USA Travel Statistics: Important Info & Tips Before You Go

Updated On: November 08, 2023

USA Travel Statistics

Run away from the heat or snow, based on your current location, and come to one of these beautiful USA states. There is no need to put off your travel plans anymore. After two years of struggles, the travel industry has already rebounded, and only bad news of COVID-19.

Travel restrictions have been lifted across the country and globe, and vaccination rates continue to go up every day. (Of course, keep posted with all updates about the virus or other virus, who knows!)

And all the world is eager to resume travelling to make up for the long days we were stuck at home. So this summer is your chance to go away from whatever you have. 

Yes, really great idea, indeed! You’re sure to have an enlightening and unforgettable experience. No matter what your interests are, you’ll be able to find something that appeals to you in America. 

So— It seems you’re serious!

Do you have USA travel plans? If so, you’ll want to read this post first! Here we’ve compiled some important USA travel statistics and tips that every traveller should know. With the right information, your trip will be smooth sailing from start to finish! So, what are you waiting for? Ready to jump into this wonderful experience? Read on to get started!

USA Travel Statistics
USA Travel Statistics: Important Info & Tips Before You Go 1

Why Does Everyone Love Traveling to the USA?

The USA is one of the most popular countries in the world — not just because of its spell-blinded attractions and wonders you will stumble upon everywhere. Actually, America is a way of life with its culture, political influence and huge film production.

We all love Hollywood stars. When we get depressed, we watch Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, love. When we want to laugh, we search for the most popular scenes of FRIENDS. And when we want some motivation, nothing can beat The Shawshank Redemption. Yet, it’s all about America and what it presents from dreams, creativity and freedom. 

But how about travelling to this whole charming world! It seems a tempting idea. But what does travelling to the USA look like?


Did you know that the USA is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world? In fact, according to the World Tourism Organization, it ranks third behind France and Spain. But what makes America so unique? Why do people from all corners of the globe flock here to experience its many wonders? Here are a number of reasons why we think everyone should travel to the USA at least once in their lifetime!

We’ve narrowed down some of them to know why you should hit this unequal country to have a glimpse into the American way of life. 

1. Diversity: There’s no place on earth like the USA when it comes to diversity. You can explore practically every type of landscape, culture, and ethnicity here. That’s why the USA is often referred to as a melting pot (and it is, honestly!). You can come across people from all walks of life in America, each with their own unique background. This atmosphere makes for a dynamic and vibrant society that is constantly evolving. So whether you’re interested in art, music, food, or fashion, you’ll find something new to explore in America. And with so many different states to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect place to visit. So why not add the USA to your travel list? 

2. Uniqueness: If you’ve never been to the United States, you would be absolutely curious about this sprawling country. It’s unlike anything else. The USA is a mix of madness, liberty, and more— cuisines and landscapes. From the cheerful lights of New York City to the natural wonders of Yellowstone National Park, there is something for everyone in the United States. Each state has its unique character, and visitors can enjoy a different experience in every corner of the country. Whether you’re looking for bustling cities or tranquil countryside, you’ll find it in the USA. The USA is also home to some of the world’s best-known landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge. With so much to do and explore, there is no wonder the USA is one of the most impressive tourist destinations all over the world.

3. Historical Tours: There’s something special about exploring a new place, learning its history and discovering its hidden treasures. For a good reason, visiting the United States is high up there on most people’s bucket lists, especially history buffs. So, what could be more special than exploring the United States of America – a country with a rich and fascinating past? Whether you’re interested in the nation’s early days during the Civil War, there’s sure to be a historical tour that appeals to you.

The United States is a great place to go on a historic trip, so why not take advantage of it all? You’ll be impressed by the country’s legacy and people, and you might even learn something new along the way. Who knows – you might even find yourself falling in love with the USA all over again.

4. Many Musumes: What makes the USA an ever-popular destination and especially countless chances for indoor activities is that it’s home to some of the world’s most famous museums, which millions of tourists visit yearly. Obviously, there’s no shortage of reasons why everyone loves the USA. From the Museum of Modern Art in New York to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, something is waiting for you to enjoy in each cranny and nook. Plus, we do not even mention the many other museums that can be found across the country, from Los Angeles to Boston. The museums cover all interests— fashion, science, history and art. No surprise, the United States deserves your attention, with many choices. You’ll get a different kind of experience at each museum. Each museum will offer you a different experience. 

5. Road Trips: While the experience of visiting the USA won’t be like any other, each corner of this country will be a way to lose yourself through the varied magnificent landscapes for hiking or even taking memorable shots. Undoubtedly, the USA is an excellent destination for road trips. You can explore different states and see a variety of natural wonders. During discovering these roads, you can also meet new people and learn about their culture. Road trips are an excellent way to find yourself. They allow you to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. The USA is a vast country with unusual sensations. You can find it here if you want to go camping in the mountains or a wild environment. So get in your car and hit the open road!

6. Lesser-Known Places Are Amazing, too: Travelling is not about hitting the most popular destinations. It’s about immersing yourself in the authentic spirit of countries and people. The experience of being a tourist is not the same when you’re an explorer. So, it’s important to communicate with someone who has lived in the USA for a long time to help you spot the hidden gems around. The reality of your experience in America may be a bit different, especially if you decide to explore small towns to discover the countryside, local restaurants, and narrow lanes. You never know when or how you’ll have another opportunity to uncover these little-known hiding places.

