Mission Impossible 7: Dead Reckoning Filming Locations that Will Spike Your Adrenaline Levels

Mission Impossible 7 Dead Reckoning Filming Locations

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“Your mission Mr Hunt, should you choose to accept it, is..”

We’ve followed Ethan Hunt and his team of die-hard, talented, reckless agents, tech engineers and spies in their journey around the globe for the past six films. This new journey, Dead Reckoning, is Part One of Mission Impossible 7, which takes us far North, to Norway, then around the UK’s cities, through the Italian boot and hops over to the UAE. The filming locations of this new Mission Impossible instalment are as captivating as the film’s storyline.

Our mission, and we’ve readily accepted it, is managing to keep up with Ethan and his crew as they travel from one country to another to bring you the Mission Impossible 7: Dead Reckoning filming locations.

Mission Impossible 7: Dead Reckoning Filming Locations

If you think the new incomprehensible risks Ethan and his crew go through will be the only reason you’ll sit at the edge of your seat in this film, think again. For this new film, the production team travelled to Norway, the UK, Italy and the UAE. We will show you around the captivating filming locations of this highly-anticipated action film.


Blessed with scenic beauty, nature in Norway resembles no other country on earth. Norway is an explorer’s dream, from dense mountain forests topped with snow, to transparent lakes to clashing sea waves. The Mission Impossible 7 production crew chose four locations around the Norwegian county of Møre og Romsdal to add to their filming locations. The crew moved between several towns and mountains to bring their vision to life, one of which is Tom Cruise’s, and perhaps the world’s, most dangerous and heart-stopping stunt.

Hellesylt Village

Heading the Sunnylvsfjorden and located near the Geirangerfjord, Hellesylt is a small village surrounded by beautiful waterfalls, green fields, majestic mountains and rocky terrain. This village appeared several times on TV and in cinema, but its name skyrocketed after it held Tom Cruise’s most dangerous stunt to date.

As excepted with Norwegian weather, the best time to visit Hellesylt is during the summer. The warm season welcomes tourists worldwide who stay or pass through the village. In addition to enjoying the breathtaking nature of Hellesylt, you can visit the town’s 19th-century church, Sunnylven Church, enjoy the narration of Henrik Ibsen’s 19th-century play, Peer Gynt, accompanied by real-life sized wooden carvings in the Peer Gynt Galleriet.

Helsetkopen Mountain

Mission Impossible 7 filming locations, Geirangerfjord, Norway
Mission Impossible 7 filming locations, Geirangerfjord, Norway

Ethan’s motorbike screeches against the terrain before he finds himself flying off the edge of the mountain. However, what seemed improbable a moment earlier, became the world’s most-awaited film stunt, so prepare to hold your breath as Ethan flies over this 1,246 metres high mountain cliff. Helsetkopen is a Norwegian mountain and is part of the Geirangerfjord, which overlooks a rocky terrain, dense trees and the Hellesylt Valley on the horizon.

The cliff off Helsetkopen is rugged, and you can join a hiking group to explore the mountain. The hike will also take you through some parts of the Geirangerfjord, and we advise you to stay within the edge, even if you have a heart of steel like Cruise, for fear of slipping. If you want to get a closer look at the Hellesylt Valley, where Tom Cruise landed after his jump, an E-Bike Tour is available, where you’ll explore the valley’s magical waterfalls and spectacular fields.

Åndalsnes Town

Mission Impossible 7 filming locations, Andalsnes, Norway
Mission Impossible 7 filming locations, Andalsnes, Norway

Along the shores of the Romsdalsfjord is Åndalsnes, the small Norwegian town overlooking Norway’s ninth-longest fjord. This charming and historic town offers numerous ways to enjoy and bask in the natural beauty of this unique fjord. From hiking trails, paddle boarding, devouring delicious food, relaxing and enjoying a scenic train ride, there’s no shortage of fun here. In the film, we’ll see a fight between Ethan and Gabriel atop a moving train, the Rauma Railway. The train runs through the Romsdalen Valley and ends at Åndalsnes, the beautiful mountaineering capital.

You can climb to Mount Nesaksla to enjoy the stretching scene of the Romsdalsfjord or choose a much easier trail through the Litlefjellet to reach the top. If you prefer a risk-free climbing experience, try the climbing wall at Åndalsnes’ mountaineering centre, Norsk Tindesenter. Another recommendation we bring you in Åndalsnes is crossing the Romsdalsstigen using the Via Ferrata or the Iron Ladder. An iron trail connects the two sides, where you can use the carabiners from the start to the end. Get ready to feel the air in your hair and seize the rare photo opportunity.

Trollveggen Mountain Massif

Mission Impossible 7 filming locations- the Trollveggen Mountain Massif, Norway
Mission Impossible 7 filming locations- the Trollveggen Mountain Massif, Norway

Trollveggen, or the Troll Wall, one of many mountains towering over the Romsdalen Valley, is the last Mission Impossible 7 filming location in Norway. The mountain towers over the Rauma Railway as Ethan and Gabriel fight ferociously. Trollveggen is famous for being Europe’s highest vertical rock mountain, challenging climbers and adventure-seekers for many years. What we recommend is enjoying a relaxed picnic at the foot of Trollveggen; this way, you get to admire the massif’s beauty, utilise the nearby facilities, enjoy something to drink at the cafeteria or visit the Trollveggen Besøkssenter for a brief on local history.

The UK

The Mission Impossible 7 crew benefited from the beauty of the English countryside as they hopped between Derbyshire, Birmingham, Bedfordshire and Yorkshire. The Warner Bros Studios in Hertfordshire acted as a filming location for a significant portion of the newest film in the Mission Impossible franchise, especially when filming on the ground came to a halt due to Covid-19 restrictions. Here’s what the crew did in each city above and some recommendations for what to see and do in each one.

Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire

The small village of Stoney Middleton presented an ideal location for the Mission Impossible 7 crew to pass through, seek and perhaps hide from possible enemies. This village has a long history of and is famous for rock climbing, where it stands offering challengers some fantastic climbs. The scene where the locomotive crashes into a quarry from Mission Impossible 7 is a fabricated location the crew built beside one of the village’s disused quarries.

If you’re an adventurer, Stoney Middleton is perfect for you. The village’s local pub and B&B offer drinks, snacks, a good room and food for climbers and cyclists passing through the village. You can visit the Lover’s Leap Café and the Moon Inn, two favourite spots for visitors.


The metropolitan city of Birmingham in the UK’s West Midlands offered several locations for the filming of Mission Impossible 7. To say that this city is packed with history is an understatement; every nook and almost every building speaks of its 18th-century history. Birmingham has been at the centre of scientific innovations since then and has become the home of some of the world’s most skilled artisans. The city’s landmark list includes Victoria Square, St Philip’s Cathedral and the Old Joe Clock Tower.

Mission Impossible 7 Filming Locations- Victoria Square, Birmingham, the UK
Mission Impossible 7 Filming Locations- Victoria Square, Birmingham, the UK
Mission Impossible 7 Filming Locations- St Philips's Cathedral, Birmingham, the UK
Mission Impossible 7 Filming Locations- St Philips’s Cathedral, Birmingham, the UK

The Bull Ring and Grand Central, Birmingham

The Bull Ring is a shopping area in the heart of Birmingham, to which the Grand Central, a shopping centre, is connected via a footbridge. Here you will find all you can think of, with great prices. Grand Central has been catering to people’s needs since its opening in 1971. This area appeared in the Mission Impossible 7 film as the surrounding area of a Saudi Airport in the film, while Grand Central was used as the location for the airport itself. Locals commonly refer to the area as the Bullring and Grand Central.

Levisham, North Yorkshire

Another cosy English village appearing in the Mission Impossible 7 film is Levisham. Locals watched from afar as Tom Cruise skidded dangerously over a railway carriage while filming Mission Impossible 7. Levisham is part of the North York Moors National Park, which offers beautiful hills and biking trails for explorers to enjoy. You can marvel at the beauty of the Hole of Horcum or choose between professional bicycles or adapted ones from the Dalby Forest Cycle Club to begin your exploration journey.

Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire

The last stop of the Mission Impossible 7 crew in the UK is Leighton Buzzard, the market town in Bedfordshire. The town’s 13th-century church, All Saints’ Church, is a medieval work of art that you must visit. You can watch a live show or a famous play at the town’s library and theatre, the Library Theatre, and you can feel the joy of watching England’s oldest and longest narrow-gauge lines, the Leighton Buzzard Light Railway. A sand quarry near the town marks the end of Mission Impossible 7’s filming journey in the UK.


The Mission Impossible 7 filming crew travelled to Italy for some unforgettable shooting time. They mainly shot in two Italian cities, Rome and Venice, which are two cities that must be on anyone’s travel list. Let’s discover where the crew went and give you some of our quick recommendations.

Rome, the Lazio Region

Dubbed the Eternal City, Rome is a fascinating mixture of culture, history, nature and religion. The city’s unique architectural scene is a filmmaker’s dream of intricate narrow streets and beautiful flower-filled buildings among Medieval and Renaissance buildings. Summing up everything to do in Rome is undoable, but you must visit the Colosseum, climb the Spanish Steps and throw a coin at the Baroque Trevi Fountain.

The Mission Impossible 7 crew couldn’t miss the chance to visit Rome, and that was an exciting visit. A hectic and adrenaline-filled car chase in the film passed through many of Rome’s streets, such as Via Nazionale, Via Di S. Maria Maggiore and Via dei Serpenti.

Venice, Veneto Region

The magical floating city of Venice is the Mission Impossible 7 crew’s last filming location before flying out. Visiting Venice is the first recommendation you’d hear when planning a visit to Italy, and you absolutely must. The architectural masterpieces and the churches reflecting over the water of the Adriatic, as gondolas pass by from one side to the other, will captivate your soul forever.

Mission Impossible 7 utilised one of Venice’s bridges, Ponte dei Conzafelzi, for filming. If you stand on the iron bridge, you can see one of Venice’s small canals ahead of you, allowing you to admire the beautiful buildings on each side.

Abu Dhabi, The UAE

Mission Impossible 7: Dead Reckoning Filming Locations that Will Spike Your Adrenaline Levels

Since Ethan suddenly found himself hanging off the side of the world’s tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, in 2011, the entire world’s eyes turned to the UAE for filming locations. Mission Impossible 7 chose the Emirati capital, Abu Dhabi, as a filming location. The chosen spot in the city for filming was a replica of the latest terminal of Abu Dhabi International Airport, the Midfield Terminal.

The Medfield Terminal was still under construction when the Mission Impossible 7 crew arrived in the emirate, so they had to make the terminal look like it was finished and working. We see the terminal in the newest film with its fusion of modern architecture and traditional architectural designs. Benji, actor Simon Pegg, rushes around the luggage distribution network to find a suitcase that contains a bomb that could wipe out the whole place.

What do we recommend you visit in Abu Dhabi? You should visit the city’s Louvre Museum and have a joyful, possibly adrenaline-packed adventure at Ferrari World. Our complete city guide will bring you all the best spots you must visit.

There’s no shortage of excitement in this newest instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise; we look forward to seeing the film in cinemas and perhaps visiting a place, or two, of its filming locations around the world.

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