The Tourist 2022-2023: The TV Show’s Most Prominent Filming Locations

The Tourist

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Thriller fans, please gather around; we’re jetting off from Australia to Ireland! The Tourist is coming home! The first season of The Tourist was filmed in Australia; however, the brilliant director, Chris Sweeney, is taking his crew to the Emerald Isle to shoot the second season.

A Little Bit About The Tourist

If you think The Tourist is merely another run-of-the-mill thriller TV show, you should definitely think again! This highly popular mini-series garners an impressive 12 million views per episode, captivating audiences across four prominent networks: BBC One, HBO Max, ZDF, and Stan. So, if you haven’t yet watched season 1, we encourage you to do so before season 2 drops. You will not regret it!

Imagine waking up in a hospital in a foreign country with absolutely no memory, no idea about what’s going on, and having someone hunting you down to murder you! Luckily, this is not your life, but this is what Jamie Dornan is experiencing in The Tourist. Our handsome Jamie Dornan plays an Irish guy whose name is still unknown, so everyone just calls him “The Man.” This poor Man is being hounded by a bunch of people who have ties to his past. Some of these folks are bad apples, while others are lending him a helping hand.

The Tourist delves into the depths of one’s true self, the ghosts of the past, and the chance for a second shot at salvation. It’s a real head-scratcher and nail-biter series that will stick with you like glue even after you’ve wrapped it up. The main character is as intricate as a labyrinth and as compassionate as a bleeding heart, and the supporting cast is no exception, shining like a constellation in the night sky.

Why Choosing Australia?

Besides the fact that the cast is mostly Aussie, picking Australia as the filming location has a whole bunch of reasons, including:

  • The diverse landscape: The Australian outback sets the stage for the show’s thrilling plot, with its harsh and unyielding nature, while Adelaide’s cityscapes add a more modern contrast. The show’s creators really hit the jackpot by making the most of Australia’s one-of-a-kind landscape, giving viewers a totally mind-blowing experience.
  •  Australia’s financial incentives: The Australian government generously provides a plethora of enticing financial incentives to film productions that are shot in the country. These attractive benefits can effectively reduce the expenses of production, making Australia an exceptionally alluring filming destination for international productions.
  • The Australian highly skilled workforce: Australia has a skilled workforce with extensive experience and expertise in the field of film production. This is crucial to guarantee that productions are accomplished promptly and within the allocated budget.

Where In Australia Was The Tourist—Season 1 Filmed?

Filming The Tourist lasted from March through July of 2021. The show’s creators encountered numerous obstacles during the filming process in the Australian outback, which included enduring scorching heatwaves, annoying dust storms, and tireless swarms of flies. 

However, the show’s creators were able to overcome these challenges and successfully produced a visually stunning series that authentically captures the essence of the Australian outback alongside the elegance of the modern cityscape.

Flinders Ranges

South Australia, view of the Flinders Ranges with a dead tree on the side The Tourist filming locations
South Australia, view of the Flinders Ranges with a dead tree on the side

The Flinders Ranges are an absolutely breathtaking mountain range nestled in the picturesque Mid-North region of South Australia. They boast some of the most awe-inspiring and breathtaking landscapes in all of Australia, showcasing majestic peaks, amazing gorges, and ancient caves. This is where you can easily witness kangaroos and wallabies bouncing around and koalas taking naps on trees.

The Flinders Ranges offer an ideal setting for this story. The remoteness and isolation of the region make it the perfect place for someone to disappear. The rugged terrain and harsh climate significantly contribute to the intense feeling of danger and suspense. Other than The Tourist, this area has also been featured in a bunch of well-known films, such as “The Rover” and “Last Ride”.

As a “tourist”, you can go hiking, set up cosy campsites amidst the breathtaking wilderness, and explore the dazzling caves. Visiting the nearby historic town of Tanunda is an absolute must for wine enthusiasts, as it is renowned for its exceptional wine production.


Adelaide The Tourist filming locations

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is well-known for its stunning green spaces, thriving arts community, and easygoing way of life. It’s a veritable playground for culture buffs, with its plethora of world-class museums and art galleries that nourish the soul. Plus, the theatre and music scene thrive in this city, offering a symphony of entertainment that will leave you humming with delight. Adelaide is also a favourite among foodies due to its abundance of delicious dining options. 

The city of Adelaide set the stage with its modern and cosmopolitan vibes, adding some urban flair to the show’s scenes. Many scenes were shot in the city, like the ones at the Frewville Motor Inn. For other scenes, the production crew recreated Bali’s Kuta Beach on Adelaide’s North Haven Beach.

If you get the chance to visit this city, you will be spoiled for choice with all the sights and activities available. Adelaide is often referred to as the “City of Churches” because of the sheer number of grand cathedrals and beautiful churches in the area, including the iconic St. Peter’s Cathedral. 

And if you’re in the mood for some retail therapy, make a beeline for the Adelaide Central Market, where you’ll find 80 stalls brimming with the finest fresh produce, prime cuts of meat, delectable cheeses, succulent seafood, and a treasure trove of other culinary delights from every corner of the globe. 

