Hope Street Filming Location: Where Crime Meets Irish Coastal Charm

Hoping Street filming location

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Have you watched the first two thrilling seasons of Hope Street? Have you been wondering where is the harbour and lighthouse that frequently appear in the scenes? Join us as we uncover Hope Street‘s plotlines, cast, and stunning filming location.

What is the Plot of Hope Street?

Set in the fictional tight-knit town of Port Devine on the coast of Northern Ireland, Hope Street is a BBC crime drama TV series. Two seasons have already been aired, and the third has been given the green light for filming. So, don your detective hat, for we’re about to dive deep into the seasons’ plots of this captivating show.

Season 1: A Fish Out of Water

In the 10-episode debut season, Hope Street introduces us to DC Leila Hussain, portrayed brilliantly by Amara Karan. Leila is not just any detective; she’s the first English Muslim police officer to patrol the quiet streets of Port Devine. The show kicks off with her mysterious arrival in this sleepy Northern Irish seaside town, raising the town’s eyebrows!

As Leila settles into her new environment, the locals can’t help but gossip about the big city girl in their midst. But here’s the kicker — only Inspector Finn O’Hare knows why Leila has been transferred, and he’s keeping that secret locked up tighter than Fort Knox! Together, they form an unlikely duo, tackling crimes and attempting to keep Leila’s dangerous past from catching up with her.

With each episode showcasing a self-contained crime story, Hope Street keeps you on your toes as you join the Port Devine police department in solving cases that range from peculiar to downright bizarre. It’s a series that proves, like a good Irish stew, you never know what’s simmering beneath the surface. The show also reveals the secrets behind Leila’s investigative prowess and her unwavering commitment to keeping the city’s citizens safe.

Season 2: Unmasking the Undercover

Season 2 of Hope Street kicks the drama up a notch. A former colleague of Finn’s, DC Al Quinn, is sent to town on an undercover operation, stirring up trouble and suspense like a bull in a china shop. After the operation’s conclusion, Al decides to stick around in Port Devine to fill the vacancy after Leila’s departure at the end of the first season, leaving a trail of curiosity in his wake.

But the plot thickens when Al’s daughter gets caught up in the theft of an ATM, pushing him to cross lines he never thought he would. The drama unfolds as he puts his career on the line to protect his loved ones. It’s a season that teaches us that, in the world of crime-solving, sometimes you’ve got to bend the rules to make things right.

Season 3: A New Chapter

Fasten your seatbelts because season 3 promises an extended adventure with a whopping 15 episodes! However, the plot details are still under the covers. But here’s what we can reasonably deduce: If we were to put on our detective hats and do some sleuthing, it’s a safe bet that the story will carry on from where it left off in the previous season. 

So, while we’re left craving more juicy details about season 3, one thing’s for sure: Hope Street is bound to serve up more suspense, drama, and twists in this intriguing new chapter. Stay tuned because this storyline only gets better with time and is far from running out of tricks up its sleeve!

The Cast in Hope Street

The first season of Hope Street introduced us to a delightful ensemble cast, many plucked right from the local community. Leading the charge was Amara Karan as DC Leila Hussain, the first Muslim police officer in Port Devine. Now, that’s what we call breaking barriers! Amara brought a touch of the exotic to the seaside town, sticking out “like a sore thumb,” just as Leila does.

But our star-studded lineup didn’t end there. There was Ciarán McMenamin as Inspector Finn O’Hare, the man with all the secrets. Kerri Quinn, our Sergeant Marlene Pettigrew, provided a good dose of local charm, while Niamh McGrady rocked the role of Nicole Devine with flair. 

Our pals decided to stick around for another round. So, in season 2, they returned and stirred up even more drama in Port Devine. Aaron McCusker (Clint Dunwoody), Sade Malone (Taylor Quinn), Brid Brennan (Concepta O’Hare), Louis McCartney (Shay O’Hare), Des McAleer (Barry Pettigrew), Rachel Tucker (Siobhan O’Hare), Niall Wright (PC Callum McCarthy), and Ellie Lavery (Niamh O’Hare) also made a comeback. Stephen Hagan stepped into the spotlight as DC Al Quinn, the new lead character in season 2.

Season 3 promises us the same familiar faces we love and some intriguing new characters on the horizon! Karen Hassan takes on the role of Jo Lipton, bringing her own brand of charm to the town, and Finnian Garbutt, playing PC Ryan Power, is set to add some fresh spice to the mix.

