Discover Top 10 Unique Travel Destinations in the World: Get Ready for Unforgettable Vacation

Unique Travel Destinations

Updated On: November 08, 2023 by   Rahma AliRahma Ali

How to deliver a luxe experience? Of course, the answer is always to check out unique travel destinations worldwide. But, if you don’t know how to get them, read this article. We will inspire you with itineraries to discover the up-and-coming places for a vacation like nothing before.   

Oh, my friend, forget where other people are travelling, what travelling trends are, or posts on social media about hidden gems around the globe. Write your own story and choose your unique travel remote destination. Always!

Remember this: explorers might say, “Man, we have mapped the world!” Yes, they have. However, that doesn’t mean they unearth all of its secrets. Many places remain uncovered; you can access them by researching before you go!

The good news: we have made it for you. You can explore all the beaten paths and create your own story. 

Most people want to spend their next vacation in Paris, Amsterdam, or maybe Dubai. So don’t look at your dream places list. We would like you to travel to all the unusual locations.

Excited? We, too: let’s get it right.

Top 10 Unique Travel Destinations Around the Globe

Want to know the unique travel destinations and most offbeat and unusual places to visit if you enjoy setting trends and going your own way?

The problem with this weirdly connected world that we live in is that we want to follow the crowds because we appreciate the convenience. So we get used to going to Europe (it becomes the go-to destination for all); South America doesn’t even cross our minds, for example.

But we are here!

These unconventional spots (the not-over-touristed places) will make you rewrite your bucket list. 

Puglia, Italy

Unique Travel Destinations

Best time to travel: May, June

Top attractions: Castel del Monte, Bari, Gallipoli

How many days to stay there in Puglia: 4 – 5 days 

Life is too short not to make time to visit Puglia, the heel of stylish boots in Italy!

If you used to travel to the same place just like other tourists, this wonderfully different city blends rural landscapes and remnants of a long history. Wherever you go, you will catch influences of the Norman and the Byzantine empire with a patchwork of Spanish and Greek. 

Additionally, its allure stems from its authenticity— you can still catch a glimpse into genuine Italian traditions for a perfect Italian experience.

Once you’ve decided to do what you want, Puglia will suit you perfectly, which is constantly rivalling for the gourmet title of Italy, especially in Tuscany.   

From tons of coastlines to olive groves, this region offers a new value of living in a secluded place where you can enjoy bountiful landscapes and appreciate the pristine nature. 

The only drawback of this important cultural site is the PRICES. You could tell it’s the most expensive area in Italy. But of course, it’s for a reason. And absolutely, it’s worth it.

That’s why it comes as the first option in the unique travel destinations list.

Dolomites, Italy

Unique Travel Destinations

Best time to travel: May, June

Top attractions: Seceda, Lago di Braies, Lago di Sorapis, Gardena Pass

How many days to stay in Dolomites: 2 – 3 days 

Another unique travel destination is Dolomites; welcome to heaven— a truly holiday region. If you want a fun and sustainable adventure to have the most fantastic vacation ever, you need to check Dolomites, Italy— it offers something exceptional. From dramatic sinkhole lakes to endless recreational activities, Dolomites is an on-trend mix of wellness and natural beauty. Moreover, its diversity offers stretches of rewilded spaces and glens for hike-able treks while enjoying the finest wine in Europe.

And if you want to get the fullest experience, you can book a night at the Lefay Resort with a view over the alpine. The remote city has an interface with Austria. Everything around is bursting with uniqueness— just like a fairytale.

It’s a treat for all your senses, bringing an extra feeling of giddy glee. This kind of pleasure you would never catch anywhere else. 

You’d have many chances to cross greenwashed lands and valleys that combine all phenomenal wonders in just one place. Also, it’s a window into Italian culture and cuisine. So whether connoisseur or adventurous, you’ll definitely be thrilled by this unbelievable combo.

Mongolia, East Asia

Unique Travel Destinations

Best time to travel: June, August

Top attractions: Ulaanbaatar, Olgiy, Kharkhorin

How many days to stay in Mongolia: 8- 10 days  

Another unique travel destination for your future trip is Mongolia.

You see, we recommend staying here for at least 8 days because it’s a place that would change your life forever. Known for its kind nomadic people and its wild nature, Mongolia cannot be described as “beautiful, amazing”, or even superb! It has to be experienced with all its spectacular vibes to be believed!

