Maldives: 8 Beaches in A Tropical Haven of Tranquillity and Relaxation


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Welcome to the Maldives, a paradise situated in the Indian Ocean and lies southwest of Sri Lanka and India. With its picture-perfect landscapes, natural beaches, and tranquil ambience, you will find your true relaxing getaway. The Maldives consists of 26 atolls and more than 1,000 local islands, with a population of around 400,000 residents. The Maldives’ capital is Male, where the majority of the population lives. 

From the moment you step foot on its white sands, you will be transported to a world of serenity and tranquilly. Whether you are looking for some peace, breathtaking views, turquoise water with underwater wonders, gentle waves, scattered palm trees, or simply disconnecting from the world, this is your go-to place for ultimate relaxation.

Sit back, leave your worries behind, grab a cup of fresh juice, wear your sunglasses, and join us as we explore the diverse range of activities and experiences that will soothe your senses and help you find your inner calm.

Unwind on Maldives’ Serene Beaches

When it comes to relaxation, few places can compete with the beaches of the Maldives. Their powdery white sands, the swaying palm trees, and the turquoise waters have no match and set a high bar for tranquilly. Sand found on Maldives beaches is special because it’s white, unlike the usual yellow sand you see. 

White beaches are rare; in fact, only 5% of the world’s beaches have white sand, making the Maldives unique and special in this specific area. Swimming in the Maldives’ sea is also very safe; yes, they have sharks, but they are entirely harmless reef sharks. 

Let’s discover some beaches where you can bask in the sun and enjoy the serenity of the gentle rhythm of the waves. 

Maldives: 8 Beaches in A Tropical Haven of Tranquillity and Relaxation

1. Veligandu Island Beach

Veligandu Island Beach is located in the North Ari Atoll and has a stunning beach. The sandy area available stretches into the lagoon, offering you beach space to enjoy. This is why the island is called “Veligandu,” which means “sandbank.”

This beach offers soft white sands that you can sink your toes in, turquoise waters to sit and admire its colour and waves, palm trees that you can lounge under, and a secluded, serene atmosphere perfect for uninterrupted relaxation. 

Not to mention the beautiful, romantic sunset cruises to witness breathtaking views as the sun dips below the horizon. You can also enjoy exploring the marine life and the stunning coral reefs that surround the island through snorkelling and diving. 

Maldives: 8 Beaches in A Tropical Haven of Tranquillity and Relaxation

2. Fulhadhoo Beach

Fulhadhoo Beach, located in Baa Atoll, is a secluded beach nearly one kilometre long and known for its untouched beauty, crystal-clear waters, and powdery sand. The beach has earned a place among the 30 best beaches in the world because of its unspoiled beauty. It has the perfect setting for long, peaceful walks along the shore and some moments of solitude. 

Along the beach, you can find several sunbeds that you can comfortably lie on for some serenity or a relaxing nap. The beach offers an excellent opportunity to stargaze at the night sky and admire the stars due to its minimal light pollution. 

3. Reethi Beach

Reethi Beach is in Baa Atoll on Fonimagoodhoo Island. The beach is known for its natural beauty and peaceful surroundings. With its soft, white sandy shores and crystal-clear waters, you won’t resist lounging under the shade of a palm tree, reading a book, or soaking up the sun in blissful seclusion. You can also take long, relaxing walks along the beach and indulge in a massage or body treatment in the resort’s spa. 

Maldives: 8 Beaches in A Tropical Haven of Tranquillity and Relaxation

4. Hulhumale Beach

On an artificial island lies Hulhumale, which is connected to the airport by road. The beach is a popular spot for relaxation, as it has white sand, shallow waters, and breathtaking sunsets. 

The beach is safe for swimming due to the protection of a reef about 100 metres away from the shore. You can witness harmless baby sharks, turtles, and a variety of colourful coral fish while exploring the underwater world. Witness a spectacular sunset when you make your way to the Hulhumale harbour. You’ll be treated to a breathtaking display of changing colours in the sky as the sun sets over the waters. You can also plan a beachside picnic or barbecue that you will enjoy with your company in blissful surroundings. 

Maldives: 8 Beaches in A Tropical Haven of Tranquillity and Relaxation

5. Cocoa Island Beach

Located in the South Malé Atoll is a small island called Cocoa Island Beach. This small land is just 360 metres long and 84 metres wide. On the edges, you will find stunning beaches covered in white sand and framed by rich greenery. 

The beach is ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying the natural surroundings. You might encounter, while underwater, giant sea turtles, reef sharks, stingrays, and even exotic creatures like rhinoceros fish. Also, don’t forget to treat yourself to spa treatments such as massages, facials, or yoga sessions.