7. Accessbitly: the USA is easy to travel to with tons of flights from any place in the world, and transportation across the country is accessible and affordable. You can find a flight from almost anywhere in the USA, making it a fantastic destination for both domestic and international travellers. And once you’re here, getting around is a breeze. Whether moving around by car, bus, or train, the USA has a well-developed transportation system that can get you where you need to go. So whether you’re looking for an adventure-filled vacation or a relaxing getaway, the USA is a great option.

We’re sure these reasons have made their jobs ideally to convince you that the USA is worth exploring. And now, let’s jump to the most critical part of your journey around this breathtaking country.

USA Travel Statistics
USA Travel Statistics: Important Info & Tips Before You Go 2

The USA in Numbers — USA Travel Statistics 

The USA is one of the world’s most visited and popular destinations, with millions of tourists heading there every year because they are willing to experience everything that this corner of the world has to offer. Let’s see some USA travel statistics that will help you a lot plan your vacation.

  • In 2018, a record-breaking 80 million international tourists visited the USA. This figure represented a 3.5% increase from 2015, the highest number in decades, cementing the USA’s position as the world’s most popular destination for international travel. Source: (The United States is a magical place just waiting to be discovered by anyone who has wanderlust. Join this 80 million!)
  • In 2019, the total international visits were calculated at 79 million (including overnight visits from Canada and Mexico), representing a 0.7% decrease from 2018 and generating roughly $240 billion for the US economy. However, the domestic visits increased from the previous year, reaching 2.3 billion person-trips. Source: (The USA is such a popular and rich destination, including its prime attractions, welcoming attitude towards visitors, and excellent infrastructure. That is why Americans don’t travel overseas often and have many reasons to do so!)
  • In 2020, the total number of international arrivals dropped to 19.45 million. The actual output of goods and services sold directly to visitors, including domestic, decreased by 48% compared to a 1% increase in 2019. Source: Travel and Tourism Satellite Account. (Even though the COVID-19 pandemic was around, disrupting several industries, the number of visits was somewhat higher than in other countries)
  • In 2021, overseas travellers totalled around 1.7 million, spending $81.0 billion, which is still a small portion of 2019 output (34%). Source: Statista. (Travel industry fell particularly hard and fast during the pandemic, and most of these visits arrived for the sake of business. It was not the perfect time to have a blast)
  • In 2022, for the first time since the epidemic began, the number of people arriving in the USA hit a record high of 4,330,371. Source: Ceicdata (It’s a sensitive era! While the world has started to understand the new travel climate, which is not entirely stable, there is another inflation crisis. Anyway, don’t let anything affect your travel plans)
  • Many companies plan to spend more on in-person conferences and business travel in 2022. Source: Source: (If you’re hired at one of these companies, then good for you!) 
  • Before the pandemic, tourism generated $1.9 trillion in economic output producing 9.5 million American jobs. Source: US Department of Commerce. (There should be a much focus on the importance of tourism in any country’s economy, and the US is not exceptional. Based on a report generated by the World Travel and Tourism Council, tourism generated over $1.6 trillion in economic activity in 2018 alone. This spending supports more than one sector across a range of industries, including accommodation, transportation, retail, and food and beverage service.)
  • Between February and April 2020, 8.2 million people lost their tourism industry jobs because of the pandemic. Source: US Department of Commerce. (The good news is the last months witnessed employment recovery, and the unemployment rate declined by 3.5% in March 2022.)
  • The total tourism-related tourism generated $1.3 trillion in 2021, including direct and indirect tourism, up from $978.4 billion in 2020. Source: US Department of Commerce. (The tourism revenues become close to the pre-pandemic level)
  • Trips and vacations topped the list of service exports in 2019, with revenues estimated at $53.4 billion. Source: US Department of Commerce (This number declined in the following years, but the government had already planned to bring it back up.)
  • Affordability, safety, and flexibility are the three most important factors to consider whether Americans consider domestic or international travel. Source: Airbnb, Report on Travel & Living, 2021. (Actually, they have a clue! Before you go, you should check three matters as well. Wisely planning will save you years from pain)
  • 80% of US travellers come for leisure, especially in 2019 when tourism was at its peak. Domestic travel for leisure increased 1.9% in the same year, reaching 1.9 billion person-trips. Source: (It’s a good answer for why people travel to the US. They are striving for fun times, and if you’re looking for true exhilaration, list this country on your dream places)
  • More than half of the 80% segment represents Generation Z (60% – ages 18-25) and millennials (58% – ages 26-41) compared to Generation X and baby boomers (the higher age average, 42-76). Source: NerdWallet’s annual Travel Study. (When you start your low-key or high-end vacation, go now and don’t wait for the perfect moment to begin)
  • Generation X is most likely to spend more on fancy hotels, representing 18% compared to other ages. Source: Expedia. (There is nothing on the earth that can compare to relaxing at a 5-star resort with thrilling facilities while hugging your drink in a warm swimming pool and enjoying your dinner in a high-end setting. But if you can not afford it, simply don’t do it. You have a string of pleasures you can have a blast, not including expensive activities.)
  • Generation Z appreciates cheap travel more than anything, with 93% making deep searching to find the possible cheapest deals for flights and stays and even rental cars too. Source: Expedia. (That’s right! And also, 90% said they decide where they’d go based on social media trends)
  • Lower-income travellers spend more on lodging (43% of their budget) and less on flights (only 26%). Source: Deloitte. (When travelling, forget about both. Instead, spend more on adrenaline-inducing activities— nothing compares to this feeling when an exhilarating surge rushes through your veins!) 
  • 43% of Americans who had travel plans in 2021 say they had to cancel or postpone their dreams to explore another place in the world due to the possibility of exposure to COVID-19. Source: NerdWallet. (But 2022 would be a different story!)
  • 18-34 people are most likely to go overseas in 2022. Source: Expedia. (If you’re one of them. Here is my advice: travel is not only about fun. Travel is about the act of moving, which will teach you what nothing can do.)
  • Domestic travel for business witnessed a 1.1% increase from 2018, totalling 464 million person trips. Source: (Indeed, there are many reasons to find people flee to the USA; business is one of this list. The US comprises a number of the largest business hubs in the world, influencing the trade and commercial scene)
