Everyone’s Favourite Seaside Resort: Bundoran, Donegal


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Bundoran is a popular seaside resort in Ireland’s stunning County of Donegal. Locals and tourists often refer to it as the perfect Irish holiday destination. Whether you are going with your family or friends, Bundoran has lots to offer different people.

It has been named “Fundoran” by many locals as that’s a ‘fun’ place to visit, stay, and enjoy some fantastic Irish scenery and endless activities. It has also been known as one of the best surfing spots in Ireland. Over the years, the place has grown and expanded, creating different and fun attractions that keep people returning for more.

Bundoran is full of beauty from the unmissable views one will see, the character of the town and the friendly nature of the people you’ll meet there. Please keep reading to learn about Bundoran, from its attractions to restaurants, hotels, and more.

Bundoran Ireland
Bundoran Ireland

Things to do in Bundoran

For such a small seaside town, it offers an enormous amount for people to check out and experience while they are here.  We promise you won’t be bored! It is the perfect family-friendly destination.

Waterworld Bundoran

This is probably the biggest tourist attraction in the town, where you can enjoy fun with Waterworld swimmers. It is a hit with families. It is Ireland’s premier indoor aqua adventure playground that first opened back in 1991.

Waterworld Bundoran has various attractions, including fun slides, a wave pool, two pools, and a dedicated toddler area. You could spend hours here having endless fun. Waterworld Bundoran is perfect to visit on those rainy Irish days.

Adults can enjoy a fantastic seaweed bath with a unique experience and the perfect relaxing opportunity. The seaweed bath also has various health benefits, such as therapeutic benefits due to its high mineral content. It can also help with skin problems due to the high concentration of vitamins in the seaweed bath. It’s a must-try!

Bundoran, Donegal, Ireland
Bundoran, Donegal, Ireland


Like any excellent seaside resort, you’ll find many amusements, and Bundoran isn’t short. These are perfect again when Irish weather isn’t the best, and you can play various classic games. At Macks Amusements on the main street, you can enjoy some bowling and arcade games, which are always fun.

There are also designated adult zones where you can enjoy peace and play your luck on the slot and poker machines.

Or head to the two-pence machines and have fun trying to win some toys; for many adults who came here as kids, it will be lovely to reminisce.

Children will like the idea of collecting tokens to then exchange for prizes. Trying to get the young ones out of the amusements will be a tough job. Maybe by persuading them with some ice cream- many are in the town.

Bundoran Beaches

There is no place better than the beach when the sun is shining, and Bundoran’s main beach is a perfect place to hit. Unwind while you walk down the sandy beach and enjoy the fantastic views. Have fun building sand castles, and if you’re brave enough to swim in the Irish Sea, hopefully, it won’t be too cold.

Head to Tullan Strand if you’re looking for a surfing spot or simply want to watch the surfers do what they do best. The views out to Donegal Bay are perfect from Tullan Strand beach.

If you’re up early enough, head to the beach to catch the sunrise, as it’s unmissable, or even sunset, which is just as good. Surrounding the beach are some great cliff walks you can check out as you see all over Bundoran, which is pretty impressive.

Cinema, Golf and Footgolf

Bundoran has a great golf course and is one of the oldest golf courses located in Ireland. The course itself offers panoramic views out to the Atlantic Ocean. The impressive 18-hole golf course was designed so that all golfers of different degrees would enjoy it.

There is also a cinema in the town, ‘Eclipse Cinema’, where you can watch all the latest films. They also hold various fun events, and on Saturday morning, they have a kids’ club. They cater for parties and will make sure you have a great experience.

Or why not try something different while you’re here, such as footgolf, which is quickly becoming popular? Bundoran offers a custom-built nine-hole footgolf course suitable for all fitness levels and a lot of fun.

It can be casual fun or choose competition rounds with prizes. Young and old will love this unique sport.

Donegal Adventure Centre

This adventure centre located in Bundoran is Ireland’s largest surf school. Running for over a decade here, you can participate in various exciting outdoor activities.

Suitable for all experiences with activities that include surf lessons, kayaking lessons, cliff jumping, abseiling, archery and much more.

There is no better place to learn to surf or get better skilled at the sport than in Bundoran—the Surfing Capital of Ireland. Professionals will teach you, and you’ll enjoy world-class surfing conditions with classes dedicated to children and adults. During the holidays, they provided family and kid camps as well.

Bundoran Surfing
Bundoran Surfing











Fairy Bridges Bundoran

While in the town, you can’t miss the opportunity to check out the famous Fairy Bridges and Wishing Chair near Tullan Strand Beach.

You’ll learn all about the Fairy Bridges and the Wishing Chair from dedicated plaques at the location. That will tell you its history, the area’s geology, and how to make a wish just like people before you did.

The unique attraction has been around Bundoran since 1800, and many famous visitors to the town have sat here. The Fairy Bridges are made from hundreds of years old sea stacks. They were named ‘Fairy Bridges’ as locals thought fairies in the 1700s haunted them.

Most people forget to explore this one of Bundoran’s Hidden Gems, but we highly recommend checking it out.

Go-karting and Outdoor Amusement Park

There is an endless list of things to do in Bundoran, but we can’t forget to mention the fun outdoor amusement park usually here during the summer and holidays. There are many great rides here, one being the famous Big Wheel, where you can see all over Bundoran while on it.

