Giant’s Ring, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Updated On: May 12, 2022

Giant's Ring

Giant’s Ring, Lisburn, Northern Ireland – Before reaching the Giant’s Ring in Belfast, we had our road trip filled with millions of questions from the kids until we reached our destination which we were going to have a walk through.

The Giant’s Ring is a prehistoric enclosure that is over 200 meters in diameter with a dolmen in the center and this place is considered a historical attraction which allows people to have a walk around.

The Giant’s Ring in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, is actually a henge monument at Ballynahatty, which was originally preserved by Viscount Dungannon. This site is a State Care Historic Monument and also has Area of Significant Archaeological Interest Status.

What you should expect to see in this historical destination you are heading to is a circular enclosure that is about 180 meters in diameter and 2.8 hectares in area and it is also surrounded by a circular earthquake bank. There are also five irregularly spaced gaps in the place, in which three of them are believed to be original and east of the center of the enclosure there is a small passage tomb with a vestigial passage facing west. Like lots of historical things around the world, there are supposed to be other tombs outside the enclosure, but there aren’t any traces of them – sadly we weren’t able to find any as well!

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