  • 62% of Americans feel more comfortable travelling to countries where there are COVID-19 precautions. Source: Travel Study. (in the world, we hear every day about new variants of coronavirus, you should take your measures to stay safe and sound)
  • 70% of Americans have plans to travel more in 2022. Source: Travel Study. (This confidence came because of the high level of precautions hotels settle to guarantee safety for all guests)
  • 75% of American travellers planned to travel to places they’d never visited before. Source: Expedia. (Only by stepping beyond one’s comfort zone can one begin to live 😉
  • State tourism funding surged 20%, exceeding the average of $22 million in FY 2021-22. These funds were pouring into 29 states. Source: (The travel industry is privileged by all official entities who are striving to arrive at the pre-pandemic level.)
  • International tourism generated $7.2 billion of revenue for the USA in 2019, supporting nearly 15.8 million jobs. Source: (The USA has something to offer everyone, whether they’re looking for big-city excitement or natural beauty. And this number makes sense compared to what things nestled everywhere across the country) 
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP) share from tourism output shrank by 3.4% in 2020 after a 2.3 increase in 2019. In general, the travel sector’s share of GPD share felt the effect of COVID-19 particularly hard in 2020, falling from 2.92% in 2019 to 1.71% in 2020. Source: The BEA Wire (Now, the USA’s tourism industry is thriving and plays a vital role in the country’s economy to offset these staggering numbers.)
  • The annual growth rate in 2020 dropped sharply by 48% from the year before. Source: Source: The BEA Wire (It applies to different tourism and travel industries, including food and beverages, accommodations, transportation, and passenger air sectors)
  • Travel spending recorded a new pandemic high of $101 billion in May, slightly hitting a $100 billion April level. Source: (You may spend your money on a wide range of things, including activities, excursions, and other tourist attractions. So, whether you’re planning your next journey or simply curious about where the world’s travellers go, the USA is sure to top your list.)
  • Premium economy ticket prices reduced in 2021, around 290% more expensive than economy after 430% more expensive before the pandemic. Source: Expedia. (Generally, booking flights are insane, and you need to be savvy to catch on to great deals!)
  • Ticket sales jumped in June 2022, recording $7.9 billion, an 87% increase from June 2021. Not to forget that the average US round-trip flight ticket was $605 during the same month, a 33% year-over-year increase from the year before. Source: Airlines Reporting Corp. (Imagine yourself on a plane to your dream destination! Yahoo, it’s not only a long-waiting adventure. It will give your heart a new way to heal and fuel your energy.)
  • Total passenger trips run by ARC in June 2022 amounted to 21.6 million, showing a 23% increase year-over-year from 17.5 million. Source: ARC (It’s a great hit after harsh times during the pandemic!)
  • Electronic miscellaneous document (EMD) sales made a 67 increase reaching $13,730,386, and EMD transactions totalled 233,258 in the first quarter of 2022. Source: AR (It sounds like people need to pamper themselves on the plane to forget about what the coronavirus did to us!)
  • 1 in 10 jobs in the United States is related to Tourism. Source: (It’s a massive opportunity for any country to invest more in tourism, precisely what the USA government does. Check the next point)
  • The federal government has adopted an ambitious five-year goal aiming to increase American jobs in the travel industry by spending $279 billion annually by 2027 to market all perspectives related to the tourism industry to welcome more than 90 million international visitors by 2027. Source: the US Department of Commerce. (As far as I know, only the United States is capable of doing what no other country is capable of. The USA literally CAN DO IT!)
  • Americans are willing to spend more on travel in 2022: according to the most recent statistics, 15% want to upgrade rooms or flights, 16% have plans to bucket-list destinations, and 32% will splurge more on things that level up enjoyment. Source: Expedia (To truly understand the concept of travelling, you don’t need to splurge. Instead, search for the authentic experience that lies behind)
  • The top reason for not travelling in 2021 was not feeling safe (64%), and others didn’t have enough budget (46%). However, there are different reasons like travel and entertainment restrictions and the lack of annual work leave. Source: travel agent central (Now new evidence proves that flying to distant places will make you more thoughtful, more open-minded and creative, according to the Guardian)  
  • 36 million people visited Florida in the first quarter of 2022
  •  Source: Visit Florida. (It has long been said that Florida is the world’s most incredible amusement park. At every level, that is absolutely true. All visitors to the United States will find Florida to be a paradise.)
  • Due to COVID-19, US air passenger volume dropped sharply in 2020 by more than 20%. But in 2021, the airlines carried 674 million passengers, 82.5% more than in 2020, but It was still 27.3% lower than it had been before the pandemic. Source: Deloitte. (secure your seat among all these millions. You deserve a treat trip after this rough time, right!)
  • 81% of the USA travellers (basically eight out of 8 of 10) think of new adventures, including a trip to a small town or remote area or hiking in 2022. Source: Expedia. (travel doesn’t only broaden the mind, it will expand your soul, making you more tolerant of the ups and downs of life)
  • Canada contributes significantly to the tourism market in the United States, with 20.7 million visits in 2019— followed by Mexico (18.1 million) and China (2.8 million). Source: (It makes sense, despite the enormous distance between nations. More visitors go to the neighbouring countries with more lenient visa requirements.) 
  • Flights during the Forth of July vacation in 2022 increased 115% from 2021, and London ranked the first destination for Americans who chose to travel oversea. Source: Tripit. (It was somewhat shocking because Americans prefer to stay in the United States rather than fly out of their beloved continent.)
  • Recent tourism and travel statistics showed that rising prices would affect Americans’ behaviour and spending during the following months, significantly rising transport costs, as 41% of Americans said that gas prices would alter their travel decisions. Source: (It will dramatically impact everyone’s road trips plans, not just Americans)
  • Roughly 47% of travellers said that persons who they are with and what they will do together are more important than where they will go and what they might see. Source: Airbnb, Report on Travel & Living, 2021. (That’s why a journey where you will enjoy family-friendly theme parks and activities can keep you entertained more than a stay at the most luxurious hotels in the world, at least for me)
  • Regarding the annual leaves, millennials seek more to get their 35 vacation days per year than other generations. Source: Condorferries. (I belong to this generation and want to emphasize that this is true.) 
