14 Exciting Things to Do in Italy for an Exhilarating Stay

Updated On: September 12, 2023


“Sono un Italiano, un Italiano vero”

These are the lyrics for one of the most famous Italian classics of the ’80s. It literally translates to “I’m an Italian, a real Italian.” To this very day, it is still one of the most famous jams of all time. The song shows real pride in belonging to Italy, urging foreigners to visit such a history-rich country. 

Italy is absolutely a great country with so many things to see and do for a thrilling experience. There are famous sites to see, history to learn, and exciting activities to try while devouring authentic Italian pizzas and pasta. We gathered in this list the top tourist attractions and things to do in Italy for an exhilarating impression. 

1- Hike in Cinque Terre – Liguria

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Cinque Terre should be on top of your list for being a perfect hiking spot. Surrounding the area are five prevalent towns where you can travel while pleasing your eyes with spectacular sights. However, it needs real stamina if you’re willing to watch the picturesque scenery while being on your feet. 

Since the town’s area is quite large, you can continue your trip while riding the trains. The train can be a good option if you wish to save more time and energy for other stuff to do. Not only will it save you time and energy, but you’ll also comfortably enjoy the greenery and bluish nature weave. 

Cinque Terre is one of Italy’s most visited areas that proudly sits in the city of Liguria. It’s deemed a national park and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is said that Cinque Terre’s best seasons are fall and spring, where the breeze is warm and refreshing. 

2- Confess Your Love at Juliet’s Balcony – Verona

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Are you visiting the country with your better half? If your answer is yes, then you shouldn’t miss one of the country’s prettiest spots in Verona City. Just like the name suggests, this spot was the balcony from which Juliet, fictionally, overlooked. There must have been a reason for Shakespeare to choose this area in particular to set his novel’s events. 

Whatever the reason was, the site gained significant recognition and became a great place for romantic activities. It is a spot where you’ll find couples declaring their love in public. You’ll also get used to affection displays and kneeling scenes with rings in the air. This place is a perfect choice for creating an unforgettable romantic moment with your loved one. 

3- Walk Through History in the Valleys of the Temples – Sicily

If you happen to be among those whom history intrigues, you should head to Valleys of the Temples. Lying in Agrigento, Sicily, this site is an archaeological one that dates back to the 5th century. A vivid depiction of Greek and Roman architectural art where you walk through air rich in history.

This archaeological park allows you to overlook a superb view of the towns that lie around. A magnificent terrain that you can’t take your eyes off. There are also various temples as well as Greek and Roman necropolises. In case of booking a guided visit, you get to tour the ancient site on an electric scooter.

4- Gondola Cruise Through the City of Love – Venice

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While there are many things to do in Italy, you can’t miss riding the famous gondola for a romantic experience. You can’t picture Venice without seeing the gondolas floating over the fine waters. It may sound cliche, but you can’t head to Europe’s most romantic city and miss such a romantic ride.

Take a stroll around the city, and you’ll easily spot a gondolier. Interestingly, you get to choose where the ride begins and where it ends. Also, you can select the time most suitable for you since they’re available throughout the whole day.

The morning cruise gives you the opportunity to observe the city in the daylight and delve into its beauty. However, night rides have their own allurement, with the lights of the Grand Canal Palaces reflecting into the water.

5- Climb Mount Vesuvius – Campania

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One of the best things about roaming Italy is that you can learn about history while staying active. Mount Vesuvius is the perfect spot for those who love to stay on their feet. You can engage in vigorous activities like climbing and hiking while observing breathtaking views from above. Despite the mountain’s hazardous past, it’s now declared safe to climb and is open for active visitors. 

In case you don’t know about this mountain’s past, here’s a glance into the history of this place. Mount Vesuvius is famous for erupting back in 79 A.D, utterly covering Pompeii town in volcanic ash. Oh, you also shouldn’t miss visiting the town of Pompeii when you’re nearby.

Pompeii is like an open-air museum featuring the ancient life of the Romans. Interestingly, you can still see the bodies and buildings of the Romans remaining intact to this very day. It’s like taking a glimpse into a bygone point in history that, somehow, stayed frozen in time.

6- Attend a Local Festival – Local Italian Towns

Europe, in general, is famous for the festivals that take place around different countries. Italy is no different; everybody knows about the annual Italian festivals. However, there are smaller festivals that take place in local towns and villages. Such festivals are meant to celebrate ancient historical events, holidays, different seasons, and more.

These festivals are held by the local people and for them. Sadly, they don’t get the same recognition as more prominent festivals, but they can be great fun. You’ll be happy to take a glimpse into their simple lives and learn about their music, food, and traditions. There are also some fun contests to participate in. 