6. Gulhi Beach

Gulhi Beach is found on the local island of Gulhi and offers an authentic Maldivian experience. The beach showcases a long sandy shoreline where you can find a quiet spot, lay back, and unwind while enjoying the gentle sounds of the waves. You can also engage in beach activities like beach volleyball. The inviting blue waters will call you to take a refreshing dip or try water activities. You can stroll down the shoreline or around the island of Gulhi, exploring the local shops and cafes. 

Maldives: 8 Beaches in A Tropical Haven of Tranquillity and Relaxation

7. Vaadhoo Beach

Vaadhoo Beach on Vadadhoo Island, which is part of the Raa Atoll. The island is famous for its natural phenomenon known as “bioluminescent” or “glowing tides.” The beach becomes alive and glows at night when tiny organisms in the water create a mesmerising blue glow, giving the impression of stars scattered along the shoreline. 

For this reason, the island received the name “Island of Stars,” making this a truly unique experience when witnessing this magical spectacle, which only happens a few times a year, mainly during the late summer months. Enjoy capturing some stunning images of the glowing tides and walking along the shoreline to marvel at the natural spectacle. 

8. Milaidhoo Beach

Milaidhoo is a private island resort in the Baa Atoll known for its secluded beach. The beach’s soft sand and azure waters create peaceful surroundings. You can relax on the private beach by basking in the sun or by taking a dip. You can enjoy some wellness activities and water sports as well. 

The Maldives is home to numerous breathtaking beaches, each with its own unique charm; these were only a few. Each beach offers its own unique blend of relaxation and activities. Whether it’s beachside lounging, enjoying the natural surroundings, taking long walks, or engaging in water activities.

Swimming with the Sharks

As we mentioned, swimming with sharks is popular in the Maldives, as they are completely harmless reef sharks. With the right guidance, the correct equipment, and maintaining a respectful distance from them and not disturbing their natural behaviour, swimming alongside these amazing creatures can be such an exhilarating experience. 

Once you see them up close, you’ll see their immense size, graceful movements, and distinctive patterns. There are several popular locations where you can go swimming with sharks. 

In South Ari Atoll, you can see whale sharks, while in Baa Atoll, particularly in Hanifaru Bay, this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is known for its manta ray and whale shark sightings. In North Malé Atoll, there are various sites where you can encounter different shark species, such as reef sharks, while in the South, you can see nurse sharks, grey reef sharks, and blacktip reef sharks.

Dolphin watching

Maldives: 8 Beaches in A Tropical Haven of Tranquillity and Relaxation

Board a boat and cruise alongside the various species of dolphins to witness their playful, acrobatic spinnings and energetic displays. They are friendly creatures, but if you are looking to spot a dolphin, go dolphin watching in the early morning or the afternoon for a higher probability of catching one. 

More than 20 different types of dolphin species consider the Maldives their home. Among these species, you can commonly encounter spinner dolphins, spotted dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, rough-toothed dolphins, and striped dolphins around the atolls. 

Here are a few places known for their frequent dolphin sightings: South Ari Atoll is known for having plenty of dolphins, particularly the playful spinner dolphins, and North Malé Atoll is home to spinner and bottlenose dolphins. 

Hanifaru Bay, located in Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is known for its manta ray and dolphin sightings. While in Lhaviyani Atoll, you can frequently see spinner and bottlenose dolphins. 


Another activity you can do for relaxation and meditation is fishing. Fishing in the Maldives offers a diverse range of tropical fish species to see and potentially catch. From the elusive Permit to the fierce Barracuda, the powerful Giant Trevally, the prised tuna, the sought-after Groupers, the colourful Snappers, and the majestic Billfish

For example, tuna is a fast and powerful fish that is highly sought-after and known for its impressive fights. The grouper is known for its delicious taste and is usually found near coral reefs. The colourful snappers are prised for their taste and can be caught near reefs and in deeper waters. Barracudas are predatory fish with a distinctive appearance, while Mahi-mahi, also known as dolphin fish, is a colourful and acrobatic fish that has impressive jumps and energetic flights. 

These are only a few examples of the fish species you may encounter while fishing in the Maldives. The fish you’ll encounter can vary depending on location, time of year, and fishing techniques. 

Exploring the Best Fishing Spots and Target Species in the Maldives

You can find tuna, grouper, snapper, and barracuda in the North Malé Atoll, while in the South Malé Atoll, you can target species like marlin, sailfish, wahoo, and mahi-mahi. Ari Atoll is a popular destination for big game fishing; it has bigger opportunities to catch larger species like yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna, and giant trevally.