  • 50% of American travellers said they would change their way of travelling since the pandemic outbreak. While 32% said they would travel to places with low-coronavirus risk, 28% said they would prefer to travel domestically. Source: NerdWallet’s annual Travel Study. (Travelling is not just about hitting the most popular tourist destination— you need to go beyond touristy attractions and start to explore the country like a local, and it would absolutely worth trying.)
  • A survey unveiled that more than half of Americans tend to spend $1,000 -$3,000 on their next travel, and less than 14% of the sample would pay $3,000 to $ 3,999 or $5,000-plus. Source: (Do you want to visit lots of places this summer? Then, build the best and cheapest itinerary. If you’re not sure how to do so, check how to visit the United States in the Budget section)
  • 180 million people attended sports events and matches in 2019, including Americans and non-Americans— generating $91.8 billion annually. Source: SportsSeta. (If you’ve never been to an NPA final, you’re in for a treat!) 
  • In 2018, sports entertainment travel contributed 8% of the total domestic tourism with more than 190 million trips, and they spent more than 3 nights in the event place. Source: SportsSeta. (If you’re searching for a new adventure for your kids at the same time as a safe activity, matches would be fitted in. Children get super ecstatic in sports festivals, particularly if you’ve convinced them before you support the team they are about to watch. And don’t worry, you will not be alone— 47% of sports travellers bring their children)
  • Nearly 37% of international travellers said they were interested in attending an NBA, NFL or MLB experience when visiting the USA in 2019, a 13% increase from 2018. Source: SportsSeta. (if you’re planning to do so, just make sure to have a ticket as early as possible to avoid paying a bit of the odds.
  • More than 4.7 million people in the United States will work remotely in 2022, which is expected to double. Source: Apollotechnical (It creates an abundant opportunity for Americans to travel more and work from anywhere. If you’re lucky enough to have a chance to take your laptop away and send your tasks from Spain or whatever, please do!) 
  • Travel and tourism prices increased during the first quarter of 2022 after showing a 4.8 decrease in 2020; for example, the domestic passenger airlines fell by 10%. However, airfares increased by 18.6% in the post-pandemic era. Source: the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. (Prices are expected to get higher during the upcoming months, so book your flight once you’ve decided where you want to go)
  • More than half of Americans (64%) are willing to travel during low seasons. Source: Airbnb, Report on Travel & Living, 2021. (When you visit every destination, make sure to go during low to medium seasons to be able to find the cheapest possible thing of everything and navigate around without too many crowds.)
  • Americans typically spend 3 to 4 days on their vacation. Source: the broke (That’s why most Americans prefer to travel within their country. There is not enough time to go beyond)
  • But the last statistic could be pretty relevant to years after the pandemic because, based on a study published on HT, Americans are looking to make two trips in 2022 as they are yarning for different experiences. Source: NerdWallet’s annual Travel Study. (For me, I need an island life experience where life runs at a slower pace after very hectic times) 
  • However, Alaska is the largest state in the USA, and it’s home to a wide array of ethnicities and cultures; the state is not among the top five most-visited places in North America (only 2,213,000 in 2019). Source: Alaska Travel Industry Association. (It makes more sense for many reasons— the most important two are the harsh climate and extremely high prices)
  • Americans prefer hotels more than any other accommodations (60%) than short-term rentals. Source: (Foruntaltly, there are many options for you in the USA. Hostels, hotels, rentals, and guest houses. All you need is to text your boss with, “if you need to reach me, please don’t. I am out on an extended vacation! Of course, kidding, let him know before your travel to avoid any harsh scenarios when you come back)
  • Accommodation reviews become even more important after COVID-19 for 40% of American travellers. Source: Expedia. (It should be for you too! Reviews will tell no one will do!)
  • However, there is such a significant change in American travellers after COVID-19. They chose to stay at rentals in 2021 (a 43% increase from the pre-pandemic), and three in four said they would keep using rental houses when they plan to travel shortly. Source: Deloitte. (That gives you a great chance to visit more cities on budget, especially if you’re a group of friends or family members.)
  • Visiting family is the first reason for travellers in 2022. Source: Airbnb’s Report. (Most Americans take advantage of travelling for family gatherings to visit more states and see many diverse attractions, from incredible national parks to jaw-dropping coastlines. So if you’re one of them, plan to do so.)
  • Americans dream of visiting the most popular cities: Miami, Las Vegas, and New York City. Source: Expedia. (Just imagine seeing one of these cities! They are just a dream for half population of the world who are aspiring to make it true. And why not? They are so exotic, energetic, and bustling— representing an authentic American dream!)
  • 70% of travel credit card holders are saving their points in 2022 because they don’t feel safe to travel amid some concerns of new variants of coronavirus. Source: NerdWallet. (But not to forget that 23% of them said they would use them for more luxurious trips! Brilliant plan!)
  • The demand for hotels in the USA showed high demand during the first quarter of 2022, just 2% below the 2019 level. Source: STR. (Howdy, people, it’s now or never if you’re planning to America for possible low prices!)
  • Most American travellers prefer city-centric trips as some major cities like Las Vegas (+40%), Paris (+30%)and Melbourne (+90%) have gained more search volume. Source: Expedia. (Big cities always span the attention of travellers worldwide. So, it’d be better if you’re planning to go beyond famous sites to keep you away from crowds and touristic traps)
  • Most Americans prefer to travel domestically; the best airlines are Delta, Southwest, and United. Source: Expedia. (However, road trips are exciting where you can enjoy the view of beautiful beaches, historical sites, and gulf coasts. All from your car seat)
  • Almost Americans prefer to book their trips 1-3 months in advance, but only 11% are savvy enough to book them 6 months in advance. Source: Expedia. (More exciting facts! Okay, women are super planners than men. So while women book their trips 3-6 months before their departure date, men book 2-4 weeks ahead! No offence, but we’re the leaders, guys!)
  • International travel and tourism output are expected to reach pre-pandemic levels in 2022, generating approximately $2 trillion for the US economy. Source: World Travel and Tourism Council. (Indeed, numbers from the first quarter of 2022 were promising!)
  • 32% of Americans opt to go to countries where the majority of the population has been vaccinated. Source: Airbnb. (In the world of insecurities, Always check the news before booking your next destination to be sure that it’s safe to travel)
USA Travel Statistics
USA Travel Statistics: Important Info & Tips Before You Go 3

