Mauritius: Your 101 Guide to This Forgotten African Splendour

Updated On: July 10, 2023


Over the past decade, the Maldives and Indonesia have been continuously dominating the headlines as slices of paradise on earth, overshadowing the true hidden gem that is Mauritius. While Mauritius suffers no shortage of tourists flocking from all over the world, this destination has more in store than meets the eye.

Mauritius proudly sits off the southeast coast of Africa, lying close to the renowned Madagascar and the Seychelles. It’s a captivating destination that entices travellers from all corners of the world to explore its hidden gems and take in its raw beauty. It may embrace a wide array of great destinations to visit, but the locals’ warm hospitality is a different story. 

Mauritius min Over the past decade, the Maldives and Indonesia have been continuously dominating the headlines as slices of paradise on earth, overshadowing the true hidden gem that is Mauritius. While Mauritius suffers no shortage of tourists flocking from all over the world, this destination has more in store than meets the eye.
Mauritius: Your 101 Guide to This Forgotten African Splendour 2

Mauritius is the right destination if you’re yearning for rare encounters and splendid sightings. This fascinating country offers a myriad of unforgettable experiences suitable for all sorts of travellers. From clear azure waters and unspoiled beaches, its rich history and unique culture to its authentic cuisine, there will be no room for boredom.

So, embrace the opportunity to walk on this little slice of heaven and explore all the possible new horizons awaiting you to discover.

1. Walk Under the Sea 

A real-life journey to the depths of the ocean is something you don’t want to miss. Underwater Sea Walk is the highlight of Mauritius trips, where you embark on a splendid adventure that happens once in a lifetime. In Grand Baie La Croisette, you get to experience an unusual attraction that has taken the tourism scene in Mauritius by storm. 

The best part? You don’t have to be a skilful diver to embark on this extraordinary journey. It’s suitable for almost everyone except for pregnant women, including children above 10 years. So, it’s a great attraction for all family members. Partaking in this engaging activity offers a rare chance to observe the mysterious underwater realm, making you appreciate nature even more. And don’t forget to take incredible pictures, walking and posing beside colourful and vibrant fish.

2. Explore its Rich History

While many African countries speak French as their first language, Mauritians have a unique French-based language known as Creole. You’ll also realise that they speak English fluently, being one of their prominent native languages. This diversity displays the influence of the past and the remnants of colonial legacies that partook in impacting and shaping the culture of Mauritius. 

This beautiful country serves as a welcoming base for different cultures, including French, British, and Dutch, with each of them leaving their imprint. You can clearly observe this extraordinary blend displayed in their traditions, languages, food culture, and even landscapes. If anything, Mauritius is a world where you can delve into a captivating heritage harmonised with a vibrant present, a fusion not elsewhere to be found in Africa. 

3. Dance to the Mauritian Music

Music is a pivotal part and an integral component of every culture. It always weaves the threads of traditions and sentimental expressions, both intertwined in a nice rhythm. The best part is that music is a universal language, drawing people closer regardless of their differences. Mauritius is one African country that embraces music, vibrating with pulsating melodies in every corner.

It also happens to be home to the renowned Sega genre, from which the bracing Seggae emerged, mixing the sega and reggae genres. You won’t help but notice the intoxicating beats while exploring the Mauritian cities, compelling you to awaken your soul and dance your worries away. Multiple reasons make Mauritius worth the exploration, yet the music is an illustrative part that shouldn’t be forgotten.

4. Uncover the Beauty of Nature at the Black River Gorges National Park

Every UNESCO World Heritage Site is worth visiting, and the Black River Gorges National Park in Mauritius is no exception. It’s an unmissable destination where you can immerse yourself in an extraordinary haven of fascinating plant life and rare animal species. The park is known to be amongst the hottest destinations in the country, and it lives up to its esteemed global reputation. 

It’s a splendid place to unlock the wonders of nature, observing multiple species of fauna and flora that are pretty appealing. Bird species around here are also quite marvellous, especially the rare Dodo bird native to Mauritius. Besides the wildlife and beautiful plants, there are magnificent trails to hike and fascinating gorges to fill your vision with a sense of awe. 

5 . Enjoy Water Activities on Mauritius’ White Beaches

Mauritius has always been known for its captivating, pristine white beaches, allowing you to immerse in the embrace of nature while having great adventures. The beautiful beaches are fantastic spots to relax and leave your worries behind. You can always take a dip in the crystal-clear waters to refreshen. 

If you happen to be more of an adventurer, we promise that these unspoiled beaches offer more than just moments of serenity. The water activities around here are pretty exhilarating, offering you the opportunity to engage in plenty of delights in the waters. Whether it’s snorkelling, surfing, or diving that you widely enjoy, there’s always something for you to enjoy.

6. Visit the Holy Sites

While Mauritius may be famous for being a tropical paradise suitable for tranquil escapades, there’s much more beyond its calm beaches. The cultural diversity of this beautiful island has made it home to more than a few religious practices that blend in a fascinating harmony. This African spot has a lot of spiritual heritage that will satisfy your curiosity. 

