10 Best Beaches in Bali

Updated On: November 27, 2023

Beaches in Bali

What are the best beaches in Bali?

Bali is one of the best and most visited islands in the Indonesian archipelago. The island’s pristine coastline and iconic beaches make it one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Meanwhile, Bali’s tourist infrastructure has developed to cater for the high numbers of tourists annually. The development includes beach improvements, boosting plenty of beach resorts, restaurants, and beach clubs.

The coastline of Bali boasts majestic and world-class beaches of different kinds to attract every kind of traveller. The dazzling azure water rolling over soft white, or volcanic black, sand will leave you delighted, relaxed, and full of life.

Bali has some popular beaches and other secluded ones hidden by cliffs. While some are easy to reach, others require some effort and adventurous treks. No matter how hard the journey is, the destination is always rewarding with an amazing beach with incredible views.

If you are a diving junkie, a surfer, a swimming enthusiast, or a peace seeker, you will find the perfect beach for you in Bali, and you will never get bored.

Below is a list of 10 of the best beaches in Bali:

1- Seminyak Beach

Beaches in Bali
10 Best Beaches in Bali 1

Seminyak Beach stretches along 5 kilometres on the southern coast of Bali. This beach is a holiday resort in itself as it perfectly offers everything a traveller needs in one area.

Seminyak beach features white sand with plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent. The waves in Seminyak Beach are rough, making it a bit challenging to swim there. However, the rough waves make Seminyak a popular destination for surfing.

Besides, the beach is backed by plenty of beach bars, restaurants, beach clubs, as well as luxurious hotels with spectacular sea views.

2- Amed Beach

Beaches in Bali
10 Best Beaches in Bali 2

Situated on the northeastern coast of Bali, Amed Beach is one of the most popular and best beaches in Bali, especially for diving junkies. It is a beach of turquoise waters and black volcanic sand stretching for a long area.

Most of the beauty of this beach is found under its waters. Amed is home to vibrant reefs, colourful coral, and unique marine life. Marine life includes sea turtles, rays, tropical fish, and reef tip sharks. In addition, the sunken US Liberty Shipwreck that lies on the ocean floor is worth exploring. Therefore, Amed Beach is one of the best destinations for snorkelling and diving through an interesting aquatic environment.

Beaches in Bali
White wooden shelter with straw roof from the sun on the beach in Bali or Thailand. Gili island

3- Kuta Beach

Beaches in Bali
10 Best Beaches in Bali 3

Kuta Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bali among both locals and tourists. It is situated at the heart of Kuta on the southwestern coast of Bali. It is one of those beaches where you can spend a whole day doing different activities and never get bored.

Kuta Beach boasts soft golden sand stretching for 2.5 kilometres along the coast. The waters are vibrant blue perfect for swimming and other water activities, especially surfing. In fact, Kuta Beach has multiple surf schools making it a go-to spot for surfing junkies.

Moreover, Kuta Beach is a spot full of life day and night. You can spend the day relaxing, sunbathing, or swimming, and spend the night partying and vibing to loud music from bars and restaurants. Besides, watching sunsets on this beach is another not-to-miss experience that will leave you amazed.

4- Nusa Dua Beach (Pantai Mengiat)

Beaches in Bali
10 Best Beaches in Bali 4

Nusa Dua Beach, locally known as Pantai Mengiat, is the main beach in Nusa Dua, south of Bali. Nusa Dua is basically a luxurious resort area that offers five-star hotels sheltered by palm trees, all within a gated compound. It is an ideal destination for families seeking an amazingly complete and luxurious beach experience.

Pantai Mengiat Beach features white sand embracing calm, pristine waters. There is a reef barrier of 500 metres long protecting the shore from the rough waves coming from the ocean. Therefore, the beach is suitable for swimming, snorkelling, and other water sports.

The beach is bordered by splendid prune lawns, and it is backed by luxurious hotels flanked by palm trees. There are tour operators who offer glass-bottom boat trips contrasting the wooden boats of the local fishermen who head to the sea from this beach. Finally, one of the must-see views at this beach is the breathtaking sunrise against the blue waters.

5- Jimbaran Beach

Beaches in Bali
10 Best Beaches in Bali 5

Stretching over almost 4 kilometres on the southern coast of Bali, Jimbaran Beach is one of the must-visit beaches in Bali. It is best known for being a paradise offering a peaceful environment and gorgeous scenery. It is the perfect destination for dining on the sand with a breathtaking sunset view.