Just imagine you will cross a border by herbs of wild horses (you’d do it exactly), but you will definitely stomp across terrific steppes. The region will introduce you to traditional gear. Yes, you will spend a whole night in a yurt in an untouched landscape and atmosphere no other trip could bring except Mongolia!

That’s why it’s one of the unique travel destinations. But, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, it doesn’t acquire much trumpeting. 


Unfortunately: Since almost no one knows about it, you couldn’t find much information. As a result, travellers tend to hit only popular destinations. 

Fortunately, you will never face high rates during peak seasons or many crowds that ruin your trip. 

Baku, Azerbaijan

Unique Travel Destinations

Best time to travel: April to October

Top attractions: Icherisheher, Highland Park, Flame Towers

How many days to stay in Baku: 3 days

As we agreed, unique travel destinations should be places you know nothing about.

So, I know your reaction right now! Azerbaijan! Are you serious? Where does this place even exist?

No one can blame you for that. We focus on picking the world’s best-kept secret for a vacation spot. And, with that in mind, all cities and counties in this list are not destination-specific; you can choose what sparks joy for you or use them as a springboard for creativity. Eventually, it would be best if you chose your own adventure.

But this country is a strong contender for its authentic magic. 

Its visa has to be relatively strict compared to its neighbours Georgia and Armenia, but thanks to the new policy, it becomes no longer a deterrent for many nationalities. 

After issuing your e-visa, be ready for a lifetime adventure! 

But why Baku?

It’s Azerbaijan’s biggest city, filled with attractions manifesting a glorious history that sparks your curiosity to learn more about its mysteries. And if you have time, head to Absheron Peninsula which should be a bucket list detention for all avid travellers like you. 

Taranaki, New Zealand

Unique Travel Destinations

Best time to travel: December to February

Top attractions: Pukekura Park, New Plymouth Coastal Walkway, Mount Taranaki

How many days to stay in Taranaki: 3 days

The majority of people who think of New Zealand will choose to visit Auckland or Wellington. But we encourage you to take the off-beaten paths of this impressive country and kick off with unique travel destinations such as Taranaki. That will bring items and ideas of well-being and thrilling experiences.  

Located on the West coast of New Zealand, Taranaki is such a beautiful region, essentially for those who want free activities to do, such as hiking and volcano climbing, for immersive adventures. So just be ready with your backpack, take a long breath and let’s do mountain biking towards the summit. 

It’s a place you can call home once you leave yourself lost among its magical landscapes featuring diverse geographical surprises. The best part is that Taranaki is cheaper than the popular destinations in New Zealand, such as Auckland. 

Pro tip: use the best apps for travelling to secure a cheaper flight to New Zealand, which might be the most expensive thing in your trip. 


Unique Travel Destinations

Best time to travel: November to March

Top attractions: South Shetland Islands, Antarctic Peninsula, Drake Passage

How many days to stay in Antarctica: 11 – 14 days

Antarctica is the most exciting continent on earth, a once-in-a-lifetime and unique travel destination. From mind-blowing landscapes to exploring little-known islands and tiny seaside cities to discovering the harsh circumstances the working population faces daily, the southernmost place on this planet has so many things for you!  

But why should you take this risk?

This place offers a dizzying experience and an incredible array of highlights, brimming with pristine nature. But, besides that, it’s the most overlooked destination in the world. 

Nowhere else can compare with the vibes you will get while moving through this snowy place. But, of course, once you arrive there, you will put your finger on the pulse of the most extreme remoteness. That’s why it takes a lot of work. But you will thank us later for recommending Antarctica as a unique travel destination. 

You will absolutely be rewarded with awe-inspiring views, white-washed mountains, breathtaking wildness, and whale sightings! Wow!

You can even try icy sea kayaking. Not to mention you will have thousands of opportunities to set your travel trends!

Lake Bacalar, Mexico

Unique Travel Destinations

Best time to travel: January-February

Top attractions: Fuerte de San Felipe de Bacalar, Cenote Cocalitos Beach Resort, Cenote Azul

How many days to stay in Lake Bacalar: 2- 3 days

Mexico is a unique travel destination packed with amazing spots for relaxation and more— especially if you’re searching for a space for snorkelling, diving with exotic species and swimming.

If you were looking for this, you’ve found it. It’s an ideal getaway for couples and family vacations. But, even if you’re a solo traveller, you will enjoy a unique adventure, thanks to its cyan waters.

