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Lake District

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The United Kingdom is full of attractions, including castles, historical buildings, and incredible natural landscapes like parks and lakes. Today, we will talk about one of the famous natural landscapes in the United Kingdom, the Natural Lakes in the Lake District.

The Lake District has breathtaking natural reserves and mountains, such as Mount Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in the United Kingdom, and the deepest lakes in England, such as Lake Stutter.

It is a natural shelter for many animals, including red squirrels, birds, golden eagles, and falcons, that migrate yearly from North Africa to the Lake District in summer.

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Lake District Weather

The Lake District occasionally witnesses rainy weather, and the temperature drops near the slopes of the mountains around the lakes. In general, the fog condenses most of the time in the Lake District, which constitutes an obstacle due to the lack of visual clarity.

History of the Lake District in Britain

The Lake District has witnessed tourist activity since the visit of traveller Celil Faines in 1698. She documented her trip and photographed the lakes with the water pooling into them from the surrounding peaks.

A book written by the author Daniel in 1724 described the mountains and lakes, likening them to an impenetrable castle that the mountains protect from all sides. The book helped increase the popularity of the area as well.

A railway line was developed to smooth the arrival of tourists to the district. Also, several rental boats were set up for tourists to tour the lakes, especially Lake Windermere.

The location was announced as a National Park in 1951 with 18 major lakes in the region.

Lake District in the United Kingdom

Now, let us start our tour of the Lake District to learn more about four of its famous lakes.

Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere is famous for its natural beauty; it is the largest natural lake in England, with an area of 14.8 square kilometres. It is considered a tourist hotspot and the summer home of residents. It is formed due to retreating ice leaving behind an ice trough at the beginning of the current interglacial period. The lake is now located in the county of Cambria and is part of the Lakes National Park.

The water of the river Windermere can be seen clearly against the backdrop of the Lake District’s foothills. It is an excellent place for nature lovers, and many activities can be done, such as boating and fishing.

Ullswater Lake

It is another large lake in the Lake District, south of Ullswater, with an area of 8.9 square kilometres, similar to Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. The lake is a lagoon formed during the retreat of glaciers.

Mountain climbers can start their journey of climbing England’s third highest mountain and other peaks from Ullswater village. Long ago, Ullswater Lake served as a recreational spot for the locals. It also offers excellent conditions for sailing, canoeing, and diving motorboat facilities at the lake site. The Era Force Waterfall is another major attraction in the Ullswater area.

Derwent Lake

Lake Derwent has an area of 5.4 square kilometres; it is the third-largest lake in the district. It is located in the town of Cambria, south of Keswick, and several islands are within the lake. It is surrounded by the Derwentwater Hills, which have wooded slopes facing the lake. Boats can take tourists on a tour of the lake and take you from one spot to another.

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There are seven moorings on the banks of the lake, from which the tourists can hire a boat for a tour. You can enjoy a lovely walk on the hill and the park that surrounds the lake.

Bassenthwaite Lake

Bassenthwaite Lake is considered the fourth-largest lake in the district. Its area is 5.3 square kilometres, and has a depth of 70 feet. It is a beautiful place for photographers and bird watchers to explore the lake. It is a fertile home to crops, wild flora, fauna, and fish.

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Attractions in the Lake District

Tourists can roam the Lake District on foot, by cycling, or by using motorboats, and there are many attractions near the lakes that you can visit, such as:

  • Coniston Boat Centre: It is located on the edge of Lake Windermere and offers to rent motorboats or sailboats in addition to bicycles and electric bikes. It is open seven days a week during the summer.
  • Scientific Discovery Centre: It is perfect for young children to enjoy short films and various beautiful stories; it presents documentaries and various entertainment programmes.
  • Honester mine: It is one of the traditional mines in Britain, and it is 900 years old. The visitor reviews the history of the mine, how to work in it, and extract slate rocks. It is where slate stones are produced, considered one of the most critical raw materials used in house construction.
  • Southlake Zoo was built in 1994 and contains a large group of animals from all over the world. It is a lovely area for relaxing, watching a large variety of animals and trying exceptional food.
  • Blackwell Arts and Crafts Fair: It offers a wide range of art and handicraft products that are available for purchase. The exhibition caters to families, allows children to enter for free, and provides snacks and drinks in an attached cafeteria.  

Popular hotels in the UK’s Lake District

The presence of many places of residence and many hotels characterises it. There are dozens of hotels with three stars, four stars and five stars, and prices vary according to the furniture quality, the distance’s proximity, and the hotel’s services in terms of entertainment and meals.

  • The Belsfield Hotel: It gives its visitors the best accommodation experience in classic English style.
  • The Swan Hotel is one of the most prominent hotels in the Lake District, as it gives it the best experience of diversity in accommodation.
  • Armathwaite Hall Hotel is a hotel for lovers of mixing with wild animals and the best hotel in the area for deer hunting enthusiasts.

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