10 Fantastic Family-Friendly Attractions in Belfast

Updated On: August 04, 2021

The city centre of pretty Belfast

Belfast is a great city. It has a little bit of everything for everyone. Whether you’re a solo traveler, traveling with a group of friends or with a family, there are attractions for everyone in Belfast. Beyond the bustling industrial city are innovative attractions for the whole family. Whether it be spending the day looking for furry friends, remembering a world tragedy, or climbing through a spaceship, there are so many great spots to bring the kids in Belfast.

The Belfast Zoo

two giraffes reach for the same branch at the Belfast zoo
Image Credit: K. Mitch Hodge/Unsplash

First on our list, is the Belfast zoo. The zoo is home to more than 140 species of animals. With so many creatures to say hello to, this attraction is truly one of a kind in Northern Ireland. It is also one of the oldest attractions, with animals occupying the grounds all the way back in 1934. Some of the most unique animals you can find in the zoo are elephants, lions, giraffes, sea lions, kangaroos, penguins and so much more! The zoo is open from 10AM to 6PM and you can book your tickets online. There is plenty of room for parking so pack in the whole family and enjoy an exotic day out! 

We Are Vertigo-Titanic Park 

A boy climbs through the ninja course at the interactive gym in Belfast
Image Credit: visit belfast.co.uk

Known for bringing adventure and daring attractions to Belfast, We are Vertigo offers activities for the daring, those who want to experience things not possible for humans. With three main events created for people of all ages the We Are Vertigo Titanic Park is a great place for the whole family. The park has indoor skydiving, an inflatable park, and a Ninja Master Course.  Suit up and catch a glimpse of what it’s like to be a bird in the sky without the fear of jumping from a plane, or try bouncing through inflatable fun. Lastly, master your athleticism through completing the intricate ninja course. The attraction is open from 10AM to 9PM. You can check out their website here for more information on activities and tickets.  Whatever event you choose at this adventurous attraction, you won’t be disappointed.

The Lost City Adventure Golf 

A man lines up for a putt at an indoor golf course in Belfast
Image Credit: visitbelfast.co.uk

The Lost City Adventure Golf is so much more than just mini golf. With two 18 hole courses set in the Jungle with interactive obstacles and special effects, this Adventure course is fun for the whole family. After trying your hand at golf you can enjoy some delicious pizza and refreshments. The Lost City Adventure Golf is located indoors and therefore, a perfect place to bring the family during a rainy day. 

Exploris Aquarium

A girl looks at the fishes in the tank at the aquarium in Belfast
Image Credit: visit belfast.co.uk

Colorful sea creatures, friendly fish, search for familiar species like the clownfish and the playful sea lion. Along with the fishes are some more menacing members of the sea… sharks! There is an abundance of both sea and jungle life at the Exploris Aquarium!! With so many different animals to see you and your family could spend all day here! Make sure to check out the extra cool gift shop at the end to pick up your souvenirs!

Ark Open Farm

The pigs are ready to be pet at the Ark Farm in Belfast
Image Credit: visit belfast.co.uk

Is the city a bit too much for you? Do you wanna enjoy more of the countryside? Then we highly recommend visiting Ark Open Farm. Set on over 40-acres of land and a wide selection of different animals, this farm is a true glimpse at country life. Not only are there animals but rides, games, and fun for the whole family. Spend time in the magical fairytale forest, or head-over to the zipline if you’re feeling daring. When you start getting hungry you can head over to the Cottage Cafe for a homemade meal. This spot is great when the city has become too much and the kids just want to roam free. 

Andersonstown Indoor Aqua Park

A boy splashes around at the indoor water park in Belfast
Image Credit: visit belfast.co.uk

Belfast isn’t always known for the best kind of weather, but at this water park weather is no issue on some water slide fun! Andersonstown Indoor Aqua Park has all the fun of an outdoor water park.. Inside! You can enjoy 3 major water slides and a surf ride for the more adventurous side. There is also a childrens and adults pool for those just looking for a swim. This indoor aqua park is perfect for any type of year. 

Pickie Funpark 

Families ride on giant mechanical swans at this fun park in Belfast
Image Credit: visit belfast.co.uk

Fun Parks are a great past-time. With kitschy rides, fried food, and games, how could you not have a good day at Pickie Funpark? Pickie has over 10 different attractions from Pickie duck boats, to a playground, and even cooling off in the splash pad fountains! Families can also head over to the kiosk for a sweet treat! There is also a cafe where you can sit for a more substantial meal. Whatever you choose to do at Pickie you’re sure to be thrown back into a blast from the past. 

Titanic Museum

The gorgeous titanic museum illuminated by the pink sky in Belfast
Image Credit: K. Mitch Hodge/Unsplash

Perhaps this attraction is not for younger children. However, for kids who are a bit older and a fan of history, the Titanic Museum is a great place to spend an afternoon. Detailing the story of a infamous ship sailing halfway across the world, this museum takes you through the history of the ships and also some of the notable lives lost as well. This museum memorializes one of the most traffic events in history. One that has been romanticized through stories and films. If your family are a bunch of history enthusiasts, the Titanic Museum is a wonderful stop. 

St. George’s Market

The busy market goers stop watch some live music in Belfast
Image Credit: visit belfast.co.uk

An attraction that may not be as fun for the young kids, but more for your teenagers… especially those with a passion for food, music, and crafts. The market is the only remaining covered market in Belfast, and is home to over 300 vendors. Surely there is something for everyone in this lively and colorful market. Grab a bite to eat, walk through the various produce and meat markets and grab a bite for dinner, or just take in the sights and smells of the busy market around you. 


A human like robot is someone to talk to at this cool Belfast Museum
Image Credit: discovernorthernireland.co.uk

Lastly on our family friendly attractions in Belfast is the W5. While the name doesn’t give much away, this place in Belfast is perfect for the whole family. This interactive science museum has events and tasks for people of all ages. There are space play jungler to climb, a life-like robot to talk to and so much more. There are also live science shows every day to learn more about the scientific world. The W5 is also in the process of opening new exhibits. Make sure to check them out when they open in a couple months!

Belfast is a great industrial city and while many might not think there is much to do for children, there is plenty. You don’t have to worry about planning activities with your family in Belfast as there are more than enough options. These are just some of the top things to do. To learn more you can visit here.

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