A Haunting in Venice: Filming Locations of the Spine-Chilling Murder Mystery

Updated On: September 14, 2023

A Haunting in Venice

“You want beauty,” said Hercule Poirot. “Beauty at any price. For me, it is the truth I want. Always truth.” ―

Agatha Christie, Hallowe’en Party

It has been a very competitive summer with Spider-Man – Across the Spider-Verse, Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible, and the Barbenheimer duo battling head-to-head for the blockbuster top spot. But that’s keeping us, the audience, pretty much entertained!

However, 2023 isn’t done with its share of stunning movies yet! Brace yourself for the release of A Haunting in Venice, a riveting supernatural thriller based on the 1969 Agatha Christie’s classic mystery novel Hallowe’en Party.

After following world-renowned Belgian detective Hercule Poirot on his murder case on the Orient Express running from Istanbul to Paris and the murder on the Egyptian Cruise in Death on the Nile, we’ll soon join him one more time in a new case and admire his unsurpassed wit within his little grey cells, his eye for detail, and of course his magnificent moustache.

This upcoming film, set to premiere on 15 September, will soon be the new trendy flick everyone will talk about, promising to send shivers down your spine and keep you at the edge of your seat. So, we’re giving you a glimpse into the plot, the crew, the cast, and the filming locations.

We hear you asking yourself, “Isn’t the movie’s filming location already obvious from its name?” Well, not necessarily. For instance, while the title of Death on the Nile implies that the film’s setting was in Egyptmovi, filming actually took place in the Cotswolds in the U.K. So read on and check for yourself.

Step into the Intriguing World of Agatha Christie

A Haunting in Venice

With the mere mention of Agatha Christie, the queen of whodunits and the best-selling fiction author of all time, we know we will be in front of a timeless and brilliant piece of work, drawing us into the labyrinthine minds of criminals and the sharp wit of her famous and legendary fictional character, the Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot.

We can go on and on about Christie’s masterful storytelling and compelling works; they’re a symphony of suspense, each note carefully placed to keep you engaged and guessing until the final chapter. Her characters are as vivid as they are enigmatic, her settings as rich as the plots they house. Her stories have crowned the screens for years beyond her time and inspired detective movies challenging our intellects, igniting our curiosities, and tingling our spines.

Sir Kenneth Branagh: When Talent Meets Brilliance

Sir Kenneth Branagh is a prolific British Oscar-winner actor, director, producer, and writer born on 10 December 1960 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His brilliance in directing and acting wasn’t left unacknowledged; he has won many awards, including a Global Golden Award, 2 Emmy Awards, 4 BAFTAS, and an Olivier Award. He was ranked 20th on the list of Ireland’s most remarkable film actors in The Irish Times. He also won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for his semi-autobiographical film Belfast (2021) movie.

Sir Kenneth Branagh Works

A Haunting in Venice

Branagh’s works’ genres are versatile, from Shakespearean adaptations like Henry V (1989) and Hamlet (1996) to modern blockbusters, including the action-comedy Thor (2011) for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the live-action adaptation of Disney’s Cinderella (2015).

Branagh has also brought Christie’s iconic mystery novels, intricate plots, and compelling characters to the big screen, in which Branagh himself directed and starred as Hercule Poirot, captivating us with those mind-puzzling mystery cases.

He took us on the train in Murder on the Orient Express, one of Christie’s most renowned novels, where the clinking of teacups mingled with whispers of murder and where each passenger hid their share of dark secrets. Building on the success of Murder on the Orient Express, we ventured off, once again, with him on a luxurious Egyptian cruise in Death on the Nile, where jealousy, betrayal, and hidden motives set sail on the river.

We have seen in both movies Branagh’s ability to stay faithful to the core elements of Christie’s original stories and preserve their essence while infusing his own artistic interpretations. He used his canny ability to bridge between Christie’s timeless mysteries and contemporary cinema, ensuring that her legacy continues to captivate us worldwide.

Once again, Branagh returned to give us those eerie chills in A Haunting in Venice, the much-awaited sequel to Death on the Nile, and an adaptation of Christie’s Hallowe’en Party. For the 3rd time, he’ll once again be directing and starring in this action-packed whodunit. And we simply can’t wait for Branagh’s portrayal of Poirot once again.

Unravelling the Plot of A Haunting in Venice

Following his success in Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile, the indomitable Kenneth Branagh can’t seem to get enough. He steps back into Poirot’s shoes, but this time, the game has changed. Set against the backdrop of post-World War II Venice on All Hallows’ Eve, Poirot returns not to solve a mere crime but to navigate the treacherous waters of the supernatural and confront forces beyond reason.

As the plot unfolds, the now-retired Poirot finds himself drawn to a séance, where the line between the living and the dead blurs, held within the decaying walls of a haunted palazzo. The death of a 13-year-old sends shockwaves through the gathering, and Poirot steps into action, dusts off his hung-up detective skills, and is determined to unravel the intricate web of truth that lies beneath the surface.

