Navan Centre and Fort is one of the most important archaeological sites in Northern Ireland, the legendery Emain Macha. Okay, there are some places – touristic locations – in Northern Ireland that have their legendary stories, some of them are believed by the public while other are not, and Navan Centre and Fort is one of those different places that carry its stories.

Navan Centre and Fort - County Armagh - Seat of Ancient Irish Kings in a 360 Degree Video Experience
Navan Centre and Fort - County Armagh - Seat of Ancient Irish Kings in a 360 Degree Video Experience

When it comes to this place, legends say that Macha, the ancient goddess of war and fertility, scored the earth with her brooch pin and traced the famous outline of this sacred stronghold of the hero Cu Chulainn, home of the famous Red Branch Knights and Ulster Cycle of tales. Emain Macha is a pre-Christian royal site that was once the capital of Ulaidh (which is east Ulster today); all these things make Navan Centre and Fort the entry to the home of the Red Branch Knights as well as some of the most famous myths and legends as well.Navan Fort on the other hand is the centre of the Navan Complex and it takes its name from its townland which is located just outside Armagh city.For those visiting Navan Centre and Fort, there are a couple of things which could be done and witnessed in that place, such as the exhibition looking at the background of Navan in a local and national context, the audio visual show that brings the myths and legends of the Ulster Cycle to life, the archaeology discovery room that brings archaeology alive to give people the chance to understand and know more about the history of Navan, as well as the fully guided tour which is provided to the people through the whole site.One of the things that also highlight this place is the fact that some flint tools and pottery were found on the site and they are believed to date back between 4,000 and 2,500 BC, which is another thing that make the place much more treasury.


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