12 Best Family Vacation Spots Worldwide

Updated On: November 08, 2023

12 Best Family Vacation Spots Worldwide

Summer is upon us again and it is getting to be that time for planning a family vacation somewhere where the kids can let loose and make some long-lasting memories while the parents relax and enjoy a break from the stressful everyday life. 

Enters, our list of best family vacation spots worldwide so you can pick your favourite and the closest and most convenient destination for your and your family’s needs. 

Whether you and your family prefer traditional beach vacations, adventure-based vacations where you get to experience new and rare activities that boost those adrenaline levels, or even educational vacations where you get to show your little ones some of the world’s historic and cultural wonders, you will, for sure, find the destination for your next family vacation on our following list. 

  1. Iceland 
Family Vacation Spots

You might think that this is a quite strange first option for a family vacation destination. However, you won’t think so when you know more about all the features that make Iceland probably one of a handful of places in the world that offer such ideal conditions for a family adventure. 

Iceland is one of the few places in the world where you and your family can spot Blue Whales, swim in an ice-cold glacier, witness the largest waterfall in all of Europe, and build sandcastles with black sand on black sand beaches. 

As if all of that weren’t enough, Iceland is also one of the safest and child-friendly countries in the world, it is quite rare to find a restaurant there that doesn’t have an area dedicated to children’s entertainment, so you will, at least, be able to enjoy your meals in some peace and quiet. 

  1. Bali, Indonesia 
Family Vacation Spots

From its family-friendly beaches to its oozing rich culture, Bali is the perfect destination for every member of the family regardless of the age group. The activities to be done and experiences to be enjoyed in Bali are endless from hiking through rice fields to spending the day at water parks to attending city-wide festivals (which seem to take place all year round). 

Bali’s weather is sunny, warm, and vacation-perfect almost all year long except for the rainy season from November to March which can make it a bit too hard to enjoy some of the city’s activities and attractions. 

The hotels and resorts in this Indonesian gem are beyond this world almost all of them welcome kids of all ages. In addition to beach access and incredible plunge pools, most hotels offer to arrange a buffet of activities such as anti-gravity yoga, fish-feeding, rice planting, arts and crafts like ceramics, and local walks through the Balinese rice fields. However, the ultimate experience for your little ones will be found in Ubud, specifically, in the Sacred Monkey Forest where you and your family get to experience being surrounded by the Balinese long-tailed monkeys. 

  1. Cape Town, South Africa
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If you are looking for something completely out of the ordinary, the South African gem that is Cape Town might be just the destination for your next family adventure. Cape Town is the ultimate haven when it comes to outdoor adventures and activities.

Some of the Can’t-miss attractions to visit in Cape Town are the famous Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, the astonishing Table Mountain, the Tree Canopy Walkway, and the Robben Island which you book a ferry tour to circle around for some stunning coastal views. 

If you head a bit further out of Cape Town, you will find the Cape of Good Hope where the oceans meet. Something else that you can’t miss while in Cape Town is swinging by Boulders Beach where you can hang out with the penguins. Also, make sure to pass by Hout Bay to spot the seals. It is safe to say that if your kids are intrigued by animals, their minds will be absolutely blown by this Cape Town trip. 

  1. Big Island, Hawaii, United States of America
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When it comes to planning any type of trip or vacation, you can never go wrong with Hawaii. However, the Big Island of Hawaii stands out even more. 

If we say the Big Island has something for you and every single member of your family, we would not be exaggerating. Staying in a beautiful luxurious hotel while being surrounded by unbelievably stunning views, whale watching, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking along waterfalls, swimming with turtles, sailing in a submarine, and even visiting a volcano. All of this and more can be enjoyed and checked off of your and your family’s checklist while on Hawaii’s Big Island. 

The Big Island of Hawaii is also very family-friendly as you can conveniently move around it. Whether you choose to rent a car and drive around freely or rent a bunch of bikes and stroll around the island with your family, you won’t be facing any problems exploring and discovering the hidden beauties of the island. 

  1.   Cambodia
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Although Cambodia may not instantly come to your mind when thinking of a family vacation destination, this Southeast Asian country is one of the most family-friendly countries in the region. Thanks to its gorgeous and diverse natural landscape, unique wildlife, and mesmerising temple ruins, Cambodia is a land field of adventure for all age groups. 

Although you may not think the kids would enjoy an attraction such as temple ruins, you would be surprised with how entertaining and educational this experience would be when you give the kids some freedom to explore the ruins, play, and watch the Cambodian wildlife up close. 

Something else that makes Cambodia quite a family-friendly destination is its people. Cambodians are among the nicest and most hospitable people in Southeast Asia, they will welcome you and your children with open hearts and open arms (the latter sometimes being literal). 

  1. Crete, Greece
Family Vacation Spots

The Greek island of Crete is another destination that you can go to when you and your family can’t agree on one place for your next vacation due to having different interests and expectations. The reason is that Crete island virtually has everything anyone would desire in a vacation destination, from mild lovely climate all year round to the incredibly gorgeous and pristine beaches to the excellent food and fancy restaurants to the luxurious hotels and resorts, everything on this Greek haven will make your vacation all the more memorable. So, if you can’t make up your mind, think no more, you cannot go wrong with the southern European paradise. 