Local festivals take place all year long. For example, in May, you’ll catch the Fish Festival of Saint Fortunato, where you get free fried fish on the beach. No matter when you’re heading to Italy, learn about the local festivals that take place in the same month. Don’t deny yourself a brand new experience where you’ll enjoy endless food and sightsee splendid views.

7- Catch the Palio de Siena Horserace – Siena

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Siena is a fascinating medieval city that should be on your list when visiting Italy. One of the amazing things to do there is attend the Palio de Siena which takes place twice each summer. Palio de Siena is an enthralling horse race event that takes place on July 2 and August 16. They’re known as the Palio days. It’s been going on since the Middle Ages in the main square of the city.

Piazza del Campo is the square in which the event happens. Partisans assemble into a colossal cluster to participate and cheer for the horses. Ten horses and riders get to participate each year; each horse and rider represent a contra de. Their coloured banner images and scarves identify them. It’s always a good idea to be part of such a lively event.

8- Throw a Coin in the Trevi Fountain – Rome

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The best thing about Italy is that you get to find many options that suit you at different times. If you’re looking for something to do in Italy without having to spend a fortune, head to the Trevi Fountain. It will literally cost you a coin. Also, it’s one of the most popular things to do in Italy.

The Trevi Fountain is one of the most prominent landmarks in Rome that dates back to the 18th century. It is said that if you throw a coin over the shoulder into the water, you’ll revisit Rome for sure. That tradition has been going around since the beginning of time. So, if you have fallen in love with Rome, pay this fountain a visit to guarantee a comeback.

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9- Visit the City of Arts – Florence

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There is a good reason that Florence is referred to as the city of arts. Almost half of the Italian works of art reside there. Florence also happens to be one of Italy’s most visited cities all year long. 

If you are so much into art, don’t miss the Uffizi Gallery. One of the largest and most popular art museums. It houses thousands of famous paintings of famous artists, including Leonardo DaVinci and Hugo van der Goes. 

Top Locations to Visit in Italy for Art Lovers

10- Head to the Pollino Global Geopark – Southern Italy

Another UNESCO Heritage Site that you shouldn’t leave the country without visiting. Pollino Global Geopark is the most significant natural park in Italy. It has a sublime infrastructure with newly-maintained roads for an easy walking experience. 

There are also several massive mountains between the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. Not only that, but the park also features different kinds and breeds of animals that roam around freely. It’s the authentic meaning of being one with nature. 

11- Cycle Through Tuscan Hill Towns – Tuscany

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Large cities encompass great attractions that are hard to miss. However, you can have a new experience while investigating the little suburbs that don’t gain much attention. Tuscany is a great region in Florence with an authentic Italian heritage folded within. It’s always a good idea to head to its countryside for a brand new experience.

The best part about exploring the region is that cycling is a popular way to do it. Driving is an option, yet it doesn’t keep you as close to the land. Cycle through the trails of Tuscany’s countryside while scrutinizing the exquisite details of the magnificent lands.

12- Visit the Colosseum Amphitheater – Rome

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The Colosseum is the world’s largest theatre still standing since ancient times and probably, the only one. A breeze from a bygone era circles this place; you can sense it as soon as you step foot inside. You’ll smell the whiff of violence that used to take place around here, from gladiators’ battles to wild animal shows.

The Colosseum has always been open to the public, but the underground part also welcomes guests. Ever wondered where those gladiators waited before their battles launched? Or where did the wild animals stay before being unravelled to the crowds? Well, the colosseum underground was backstage in where the plans for those shows happened.

13- Live the Vespa Dream – Throughout Italy

14 Exciting Things to Do in Italy for an Exhilarating Stay 20

If you’ve seen Disney’s Italy-based animated movie Luca, you’ve probably wondered about the little guy’s obsession with Vespas. Well, interestingly, it turns out that real Vespas trips are carried out throughout different Italian towns.

You can choose to either ride with a group or do it solo. In group Vespa trips, guides organize the tour by establishing the routes and booking hotel rooms. You also have your luggage transferred to a minivan, so you don’t have to worry about it. Moreover, you will get to socialize with people from different places around the world.

14- Wine-Tasting Tour – Siena

Drinking wine is one thing, but discovering the people behind its deliciousness is a whole different thing. Wine-tasting tours take place in Siena; you can book a full-day tour where you can explore various wineries.

However, these tours are not limited to learning about the history of the wineries and the production secrets. You also have the opportunity to discover nearby villages and take a glimpse into people’s lives in the Italian suburbs. There are various natural landscapes to please your eyes while delving into the beauty of the Italian heritage.

Travelling is bliss! You get to learn so much about what the world has to offer. Interestingly, Italy is one of the world’s greatest blessings. Even if you are on a tight budget, you’ll always find budget-friendly activities to do there. You get to explore the country at any time of the day, and you’ll get the most out of it.

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