Top Most Visited States

  • California

With a population of almost 38 million, it’s the most densely populated state in the country – a multi-cultural place that embraces people from each corner of the world.

Ranked high among other US states, California welcomed 213.5 million visitors in 2022, a 52% increase from 2021. This number is expected to hit 261.7 million visitors at the end of the year, based on a report published by

Also, California is the most populous and wealthy state in the US. It has the highest gross domestic product (GDP) of any American state by a significant margin, with $2.7 trillion in output. The California economy is so large that it could be considered an economy on its own, ranking as one of the top ten economies in the world and providing more than 5% of all American jobs.

Visitors come from around the country and all over the world to experience what makes California so special: from its warm weather year-round to its varied landscapes and vibrant culture that celebrates diversity at every turn. It’s a lifetime experience that will keep you amazed for days on end.

And only in this state can you experience a bunch of different activities, like coastal drives, the likes of a forest of the world’s tallest trees, enjoyable shows starring killer whales, and more.  

There are many different types of beaches in California, from sandy white beaches to rocky coastlines, surf spots to secluded getaways, and coastal cliffs to hidden coves. And let us not forget a myriad of lakes that offers year-round exhilarating. 

For example, Miami Beaches are great places for families to relax and enjoy the sun. They also offer various opportunities for water sports such as swimming, surfing and kayaking/canoeing with your friends.

And even deserts! What we love about this state is that you can find green spaces coming closer to yellow lands creating a magnificent scene. 

