Travel Superstitions: 17 Mesmerizing Spots Around the World that You Should Visit

Updated On: November 08, 2023


The world is full of splendid spots that can’t help but pique your interest. Not only do they display places from bygone eras, but some of them have interesting stories to tell as well. Those stories birthed some odd superstitions that people still believe in. Needless to say, those old wives’ tales are always about love, wealth, and attracting good luck.

Interestingly, there are various landmarks in the world where superstitions grow sturdy around them. You may be a skeptic and barely believe in peculiar traditions, but we assure you – you’ll still find amusement in their bizarreness. 

In this list, we gathered for you amusing facts to learn about the world and spots you should visit. And who knows? Luck may work in your favor this time.

Blarney Stone – Ireland

Travel Superstitions: 17 Mesmerizing Spots Around the World that You Should Visit 1

Ireland is home to a variety of captivating landmarks and endless sceneries of splendor. It is also home to one of the world’s most famous castles, Blarney Castle. This architectural masterpiece has been proudly sitting in County Cork for six centuries. You’ll find a lot of joyful things to explore. Also, let’s not forget that Ireland embraces a handful of superstitions.

However, the Blarney Stone is the real deal here. It would be best if you didn’t miss this region that many people have been flocking to for years. You’ll need to climb several steps to reach the top of the tower where it’s located.

As the tale goes, kissing this stone will grant you eloquence, a trait that makes you go places in life. You need to lean back and hold onto an iron rail, and smooch. This kiss will make you leave this place with your new articulate personality. People barely know how this story originated, but they still believe in it anyway.

Money Tree – England

In England, you can witness many trees where people hammer coins into their trunks. The most famous money tree lies at St. Nectan’s Glen in Cornwall, becoming an eminent spot around which superstitions grew. So, next time someone claims that money doesn’t grow on trees, you can prove them wrong. But, what’s really the story of those coins? 

This tradition goes way back to ancient times. No one knows how it started, but it has been passed down several generations. People believed that pressing a coin into the tree guarantees financial prosperity and wellness. Some actually took it a little far by claiming that it cures incurable diseases.

Besides bringing good luck and health, the tradition also has another side to the story. Some people believe that you can bring doom and curses upon yourself if you were to try removing a coin. If someone successfully removes a coin, legends profess they will fall ill. So, if you’re planning to visit any money trees, make sure you only add coins or leave in peace.

Charles Bridge – Czech Republic

Travel Superstitions: 17 Mesmerizing Spots Around the World that You Should Visit 2

Here’s a landmark that dates back to medieval times, Charles Bridge. It’s the oldest bridge in Prague, standing still to this day along with superstitions around it that never die. It served as the main pedestrian route, linking between Old Town and Mala Strana, and leading straight to Prague Castle.

It’s one of the world’s lucky spots, for it grants you good luck, as the tradition goes. This promise happens thanks to the statue of St. John of Nepomuk that sits around the area of Prague Castle. Legend has it that you will attract good luck and come back to Prague if you touch the statue’s plaque.

This superstition is a little weird, especially that St. John was executed at this bridge. He served as a priest under the reign of King Wenceslas IV, whose Queen made a confession to St. John. The King was curious to reveal the Queen’s confession, which St. John refused to do, claiming to be against his morals. Sadly, the King had him thrown from the bridge, drowning in the river.

Hagia Sophia – Turkey

Travel Superstitions: 17 Mesmerizing Spots Around the World that You Should Visit 3

In the heart of the splendor called Istanbul lies the weeping column, Hagia Sophia. This place symbolizes the true meaning of harmony and religious tolerance. It used to serve as a place of worship for both Muslims and Christians. However, the Turkish court has currently declared it a public museum.

Apparently, superstitions barge in when it comes to spiritual landmarks. The Turkish refers to this place as the weeping column for believing it pour holy water capable of curing ailments. As the tale goes, you have to place your thumb into the hole found in the column. If the thumb comes out damp, it is a sign of luck, and you’ll restore your health.