Mauritius is home to a plethora of ancient temples and sacred sites nestled in the middle of its lush forests and vast landscapes. There, you will find remnants of ancient beliefs that played a principal role in shaping the history of the country and the hearts of its people. Whether you’re looking for cultural enlightenment, divine revelation or are just curious, you should visit Mauritius’ sacred places. 

7. Spend A Morning at Le Caudan Waterfront

Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius, is undoubtedly brimming with the bustling life of a busy metropolitan. If you happen to be an entertainment enthusiast, then you shouldn’t miss its commercial complex, Le Caudan Waterfront. It’s home to a plethora of fine restaurants, high-end fashion stores, banking facilities, and a 5-star hotel. 

This place offers you a lavish experience where culture meets luxury. You can journey through its high-end retail stores and pamper yourself with the most sought-after brands. It’s also a great spot to indulge in an exquisite culinary adventure, tantalising your taste buds with the blasting flavours of Mauritian cuisine. 

8. Swim with the Dolphins

We’ve already mentioned that water activities are quite extensive in Mauritius, but that’s not the only aquatic adventure you can embark on while exploring this African splendour. Nestles in the Indian Ocean, this tropical heaven that is Mauritius is home to some whimsical species of marine ecosystems, including enchanting dolphins. 

These majestic creatures peacefully wander about in their natural habitat, which is quite welcoming to people to swim alongside them. Swimming with lively dolphins is one of the best experiences you don’t want to miss, forming a profound connection with amazing maritime buddies. 

9. See the Ocean from the Hills of Le Morne Brabant Peninsula

Located at the southwesternmost tip of the Indian Ocean, Le Morne Brabant Peninsula is one of the most iconic destinations in Mauritius. It’s a fascinating basaltic mountain with a summit that towers 556 metres. Also, it’s one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that draw travellers from near and far every year to witness its exceptional beauty. 

This whimsical summit sits amidst the captivating landscapes of Mauritius, overlooking the ocean as well. The top of these breathtaking hills not only does it offer an exhilarating hiking experience but it will also reward you with panoramic views of the ocean that will leave you utterly spellbound. You’ll be mesmerised by the extended scenery of the ocean, where there’s a line where it meets the sky on the far horizon. 

10. Climb to the Top of the City at Le Pouce

If you prefer the views of the cities instead of the ocean, then you should climb to the top of Le Pouce. This majestic mountain lies between the bustling capital city of Port Louis and the enchanting St. Pierre. It also offers views over other iconic sites on the dazzling island of Mauritius, including Coin de Mire and Le Morne, alongside other hidden gems that beg to be explored.

The majestic mountain was once called the “Mountain of Immortals” in ancient times, given that it’s home to multiple rare plant species that weren’t to be found elsewhere. These splendid flora species still thrive to this very day, rewarding you with an exotic adventure through your climb. 

11. Hike Up the Volcanoes of Mauritius

Mauritius is known to be laden with outstanding natural elements, yet they don’t just end at its exotic plant species or the amazing rare Dodo bird. In fact, this exquisite island has shimmering landscapes adorned with captivating peaks of volcanic mountains. Not only do they look surreal, but you can also have the opportunity to venture into a great pursuit and climb to the very top. 

Most, if not all, of the volcanic mountains in Mauritius, are now known to have been dormant for years or even extinct. Thus, they’re mostly safe to climb unless it’s announced otherwise. Each step you take in your climbing adventure will unravel scenic vistas that will leave you spellbound. It’s pretty astounding to feel the invincible presence of such mighty volcanic mountains while breathing in the crisp air.  

12. Don’t Miss Chamarel Village

Chamarel Village is a captivating destination in Mauritius that offers panoramic views, unfolds layers of rich history, and gives you the adventure of a lifetime. It lies nearby the renowned Black River Gorges National Park, yet it remains among the hidden gems with fewer crowds, paving the way for spotless trails and pristine wilderness. 

This historic village is home to an enchanting allure known as the seven-coloured earth, creating a natural wonder where vibrant hues come together to form surreal scenery. Yet, the marvellous wonders don’t just stop there; in fact, there’s also the Chamarel Falls that beautifully cascades, plunging in a pool that gives off an emerald hue. After a well-spent day amongst the natural wonders, you should visit the surrounding coffee plantations and take in the delightful aroma of a perfectly crafted cup of coffee.

13. Take A Dip in Ganga Talao (The Grand Bassin)

Ganga Talao is often referred to as the Sacred Lake of Mauritius or simply as the Grand Bassin. It’s a truly enchanting destination with a profound religious significance and immense cultural gravity. This holy sanctuary lies in a remote mountain area in the Savanne district, known to be the heart of Mauritius. It’s a perfect getaway spot from bustling cities in an attempt to find serenity and peace. 

This region has also been tied to many superstitions surrounding a goddess of the same name, Ganga, believing that it’s somehow connected to the Indian river of the Ganges. For that reason, the lake became a sacred pilgrimage site in Hinduism, where several shrines, temples, and statuses of Hindu gods surround the lake

A plethora of exquisite hidden gems go unnoticed, awaiting you to unveil the treasure. Mauritius is way more than a glorious tropical island to enjoy its pristine white beaches; it’s an inspiring destination that exudes an enchanting allure. This often overlooked part of Africa brims with incredible natural wonders that you ought to uncover its mysteries. 

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