Fun Day Out At W5 Belfast

Updated On: November 07, 2023


What is W5?

Finding a good place for your kids to have real fun (not the digital screen-inspired false fun), move their bodies, and engage with other kids can be daunting. But if you happened to be in Belfast, this would not be any issue for the city has got you covered already with W5.

W5 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is a place for both kids and grownups which they could go to and have some fun in a different kind of way.

W5 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is a science centre that is full of discovery and wonder. There are over 250 amazing and interactive exhibits in six incredible exhibition areas which will provide a different kind of experience and fun time for all the different ages out there.

The Six Exhibition Areas at W5

Spacebase –  A new multi- sensory activity zone for children aged between 3- 11 years old. Through this exhibition children are encouraged to find out about the universe in a fun and playful way that they will enjoy.

Ground Floor – This is where the adventure begins, and you will get to meet the popular Robothespian the interactive humanoid robot that can move, speak, and interact with all W5 visitors.

Discovery – The discovery are is for younger children from 8 years old and under. it has a variety of 16 themed areas with over 50 interactive exhibits that will keep the little ones entertained.

Climbit –  This area is a large multi-storey climbing structure that is a mixture of physical fun, exploration and art for ages 3- 16 years old. Climbit is a cross between a maze and a jungle gym which is the first of it’s kind in Ireland and UK.

Go Area – This area will help children explore health, hygiene, genetics, geology, electric circuits, flight and forces through fun and interactive exhibits

See/Do – This area is all about designing and building from creating robots, building fun structures, making patterns and play virtual sports, there is so much to enjoy in this area.

Inside W5 there are also those permanent exhibits as well as those changing programs that are not there all the time which are of large and small scale temporary exhibitions and events and there is also a daily programme of live science demonstrations and shows throughout the day.

There is much fun to be had at W5, so make sure you get down with the kids and be amazed by it all. Check out their website to find out more of what’s on and when.

Have you ever visited W5? Do you have a Favourite Exhibit ? Let us know!

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