15 Things to do in Hollywood: The City of Stars and the Film Industry

Updated On: July 24, 2022


Hollywood is one of the most famous cities in the world, it is the city of cinema and it is the symbol of the film industry in America and the whole world. There are many studios for photography and production of films and series, and it is the gateway to fame for all-stars.

Hollywood is located in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America, specifically on the northwest side of Los Angeles, and this area was discovered in 1853. In the past, the area was a small hut surrounded by cactus trees, and in 1870, a simple community was formed in the area and they relied on agriculture, and with time, the population in the area increased.

The first to lay the foundation stone for the city was Harvey Wilcox I 1887, and he wanted to build a community based on his moderate religious beliefs. But then came the real estate H. J. Whitley turned it into a wealthy residential area and was called the Father of Hollywood for his efforts. The city grew to a large degree until 1902 and in this year the first hotel was opened in it.

In 1910, the city began to move towards filmmaking and production, it built cinemas, studios, and many places for filming, and now it is the best in the field. The city includes many television studios through which they broadcast many programs that are watched by millions of people in the world, including ABC Studios, CBS Studios, Fox Studios, and others.

 In addition to the theater where the most famous plays and concerts are held, such as the Hollywood Art Theater, which was founded in 1919, and the Kodak Theater, which organizes the Oscars. 

Hollywood also houses the Hollywood Wax Museum, which displays statues of more than 350 famous personalities. Also, one of the most famous places there is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which includes the names of many celebrities, and we must not forget the sign bearing the name of Hollywood, which was put up in 1923.

Weather in Hollywood

Hollywood is famous for its beautiful and mild weather, and the sun is shining most days of the year, and the average temperature rises to 24 degrees and the average low is 13 degrees.

The climate in the city is different according to the seasons. In summer, the weather is warm to hot and continues until mid-November. In the winter, the weather is cold to somewhat warm with rain, and the rainy season ends by mid-May.

Things to do in Hollywood

The City of Hollywood is one of the most famous tourist cities in the United States of America and the world. The city contains many heritage, artistic, media, and green areas such as CBS Columbia Square, Charlie Chaplin Studios, Hollywood Museum, Walk of Fame, and other places, and we will get to know more about these places in this article.

Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign is the most famous spot in the city, it is located on a hillside and it was built in 1923 to advertise a new residential development called Hollywood land. The sign wasn’t going to be lasting forever in its place, it fell into disrepair and in the year 1978, it was rebuilt and became the symbol of the city.

If the sky of Hollywood is clear then you will be able to see the sign from many places during the day and if you want to have a closer look at the sign is to hike or even on a horseback ride through Hollywood Hill.

Walk of Fame

The Walk of Fame is another famous spot to visit in Hollywood, where it runs along Vine Street and Hollywood Boulevard, and when you are there you will see Hollywood’s most famous names are represented by bronze-rimmed stars, and it is laid on the sidewalk.

There are about 2,500 stars on the sidewalks, also several stars are added every year, and many people are honored and added to the sidewalk such as actors, directors, musicians, and people from other areas of the motion picture, radio, and more. There are new nominees announced each June. 

TCL Chinese Theater

The TCL Chinese Theater was built by Sid Grauman in 1927, that’s why it is also called the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, it was named by many names but at last, it was known as the TCL Chinese Theater. When you visit the theater you will see that it is beautifully decorated especially in Chinese design and it also hosted three Academy Awards ceremonies.

Also, the place hosted film premiers such as the Star Wars franchise in 1977, the place is also famous for footprints and handprints in the forecourt and it is an honor bestowed to many celebrities.

Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard is the best place to go at night, you can compare it with New York’s Broadway because it includes the same entertainment and nightlife. The famous thing in Hollywood Boulevard is it includes the Walk of Fame and the Kodak Theater, where the Oscars are awarded every year.

When you are walking there at night you will see the place lit up and many people go there to have a walk-in this wonderful street, and you will find many restaurants in the area, where you can have a great meal.

The Hollywood Museum

The Hollywood Museum is a popular location to visit in the city, it consists of four floors of many exhibits and it includes many collections of the most famous moments in Hollywood. The things that you will see are focused on the film industry in the golden age and it is located in an old historic building that once held the Max Factor’s studios.

The people who love classic cinema will enjoy the exhibits that are dedicated to the greatest people in cinema from Cary Grant’s Rolls Royce to honoring Marilyn Monroe. Also, you will find a basement exhibit that is made for scary things like Hannibal Lecter’s jail cell.

There are a lot of photographs, personal items, costumes, and memorabilia that you will love to see inside the museum.

Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is located on a hill that overlooks Griffith Park, it includes a wide array of telescopes and also exhibits. The famous telescope there is the Zeiss telescope, which is a 12-inch historic refracting telescope and can be used by the public.

The exhibits inside the Griffith Observatory offer the visitors educational programs, and that includes night sky shows, exhibits about space, and much more. There is a place that you will like there, which is the front lawn and it is beautiful that is decorated with a model of the solar system with orbital paths marked out in bronze.

Also, you will find there a grand statue that is dedicated to six famous astronomers such as Isaac Newton and Galileo.