Behind the Scenes of Hope Street: From the Emerald Isle to Your Screens

Let’s peel back the curtain on the production of Hope Street. When crafting Hope Street, the creators, Susanne Farrell and Paul Marquess, wanted to ensure they weren’t falling into the same old stereotypes of Northern Ireland. Born in Belfast, Marquess was keen on showcasing Northern Ireland’s stunning coastlines and the area’s “humour and warmth” instead of focusing on serial killers or the Troubles. 

In fact, they decided to shift the spotlight onto the resilience of the Northern Irish community. The scripts, written by Farrell, Stuart Drennan, Jess Lea, Shazia Rashid, and Christine Murphy, dived deep into relationships and the tight-knit community of Port Devine. It was all about the craic, both on and off the screen. In the words of co-creator Paul Marquess, Hope Street is like a warm, engaging, and funny love letter to Northern Ireland.

And here’s the kicker: they formed a cast and crew almost entirely from the local talent in and around Donaghadee, where the series is filmed. Talk about supporting the home team! Hope Street, produced by Long Story TV, is the fruit of the successful partnership between BBC and Northern Ireland Screen and has garnered widespread popularity in the UK and beyond.

When is the Release Date of Hope Street Season 3?

The suspense around Hope Street Season 3 is almost as nail-biting as the show itself. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane and see how the release dates for the first two seasons unfolded and what’s in store for Season 3.

The first season of the saga kicked off on our screens on 24 November 2021. The show premiered on BBC1 in Northern Ireland, offering viewers a fresh take on the crime drama genre. Fast forward to season 2, which hit our screens on 7 November 2022. The drama escalated, the characters grew, and the suspense deepened. Hope Street once again had us on the edge of our seats, wondering what’s next for the residents of Port Devine.

So, the burning question on everyone’s mind is: when will Hope Street Season 3 be released? Well, here’s the scoop: it’s officially renewed by the BBC and is currently in the works, with filming already underway. While we don’t have an exact date, we do know it’s set to hit our screens later in 2023. And get this: it’s not just any season; it’s a super-sized edition with a whopping 15 episodes! It’s like getting an extra scoop of your favourite ice cream — who could resist that? That’s right, more crime-solving, more drama, and more of the picturesque Northern Ireland coast.

Is the Trailer for Hope Street Season 3 Released?

No, a trailer hasn’t been released yet, but for now, you can watch the Season 1 trailer below.

The Picturesque Backdrop of Hope Street: Where is Hope Street filmed?

After the first two seasons, have you wondered where the enchanting scenes of Hope Street came to life? The charming filming location behind this Irish crime drama TV series is Donaghadee, County Down, in Northern Ireland. This picturesque coastal town with its tranquil harbour, pastel colour-lined shorefront, and striking lighthouse stands in for the fictional Port Devine in the series.

A Love Affair with Donaghadee

The cast and crew of Hope Street have fallen head over heels for Donaghadee. Niamh McGrady, who plays Nicole, couldn’t help but gush about the place. She raved about the charming cafes and even had a soft spot for “The Cabin” ice cream.  

Other Works Filmed in Donaghadee

And don’t think Hope Street is the only project to grace this small but picturesque town with its presence. Remember the 1998 black romantic comedy Divorcing Jack? Yep, it was filmed right here in Donaghadee. But wait, there’s more! The romantic drama film The Secret Life of Words, featuring Sarah Polley and Tim Robbins, also chose Donaghadee as one of its scenic backdrops. Not to mention, the 2014 low-budget sci-fi adventure Robot Overlords, starring the Oscar-winning Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson, was captivated by Donaghadee’s unique charm. 

Who would have thought that a small coastal town could be the setting for such thrilling stories? It shows that even in the most unexpected places, magic can happen.

More about Donaghadee

So, first things first, let’s pin Donaghadee, or ‘The Dee’ as it is known to locals, on the map. This idyllic little town, a mere 26 km away from bustling Belfast City, nestles itself right along the Northern Irish coastline. You know what that means, right? Breathtaking sea views, fresh salty air, and that comforting sound of waves. It’s the kind of place where you can practically taste the sea breeze. 

Donaghadee is also dripping in history. They say that long ago, the town was a humble fishing village, but as time ticked away, it grew into a bustling harbour, welcoming sailors and traders from all around. The locals here have a heart as big as the sea, and they’re known for their warm welcomes. The cafes in town are like little havens where you can chat with the friendliest baristas and grab a coffee that feels like a warm hug.

The Dee Delights: What to Do There?

Donaghadee is a popular destination for tourists. Here, adventure and relaxation tango together like a merry pair of dancers. If you’re visiting, here are some suggestions of the best attractions there:

First Things First: Grab Your Bucket and Spade!

