7 Wondrous Filming Locations of House of the Dragon You Will Want to Visit

House of the Dragon

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Throughout the years, many novels were adapted into movies and TV series, with some yielding more success than others. Game of Thrones was among the TV series that earned quite obsessive popularity, collecting more loyal fans with each season that came out. 

With the show coming to an end, obsessive fans were quite heartbroken, having to let go of their most beloved characters after years of attachment. Gladly, the show got a prominent spin-off, House of the Dragon, aiming to tell the backstory of all the events taking place in Game of Thrones and explain why some characters were the way they were, occurring over a century ago.

The spin-off went viral in a snap, having already had a large base of dedicated fans, hitting the benchmark of success after the first season’s release. Besides the captivating stories and compelling characters, the scenic locations hugely contributed to catching the fans’ attention. The directors and creators used real-life locations to bring their ideas to the light in a form appealing to the eye. 

You can visit many of these locations they used for filming most of the scenes of House of the Dragon. Here’s an enthralling list of unmissable sites where you can experience the whimsical ambience of the prominent show and take a glimpse into the lives of the Targaryens:

1. St. Michael’s Mount – Cornwall, England

7 Wondrous Filming Locations of House of the Dragon You Will Want to Visit

Cornwall is home to scenic landscapes and outstanding beauty. It was featured in a couple of House of the Dragon episodes, shedding light on St. Michael’s Mount, in particular. The prominent mountain served as High Tide on the Island of Driftmark and was basically featured in episode 5 of the HBO drama.

St. Michael Mount is both an island and a castle precisely situated in Mount’s Bay in Cornwall, lying near Marazion town. The region is laden with many gran statues, archaic buildings, and monuments. The renowned castle is seen featured in House of the Dragon, doubling as the house of the Velaryons.

This land is best known for being associated with the Cornish legend of Jack the Giant Killer, where many believed the enormous beast resided within the lands, terrorising all that it crossed paths with. It’s now a popular beach destination that people can access through an ancient causeway at low tide. You can spend the day enjoying the water while unearthing rich history.

2. Castleton – Derbyshire, England

7 Wondrous Filming Locations of House of the Dragon You Will Want to Visit

Apparently, England was the destination chosen for shooting most of the scenes in the remarkable show. It’s home to plenty of flawless attractions and landmarks with scenic views and charming ambience. All of these have served the esteemed House of the Dragon series too well. Another fascinating location that was featured in the show was Castleton Village. 

It’s an ancient village tucked away in Derbyshire, offering a wide array of impressive sightings. The area is embellished with lush forests, whereas a tranquil river courses through its veins. It doubled as The Vale of Arryn, the castle where enemies are thrust through the moon door to their final resting place. This whimsical castle was also featured in the Game of Thrones, which fans will definitely recognise. 

Derbyshire is known to be home to the oldest lead and coal mines in England. Celtic settlers were the first to reside in the area. It’s also home to Cave Dale, a dry limestone valley nestled in the Derbyshire Peak District that is a walking distance from Castleton Village. Cave Dale is ideal for hiking and suitable for all family members, where you can observe scenic landscapes and explore the inner workings of nature within the caves.

3. Cáceres – Plasencia, Spain

7 Wondrous Filming Locations of House of the Dragon You Will Want to Visit

Spain is a land of incredible diversity, having been walked by a plethora of ancient civilisations, shaping its history and culture. You can tell from the clear distinction between its architecture and the mixed heritage residing within its lands. The Spanish lands were used to film some scenes of House of the Dragon, where Cáceres province in Plasencia city served as the King’s Landing, which was also featured in Game of Thrones.

Cáceres is an old town in western Spain and on the southwestern side of the Iberian Peninsula. It’s a historic region that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring buildings with a blend of architectural styles. You can notice the combination of Northern Gothic, Islamic, Italian Renaissance, and Roman styles, given that it was a battlefield for Christians and Moors.

In the 15th and 16th centuries, the ancient town served as a trade route. It’s commonly known for housing the two majestic towers of Yerba and Bujaco. Nearby lies Trujillo castle, which is situated in Extremadura, and was used to shoot the exterior of King’s Landing. This area is perfect for history enthusiasts who would like to delve deeper into a fascinating time in history.

