New York City: Showing You the Way around 4 Famous Avenues

New York City

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Sometimes, you just don’t have time to get lost. You might have the money, but you want to make the most of your time, especially if you are travelling to New York—the city that never sleeps. New York is a very accessible city, and walking around is very easy. After all, the streets of New York are an attraction in their own right. 

How about if we tell you the best way to get around New York City? This article will put you in the right direction from where you can head east, south, north, or west of this walkable city—we’ll talk the talk so that you can easily walk the walk!

The Grid System of New York City 

First, you have to understand the grid system of the city. New York is made up of numbered avenues intersecting with also numbered streets. The 5th Avenue divides the city into East and West. While the streets take the east and west sides, the avenues go north and south. 

However, there are certain points where some avenues just change from numbers to names above 59th Street. But don’t worry; you will get the hang of it all in no time. 

Here is how it goes: the 8th Avenue through 12th Avenue change names in their intersection with 59th Street. They get new names: Central Park West, Columbus Avenue, Amsterdam Avenue, West End Avenue, and Riverside Drive, respectively. Those avenues are all located on the west side of the 5th Avenue. The 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue, also west of the 5th, end at the Central Park.

On the east side are Madison Avenue, Park Avenue South and Lexington Avenue. Numbered avenues located east of the 5th are the 3rd Avenue, 2nd Avenue, and 1st Avenue. 

So the order of avenues would be: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Lexington, Park, Madison and Fifth Avenue/Fifth Avenue, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th. 

Fifth Avenue: The Place of the Rich  

New York City Fifth Avenue, View from St. Patrick's Cathedral
New York City Fifth Avenue, View from St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Like the Champs-Élysées is to Paris, and Ginza is to Tokyo, so is Fifth Avenue to New York City. Stretching for 10 kilometres through Manhattan Island, this thoroughfare is the most famous shopping street in New York City, if not the whole world. It is also the most expensive!

We will let you know about some of the extravagance of this rich area that would undoubtedly cater to the pockets of millionaires. But hey, there is always the option of window shopping if you are on a budget. Read on to know what other things you can do on Fifth Avenue besides shopping.  

Flagship Stores on Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue runs from Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village to West 143rd Street in Harlem in the borough of Manhattan, but it is this section between 49th Street and 60th Street that houses the most luxurious brands in the world. 

Tiffany & Co.

Located at the corner of East 57th Street and Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, Tiffany & Co. is indeed a razzle-dazzle, with its Diamond Skylight above the ground floor that leaves the visitors jaw-dropped just upon entering the 10-storey building. Well, yes, this is a jewellery store, but no, the impression you get is that it is a shimmering gemstone. This is an incarnation of impossible wealth that leaves shoppers in bewilderment. No wonder it is nicknamed “The Landmark”!

We are citing only one of many high-end stores on Fifth Avenue, which boasts the height of style in New York City. Other high-end stores include Armani and Cartier, not to mention Apple. 

Trump Tower

Street clock and Trump Tower building in New York City, NY, USA
Street clock and Trump Tower building in New York City, NY, USA

Now, this is a showstopper between East 56th and East 57th Street on Fifth Avenue, just next to Tiffany & Co. The 68-level skyscraper is considered one of the tallest all-glass structures in Manhattan, with an unobstructed view of the famous Central Park. Standing there since its completion in 1983, Trump Tower includes a Trump Café, Trump Store, and Trump Grill. It is indeed an architectural icon of New York City.

The Millionaire’s Row

Starting from 59th Street all the way through 96th Street across Central Park—this is the Millionaire’s Row. This section of Fifth Avenue, which borders Central Park, was given this nickname at the beginning of the 20th century, given the numerous lavish homes and mansions built for the crème de la crème and super-rich.

The Museum Mile

Fifth Avenue is also famous for its world-class museums that are mainly concentrated in the part between 82nd and 110th Streets. This section alongside Central Park is called the “Museum Mile“. 

If you are a museum-goer, you will certainly love such a contiguous line-up in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Here is a list of some museums you might want to visit:

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art on 82nd Street
  • Neue Galerie on 86th Street
  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum between 88th and 89th Streets
  • National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts on 89th Street
  • Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum‚ Smithsonian Institution on 91st Street
  • Museum of the City of New York between 103rd and 104th Streets
  • El Museo del Barrio between 104th and 105th Streets

Central Park

Located in the heart of the borough of Manhattan, Central Park is actually the green lung of the island. It extends over 340 hectares between the Fifth and Eighth Avenues. Central Park was designed to be the largest urban park and was the first in America to be developed using landscape architecture techniques. 

Besides the greenery, Central Park also features artificial lakes, wooded areas, meadows, and waterfalls. Wait! There is also a Central Park Zoo that would be much fun for the little ones. 

Central Park is definitely a must-see for grownups as well. It is the perfect place to enjoy a walk in the middle of nature and breathe fresh air. Other activities that visitors do while in Central Park are sunbathing and running. 