Port August

Guess what? Port August was once a port! Not surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be anyway! However, if you ever find yourself there while hitting the road, you shouldn’t miss enjoying the town’s charm. For example, you can check out Wadlata Outback Centre, an award-winning information centre. 

It offers a wealth of knowledge regarding the fascinating animals that once inhabited the region many millennia ago. Additionally, it delves into the rich history of the Aborigines who traversed through the area, as well as the intrepid European explorers who ventured into the Outback. Furthermore, it sheds light on the resilient stockmen, pastoralists, and miners who played a pivotal role in unlocking the vast potential of this remarkable region. 

Port August was featured in the second episode of season 1, “Waiting for the Sun”, when The Man and Luci started to hunt the mysterious caller down. The area’s ambience was absolutely perfect for creating an exhilarating atmosphere for the events.  

What We Know About Season 2 So Far

Filming the highly anticipated second season of the hit series is already underway in the beautiful city of Dublin, Ireland. It is logical and compelling, as the main character is an Irish man trying to trace his past, hoping that he can find out who he is.

To treat fans to an exciting sneak peek of season 2, BBC has published 4 images of the talented Jamie Dornan in his role as Elliot Stanley—we eventually get to know The Man’s name, alongside the brilliant Danielle Macdonald, who portrays the dedicated police officer Helen Chambers.

These teasing images give us a glimpse of the new challenges that Elliot and Helen will face in season 2. Elliot appears bewildered and lost as he stares out the window of a run-down building in one image. In another image, it seems like a car is chasing him in a rural area. 

Where in Ireland Will Season 2 Be Filmed?

Absolutely exciting, isn’t it, to see Ireland being prominently featured across multiple TV shows and films? The country is undeniably enchanting, boasting a plethora of breathtaking places and diverse areas that are absolutely perfect for a wide range of filming conditions. 

The production team for The Tourist is over the moon about shooting in Ireland, and they firmly believe that the country will set the stage just right for the show’s mind-boggling mystery. In an interview, Jamie Dornan said: “…I can’t wait for audiences to see how well Ireland and its characters are utilised to keep them guessing as the tale progresses”.

In addition to Dublin, it seems like filming is taking place in County Wicklow, as the crew was spotted in Bray and Djouce Woods. Since the cameras are still rolling, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for more Irish gems in the upcoming season. Anyway, let us introduce you to The Tourist’s filming locations in Ireland:


If you ever come across one of those TikTokers asking about capitals, remember this: When it comes to Ireland, the answer is Dublin. Dublin is an extraordinary city that has it all: history, beauty, food, and craic (that’s Irish for “fun”). What are you seeking? Castles? Museums? Green spaces and natural landscapes? Lively pubs? Dublin has all of that and even more! 

So, if Dublin is your next destination, make sure to check out Connlloy Cove’s detailed list about the Irish capital city:

County Wicklow

Opting for County Wicklow as the backdrop for capturing those rustic vibes is a smart move. From majestic mountains to lush forests and serene lakes, this county has a plethora of scenic landscapes. Since the Irish actor and his fellows were spotted in Djouce Woods and Bray, let us tell you what you can see and do in those places:

Djouce Woods 

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply seeking to unwind and escape the concrete jungle, Djouce Woods is the place to go. It’s a hiker paradise, with a number of trails to choose from, ranging from easy to challenging. Trees like oak, ash, and pine grow abundantly in these woods. From the highest peaks, you may take in spectacular views of the surrounding area.

If you are seeking a leisurely and enjoyable hiking experience, the Blue Loop is an excellent choice. It’s a 4.8-kilometre trail that you can walk in around 1.5 hours. The trail offers a predominantly flat terrain interspersed with beautiful, rolling hills. Looking for a more exhilarating and invigorating hiking experience? Go for the Deerpark Loop instead! This trail is a fantastic 9 km journey that offers an exhilarating experience, taking approximately 3 hours to complete. 


The Tourist filming locations Bray Coastline, Co. Wicklow
Bray Coastline, Co. Wicklow

Think of anything a tourist would like to have in their destination, and you will most likely find it in Bray. According to Time Out Magazine, this huge seaside town is one of the most underrated travel destinations worldwide. It’s renowned for its sun-kissed beaches, enchanting cliff walks, and the elegant embrace of Victorian architecture.

The town is also a hotbed of attractions, with gems like the magnificent Bray Head, the National Sea Life Centre, and the Bray Heritage Centre. Bray Head is a popular spot for hiking enthusiasts, serving up jaw-dropping views of the whole shebang. The National Sea Life Centre is a real treasure trove, housing a whopping 3,000 sea creatures. The Bray Heritage Centre spills the beans on the town’s history.

Bray is an amazing place to enjoy the best of both worlds: a vibrant town with a friendly atmosphere and stunning natural beauty. While there, make sure to give the local seafood a whirl; you will not regret it!

The Tourist is truly living its best life! With a grand premiere that attracted over 11 million viewers in the United Kingdom, it’s safe to say this show is the talk of the town. And let’s not forget, it proudly wears the crown as the most-watched drama of 2022 across all platforms in the UK. Audiences are absolutely thrilled to witness the electrifying adventures that await Jamie Dornan in his homeland during the upcoming season!

The Tourist

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