Best 10 Apps for Travelling That You Will Need to Install

Updated On: November 08, 2023

apps for travelling

Explore the top ten apps for travelling that will leverage your adventure to the maximum without being overwhelmed!

Have you heard about a smooth travelling experience?

Big no, right?

Because we know travelling, especially for a first-time visit, cannot be easy! Planning, researching, reading reviews, checking thousands of flight and hotel deals, calling someone who has been to the same destination before to listen to his travelling hacks, and much more; how come this can be easy?

By busting the best travelling apps, we will review them later. 

As our daily life increasingly relies on our phones, travelling cannot be an exception. These apps can make your journey extremely straightforward, providing you with a source of inspiration to confirm your reservations, find the best hotels, or even spot a place for bike renting wherever in the world you’re willing to visit.  

So, without further ado, let’s see what you need to install before taking off. 

Best 10 Apps for Travelling That Will Make You Thank Me Later

From travelling apps that help with everything you will need while flying between countries and cities to those that will inform you of the last-minute changes in booking and flights, we’d love to share our experience using these extremely helpful apps for travelling without getting lost. If you have specific travel-related software requirements or unique ideas, consider exploring custom travel software development to create a personalized solution tailored to your needs.

Connolly Cove  

Oops, yes, it’s us!

Actually, we are not a travelling app, but you will learn a lot from browsing our website, where you can find a detailed travel guide from anywhere in the world. Travelling is easier thanks to our nomadic writers, who can provide helpful local tips to hit the road confidently because you will indeed arrive at your destination without pain. 


It’s one of the best apps for travelling that will be your guide while navigating any country. Moreover, it offers a brilliant service that applies flexibility to be the name of the game.

Developed to offer a price prediction for flights, Hopper turns out to be your guide to finding the cheapest deals around the globe for flights, hotels, and rentals. 

However, you can still enjoy their genuine service, indicating the best time to fly to your dream destination. Also, you will be able to locate a price freeze to unlock the best deals.

Google Travel

It’s one of the most-loved Google products. It’s not a separate app; you can enjoy this service through the standard Google app, typing your destination and choosing places to visit. Otherwise, you can check Google’s travelling website, offering an all-in-one travelling guide.

It’s an excellent resource for travellers to write down or add to their reminders all information they would need while traversing. Let’s start with Google Flights; it’s a lifesaver when searching for flights. However, Google Flights is a meta-search engine that will dig deeper throughout the web to locate the cheapest deals and direct you to the provider. 

That will give you a good estimation of how much your travel will cost even if to plan your trip ahead.

Additionally, you can check different tools, such as exploring things to do in Italy, hotel recommendations and much more! 

Confession: sometimes, I want to savour all information quickly to be enlightened about what I can do in my next exploration. I picked Google Travel and read a few guides; it always does its job.  


If you want to book any flights around the world, comparing the cheapest deals, Kiwi can help you out. Also, it’s an excellent tool for booking hotels and car rentals. It mainly depends on Booking and Rental Cars to check for all information about your next destination.  

Also, don’t forget to explore one of our favourite features of Kiwi, DEALS, which selects discounted flights, so you might change your travel plans to make the most of your budget.

The Deals section also includes some travel hacks to find out city breaks, hidden gems, tips for ticketing and set alerts for any discounts. 

Pro tip: if you are searching for the cheapest flights, use throwaway ticketing, as on-way flights are always more affordable!  


Are you travelling to the USA or Canada? Then it would help if you planned for road trips

How can you do that?

Use the right application, like Roadtrippers. This will help you spot terrific places to check out while you journey out around the USA. The application offers all interesting sightseeing, themed and amusement parks, museums, historical sites, restaurants, and more that you can find along your way. 

Some roadside places deserve your attention, and others you can overlook without shame. If you subscribe to the application, you will be rewarded with downloading endless maps to use offline with spots you might need to rest at. 


Another application you need to have on your phone if you’re interested in exploring the city on your own! Citymapper will help you find the best roads to reach your destination by giving you all the tips you need to get to the nearest bus station.

