Bring your camera and take beautiful pictures of this beautiful corner of Naples.
  • Viewing the fascinating biblical scene frescoes along the sidewalls of the cloister

Things not to Do:

  • Coming here late is not preferable. We suggest going there before the afternoon to enjoy the silence of the place.
  • Don’t get to Chiostri di Santa Chiara without adding USD 5 to have a tour guide to make it worthwhile.
  • Don’t sit on titled benches, but you can have a rest on other cement benches.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss the small Cloister museum; it’s another one of the most pleasant sites for tourists here, containing some remnants of Roman artworks.

6- Hike to the Summit of Mount Vesuvius

Summit of Mount Vesuvius min The Italian people say: “See Naples and die.”
10 Things to Do in Naples, Italy - Places, Activities, Important Advice 15

Location: Via Palazzo del Principe
How you get there: To get to the summit, you will walk for about 30 minutes, and you can take the EAV bus from Pompei Villa Dei Misteri station.
Price: Around USD 12
Now we are going to hit up one of the hot destinations in Italy, Mount Vesuvius.
But first, I’d like to ask you a question: do you enjoy danger?

I know it appears to be a simple question, but you need to expect what you will discover here. It’s the most dangerous volcano in the world.

Why is Mount Vesuvius awesome?

Located along the southern coast, considered outside Naples, what makes Mount Vesuvius attracts millions of tourists is that it has a tragic story. Following a large eruption in 79 AD, many experts believed that the volcano destroyed the Pompeii and Herculaneum empires.

However, the strategic network of roads encircling the mountain is now sufficiently paved so that you may approach the mountain with a variety of alternatives, including a private car, a taxi, or buses. Furthermore, all other options are bookable online.

You will come across some lovely stoned statues along the road, so keep an eye out and don’t miss out on this opportunity by scrolling through your social media accounts.

Aside from this absolutely stunning spectacle, you can buy lava items from little stores surrounding the area, or perhaps you need some affordable souvenirs for your friends and family. In any case, it’s a pretty good deal. Mount Vesuvius shopping!


Things to Do:

  • Hike up the volcano to boost your adrenaline; it’s a thrilling experience.
  • Enjoy the scenery as you ascend, and take rests in designated rest areas if necessary.
  • Take memorable shots of the location and with your buddies. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Engage with a tour guide to learn more about the volcano’s history and other mysterious theories.
  • Take a break at a semi-circle cafe on the summit’s side to drink something or purchase a memorable present.

Things not to Do:

  • It’s a little bit of a strenuous hike, as it’s up a steep slope. As a result, avoid wearing anything that will obstruct your stroll. Only sports or hiking shoes.
  • Don’t attempt to reach the summit without a bottle of water. If you don’t, you’ll regret it afterward.
  • Going on this journey if you have respiratory difficulties is not a smart idea. You can, however, go with your friends and take photos and stories before letting them go up, or you can hire a private car for a whole Mount Vesuvius excursion.

Pro Tip: The temperature on Mount Vesuvius’s summit progressively drops, so bring a jacket that will accommodate the nature of the ascent until you reach the summit.

7- Head to an Archaeological site and Tune in to the History: Pompeii

Pompeii min 1 The Italian people say: “See Naples and die.”
10 Things to Do in Naples, Italy - Places, Activities, Important Advice 16

Location: Porta Marina
How you get there: About a 2-minute-walk from the the underground Circumvesuviana station
Price: Around USD 13

Remember the story of the disappearance of Pompeii and Herculaneum we mentioned earlier? Okay, we now see the remnants of the empire, which provides you with an eerie sensation mixing with horrific and excitement.

Why is Mount Vesuvius awesome?

Pompeii was an Ancient Roman city where you can still enjoy discovering the vestiges filled with shattered and well-structured monuments. The site is huge, coming up with interchanges, long alleys, houses, and maybe flyovers signalizing how decent and big the city was.

It Is no wonder that this UNESCO world heritage site attracts more than 2.5 million tourists annually.

Be sure that you will get a map at the entrance, which will help you navigate inside Pompeii, but it doesn’t seem very easy to follow the map. Hence, the guide is the best option to be thrilled and overwhelmed by the incredible history around you.

However, archaeologists thought that Pompeii existed in the 6th century, the structure is a good reserve. Many avenues and spots are still in their finest status, such as the Terme Staviane palace, which has bath showers, sauna walls, and chilly pastimes.

