4 Seasons: The Perfect Time to Visit England

Perfect Time to Visit England

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What is the perfect time to visit England? There is never a wrong time to visit England, especially with the variety of locations available, including cities, beaches, and the picturesque countryside. It depends on what you hope to discover or do while visiting the country.

However, there are better seasons to travel to England due to crowds and popular events. In England, the months of March through May are considered springtime. If one wants to spend Easter in England, spring is the finest time to travel there. A trip to England in the spring is perfect for taking in new and adventurous experiences if you want to feel warm and cosy.

The perfect time to travel to England for honeymooners is summer because the weather is perfect for peaceful vacations in the countryside. However, keep in mind that this is also the busiest season. England’s summers may get rather hot, especially in the country’s south. Conversely, winter may often be hectic, especially around the holidays, like Christmas. April through May and September through November are the perfect times to travel to England.

Peak Season: the Perfect Time to Visit England?

perfect time to visit england
London Westminster Houses of Parliament and bridge on river Thames on a sunny day

The busiest time of year to visit England is in the summer. Seaside cities like Brighton or Whitby may be congested in the summer, especially on weekends and vacations. You can enjoy the rooftop bars, parks, and beer gardens. Since it is the school holiday season and many English families take advantage of the time off, lodging costs are high, especially in August.

In England, the temperature frequently reaches 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, summer is usually a terrific time to enjoy the sun. Additionally, there are a lot of summertime events and activities that draw tourists from all over the world. There are usually fewer accommodations in more rural and small communities. Therefore it is important to consider reserving in advance.

Here are some of the famous events that take place during the peak season: 

Leicester Caribbean Carnival

The Leicester Caribbean Carnival is held in August to commemorate the cancellation of slavery in the West Indies, which occurred in Victoria Park on 1 August 1834. One of the significant multicultural festivals in the Midlands, it attracts an estimated 80,000 spectators along its course through the city centre. All things Caribbean are celebrated during the carnival, including food, music, dance, arts, and crafts. 

Broadstairs Folk Week

The week-long Broadstairs Folk Week festival features performances across the town of Broadstairs at various hours of the day and night. It began in 1965 and has grown over time. In the first week, many dance companies give free performances on the Seafront and at the Bandstand. You can find entertainment for the entire family.

Barbury International Horse Trials

The Barbury International Horse Trials takes place in July at the Barbury Castle Estate in Wiltshire. Over four days, the event features hundreds of horse and rider combinations, including some of the greatest in the world. William Fox-Pitt and Ballincoola won the first Barbury Horse Trials in 2005, which were held for the first time. Three disciplines make up eventing: dressage, showjumping, and the exhilarating cross-country.
Here is a list of other famous festivals:

Shoulder Seasons: Spring and Autumn

perfect time to visit england
View of Sheffield City Council and Sheffield town hall in autumn, England, UK

England has fewer people in the spring and autumn, and the weather is frequently pleasant. It gets chilly and rainy at the beginning of spring (March), but it gradually warms up (May). After winter, the days grow longer and warmer, and the countryside begins to come to life. With highs of 17 Celsius in springtime, you may take advantage of summer’s benefits while staying within your budget. National parks are the perfect places to go on hikes and bike rides. Additionally, it’s simpler to locate affordable lodging.

Harvest Festival marks the start of autumn; look for food festivals, which, unlike in other countries, are not recognised as public holidays. From September on, the sun gets less powerful and doesn’t heat the air as much, the temperature drops, and it stays warm and dry until October when it starts to rain. Although autumn is known for its chilly weather and hazes, sunny days are common. Early September, in particular, can be clear, warm, and brimming with flowers.

Here are some of the famous events that take place during the shoulder seasons:

The London Marathon

The London Marathon is a joyful athletic festival that draws professional runners, enthusiastic joggers, and costume-clad charity fundraisers worldwide. It is more than just one of the top five largest marathons in the world. The marathon kicks off in Blackheath at Greenwich Park, with three different start points. There is a meet-and-greet section for runners where you can arrange to meet up with friends and family at one of the gathering spots on The Mall, Horse Guards Roads, and Horse Guards Parade.