You can try out some bungee trampolines, hit the amusement arcades, or walk on water in a giant bubble. There is so much fun to be had at the outdoor adventure park.

Right next to this, you’ll find go-karting, another enjoyable activity to participate in. For anyone who loves a thrill or driving race cars, then this is definitely for you. Why not get your family or friends together and have some friendly competition on this mini Grand Prix race track?

Festivals Bundoran
Festivals Bundoran









Festivals in Bundoran

Bundoran is the perfect location to hold a variety of festivals. One of the most popular festivals here is ‘Sea Sessions.’

Sea Sessions is one of the best respected small festivals in Ireland and the best place to enjoy great music, camping and surfing in Bundoran. The festival is always sold out each year and only ever gets more popular.  Sea Sessions has hosted various well-known artists and bands, including Dizzee Rascal, Bastille, Walking on Cars, Picture This, and more.

The festival brings 1000s of people to the town, adding a buzzing atmosphere the whole time the festival is on. Great atmosphere, great music and great fun. If you get the chance, you must be in Bundoran during Sea Sessions.

Places to Stay in Bundoran/ Bundoran Hotels

If you plan to visit Bundoran for more than a day, you’ll not be short of places to stay, from B&Bs, hotels, apartments, and caravan parks that cater to whatever type of stay you are looking for. But remember, during the holiday, places start to book up pretty quickly, so always book in advance so you’re not disappointed or missing out.

Holyrood Hotel

Located right in the heart of Bundoran, you’ll be within walking distance of all the best attractions in the Holyrood Hotel. Perfect for families and couples in a gorgeous location with a kids club, spa facilities and a gym. The hotel puts on various family events during the summer and school holidays that help add to its fun atmosphere.

The Allingham Arms Hotel

Next is this beautiful 4-star hotel within walking distance of Bundoran’s main beach. The hotel was named after 19th-century poet William Allingham.

The hotel is elegant and a relaxing place that would be perfect for couples. The staff are super friendly and will make you feel welcome once you step inside. The Allighman Arms offer two onsite dining choices.

One is Quay West, a lovely cafe/bar where you can relax with a cup of coffee and a bun day or night. Quay West also provides a lunch and snack menu for you to enjoy. Then there is Coolmore Bar, the livelier of the two and offers traditional Irish and country entertainers.

Bundoran Main Street
Bundoran Main Street











Self Catering

If you’re looking for self-catering options, you won’t be short of finding one in Bundoran. A variety of holiday homes are perfect for more prominent families or groups of friends.

‘Bundoran Holiday Homes’ can sleep six people or more; you can come and go as you please. Many homes include a living room with an open fire, a TV, and a fitted kitchen with everything you need for self-catering. They are also located outside the town so won’t be as noisy as other accommodation.

Turf and Surf Lodge

This is another excellent place to stay. Not only is it a surfing school, but it is also a place for you to stay in the heart of Bundoran. If you’re interested in learning to surf, there is no better place to go—a perfect place for tourists who want to mix with locals and try something new.

These accommodations can accommodate up to eight people, and they have a variety of double, twin, and trip rooms that are great for large groups.

The Great Northern Hotel

We can not talk about hotels in Bundoran without mentioning the iconic four-star Great Northern Hotel. The beautiful hotel has a golf course and a leisure centre and offers spectacular sea views.

Guest will have access to their swimming pool, jacuzzi, a gorgeous restaurant and onsite parking. The hotel is only a short distance from the beach and perfectly sits along a beautiful coastal walk that you have to experience.

Great Northern Hotel Bundoran
Great Northern Hotel Bundoran

These are just some of the  Bundoran hotels and accommodations I’ve mentioned. Still, there are plenty of B&Bs around the area and caravan sites if you fancy having somewhere more permanent to stay when you visit.

Restaurants and Bars in Bundoran

You’ll not be short on places to eat or drink in Bundoran as it’s full of traditional, modern Irish pubs and restaurants that’ll make you feel welcome. You will find many bars on the main street. Some popular ones include the Kicking Donkey, which is excellent for live sports and entertainment.

The traditional Irish pub, the ‘Railway Bar’, offers a relaxing and friendly atmosphere where you can sit beside a beautiful open fire and enjoy a drink. Then there is the Chasing Bull, popular with tourists, where you can enjoy great music and a lively atmosphere.

Bundoran Restaurants
Bundoran Restaurants

Stakes Restaurant on the main street is one place to hit for fantastic food, from steaks to chicken and seafood dishes. You don’t need to make any reservations. Just walk right in, and they will look after you.

If you’re looking for something more elegant, then the Peak Restaurant is the perfect place. You’ll love their impressive selection of seafood and other dishes, and to top it all, you’ll enjoy the remarkable views from your table.

These are just a few places to enjoy delicious food and drink in Bundoran. Other places worth checking out are Maddens Bar, The Barbeque, Carolines Cafe, and McGarrigles Restaurant.

Make Sure You Visit Bundoran

Bundoran is a fantastic holiday destination in Ireland. There is no need to go away anywhere fancy; we have all we need right here. For many Irish people, this is where you would have spent many childhood days, and it is great to relive that as you’re older.

It is also highly recommended that tourists visiting Irelanheck out this beautiful seaside resort to get a feel for the Irish culture; no place is better than Bundoran.

Have you ever been to Bundoran in County Donegal, Ireland before? We would love to hear any experiences or stories you have 🙂

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