Jimbaran Beach features pristine waters and calm waves that roll over soft white sand. The water is shimmering blue and super clean, so it is perfect for swimming.

Jimbaran Beach is a spot where local fishermen sell fresh seafood each morning. Besides, the beach is backed by plenty of restaurants with tables on the sand. So, you can choose whatever you like from the mouthwatering displayed seafood, and it will be ready for you to eat within a few minutes. Nothing would beat a romantic dinner on the beach while watching the sunset over the sea.

6- Nyang Nyang Beach

Located on the southernmost coast of Bali, Nyang Nyang Beach is one of Bali’s hidden gems and most beautiful beaches. However, it is one of the hardest beaches to reach. It requires a long trek down through a cliffside to reach the beach, but it is worth the effort.

Nyang Nyang is a remote and secluded beach stretching along 1.5 kilometres. Bordered by green hills, the beach offers rewarding views over limestone cliffs and untouched sea waves.

Nyang Nyang Beach features clear turquoise waters that meet soft white sand, making a serene environment for relaxing and sunbathing. However, it is not recommended to swim in the water as it can get rough and there are no lifeguards.

Beaches in Bali
10 Best Beaches in Bali 6

7- Suluban Beach

Located in Uluwatu in the south of Bali, Suluban Beach is an amazing haven and a hidden treasure among stunning cliffs. It is also known as “Blue Point Beach” and “Patani Suluban.” The beach is famous for its waves that attract surfers and for the spectacular sunset views it offers.

Suluban Beach offers crystal-clear turquoise waters but with rough waves that are perfect for surfing. However, swimming is not recommended on this beach because of the strong currents and waves. Besides, there are no lifeguards on the beach except for a few on a watchtower mainly for watching surfers.

Suluban Beach is best visited when the tide is low for finding a spot to sit on the sand. Otherwise, you can enjoy the view from one of the restaurants set on the cliff above and watch the breathtaking sunset.

8- Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach is a magical place located on the southwestern coast of Nusa Penida Island, which is found in southeastern Bali. Pictures of this beach are often used in advertising Bali and Indonesia for their spectacular views.

Kelingking Beach is a secluded spot framed by high, steep cliffs ornamented with greeneries. The most popular attraction of this beach is its viewpoint from the top of the cliff. The viewpoint is called Cap de T-Rex as, from above, the huge cliffs look like the shape of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, or T-Rex, with its jaws open. Therefore, Kelingking Beach features unique landscapes.

Besides, Kelingking Beach offers pristine, blue waters that meet soft, white sand in a scene resembling a paradise on Earth. The water is calm and shallow by the shore, so it is safe to swim within this region.

9- Bingin Beach

Beaches in Bali
10 Best Beaches in Bali 7

Bingin Beach is a small but amazing beach located in the Pecatu Village in the south of Bali. It is a picturesque beach that offers spectacular views over the ocean.

The beach is framed by limestone cliffs and is not easy to reach, making it a secluded spot free from the crowds. The viewpoint from the cliff top is exceptionally panoramic and amazing.

Bingin Beach is best known for the great wave that surfers seek from all over the world. Experienced surfers love this beach in particular for its big, powerful and challenging waves. As the sea is rough, it is not safe to swim in Bingin Beach. However, there are small sandy coves where swimming is safe at low tide.

10- Thomas Beach

Thomas Beach is a beautiful 200-metre-long beach in Uluwatu, south of Bali. It is one of the hidden gems and undiscovered beaches in Bali that doesn’t have big beach clubs around. Therefore, Thomas Beach is an authentic beach perfect for peace seekers.

The beach is down quite a lot of steps, so it is still considered an undiscovered beach. Therefore, you are most likely to have the beach completely for yourself at certain times.

Thomas Beach is a splendid stretch of fine, white sand; pristine, turquoise waters; and palm trees. It is an amazing tropical spot where you can relax while enjoying a cold coconut drink. There are some beach shacks from which you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds. Besides, you will find a few warungs from which you can grab food and drinks.

On some days, the water on Thomas Beach has high waves perfect for surfing. If you are a surfing enthusiast, take advantage of such days on this unique beach. You can buy or rent surfboards from the shacks along the beach.

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