St David’s Day

On 1 March of each year, Welsh people celebrate St David’s Day as a feast day and celebrate their patron saint. Special parades, Welsh flags, and concerts are held in honour of and remembrance of Saint David. Extra passion is put into singing the national anthem. Eisteddfodau, music, language, and culture festivals typically take place on this memorable day.

International Sheepdog Trials

The event was initially celebrated to honour the shepherds—men who spent much of the year alone. Dogs try to fetch ten sheep, bring them to the middle of the field, and then return to fetch ten more with the help of the handlers. These extraordinary animals will provide spectators with awe and fantastic photo opportunities.

Here is a list of other famous events that take place during the shoulder seasons:

  • Nottingham Goose Fair
  • Crufts
  • Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)
  • The Boat Race
  • Blackpool illuminations

Winter Season in England

Perfect time to visit england
Leicester square traditional fun fair. Decorations with lights, Santa and a clock on top of a small shop

In England, winter lasts from November to February. Although it is pretty chilly there, the typical temperature ranges from 2 to 6 degrees Celsius. In particular, up north, the weather can also be snowy. Simply dress in layers of warmth and take in all the festivities the holiday season offers. Enjoy the holiday season by visiting Christmas markets and warm pubs with blazing fires.

The country is at its busiest around Christmas. When historical buildings, streets, and stores are decked out in eye-catching Christmas decorations and sparkling lights, it’s difficult to miss the holiday spirit. January and February’s half-terms are perfect for taking advantage of inexpensive city getaways and affordable hotel rates.

On New Year’s Eve, London has a massive fireworks display on the River Thames and many other festivities. Although it’s the biggest holiday in England, numerous other towns and cities also throw festivals and put on fireworks displays. Local churches often host choir concerts and multiple Christmas markets that perfectly fit the Christmas spirit.

If you want a taste of traditional English celebrations, visit the Christmas market in Manchester’s Albert Square. The holiday season is exceptionally lively in London. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is a fairground with amusement rides, market booths, and kid-friendly activities.

Here is a list of some of the famous winter festivals and events in England:

The Grassington Dickensian Festival 

In the heart of the village, the Grassington Christmas Market is a beautiful place for people to celebrate the most wonderful season of the year. The National Park in the Yorkshire Dales is where it happens. The Grassington Christmas Market throws the entire community into a nostalgic time portal. To stay toasty and warm, sip some hot cocoa or mulled wine. The air is filled with the beautiful holiday smell of roasted chestnuts and minced pies. Local bands, Santa’s Grotto, and a Town Crier are just a few of the entertaining offerings.

Jorvik Viking Festival in York

The Jorvik Viking Festival is Europe’s most incredible celebration of Norse heritage. The Vikings set up camp in the heart of York for a whole week in February. The festival offers various activities, including living history encampments and sword and archery courses where participants can use their skills. In addition, there are crafting, walks, presentations, and dramatic combat shows. Visit the Viking Campsite to meet some Vikings and learn more about their way of life and trades. Hearing tales about the Vikings is the only thing that brings them to life.

Dark Skies Festival

During the February half-term, the Yorkshire Dales National Park hosts the Dark Skies Festival. One of the National Park’s most distinctive features is its beautiful dark sky, free of light pollution. Events are held by neighbourhood businesses in and around the Yorkshire Dales National Park to encourage people to experience the area’s natural wonder, the starry sky.

Additionally, a tonne of family-friendly entertainment is available, such as planet trails, talks about nocturnal wildlife, and rocket building.

Here is a list of other famous winter events in England:

  • London New Year’s Day Parade
  • Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park
  • Six Nations Rugby Championship

That said, you can visit England anytime during the year, regardless of the season. Each season features some weather conditions, with several festivals and events that help you have the most fun. Are you ready for your next trip?

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