  1. Costa Rica 
Family Vacation Spots

When it comes to family-friendly destinations, Costa Rica is an obvious no brainer. No matter what you or anyone of your family members are looking for in your next vacation, Costa Rica is sure to deliver. 

If you are looking to relax, unwind, and pamper yourself, Costa Rica has world-class resorts and hotels that offer great 5-star services in addition to stunning scenery and a luxurious beach experience. 

On the other hand, if you seek an incomparable adrenaline rush, Costa Rica has an unmatched variety of adventure opportunities; from active volcanoes and high mountains to luscious rainforests to unique and exotic wildlife, and more adventures waiting to be unfolded from the forests and mountains of Costa Rica.  

So to sum it up, whether you choose to unwind and relax with your family and children at the beach or hike your way together to an active volcano, the one thing that is certain is that you all will have the time of your lives in the one and only Costa Rica. 

  1. Daintree Rainforest, Australia 
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Home to the largest reef system as well as the oldest rainforest in the world, the Port Douglas Daintree region in Tropical North Queensland has all that it takes for a new family adventure. 

Whether you choose to chase that adrenaline rush underwater by snorkeling the iconic Great Barrier Reef, flying through the air by zip-lining over the canopy of the Daintree Rainforest, or on a riverboat cruise by searching for wild crocodiles, one thing for sure is that an adrenaline rush will definitely be achieved. 

  1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
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One of the most popular cosmopolitan destinations and fashion capitals in the world, Dubai is a must-visit vacation spot. Therefore, taking your family there will definitely be highly well-received thanks to the endless possibilities Dubai offers.

You can experience an exotic adventure and ride a camel through the desert, choose to relax instead and spend some time at one of Dubai’s many pristine beaches, let loose and have fun at any of the several theme parks or water parks available in the city, go shopping at any of the world-class international brand stores available at every corner, or just gaze at the city’s incredible skyline which include the highest building in the world, Burj Khalifa

No matter what you choose to do, the things to see and do in Dubai will never fit over the course of just one vacation. If you, somehow, manage to make it all fit in just one trip, it still will not make a difference anyway because odds are, when you take your kids to Dubai once, they will ask you to bring them back again. So don’t overcrowd your itinerary and plan your next Dubai trip instead. 

  1. Portugal 
Family Vacation Spots

Portugal is one of the best European destinations where you escape from your hectic everyday routine. With great food, culture, gorgeous scenery, luxurious hotels, and an overall laid-back atmosphere, Portugal makes for the perfect destination for everyone in the family, big or small, young or old. 

If you or the kids are looking to burn off some energy, there are several activities that you can enjoy in Portugal such as hiking, cycling, kayaking, and exploring small ancient villages through the mountains. The great thing about all the previously mentioned activities is that they allow you as well as your kids to enjoy your time and make some special long-lasting memories, regardless of the age group. 

Something else that makes Portugal quite a family-friendly destination is its people. The Portuguese love children of any nationality. Walking around or into places along with your children, you will be warmly welcomed with genuine smiles and hospitality. 

  1. The Cook Island 
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The Cook Islands of the South Pacific are the perfect place to show your kids some of the natural wonders of this world. The Cook Islands offer gorgeous white beaches perfect for a relaxed laid back day with the family, safe and calm lagoons perfect for snorkelling and exploring the underwater wonders of the Pacific, and stunning and lush green mountains that would make for the perfect background in some new family portraits. 

Whether you and your travelling mates decide to hike around the islands to soak in its unbelievable beauty, drive a buggy for a faster and more adventurous exploring, go kayaking in the ocean, or do it all, the certain thing is that you will all have the time of your lives. 

  1. Italy 
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Just saying Italy might be a bit vague. However, we do mean, Italy as in the entire alluring country of Italy. Because to be honest, making the trip out to Italy and not soaking up as much of its beauty and wonders as possible seems like a huge waste. 

Italy will feed every part of your soul in addition to feeding you in the literal sense of the word. Italy is the ultimate culinary heaven on earth offering the best pizza flavours in the world and the tastiest pasta you or anyone ever taste. So if your kids are picky eaters who tend to give you a hard time when it comes to eating, your time in Italy will be a vacation from that too because it is nearly impossible for a child to resist the cheesy pizza and crunchy crust only a locally made Italian pizza slice offers. 

Aside from the culinary delights, Italy’s artistic beauty, stunning architecture, and historic heritage will leave you and your kids overwhelmed and astonished by how much there is to see and do in Italy. 

If you don’t have time to fit all of the Italian beauty into one vacation (which is more likely to happen), make sure to take the kids to the gorgeous ancient capital of Italy, Rome, and if you have extra time, make sure to swing by the stunning floating city of Venice. You can always see the rest of the Italian wonders on your next vacation. 

Now that you have gone through our list of the best family vacation spots in the world, let us know which ones have you been to and which ones are you planning to visit next?

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