And there you have it— another way to have fun by exploring magical theme national parks in the states to have breathtaking scenery wherever you go. That’s how you can the whole experience of California, and you do this right. 

Top Attractions

  • San Diego
USA Travel Statistics
USA Travel Statistics: Important Info & Tips Before You Go 4

The city received more than 4 million visitors in the first quarter of 2022, representing a favourable increase compared to the same period in 2020 and 2021. However, in 2019, 35.1 million people visited the city to enjoy its stunning offerings.

San Diego is known for its pleasant sunny weather, beaches and surf culture. But there’s so much more to this Southern California city than meets the eye. There is an abundance of fun things to do in San Diego, from art museums to historical sites.

Also, It’s blessed with a number of gorgeous beaches and the best coastlines on earth with the best luxurious waterfront hotels.

The city has disturbing ways in which it can help you explore new adventures. For example, Balboa Park is a city’s cultural hub with more than 1,200 acres dedicated to art, science and history.

The park has more than 150 museums, gardens and other attractions. You can spend a day or a week exploring Balboa Park and never run out of things to see and do! If you’re travelling with your kids, be sure to take them to the nearby San Diego Zoo or SeaWorld San Diego, both of which are situated just within the park.

And if you tend to spend more days in this spot, make sure to check out the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

You will love seeing more than 2,000 animals representing 400 species worldwide — including lions, tigers and giraffes! The park also offers safari rides through its animal habitats where guests can get up-close and personal with some of their favourite creatures (just ensure your kids are tall enough for these rides).

In fact, this trip would be a great treat, yet an antidote to fix us unhelpfully and unhappily to a version of ourselves we’re eager to have. 

  • Disneyland 
USA Travel Statistics
USA Travel Statistics: Important Info & Tips Before You Go 5

Though we love staying in our homes, enjoying family times and thinking about exploring nearby attractions, which can be an anchor of identity, a journey to Disneyland is irresistible. 

Regardless of the coronavirus situation, Disneyland received 27,000 visitors a day on average, according to Eastbaytimes. However, there are high seasons when the theme park becomes super packed, and you no longer wish to stay here more, and you can not enjoy watching any shows because of heads. 

There’s something about Disneyland in California that just makes everyone fall in love with it. Maybe it’s the magical atmosphere or the fact that there’s something tailored for everyone to enjoy. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that Disneyland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA.

If you plan to head to Disneyland, you can do a few things to ensure you have a great time. First, be sure to buy your tickets ($104 for adults) in advance so you don’t have to wait in line.

Second, take advantage of the FastPass system to skip the lines for the most popular rides.

Third, come here early so you can beat the crowds and enjoy some of the quieter attractions. And finally, be sure to check out some of the less well-known parts of the park – you might be amazed at what you find!

This tour will help you conjure your inner child, and I know everyone who has been there will side with me. Everything is settled to offer you a relaxing yet cheerful experience. 

  • The Golden Gate Bridge
USA Travel Statistics
USA Travel Statistics: Important Info & Tips Before You Go 6

There’s no shortage of things to do when you’re in California, but one of the best attractions to visit is the Golden Gate Bridge.

According to NPS, this hotspot attraction in California only received 17.2 million visitors in 2019. It’s one of how to feel adventurous in California but on a budget because it’s totally free.  

This world-famous bridge spans the San Francisco Bay, connecting the city of San Francisco with Marin County. So whether you’re looking to take in the stunning views, go for a walk or bike ride, or just enjoy some time outdoors, the Golden Gate Bridge is a great place to spend a day.

And, if you’re adrenaline junkies, you can even walk or drive across the bridge to get a truly unique perspective of this American icon. 

It’s one of the top tourist destinations here, both for Americans and international travellers, because where they can admire the sunset and snap away marvellous photos.

From a very vintage point of view, you can watch many man-made attractions, world-famous landscapes, and natural playgrounds from your spot.

It’s no wonder you have to come directly to the Golden Gate Bridge, which attracts millions of people worldwide. So, next time you’re in the USA, be sure to start your trip from here to take in all this sensory feast where you can stroll up and down. 

  • Yosemite National Park
USA Travel Statistics
USA Travel Statistics: Important Info & Tips Before You Go 7

Like other states on the West Coast, California will give you access to several high-end parks, and this one is our favourite.

The total visits to Yosemite National Park exceeded 3.29 million and 4.59 million in 2019, according to Statista.

Yosemite National Park is one of the top-notch and most popular tourist destinations in the USA. The park is situated in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains and is home to some of the country’s most iconic landmarks, including Half Dome and Yosemite Falls. It’s an amusement and intriguing park with long, long hiking routes to explore this city’s wild side.  

Visitors can enjoy many satisfying activities in the park, from hiking and climbing to camping and fishing. In addition, numerous educational programs are available, which allow visitors to learn about the park’s unique history and ecology.

Whether you’re crazy about hiking or simply want to appreciate the beauty of nature, Yosemite National Park is sure to provide a memorable experience and fun.

So, if you intend to come to the United States shortly, message your boss now and ask him to let you go next week to visit this vibrant park brimming with natural wonders like nowhere else on the planet, making California a tempting land of possibilities for travel  

  • Redwood National Park

Roughly 700,000 people visit the park annually, based on results unveiled by NPS.