Lake Bacalar is also known as the Lagoon of Seven Colours. However, most travellers to Mexico make their way to Tulum and Cancún. This Lake Bacalar is a forget-me-not island where you can experience kayaking and basking in its white sand! All of that doesn’t compare to watching beautiful birds. 


Unique Travel Destinations

Best time to travel: September to October

Top attractions: Isalo National Park, Baobab Avenue, Tsingy De Bemaraha National Park

How many days to stay in Madagascar: 14 days

What do you know about Madagascar, or what thoughts pop into your mind when hearing “Madagascar”?

The animation movie! But this country has more than just unique wildlife and exceptional biodiversity. It’s a pure tropical paradise, home to adorable animals and pristine beaches.

However, it’s still an off-the-radar vacation for a unique travel destination.

If you want a natural escape with vibrant and enchanting landscapes, it’s a place to go!

Additionally, for those seeking mouthwatering food and communicating with incredibly kind people, look no further than this relatively untouched destination. 

Being one of the most awe-inspiring islands in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is a perfect holiday for people who crave authentic indulgence. Nothing here can disappoint because it’s a city nestled in endemic flora and fauna teeming with scenic coastal spots.  


Unique Travel Destinations

Best time to travel: September to October

Top attractions: Salalah, Nizwa, Bilad Sur Castle

How many days to stay in Oman: 10 days

Oman is a place for a perfect road trip. Yes, this country is idyllic for self-driving while discovering a surplus of everything for holidays full of excitement.  

What can you expect from Oman?

You are going to spend the best 10 days of your life, indeed, exploring the spectacular mountains, valleys, historic forts, and long stretches of desert. Additionally, you will be rewarded with a quaint coastline.


Unique Travel Destinations

Best time to travel: April to October

Top attractions: Uluwatu Temple, Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Pura Tirta Empul

How many days to stay in Bali: 7 – 10 days

Is Bali a unique travel destination?

Definitely! Imagine a place more enchanting than Bali. Where would it be?

Why? Because everything you require is readily available. Here you can find beaches, jungles, and picturesque volcanos. In Bali, you will meet Komodo dragons, elephants, tigers, and birds roaming around orangutans. Bali is an excellent shelter for wildlife and naturalists alike. 

Just visiting this paradise will make you appreciate the biodiversity and how this planet is so unique to embrace all these creatures. 

Regarding tourism, Bali is an excellent choice for couples, families, and backpackers. You can spend your vacation in a luxury resort or a humble hostel. With postcard-perfect beaches, vibrant culture, and tasty cuisines, it’s a city to love!     

Where is the most amazing place to travel?

Every year, we like to put together the most amazing places to travel to help you make changes to your travel list, offering unique travel destinations you want to take advantage of.
But it seems extremely hard if you need one place to be crowned as the most amazing place to travel to! So along with the cities we have mentioned beforehand, you can put these places as inspiration for the coming adventure, Transylvania’s Brasov, Sumba, The Faroe Islands, Northern Tunisia, and Glenfinnan in Scotland
If you want to add more, share it with us on Instagram, where you can find many travel tips and other amazing places to travel. 

What are the 6 types of destinations?

Travelling can be such a mood board for adventures that you can pick what suits you better. We can break down the 6 types of destinations, if you will, into:
-Coastal places for beach vacations 
-Natural landscapes for treks and explorations
-Cultural tours to learn more about the heritage and history of countries 
-Town and cities for strolls and taking terrific shots for daily activities 
-Winter sports areas 
-Religious and spiritual journeys
But the truth is that the best adventure in your life has to be earned by feeling it, experiencing it and absorbing it. So, again, write your own story!

Which is a popular tourist destination?

Looking for the best things and the most popular tourist designation, amigos?
In taking a look at The Guardian’s travel trends for this year, you need help finding SUPER tourist destinations as usual, such as Paris, Venice, or even Rio de Janeiro.
But seeing places such as Fuseta, Portugal, or Liguria, Italy, was really fun.
So, if you want an overseas vacation this year, avoid heading up to popular tourist destinations. Instead, look for a destination that steals your breath away with its uniqueness. 


Our life is defined by experiences. Your experiences can be considered commodities. So, be the first one to auction it off. Don’t hold back. You can offer the highest bidder the spiritual wisdom behind each experience. That’s why you should discover unique travel destinations and not let anybody else sell their story for you. Let’s write your own incredible story.

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