The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building, Manhattan, New York City, USA
The Empire State Building, Manhattan, New York City, USA

Now, that’s what we call a landmark. With its distinctive design and steel frames, the Empire State Building is 102 floors tall on Fifth Avenue between 33rd and 34th Streets. It is one of the icons of Manhattan.

This skyscraper has an Observation Deck that offers a 360-degree view of New York City from the 102nd floor. The Empire State Building was considered the tallest building in the world until 1971. The Empire State is the fourth tallest building in New York City, if we count the spire, antenna, and clocks, reaching 1,454 feet tall. It is the 6th tallest building in America and the 43rd worldwide. 

It was given the nickname of New York, the Empire State of America. It is something you would love to experience during your unforgettable visit to New York City.  

Between Fifth & Sixth 

If you are walking between Fifth and Sixth avenues, you will find many attractions along the way. We are summarising some of the highlights between the two thoroughfares so you can easily spot them. 

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center fountain on Fifth Avenue New York City
Rockefeller Center Fountain on Fifth Avenue, New York City

The idea was for Rockefeller Center to serve as a city within a city, with its 19 commercial buildings and plazas. Situated between Fifth and Sixth avenues, Rockefeller Center features some shops and cafes, plus a restaurant. It is also free to enter.

There is also an ice-skating rink that makes it an unparalleled experience in such a phenomenal location in Midtown Manhattan. There is also the Top of the Rock, with upper decks that are 850 feet tall and offer the best views of Central Park and Times Square. Rockefeller Center should be in the centre of your itinerary! 

The Diamond District 

This is the go-to place for diamonds and jewellery not only in New York but the world. So, lady, if you think he might propose, you should take him to the Diamond District between Fifth and Sixth Avenues!

The name might suggest that it is exceedingly large, but the Diamond District only occupies some space on 47th Street. However, the district features a multitude of diamonds, gemstones, and jewellery that are sold by 2,600 sellers crammed into just a few blocks. 

Broadway: An Entertainment Showcase in NYC

Broadway road sign in Manhattan New York City
Broadway road sign in Manhattan New York City

Fun fact —Broadway is indeed broad! Running from the Upper West Side of Manhattan all the way to downtown, Broadway is the beating heart of performing arts in New York City. It is very long that it stretches for a total of 150 miles. It is the most famous street in the world and the longest in New York City. 

Now lively and bustling, Broadway is home to 41 theatres where top-notch plays, revivals, and musicals are performed. Fresh Broadway performances are announced every season—you will find your favourite.

Times Square: At the Intersection of Broadway & Seventh Avenue

On the map, you are here at the “Crossroads of the World”! Times Square is the meeting point of Broadway, Seventh Avenue, and 42nd Street. It is the most packed area in New York City, especially during holidays.

Street performers usually gather in Times Square to entertain passersby, who willingly pay tips after enjoying the show. But you still have the chance to purchase tickets to theatrical performances on Broadway from the TKTS booth underneath the Red Stairs in Times Square.

The Red Stairs are a distinctive feature of Times Square. Ascending all 27 ruby-red glass steps of this staircase, you will have a perfect view of Times Square with its numerous LED billboards at a height of 16 feet.   

The best part is when you visit the Times Square Plaza on New Year’s Eve and watch the ball drop on the Mega Screen, aka the Broadway Spectacular, about five flights above street level. You must visit this entertainment hub in New York City! 

Herald Square: At the Junction of Broadway & Sixth Avenue

This iconic square is actually two triangles formed by the intersection of Broadway and Sixth Avenue. Herald Square Plaza is a commercial hub located at the crossroads of transportation hubs. 

You can find Herald Square on Broadway between 34th and 35th Streets in Midtown Manhattan. It is home to the legendary Macy’s department store—a flagship of New York City.

Seventh Avenue: The Garment District

Intersecting with Broadway and 42nd Street, Seventh Avenue is notable for its fashion houses. Nicknamed Fashion Avenue, this thoroughfare is where New York fashion was born. It is still the epicentre of the American fashion industry.

Seventh Avenue is home to several reputable fashion firms, such as Jill Stuart, Mavi Jeans, Ben Elias Industries Corp., Badgley Mischka, and Morgan Lane. Fashionistas will indeed find their way on Seventh Avenue. 

Food Carts along New York Streets and Avenues

HALAL FOOD Seller in FIFTH AVENUE. Manhattan, New York City, USA
HALAL FOOD Seller in FIFTH AVENUE. Manhattan, New York City, USA

Hungry and tired of walking, you need not worry. Many food carts can be found on the streets and avenues of New York City—mainly serving halal meals and desserts, as well as soft and hot drinks.

We are bringing you the most famous food carts to save you the effort of searching. Adel’s Famous Halal Food and The Halal Guys are top-rated among foodies. You will find long lines of people waiting for their turn to make an order. Remember to download the menu from their websites.

A Helpful Guide 

That’s it, guys. Hopefully, you will find this guide helpful. Don’t forget to tell us about your walking experience in New York City and how you found this article informative. Enjoy the stroll! 

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