There is another version of the story that has nothing to do with health and wellness. The other belief professes that rotating your thumb while placed into the column guarantee having your wish come true. Either way, this one of the world’s lucky spots will send good fortune your way.

Machu Picchu – Peru

Travel Superstitions: 17 Mesmerizing Spots Around the World that You Should Visit 4

Wouldn’t you love to visit somewhere exciting and owns the most scenic spots? Peru promises to award this to you at its historical ruins, the Machu Picchu. The latter lies about 50 miles away from the nearest major city, presenting a site of serenity and poise. It serves as a wonderful spot for hiking, given the eye-pleasing landscapes it offers.

Moreover, this place hasn’t been left free from developing weird superstitions around. Nestled in the ruins of the Andes Slope is the Intihuatana Stone. The ancient Incans used to believe in the supernatural powers of this granite stone. They perceived it as a ritual stone that was somehow tied to an astronomic clock.

People of the modern world used to head there and started performing bizarre practices. They believe that placing your forehead against this piece of granite allows you to see part of the spiritual world. However, tourists are no longer allowed to touch it. Regarding this stone among the lucky spots is totally up to you in this case. Not everyone is interested in taking a look into the other side.

Fountain of Wealth – Singapore

Travel Superstitions: 17 Mesmerizing Spots Around the World that You Should Visit 5

You may have seen large fountains throughout your life. But can you imagine how big the world’s biggest fountain can be? Well, you may have to see this for yourself. This fountain lies in Singapore, and people refer to it as the Fountain of Wealth.

The Guinness Book of Records has given it the title of being the most significant fountain back in 1998. It indeed has to fall in this list of the world’s lucky spots, hence the name. Whether you happen to be a superstitious person or not, we assure you this fountain is worth visiting. 

Superstitions are usually associated with fortune and luck, and, for some reason, people have tied this fountain with wealth. However, you need to perform a particular practice in order to have deep pockets. The tale declares that you need to take a stroll around the fountain’s base three times in a row. Sounds easy, right? But, not only that, but you also have to be touching the water with your right hand the whole time.

Buddha Statues – China

The Chinese are one of the most famous cultures to have developed luck-attracting customs and superstitions through the years. Subsequently, it is no surprise that they label many landmarks in the country as lucky spots.

Among their very popular landmarks is the laughing Buddha. A giant statue that represents one of the most famous monks of the ancient world. This figure restfully sits in the Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou. Traditions say that rubbing Buddha’s large belly is a sure way to bestow good luck upon your life.

Visiting the temple is an adventure in itself that you’ll never regret. However, it is not the only place to find a laughing buddha statue. This notion has urged the Chinese to manufacture little figures that you’ll abundantly find in any local market. They believe that you can take this symbol of luck and fortune to your own home. Make sure you never place it on the floor; it’s disrespectful.

Fushimi Inari Taisha – Japan

Travel Superstitions: 17 Mesmerizing Spots Around the World that You Should Visit 6

You will always come across what they call Inari shrines in Japan, no matter which city you head to. These shrines are plentiful, and Japanese people of all ages frequently visit them. However, the head of all shrines is Fushimi Inari Taisha. Nestled in the city of Kyoto, it is the shrine with which all the other ones are in league.

This huge temple has been around for 13 centuries, proudly honoring the divine deity, Inari, the God of rice. It houses many shrines that people go to for worship. The most famous one is the Shinto shrine. It’s a region where the Japanese spread superstitions around since the beginning of time.

At the Shinto shrine, people can pray for whatever they want to and have their wishes granted. The Japanese urge people from all around the globe to ask for prosperity in all life aspects. They also claim that you will see your prayers answered in no time. 

The Lincoln Tomb – Illinois

Travel Superstitions: 17 Mesmerizing Spots Around the World that You Should Visit 7

The Lincoln tomb, obviously, is the place where the 16th American president rests in peace. You can find this tomb in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois. In honor of the late successful president, there is a large bronze statue of him. People also usually refer to it as the Lincoln Monument.