Griffith Park

Griffith Park is one of the best attractions for families that is full of activities, it is located on an area of 4,200 acres and it includes the Griffith Observatory, and it is also one of the biggest parks in Los Angeles. 

There is also the L. A Zoo that includes many animals from all over the world like elephants, giraffes, and much more, and for kids, they can visit the Merry-go-Round to ride a pony, and you can have a train history tour through the Native American village and an old west town. While touring on the train, don’t miss visiting the Streamers Railroad Museum and Travel Town Museum that were dedicated to the steam trains. 

The zoo is home to a Botanical Garden, also there is the Fern Dell trail which has over 50 species of tropical plants surrounding it.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Another family tourist attraction located in Hollywood is the Universal Studios, when you visit the place you will find out that it is divided into several areas that include working studios, restaurants, shops, parks, and the Universal City Walk. There are classic rides, also new rides are being developed all the time, where it is based on popular movies and TV shows.

While you are in the park you will see a famous area which is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You can also take a tour behind the camera to see the making of a Hollywood film. On the tour, you can ride a tram throughout the former movie sets. After you finish the tour you can have a good meal in one of the restaurants and cafes located in the place.

Madame Tussauds and the Hollywood Wax Museum

If you can’t take a picture with your favorite actor, then visiting the Madame Tussauds and the Hollywood Wax Museum are a good choice, where there are real figures that are created just like the real person and you can have a nice picture with these figures.

If you went into the Hollywood Wax Museum, you can dress up in a costume and feel that you are the same character.

Hollywood Bowl


The Hollywood Bowl is the right place for entertainment and having a great time. It was built in Bolton Canyon, it is an outdoor concert area and it has hosted many performers from all over the world for more than 100 years. 

The bowl can accommodate 20,000 seated people and about 10,000 standing and the stage presented and hosted artists from all genres. The artists who performed on the stage of the Hollywood Bowl are the Beatles, Stevie Wonders, Danny Elfman, and much more. 

Also, you can visit the Hollywood Bowl Museum to know more about the music and history of the place.

Dolby Theater

The Dolby Theater is located in the Hollywood & Highland complex, it hosted the Academy Awards and also many other musical, artistic, theatrical performances that include fashion shows, the American Ballet Theater, Broadway shows, and more.

When you are in the building you will see the wonderful décor of the lobby and audience seating area which is known for its Italianate influences and in the tour, you will be able to know more about the history of the building, and the tour is available daily.

La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

The La Brea Pits are located within Hancock Park, the sticky tar created pools in the ground thousands of years ago, and that trapped a lot of animals there. The animals there are well-preserved, the remains become fossils and some of them have been frozen for more than 50,000 years.

Also, you can visit the museum, where you can know more about the fossils that were found in many excavation sites and methods of paleontology. There are exhibits too, you will find in it many remains of animals from prehistoric times.

Hollyhock House

If you are a fan of architecture then this is the right place for you, this house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, who is a famous architect by authorization of oil heiress Aline Barnsdall. The Hollyhock House was the home of Aline Barnsdall and it was completely built in 1921 it is located in East Hollywood and it is well-known as a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument.

You can take a self-guided tour and explore the house, and you will also find documents that will provide you with more information about the house and its beautiful design.

Capitol Records Building

The Capitol Records Building is famous for being circular-shaped that was built in 1956 by Welton Becket to look like a stack of vinyl records sitting on a turntable. It is one of the most popular places in Hollywood and it is distinguished in films and television.

In that building, some of the most talented artists have laid their tracks there such as Frank Sinatra, Beach Boys, and much more.

Sunset Strip

The Sunset Strip is located in West Hollywood, it is a part of Sunset Boulevard it is specifically between Hollywood and the neighborhood of Beverly Hills including many restaurants and entertainment venues. If you are there at night, you will see the neon signs and many people walking in the streets.

Also, it is the place where the celebrities can hang out there and live near it, you can do some shopping and have a nice meal and it is a nice place to spend a great time there.

Places to Stay in Hollywood

With all these beautiful places to visit in Hollywood and spend a great time in them, you would want to find a good place to spend the night or a couple of days you are spending in the city, so here is a list of some of the famous hotels located in Hollywood.

  • Dream Hollywood: The hotel is located in the middle of the city, it is a four-star hotel and it is near the Walk of Fame and the Capitol Records Building. The hotel includes rooms and suites with beautiful décor, white stone bathrooms.
  • Hollywood Orchid Suites:  One of the best hotels in the city that is located near the TCL Chinese Theater and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The rooms in it have a kitchen and a dining table and the suites include a sitting area and living room. Also, there is a rooftop terrace and heated outdoor pool. 
  • The Hollywood Roosevelt: it is a four-star luxury hotel, it is a historic Hollywood landmark with its 60s-style poolside lounge and includes a wonderful restaurant.
  • Kimpton Everly Hotel: The hotel is near Hollywood Boulevard and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, its rooms are modern with a great view of the Hollywood Hills. Also, there is a swimming pool on the rooftop and beside it is a space for live music performances and chef demos.