Obviously, Pompeii stands in the shadow of the epic Mount Vesuvius, brimming with so many things to explore that you’ll find yourself wandering and walking and getting lost, but you’ll love it.

Things to Do:

  • Discover the two Roman theatres here, taking photos or having a rest with your friends on its stages.
  • Get close to the Terme Staviane palace, which is thought to be a recreational facility where Pompeii’s men came to relax and contemplate.
  • It could be creepy, but many visitors enjoy taking a walk around and seeing the dead bodies that are completely buried in mud and lava after dying in their pose due to the volcano.
  • Explore the interiors of houses to learn about how people lived thousands of years ago.
  • Visit the museum with the remains of jewellery, food, some antiques, and other items.

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t purchase an advanced online ticket if you want to waste a long time at the entrance gate. So, be wise and arrive at the location with your ticket in hand.
  • The site is enormous, and probably you can not make it on your own; thus, the audio guide is strongly recommended.
  • Avoid wearing slippers or high heels; instead, wear something appropriate for your walk tour and comfortable, as you may be walking for more than 2 hours here.

Pro Tip: If you are a big fan of history, you might spend more than 5 hours. So plan to make it a one-day trip.

8- Be Niplesian and Drink Italian Coffee

Drink Cofee
Start your day good with a cup of Naples’s coffee

Location: Vomero District
How you get there: Take the 20890 train and it will only cost you USD 2.
Price: Around USD 2
If you want to start your day off right like a Niplesian, don’t pass up the opportunity to drink coffee their way, as all Italians are obsessed with espresso.

Why is morning coffee in Naples awesome?

The morning coffee is part of their daily routine. This cup is exceptional since it is dark, tiny, and sturdy. To savour the flavour of the caffeine shot, Niplesians never drink water afterwards. It’s not just about the espresso; it’s about the whole experience.

Following that, a fantastic trip awaits you in the Vomero district.

When we said that Naples has all aspects of life, we meant that you could find famous overcrowded districts, besides classy and neat neighbourhoods. Vomero is a hilltop residential spot where you will find much joyful stuff to add to your list of top things to do in Naples, Italy.

You could need an entire day to complete your circuit, especially if you want to see the superb views over Naples. That’s where the beautiful tour will take you around the beautiful part of this upscale district.

To get the beastie view over the whole of Naples from Vomero, we recommend visiting Castel Sant’Elmo, a medieval fortress overlooking Naples’s gulf. Don’t forget to visit the National Museum of San Martino; it’s also a worthwhile stop.

  Things to Do:

  • If you think you have covered all the tourist places, you are so wrong. In Vomero, it’s time to uncover a bunch of beautiful places, like the Castle of St. Elmo, another landmark of Naples.
  • Explore a number of Italian artworks inside the museum of Castel Sant’Elmo.
  • Enjoy watching a football game in Stadio Arturo Collana, one of the favourites among tourists, and summon up Italian enthusiasm.
  • Have a delightful tour in the Antignano neighbourhood and wander around to admire the beautiful style of old buildings.
  • Vomero is a shoppers’ paradise if you want to go shopping.

Things not to Do:

  • Don’t spend too much money here, especially on gifts; Vomero’s prices are slightly higher than those in the rest of Naples.
  • Don’t miss Vomero’s nightlife, which features a wide range of street festivals and activities every day.
  • Don’t forget to stop by Vomero Market if you’re looking for a different shopping experience or need to eat something fresh.

 Pro Tip: If you plan to linger longer in Vomero and you are now striving, go to Pizzeria Vomero and savour the true flavour of Pizza in a family setting.

Common Questions:

  • Is it safe to visit Naples?

Yes, of course it is. Don’t pay too much attention to ridiculous Mafia and criminal stories. You are free to go wherever you want, but you may need to check your wallet in busy places, which happens all over the planet. Or, more likely, you can divide your money among several pockets of your clothing to ensure that you will never be broken.

  • What is Naples famous for?

Pizza, without a doubt. It’s the birthplace of this brilliant idea in the history of food.

Naples also offers a sight and ambience of Italian culture, and history ranging from well-designed fortresses, historical cathedrals, and amazing museums. 

  • How to spend a day in Naples?

Begin with a cup of coffee and some delicious pastries, then visit some neighbouring sights, or go right to Vomero, or spend the day touring Spaccanapoli before going to Castel Nuovo.


We hope you enjoy reading our guide and now have an insight into places, activities, and things to do in Naples. And don’t forget to check out our latest post, Top things to do in Italy.

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