In Baa Atoll, you can do both reef fishing and big game fishing, and you can find species like snapper, grouper, and barracuda. Haa Alif Atoll has tranquil and less-crowded waters, making it an appealing destination for a peaceful fishing experience. 

Experiencing local Island life 

Experiencing life on local Maldivian islands can offer you a more authentic glimpse of their culture, traditions, food, customs, and daily routines. There is more to discover than just their beaches. Besides the Maldives’ breathtaking resorts, you can find authentic experiences where the Maldivians reside in cities like Malé, Addu City, Fuvahmulah, and Kulhudhuffushi.

Let’s explore some ways to find out more about local island life.

Maldives: 8 Beaches in A Tropical Haven of Tranquillity and Relaxation

Immerse Yourself in Maldivian Culture

Visit one of the inhabited islands to interact with the locals, learn about their traditional communities, and observe their way of life. On your stay at the resorts, you will be offered a day trip to local islands, but these are brief and only provide a glimpse of the true experience. But when you stay with the locals for a few nights in one of their guesthouses, you’ll truly immerse yourself in their culture. 

You’d hear the early morning call to prayer, the lively sound of fishermen coming after fishing, and the kitchens coming alive at night with barbeques. These are the moments you will truly appreciate and find joy in witnessing, as they will leave a lasting impression. Do not miss out on a stroll in the narrow streets, visiting the local markets, enjoying afternoon tea in a cosy café, experiencing a home-cooked meal, and witnessing the warmth of the family. Do not miss out on exploring historical sites such as mosques, shrines, and historical landmarks to discover the rich history of the Maldives. 

Engage in Local Activities and Discover Maldivian Crafts

How about relaxation while learning a new craft and releasing stress and energy? The Maldives has a rich cultural heritage, and there are several traditional crafts they are famous for that you can try or watch. 

They do mat weaving (Thundu Kunaa), a traditional craft using locally sourced reeds or coconut palm fronds. They use these mats for sitting, sleeping, or as decorations. They also make baskets, hats, and household items from Coconut Leaf Craft (Laajehun), a weaving technique using coconut leaves. 

Building their wooden boats for fishing is something they proudly do, as is furniture and some decorative items through their art of carving patterns and designs on wood. This craft is called “wooden crafts” (Kashees). Besides wood, they craft objects from coconut shells and transform them into practical items like bowls, spoons, jewellery, and ornaments through their Coconut Shell Craft (Saa). They also have metal crafts, embroidery, and more.

Maldives’ Vibrant Dance and Music Traditions

When you spend several days on a local island, you will experience their dance and music traditions. Such as “Bodu Beru,” a traditional Maldivian music and dance often performed on festive celebrations and occasions. It involved drummers and singers creating rhythmic beats. They also have a folk dance named “Dhandi Jehun,” which involves a group of dancers holding bamboo poles and performing coordinated movements, creating rhythmic patterns and formations. 

They have Maldivian folk songs, known as “foli dhuni” or “gaa odi,” which are essential to their culture. These songs reflect the daily lives, traditions, and tales of the people. They are often performed at social events and gatherings. They also have others, such as Bandiyaa Jehun and Langiri, which are traditional dance forms performed by women.

Explore Maldivian Cuisine 

Maldives: 8 Beaches in A Tropical Haven of Tranquillity and Relaxation

Nothing boosts your mood and helps you relax like a good meal. The Maldivian cuisine is rich and reflects the unique flavours of the Maldives, obviously focusing on fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and aromatic spices. 

Tuna is a big part of their cuisine; in all shapes and forms. It can be prepared grilled, smoked, or in curries. 

One of their most famous traditional dishes is Rihaakuru, a thick and rich fish paste made by simmering tuna with spices and salt. They usually eat it with their special flatbread, “roshi,” and rice. Another is Garudhiya, a dish most loved by every Maldivian. It is a fish broth with tuna, water, salt, and lime juice, served with steamed rice. 

They have a popular dish called Mas Huni for breakfast, made from shredded smoked tuna mixed with grated coconut, onions, and chilli. They have a variety of traditional Maldivian snacks or short eats called Hedhikaa. These can include pastries and deep-fried snacks. Find plenty of fresh fruits, not to mention their traditional sai. Sai is a Maldivian black tea often served with condensed milk and sugar, sometimes with a hint of cardamom.

Maldives’ beaches, crystal-clear water, entertaining activities, long walks, and local exploration will set you in the right relaxing mood. You’ll find the perfect escape from the hustle of our hectic daily lives by watching a breathtaking sunset, listening to the gentle sound of waves, or basking in the sun. If you seek to connect with nature, solitude, relaxation, or recharge, this is the place for you. 

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