Why would a tomb be considered one of the lucky spots? Well, let’s first be open about the fact that not all cultures forbid naming the dead. Some cultures believe that rubbing the nose of any statue brings good luck. Thus, rubbing that of a successful person as Lincoln definitely has superpowers. In spite of that, it’s hard to know how superstitions ever get started.

It was stated that all monument visitors are strangely urged to rub the statue’s large nose. Apparently, the nose received multiple rubs that the outer layer has actually worn away. While the Americans aren’t famous for being superstitious, this eerie practice still happens, wishing good luck.

The Gentleman from Paris – Cuba

There is so much more to Cuba than just dirty dancing. It encompasses a great portion of Spanish history, so it actually serves as a perfect spot for history buffs. Not only that, but it is also a carefree country with many opulent beaches. 

If you are looking for places in Havana with eerie superstitions, look no further than the gentleman from Paris. It is a statue that represents José María López Lledín, the man that wandered Havana’s streets after losing his sanity. However, he was a dreamer with fantastic stories that people adored for decades. He’s been an inspiration to many writers, painters, and artists of the modern world.

Well, for being the forbearing man that he was, visitors from around the globe visit his honoring statue in Havana. The legend claims that touching his finger will grant you prosperity and success in life. However, if you touch his long untamed beard, you will come back to Havana someday. It’s another statue around the world that endless rubs have worn its protective layer.

The Goose Girl – Germany

Travel Superstitions: 17 Mesmerizing Spots Around the World that You Should Visit 8

It seems that superstitions have grown sturdily around fountains in different places in the world. The flow of water has always been a sign of prosperity and welfare ever since ancient times. Germany is no exception; the oldest fountain in the country had people believe in good luck and fortune. The fountain lies in Göttingen.

The Gänseliesel is the German term for the goose girl. The fountain’s middle erects a statue of a young girl holding three geese in her arms. It stands tall before Georgia Augusta University. First-year students started kissing the statue during their first days of college, wishing success and good luck.

Through the years, this tradition has undergone several adjustments, and no one knows why. The new tale states that only students with doctorate degrees are allowed to climb the statue and kiss it. In the mid-’20s, climbing and kissing the statue was officially banned. Although it is still officially made illegal, some students sneak in and take quick snaps kissing the girl with geese.

Tunnel of Love – Ukraine

Travel Superstitions: 17 Mesmerizing Spots Around the World that You Should Visit 9

Famous for housing the most landscapes, Ukraine is also home to the one and only tunnel of love. Ukraine may be home to many spectacular waterfalls and dazzling parks, but this mesmerizing tunnel is a different story. 

This tunnel sits in the ancient city, Klevan. It is many centuries old, tracing its way back to the times of the Cold War. A railroad track passes through the trees, with the leaves being intertwined from the top, nicely forming a tunnel. The locals were the ones to name it the tunnel of love for its breathtaking view.

The Tunnel of Love became a famous tourist attraction. Since it looks as it came straight out of a fairy tale, couples took romantic photos there. Associating this spot with romance has urged people to develop superstitions around it. It claims that taking a picture with your lover there will grant you a relationship full of love and sincerity.

Ferdinand Magellan Monument – Chile

Travel Superstitions: 17 Mesmerizing Spots Around the World that You Should Visit 10

South America presents some of the world’s most fascinating destinations, and Chile houses plenty of them. Chile has a unique culture with outstanding customs that are never free of being riddled with superstitions. 

It seems like people from different cultures develop a baffling allurement towards both statues and fountains. Speaking of unfounded beliefs, the figure of Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer, presents a peculiar practice. It has been taking place for years. 

You’ll find the statue of Ferdinand Magellan proudly sitting in the main square of Punta Arenas. As the tradition goes, kissing the foot of the gracious explorer is a sure way to bring you luck. It also ensures that you will embark on another adventurous journey to Punta Arenas. Kissing the statue’s foot is a bewildering practice that doesn’t seem to have a backstory to how it originated.