Redwood National Park is a well-renowned National Park located in the California Coast Ranges. Not more just than tracking through tall trees, Redwood is considered part of the Northern California coastal forests ecoregion. The park was established in 1968 and contains an assemblage of plant communities, including old-growth forests, freshwater marsh and sand dunes.

Also, it encompasses an area of 761,063 acres (1,177 sq mi; 3,211 km2) and contains 29% of all remaining coast redwood old-growth forests, totalling at least 38,000 acres (150 km2). Approximately half of the old-grown redwoods in existence today are found within Redwood National Park.

In 1983, UNESCO named the area a Biosphere Reserve. In 1998, it was included in the Pacific Coast Ranges International Biosphere Reserve, which protects the region’s natural beauty.

The park has two main ecosystems: temperate rainforest and northern coastal scrub. Other plants include manzanita, Douglas fir; tanoak; fir; California bay laurel; bigleaf maple; lupine; mock orange; many species of ferns, including sword ferns (Nephrolepis exaltata), and hart’s tongue ferns. 

The redwood forest is a temperate rainforest that has existed for at least 10 million years. The trees can live for up to 2,000 years and grow over 300 feet tall!

Get out of your house today and plan to visit this terrific natural space because it will expand your horizons on how to see the world. 

Top Hotels

The hotels in California offer really good opportunities to have some rest. There are so many vacation locations to choose from, and it’s not difficult to find a hotel that will satisfy your needs. Some of these hotels are close to the city core so you can get there faster. You don’t need to wander around the city to find an ideal place for a pleasant stay. 

Here is our list:

For Families:

  • Beach House Hotel Half Moon Bay (£260)
  • SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel (£240)

For Couples:

  • Fairmont Grand Del Mar (£813)
  • Bahia Resort Hotel (£271)

For Solo Travellers:

  • Kings Inn Anaheim (£123)
  • SFO Crashpad (£59)


USA Travel Statistics
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Want to enjoy summer vibes and breath the sunlight while sipping your tropical drink without going to so distant Latin countries? Fret not! Let us introduce you to Florida.

Florida. Sunshine State. It’s the best!

Yes, there is no question! It’s where you can enjoy the sunshine year-round, treat your eyes with natural beauty, and have a glimpse of a distinctive culture.    

Until this blog was written, Florida welcomed 36 million visitors in 2022, presenting a 14% increase from 2021, according to VISIT FLORIDA— which surpasses the pre-pandemic level, 30 million in 2019 (WOW!). And of course, there is a really good reason. 

Florida is a great place to visit. It has many attractions, such as museums, sandy beaches, and so much more. So whether you’re travelling with friends or family, you’ll be able to have a great time. 

It’s made up of many islands in the southeastern portion of America, creating this masterpiece packed with many relaxed resorts. This favourite destination for tourists and locals alike boasts its rich history in theme parks, and winters here are entirely warm days.

Undoubtedly, it’s a beautiful state filled with amazing sights and varied landscapes. For your next vacation, you need to explore it! 

So, even if you have already thought about your next destination, this place is a must which will make your time worthwhile. 

Florida also comprises some of the top free attractions in the United States, such as Florida Beaches, the National Naval Aviation Museum, and the Museum of Florida History.

Ready to burn through too many days in this fantastic spot? Let’s see other stunning sights to visit in Florida.   

Top Attractions

  • Walt Disney World

This place will anaesthetist you from going anywhere else. It’s a dream come true for all, including me, around this world who have grown up watching their beloved Disney characters. 

In 2018, 20 million visited this impressive theme park, declining sharply in 2019, reaching only 10 million, according to Statista. 

For many, a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s the most popular tourist destination on earth— a perfect destination for those searching for a fairytale experience.

The parks are amazing, the hotels are luxurious, and the price is right. But what’s it likes to visit Walt Disney World? What should you expect when visiting for the first time?

Here’s what to expect:

You’ll be amazed by how many people are here: It can be super crowded, so while there are plenty of places where crowds don’t seem to exist (such as Epcot), you’ll see plenty of other people around too. This info is especially true during high seasons such as Christmas or summertime when kids are out of school and families want to spend a warm vacation to make unforgettable memories.

You’ll feel like a kid again: You will be amazed at how much fun you have! There’s something new to do all day long, so even if you’re not into rides or characters, there’s still plenty for you to do here. And if you’re travelling with kids, they’ll never stop smiling! So it’s certainly not a dull place like some people think.

It’s expensive: Walt Disney World isn’t cheap. If you want to stay on-site at one of their hotels or eat at any restaurants besides counter service locations, don’t do that. A $109 ticket is not cheap— but trust me, you will get what you pay for.

  • Everglades National Park

Families flock to this surprising park to thrill the kids and themselves and visit waterfalls, quaint ponds, and refreshing rivers to level up your excitement. 

At least one million people visit this breathtaking park every year, based on a report released by the park itself.

Everglades National Park is a unique national park in Florida that is a must-see for nature lovers. The park has an ecosystem that beats any other in the world and is home to one of North America’s most extensive mangrove forests. As such, it’s also a great place to see some wildlife.

