Must-Do’s for a Spring Holiday in Ireland

A beautiful photo of a cathedral in county cork ireland in spring

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Ireland is a great destination for enjoying outdoor activities and the beautiful coastline. However, each season brings different experiences and you must  choose the right time of year to fully explore Ireland. We recommend spring and especially April. In spring, the landscapes bloom and there are fewer tourists than in summer. The sun is beginning to shine across the Irish landscapes even if the temperatures in spring do not exceed 20 °C. Indeed, the months of March through June are the perfect times to enjoy warmer and longer days and explore Ireland at your own pace. But above all, it’s the time to take advantage of the festivals and concerts that punctuate the season.

In spring, you will have the opportunity to visit more places and do many activities. Here we will introduce you to everything you need to know to organize your activities and plan your spring holiday in Ireland.

A woman carrying an umbrella through rainy Dublin
Spring in Ireland can be very rainy, so be sure to pack an umbrella: Photo by Jaleel Akbash on Unsplash

Clothing and Equipment

Spring in Ireland is the most beautiful time, but the temperature can change quickly. So, make sure you take warm enough clothes. In addition to your classic spring clothes, we recommend that you take a good sweater with a hood if possible and a raincoat, or a warm jacket as it can get sunny in the morning and rain in the afternoon. In addition, the evenings remain quite cold during this period. The average is between 10-15 °C in March and 15-20 °C in May.

The sun is really present all day long starting in May. The climate is very humid, and the weather is windy all year round so we recommend that you bring a windbreaker and good shoes for walking. If you are planning on hiking or doing activities on the Irish coast, please bring woolen socks, a hat and a scarf. Finally, do not forget to bring an umbrella because it can rain at any time during this period!

Enjoy Water Activities

In spring, you can also take advantage of water activities to explore the Irish coast. Ireland is well known for its many choices of water sports. These activities include: kitesurfing, which you can enjoy on Achill Island in County Mayo, kayaking, sailing, surfing, wakeboarding and snorkeling along the coast. Many sports clubs offer sessions all over the country.

The coastline of Fair Head in Ballycastle
The Wild Atlantic Way is one of the longest coastal roads in the world: Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

Attend Saint Patrick’s Day Festivities

During the spring period is Saint Patrick’s Day. This day is the celebration of Irish culture and traditions. All Irish people and many other Anglo-Saxon countries celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day on 17th March every year. You will see dancers, traditional Irish musicians and crowded Irish pubs, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. In addition, everyone is dressed in green, the colour of Saint Patrick’s Day and the true symbol of Ireland. You can also attend the many parades and you jump at the opportunity to taste the best traditional Irish dishes and drink a pint of Guinness.

Explore the Wild Atlantic Way

One of the most beautiful and longest coastal roads in the world is the Wild Atlantic Way. It is ideal to travel this coastal road during the spring months since the climate is ideal. It is a scenic route that runs along the west coast of Ireland from north to south for more than 2,500 kilometers and features must-see sights and exceptional landscapes along the way such as the Cliffs of Moher, Malin Head, Dursey Island and many more. It stretches from County Antrim to County Kerry and allows you to discover the wilderness of Ireland and the most beautiful places in the country whether you are by car, bus, bicycle or even on foot for an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy the Mountains and Lush Irish Countryside

Ireland is well known for its outdoor activities thanks to its many mountains and extraordinary landscapes. This is a great time to enjoy a hike and climb the cliffs and mountains for exceptional views of the surroundings. So, you have multiple choices of hiking regardless of your level of experience. If you are into hiking and climbing, we recommend the Kerry Way, over 200 km long and one of the most beautiful and popular hikes in Ireland but also the longest hiking trail in Ireland. If you want to enjoy a shorter hike while discovering the wonderful Irish countryside, we recommend that you take a hike in County Wicklow.

Also take advantage of spring to visit the many beautiful Irish gardens. You find botanical gardens, Japanese styles or even historical sites. We recommend the gardens of Blarney Castle in County Cork, St. Stephen’s Green in central Dublin or the Brigid’s Garden, a true ode to Celtic folklore located in County Galway.

Attend the Many Spring Festivals

People walking through a farmers market
The West Waterford Food Festival features a farmer’s market: Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

Since 2013, every first weekend in April has been held one of Ireland’s finest traditional music festivals: the Féile Neidín in the town of Kenmare, County Kerry. This is a must-see festival if you visit Ireland in the spring where you can enjoy traditional sessions, ceilis, workshops, master classes and music cruises. Then the Clifden Music Festival is another traditional Irish music festival that takes place in mid-April and celebrates typical Irish music with many artists, shows and Irish dancers. At the same time, you can enjoy the West Waterford Food Festival which consists of three days of food, farmers’ markets, cooking demonstrations and street performances.

The Galway Food Festival in Ballymaloe takes place in mid-May and features conferences, workshops and culinary events located in the middle of the scenic Wild Atlantic Way.

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