The Guardhouse Monkey – Belgium

Travel Superstitions: 17 Mesmerizing Spots Around the World that You Should Visit 11

Here is an exciting mystery embodied in the small iron statue, the Guardhouse Monkey. This little animal statue became the Belgians own good luck charm. It is located in the city of Mons, so you may need to head there to try it with your luck. Moreover, you’ll enjoy the scenic landscapes that this splendid city offers.

To be more precise, the statue sits outside the entrance of the Mons city hall. It has been there for centuries upon centuries, staying intact despite the long years and other damaging factors. The superstitions around this monkey are multiple. It’s another rascal that no one knows where it came from.

According to one of the many theories, rubbing the head with your left hand will grant you a fruitful year ahead. Also, women searching for love will find their better half in no time after this magical touch. Another theory professes that patting the monkey’s head increases fertility. It promises couples the birth of a child in the near future; it’s all in the power of that head pat.

The Trevi Fountain – Italy

Travel Superstitions: 17 Mesmerizing Spots Around the World that You Should Visit 12

Italy is famous for its splendid cities, astonishing panoramas, lush islands, enthralling activities, and rich history. You may be excited to explore every alley in Italy, but the ancient city of Rome is ample to have you carried away.

Apparently, fountains should receive an award for showing up multiple times on this list. Since most of them accompany diverse superstitions, the Trevi Fountain is no exception. It is located in Rome’s Trevi district, adjacent to the Palazzo Poli. The bizarre notions around this fountain cost you a little.

According to legends, throwing coins into the water, with your back to the fountain, grants you several wishes. The first coin assures you’ll have another trip to Rome. The second coin grants you love, and the third grants you a dreamy wedding. Well, you got to be a little generous for a magical life. Moreover, the coins  are all recovered and donated for good causes.

The Magic Owl of Dijon – France

Have you ever been to Dijon? It’s one of France’s oldest cities that is now a renowned wine region. This city is one full of culture, history, and tales to tell, yet it doesn’t receive much recognition. Now that you’ve known about this mysterious city, it should be on top of your next-destinations list. 

One thing that you need to know about Dijon is that there is an uncanny side to it. Many superstitions have mushroomed around a number of spots there. The most prevalent of them all is the Church of Notre Dame. This architectural masterpiece has two sculptures lying before it that people believe have occult superpowers.

One of those statues is deemed the oldest figure of the Virgin Mary ever to be found in France. The other one is the magical owl. Residents of the city perceive it as the symbol of Dijon, and it wasn’t part of the church’s construction plan. It was added a few centuries later by a mysterious sculptor. The myth grew popular that touching the owl with your left hand will grant you every wish.

Alley of the Kiss – Mexico

Travel Superstitions: 17 Mesmerizing Spots Around the World that You Should Visit 13

El Callejón del Beso is a Mexican alley where lovers ensure their relationship survives through eternity. This alley lies in the ravishing city of Guanajuato. This city is famous for its tapering streets and endless staircases. The superstitions around this spot are associated with eternal love and fidelity promises. It is an excellent place if you’re planning to explore Mexico with your beloved one. 

The story that inspired the existence of this belief goes way back in time. It’s about a girl who resided in one of this alley’s balconies. She fell for a miner, but her parents disapproved of their relationship. Unable to stay away from his lover, this miner rented the room across the girl’s house. They exchanged kisses through the balconies.

The tradition insists that kissing your partner in this region will grant you luck in your love life. However, you need to make sure you both are stepping over the red step there. It is the right spot to eternalize your love with a magical kiss.

The world is full of bizarre superstitions that we barely know their origins. But, such weird notions have aided in shaping many fascinating cultures that we see today, and that’s all that matters. You don’t have to be superstitious to enjoy some of the world’s remarkable places. Pack up and explore this Earth for yourself!

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