4. Monsanto Village – Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

7 Wondrous Filming Locations of House of the Dragon You Will Want to Visit

Spain and England may have been the chosen destinations for filming most of the House of the Dragon scenes, yet they weren’t the only ones in Europe. Portugal also featured its fair share of landmarks in the esteemed HBO drama, especially its ultimately tranquil countryside. Monsanto was the village that partook in the enchanting ambience of the series, with the whole crew mesmerised by the village.

The village is home to a medieval fortress known as the Castle of Monsanto. Once you lay eyes on the enormous building, you’ll realise it was used as the backdrop of several scenes of the series. The enchantment of the village makes it quite suitable for depicting fictional towns with its walled courtyards and arched gates. It’s easy to imagine fire-breathing creatures hovering above the region.

Monsanto Village is situated in Idanha-a-Nova, a municipality in Portugal, lying on a hillside northeast of Guarda. The small village is known for embracing several archaic castles, granite hills, and spacious landscapes of greenery. Although Portugal has always been a hot tourist destination, Monsanto, in particular, had its popularity skyrocketing post being featured in House of the Dragon scenes.

5. Several Beaches Across England

7 Wondrous Filming Locations of House of the Dragon You Will Want to Visit

More than a few coastal scenes were featured in the House of the Dragon series. While most of the chosen countries have beautiful coasts embellishing their lands, the English beaches were the chosen destination for the series. Most of the beach scenes in House of the Dragons were filmed on two prominent beaches, Holywell Bay and Kynance Cove, both located in Cornwall and were supposedly the Stepstones linking Westeros and Essos.

Holywell Bay is one of the prominent beaches in Cornwall, displaying scenic views of azure waters hugging the shores where soft sand blends with peculiar rock formations, scattered bushes, and a colourful cave, creating an alluring view. The region is best known for its holy well that people believe to have healing properties for all sorts of ailments. 

Moving to the other Cornish beach, Kynance Cove lies on the Lizard peninsula, on the eastern side of Mount’s Bay. It was another filming location for the beach scenes of House of the Dragon, being home to underground caves and several cliffs immersing in the waters near the shore, which perfectly served the drama’s storyline. It’s a popular tourist destination where people come from all corners of the world to chill, swim, and discover its hidden gems.

6. Castillo de la Calahorra – Granada, Spain

7 Wondrous Filming Locations of House of the Dragon You Will Want to Visit

Spain was home to the fictional locations of the King’s Landing in House of the Dragon, where a great part of the plot line occurred. It was also the chosen location for depicting Pentos city in the series, where the medieval castle Castillo de La Calahorra played the part. The prominent castle has a Renaissance architectural style with a Gothic exterior, being a perfect choice for Pentos.

The fortress proudly sits in the foothills of Sierra Nevada in Granada, a city that embraces a plethora of historical landmarks and ancient monuments. Interestingly, the castle rose from the ground in 1512 as one of the Italian Renaissance castles. It was the very first Italian fortress to take place outside of the Italian lands.

Besides observing the mighty castle where scenes of House of the Dragon was filmed, you’ll have a great time exploring its surrounding. The region is laden with churches, monasteries, and museums with magnificent history and tales from the past to unravel. A massive collection of Romanic art is displayed within the surrounding museums, making it an ideal trip for art lovers.

7. Caesar’s Camp – Surrey and Hampshire, England

It seems that England has been the top pick for the legendary HBO drama series House of the Dragon as well as Game of Thrones. The prevalent tournament that took place in the first episode of the new drama is one not to be forgotten by its loyal fans. It was filmed in a hill fort known as Caesar’s Camp, located in southern England, precisely in Surrey and Hampshire.

The region’s location allows you to explore both counties with great ease. Surrey, in particular, is less than an hour’s drive from London, which makes it quite accessible and easy to reach. The scenes were shot in Aldershot, where a special filming set was built to serve the HBO drama. There’s so much to do around here that will keep you occupied and interested. 

Caesar’s Camps are home to vast wilderness, with abundant natural reserves and sandy hills. It’s home to several houses that date back to the Iron Age. Rare species of birds happen to take homes in the renowned region, allowing you to spot some magnificent ones that aren’t to be found elsewhere.

As expected, House of the Dragons has wildly succeeded following the legendary Game of Thrones. The filming locations have undoubtedly contributed to its success, and nothing can beat the euphoria of visiting the actual places where our favourite casts have been. Happily, the series was renewed for a second season, and we can’t wait for it to be finally out!

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