A Haunting in Venice Official Trailer

Watch the official eerie trailer below to give you the spine chills already!

When is the Release Date of A Haunting in Venice?

A Haunting in Venice is set to premiere on 15 September 2023 by 20th Century Studios, just in time before the spooky Halloween season. 11 more movies will be released on the same date, including Lift, Elevator Game, Cassandro, and The Inventor.

2023 will still keep our teeth clenched, for more horror movies are on the way, which include The Blackening, The Nun 2, Saw X, and a new Exorcist movie.

Who is Starring in A Haunting in Venice?

A Haunting in Venice

Just like we’re used to with Branagh, he has lined up an impressive ensemble cast, including Tina Fey (Ariadne Oliver), Michelle Yeoh (Joyce Reynolds), Jamie Dornan (Dr Leslie Ferrier), Jude Hill (Leopold Ferrier), Kelly Reilly (Rowena Drake) along with Emma Laird (Desdemona Holland), Kyle Allen (Maxime Gerard), Camille Cottin (Olga Seminoff), Ali Khan (Nicholas Holland), and Riccardo Scamarico (Vitale Portfoglio). Both Dornan and Hill worked alongside Branagh before in the film Belfast.

The Creative Crew Behind A Haunting in Venice

The same crew members that worked on the blockbuster hits Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile are reuniting once more for the new masterpiece, A Haunting in Venice. The screenplay is by Oscar nominee Michael Green, who also wrote the previous 2 movies. Judy Hofflund carries out the production in cooperation with Louise Killin, James Prichard, Ridley Scott, Simon Kinberg, and Mark Gordon. Since the same brilliant minds are working on A Haunting in Venice, we can expect it to live up to our expectations.

Filming Locations of A Haunting in Venice Filmed

The filming began on Halloween on 31 October 2022, with the production mainly in Venice, Italy (as the title implies this time) and supplemented with studio work in Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire near London, most likely to give the set heart-pounding suspense and ominous vibes. Here are the ravishing filming locations we’ll encounter in A Haunting in Venice:

Laguna Veneta (The Venetian Lagoon)

A Haunting in Venice

The Venetian Lagoon is an enclosed shimmering Italian bay of the Adriatic Sea that cradles the city of Venice in its watery embrace alongside a few smaller islands. The Laguna Veneta isn’t just a body of water; it’s the heart of the city. Formed by nature thousands of years ago, it acted as a natural defence against invaders across the years. Today, it’s a picturesque expanse, and its intricate network of islands and canals creates the unique geography that defines Venice.

If you’re there, your Venice experience is not complete if you didn’t take a gondola ride or hop on a vaporetto (public water bus) for a scenic journey across the lagoon. You can visit one of the surrounding serene islands, such as Burano, Murano, and Torcello. For some romanticism, take the sunset cruise for a breathtaking view and relive Jack and Rose’s iconic sunset scene on the Titanic.

Venice Canals

A Haunting in Venice

If the lagoon is Venice’s heart, the canals are its veins. Without its intricate network of canals, Venice is like a puzzle, missing its pieces. These winding waterways, a total of 150 canals precisely, are the city’s highways, threading through every nook and cranny. From the iconic Grand Canal, lined with the elegant Doge’s palace and the Basilica of St Mary, to the quieter, narrower side canals, they’re a glimpse into Venetian life. You can explore them by a vaporetto, a water taxi, or simply stroll alongside them. Don’t forget to capture the classic Venetian scenes, like gondoliers in striped shirts serenading passengers.

So, since the film is based in Venice, there’s nothing more natural than featuring the winding canals of Venice. In the trailer, we spotted the famous Rio di Palazzo Canal, spanned by The Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri). The bridge separates the interrogation rooms in the Doge’s palace and the New Prisons (Prigioni Nuove). Another night-time scene featured Poirot on a gondola in the Venice canals driven by gondoliers wearing white Venetian masks.

Santa Maria dei Miracoli (Church of Miracoli)

A Haunting in Venice

Tucked away in the heart of Venice, in the Cannaregio sestiere (district), the Santa Maria dei Miracoli is a jewel that boasts stunning architectural beauty. Built in the 15th century, this church is a testament to Venetian craftsmanship and artistry. Renowned as “the marble church”, its exterior showcases intricate coloured marble patterns, while the interior exudes a serene atmosphere. Take a moment to step inside and admire the ornate details and the intricate marble façade that has stood the test of time.

Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio

That’s another church built in the 11th century in the Santa Croce sestiere. Though the church’s exterior is a bit worn out, its interior is beautiful, lively, and filled with locals.

Palazzo Pisani a Santo Stefano (Pisani Palace)

If walls could talk, the Palazzo Pisani a Santo Stefano would whisper to us stories of aristocracy and opulence. It sits facing the Campo Santo Stefano square in the sestiere of San Marco. Once owned by the noble, well-off Pisani family, this grand palace takes us back to Venice’s golden age, a time of aristocracy and lavish parties.