Additionally, there is no chance of getting lost if you use this application appropriately, as you will get notified of the next arrivals and keep an eye on real-time routing. That means you will know the first one if there is any delay. 

The app will let your family and friends know where you are and the estimated time of arrival to rest assured that everything is okay.   


Want an all-in-one app? HEHA is the best app for travelling, planning, and exploration. With one search, your holiday can be easier and more fun as you will know all ins and outs regarding airports, lounges, airport hotels and transfers. That means you will never need to do hectic research to find out which airport you should land at and depart from. 

HEHA features many exclusive services, such as spotting discounts on airport hotels or receiving instant notifications when prices are on sale. Also, you can create a shortlist to collect all data you want in one place to compare deals, browse helpful guides and even know more about the weather conditions before you go to be ready with suitable holiday attire. 

It’s your virtual travel consultant, personal guide, and expert friends rolled into one! 


“I forgot the sunscreen!”

Remember the last time you travelled to Seville, Spain, and found out you still needed to bring your skin care cream or your favourite bag?

I am pretty sure you experienced this before, no matter your destination. And it might be the reason for ruining your vacation. However, PackPoint knew it was not just your case and found a brilliant idea to end this dilemma, helping you create your packing list by suggesting items you might need based on your destination, activities you want to do, and the number of days you will stay for.

You will provide the application with the information and let it generate a packing list for you. These items and gear pop up based on the weather forecast for your next destination, the places you want to visit, and how many pieces you might need. Expect to find clothing, electronics, accessories, hygiene products, and toiletries. 

However, you should double-check this list before going directly to packing- add or remove any items from your luggage. Eventually, this list is created based on other travellers’ preferences, and you might have another opinion.

What we love the most about PackPoint is that it will remind you of only necessities, not to forget anything— on the other hand, not overpack and pay for extra baggage. 

This app will be a lifesaver even if you’re a seasoned traveller. Just download it before flying to keep everything reasonable.

Despite previous apps for travelling that can help you book your accommodation, is our favourite, allowing you to check out the availability of homestays, book hotels, hostels and more in your destination. 

This lodging provider will give you exclusive access to competitive prices and a loyalty programme that will reward you with extra discounts and other benefits, making your travel more planned.

You can use their website with the same options. Still, we highly recommend downloading this on-the-go application to manage your reservation, check other people’s reviews, form your expectations and communicate with the hotel if needed.

Bounce: The booking app offers a “mobile-only price”, offering an extra sale for application users. BRILLIANT!

Hotel Tonight

Do you like to leave everything for the last minute?

Alright, this application is a dream come true for everyone who hates too much planning (or planning at all)

Owned by Airbnb, you can even book your accommodation for the same evening.

That means I can’t make a resection a few days ahead, right?

Not exactly; the app gives you access to thousands of hotels in multiple cities around the world to book a few months in advance. So, last-time travellers and avid planning flocks should have this one. 

Plus, you can select your desired room design from luxury, hip, classy, basic, traditional and more. So you can manage your expectations and choose the right vibe working for you.  

What’s more, the application features a unique daily drop price alert. So, you will not just be notified of discounted deals, but you will be able to create a personalised offer. But wait! It’s only valid for 15 minutes from the moment you sign in. So, make sure to take advantage of it before locking.

Anything else?

Yes, an excellent loyalty programme introduces multiple levels of rewards. First, you need to secure your reservation through the application and then unmissable perks such as discounts and premium VIP customer support. So, spend thresholds, and you can keep moving up through nine levels. 

What is the best app to use for international travel?

All the previous apps can help you with international travel, such as Google Flights, Hotel Tonight, Hotel Tonight, HEHA, and PackPoint. If you frequently use any other apps for travelling, please leave a comment to let us know.

Are there any other apps for travelling?

Of course, there are thousands of apps for travelling, but we promise you the best apps for travelling, and that’s what we offer.  

Need to know more travel hacks to learn more best apps for travelling and things to do in your next destination? Don’t forget to leave your email below to get notified of recent blogs and local guides!  

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