Exploring The Village Of Saintfield – County Down

Village of Saintfield County Down

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When it comes to the many villages to explore in Northern Ireland, Saintfield is one of them, it is a village and civil parish in County Down, which is located about halfway between Belfast and Downpatrick.

Before coming to the name “Saintfield” this village was known as “Tawnaghnym” and then “Taunaghnieve”, actually this English translation did not appear and come to use until the 18th century. The village has gone through lots of events throughout history before it reached the state it is now.

Sign of the village
Sign of the village

There are several different destinations that one could visit when it comes to Saintfield such as the Rowallane Garden that is situated south of the village. There are also a variety of old buildings which are located on the main street, some with old stables and courtyards behind them.

Places to Check Out in Saintfield

While we were visiting this village in County Down, we have passed by a couple of places which we consider as good attractions for one to check out and these include the cafes, the bakeries. As well as the other historical buildings which would tell more about the history of this place. We passed by Saint Cafe and checked the interesting sandwiches and sweet stuff on offer.

We have also been to Saintfield Griddle Home Bakery with their sweet bakeries delights. There is also the Rowallane Garden which one will enjoy the beautiful green spaces while walking there.

Rowallane Garden
Rowallane Garden
View of Rowallane Garden
View of Rowallane Garden

History of Saintfield

Back in the 16th century, Saintfield was part of South Clannaboy that was owned by Sir Con McNeil Oge O’Neil. This land was granted to Sir James Hamilton afterwards in 1605 who planted English and Scottish settlers in the area. In the early 17th century settlement with the first church being built in 1633. Major General Nicholas Price of Hollymount bought the village in 1709 and he was the one who changed its name to Saintfield at the end.

Nicholas Price was the one to take care of this village until his death and he was also the one who encouraged linen and tradesmen to settle. He also created a barracks, repaired the parish church and established markets and fairs. Price was the reason behind the number of corn, flour and flax mills in the village. Some of them still exist today and has gained a tradition of textile manufacture through Saintfield yarns.

Other Villages Worth Visiting

In addition to those places and suggestions which we have brought to you in the video above on Saintfield, there are also other places you could check out.  Such as Saintfield Library, the Rademon Estate Distillery, Kiltonga Wildlife Reserve which is not far away from this town.

When talking about villages found in Northern Ireland, like Saintfield, there are some other places that might interest you such as Carnlough fishing village. Which is located in County Antrim and is the perfect destination for having a nice time and not just for fishing. Portballintrae beach village is a good place for some water activities.

Have you ever been to the Village of Saintfield in County Down before? Be sure to let us know 🙂

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