Even though it’s not open to the public and we can’t set our craving eyes on the magnificent decorations, furnishings, ornaments, and paintings, we can still treat our eyes with its luxurious exterior adorned with exquisite architectural details. The city now owns the palace and is home to the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory, founded in 1876. This conservatory has one of the richest histories in Europe and has nurtured musical talent for centuries, contributing to the city’s artistic legacy. Check their schedule for concerts to savour the enchanting melodies of Venice.

Scala Contarini del Bovolo (The Secret Staircase)

A Haunting in Venice

Another architectural masterpiece sitting in the San Marco sestiere, the Scala Contarini del Bovolo, is a spiral snail-like stairway that spirals its way through the Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo.

Unlike any other, it’s a fusion of Gothic and Renaissance styles that will amaze you. We know climbing its 80 steps may not be the best thing to do, but trust us, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the city’s rooftops like no other.

Campo San Samuele (San Samuele Square)

A Haunting in Venice

Amid the narrow streets of Venice, stumble upon the lively Campo San Samuele, a bustling square that radiates local Venetian charm. It’s home to 2 central pieces of historical and architectural significance: the Palazzo Grassi (Grassi Palace), an art museum that hosts contemporary exhibitions and the Palazzo Malipiero (Malipiero Palace). Grab a gelato from a nearby vendor, or savour an espresso, find a bench, and watch the world go by. It’s a glimpse into the authentic Venetian way of life.

Palazzo Malipiero (Malipiero Palace)

A Haunting in Venice

Nestled in the San Samuele Square overlooking the Grand Canal and standing opposite the Palazzo Grassi Exhibition Centre, this palace used to be home to Casanova’s Guardian, the aristocratic Senator Alvise Gasparo Malipiero, who significantly impacted Casanova’s life, the legendary Venetian lover.

The Venetian Byzantine-style palace boasts a beautiful garden. It has two floors, each with its own separate entrances, hallways, stairways, and water doors. The palace holds historical significance as it has undergone architectural changes over nine centuries, reflecting the artistic preferences of various owners. Giacomo Casanova resided here for a period and began his social and romantic escapades in its rooms. Interestingly, you can visit the palace and book one of its rooms on its 2nd floor and stay a minimum of 3 nights for approximately $1000.

Torre dell’Orologio (St Mark’s Clock Tower)

A Haunting in Venice

Located in Piazza San Marco is a remarkable 15th-century engineering marvel, the Torre dell’Orologio, also known as St. Mark’s Clock Tower or “the Moor’s Clocktower”.

Designed by Maurizio Codussi and constructed in 1496, the clock displays time with its golden figures and clock arms and showcases the moon’s phase and the prevailing Zodiac sign. The clock’s elevation safeguards it from Venice’s waters and ensures visibility from the canal.
According to legend, the clock’s exquisite beauty led the Doge to blind its maker to prevent the creation of a rival timepiece. However, in reality, the clock’s caretakers became its custodians, residing in the tower with their families.

Stand in front of the clock when it springs to life at the head of the hour, where two bronze figures, known as “Moors” due to their dark appearance, strike the bell. A winged lion of St. Mark and a statue of the Virgin Mary are situated atop the clock. Join one of the guided tours that takes you to the rooftop Moors via 19th-century spiral staircases.

San Giorgio Maggiore (Island of San Giorgio)

A Haunting in Venice

With a short boat ride, you can escape Venice’s touristy bustle and find solace on the Island of San Giorgio. The island is recognised by its stunning San Giorgio Maggiore church, designed by Palladio, and boasts exquisite architecture you wouldn’t want to miss. Climb the Campanile di San Giorgio (the church’s bell tower) for breathtaking panoramic views that stretch from the Doge’s Palace to the lagoon. There was a filming scene in the San Giorgio Island, specifically in a market in the island’s churchyard.

If you are an art buff, the island also hosts the Giorgio Cini Foundation, a cultural centre promoting arts and research, often hosting exhibitions and events.

Campo dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo

A Haunting in Venice

As one of Venice’s largest squares, Campo dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo is an open canvas of history and architecture. Once you’re there, your eyes will definitely be riveted on the towering Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo, one of the 2 largest churches in Venice, that presides over the square, showcasing the city’s rich religious and artistic heritage. Interestingly, it was the official church for the Venetian Doges’ funerals.

Another unique landmark is the monumental Scuola Grande di San Marco — a masterpiece of architecture. Its beauty doesn’t awe Venetians, but it will undoubtedly impress you. Living in Venice, it is no wonder Venetians have raised the bar for what is considered extraordinary!

Venturing through Venice is unrivalled! No matter how much you read about it, its beauty must be experienced, and its surreal, vivid colours should be seen with your own eyes!

As the clock ticks closer to the release of A Haunting in Venice, the movie not only beckons with a new case of murder and suspense but also unveils the captivating canvas of the enchanting city of Venice, infused with an eerie and shadowy twist. Get ready to be spellbound, both by Venice’s timeless charm and the mystery hidden in the heart of A Haunting in Venice.

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