When you’ve got that sea breeze tickling your nose, the sandy shores of Donaghadee Beach invite you to build the most epic sandcastle of your life. So, dig in, my friend! Remember the days of burying your best friend’s feet? Well, it’s a tradition here. Just make sure they don’t wiggle away.

Donaghadee Harbour 

Donaghadee Harbour, designed by John Rennie, is one of those places where you can enjoy amazing views of the Irish Sea, watch the world go by, and let your mind wander. The colourful boats, the sea’s smell, and the waves’ gentle lapping will transport you to a state of pure bliss. On a clear day, you can glimpse the Scottish coastline.

Donaghadee Lighthouse 

Hope Street Filming Location (1)

Look at that lighthouse — it’s a whopping 16 metres tall, standing since 1836, and it’s the first electric and one of the oldest off the coast of the island of Ireland. And guess what? It protects the town’s bustling harbour and has saved countless sailors from the tempestuous Irish Sea. Unfortunately, its inside isn’t open to the public except on special occasions. The harbour and lighthouse are so iconic in Donaghadee that the town is nicknamed “The Beacon on the Coast”.

Seafood Galore

Now, we can’t talk about Donaghadee without mentioning the food, especially seafood. You’ve heard the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Well, in Donaghadee, you must devour seafood like there’s no tomorrow. Head to Pier 36, where the day’s fresh catches are transformed into seafood masterpieces. The mussels are so good that even the seagulls line up for a nibble.

Ice cream Delights

Don’t even get us started on the ice cream; you must pop into “The Cabin” for a scoop. Just one thing to note, though: that ice cream might be deceptively freezing, even on sunny days. It’s got its own little micro-climate going on!

Donaghadee’s Hidden Gem: The Commons

Now, here’s a little secret not everyone knows about — The Commons. It’s a lush park where you can take a stroll, play a game of frisbee, or just have a picnic. The locals love it, and you will, too. Plus, it’s perfect for burning off some energy if you’ve indulged in too much seafood and ice cream.

Venture to the Copeland Islands

If you’ve got an appetite for a real maritime adventure, you’ll want to hop on a boat and visit the nearby Copeland Islands. These islands are like nature’s playground — birdwatching enthusiasts will think they’ve died and gone to ornithologist heaven. Expect to see puffins, seals, and a variety of other seabirds. Bring your camera because this place is a wildlife photographer’s paradise.

Tea at The Bull & Claw

You’ve built sandcastles, explored the lighthouse, tasted the seafood, and now you need a relaxing place. Head to The Bull & Claw, an adorable little tea shop. Whether you prefer a classic cup or something more exotic, they’ve got you covered. While you’re there, indulge in some homemade cakes and scones. 

The Moat

You can’t miss ‘The Moat,’ also known as Donaghadee Motte and Camera Obscura, a historic gem dating back to the 12th century. Originally a Gunpowder store, it transformed into a lookout point over the town and its coastline. In 2022, it was beautifully restored and now hosts the only accessible Camera Obscura on the island of Ireland, Leonardo DaVinci’s revolutionary invention of projecting images on a flat surface. 

Day Trips From Donaghadee

Donaghadee is beautiful, but don’t just stop at this charming coastal gem; there are more pearls to discover around.

Comber: The Home of Great Flavours 

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away (19 km away, to be exact), Comber is a flavour fiesta. It’s known for coffee, cycling, fine cuisine, and the famous Comber Early potatoes. The monthly farmers’ market is a hit; even bees would ditch their flowers for some homegrown goodness. If you venture a little further, you’ll stumble upon the WWT Castle Espie Wetland Centre, which is just a fancy way of saying, “Hey, we’ve got a fantastic birdwatching spot by the Lough!”

Newtownards: Shop ‘Till You Drop 

A short 13 km drive takes you to Newtownards, a shopping paradise. They’ve got a Scrabo Tower that you can spot from anywhere. It’s like a beacon for shopaholics!

Holywood: The Hollywood of the North 

We know what you’re thinking — they misspelt Hollywood. But no, no typos here! Just 23km away is Holywood, the ‘historical gem of Belfast Lough.’ It’s got a unique May Pole, cosy coffee shops, great restaurants, and Instagram-worthy beaches at Seapark.

City of Bangor: Northern Ireland’s Fresh City

Hope Street Filming Location min

Only 10 km from Donaghadee, Bangor earned city status in 2022. It offers seaside fun, from Pickie Funpark to cultural events. There’s no shortage of things to do, so dive in!

Hope Street is a show that blends crime, drama, and the idyllic charm of a coastal town in a way that keeps you hooked like a fish on a line. With its memorable characters, mysteries, and the backdrop of the stunning Donaghadee as its filming location, this series will have you saying, “Just one more episode before I sleep!

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