If you’re visiting Florida, Everglades National Park should be on your list of places to visit. It has a world of goodness ranging from the simply stunning landscape; there are hiking, fishing, and even snorkelling options. Here are some reasons why everyone loves Everglades National Park:

It’s home to many different species of animals: There are more than 300 species of birds at Everglades National Park alone. That means that many people come here to look for birdwatching opportunities or just enjoy the natural beauty of these creatures. Alligators, bears, and raccoons are some of the other wildlife creatures that may be found here.

There are plenty of things for exploring: You don’t need to be an experienced hiker to enjoy this park. Beginners and experienced alike will find a path to suit their skill level. Try paddling through Shark Valley or riding a bike on the Tamiami Trail if you’re searching for something more demanding or adventurous. Actually, everything is even more fascinating!

One of the most intricately unusual ecosystems in the world is Everglades National Park: In all, it covers more than 1.5 million acres of land and water, making it one of the most extensive wetlands in North America. This vast ecosystem hosts an incredible variety of plants and animals, many of which are endemic (only found) here or nowhere else on earth!

There is no wonder to see many visitors around Florida and surrounding states or even countries often escape the heat and come to this spot to enjoy the cooling breezes and head to brilliant extensive landscapes.

Additionally, keep in mind that there are tons of different packages to buy your entry ticket based on how many times you’d like to visit the park. So select the cheapest possible way and book it in advance. 

  • Universal Studios Orlando

Tell your children that you’d take them to Universal Studios Orlando, and they will be on cloud nine within a second or two, shouting out and laughing. You will be the trip MVP for them.

According to Statista, Universal Studios Orlando received 10 million visits in 2019, and during the pandemic, the number dropped significantly. Still, the park regained its position a year later, and many people have already listed it to visit this year.

However, it would help if you had a good plan to get the whole experience. So here is some information you need to know.

Brimming with many adventurous thrills, Universal Studios Orlando is one of Florida’s most popular theme parks among tourists worldwide. It has been around for over three decades and has never lost its charm. 

You will be overloaded with many of the things that make Universal Studios Orlando a must-visit destination. The park is home to many favourite movies and TV shows where you can meet your favourite characters from movies, cartoons, and comics.

You can share the experience of very long rides, which will be filled with thrilling and fun. Also, there are plenty of dining venues where you can have a meal or snack before or after your visit to the theme park.

But before you go, don’t forget to head to these hotspots inside the theme park:

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This outlandish area features the Hogwarts Express train ride and Diagon Alley shops. But, the magic doesn’t stop there – you can also walk through Hogsmeade Village, explore Gringotts bank, drink Butterbeer and much more.

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

The Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride is a rollercoaster within Gru’s laboratory in the film series. Before boarding the ride, you’ll have an opportunity to mingle with Gru and the rest of the Minions.

The Simpsons Ride/Krustyland

Another must-see attraction at Universal Studios Orlando is The Simpsons Ride, where you can go on an animated adventure with Homer Simpson and his family! Krustyland is another area you should visit, which features a lot of themed rides and shops based around The Simpsons TV show.

  • Kennedy Space Center

Let’s celebrate and bring your travel buddy to explore this iconic place— not just for Americans; it’s for humanity. It’s a must for everyone who wants to have a taste of the space world.

On average of 1.7 million visits, according to Florida Today, this place has everything to make your trip surprising. 

Yes, it’s true— the Kennedy Space Center in Florida is a unique and exciting place to visit. The visitor centre has many exhibits, an IMAX theatre, and various interactive displays and shows. In addition, several different types of entertainment are also offered, such as bus tours, guided walks and rides on the tram.

There is a lot to do and see in the complex. You can take a tour of the facility on the tram or bus, view some shows at the visitor centre or watch an exciting movie about the space or a documentary. You can also see some live demonstrations by NASA astronauts and learn about their missions.

Visit the launch facilities at Cape Canaveral, where rockets were launched into space 50 years ago if you have no time but just one thing to try. It will be a great introduction to know more about the stories behind the scene. You’ll find several rockets on display here, including Apollo 11, which Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin used when they became the first humans to walk on the moon in 1969.

And don’t forget to snap away everywhere to record this unequal tour which is nothing quite like everything else. 

  • Busch Gardens Tampa

It’s one of the must-see attractions in Florida, home to various exotic species. The amusement of safari tours has never worn off over decades. People always are excited to explore to get closer to wildlife. 

According to Theme Index Musume Report, more than 1 million come to this magnificent large park yearly (1,288,000 in 2020 while the pandemic was at its peak, so imagine how many people usually come here!). 

Busch Gardens is a popular family-friendly amusement park in Tampa, Florida, USA. It opened on March 31, 1959, as Busch Gardens: The Old Country and was developed by Anheuser-Busch (A-B) to promote their products. Over the years, it has been owned by the company and its subsidiaries; it was sold in 1994 to Premier Parks Inc., which eventually became part of Blackstone Group LP. Starting in 2005, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment has managed the park under contract with Blackstone.

Busch Gardens features 11 roller coasters and a variety of other rides and attractions, including shows, restaurants and animal exhibits. The park has over 1,300 animals, including tigers, orangutans and giraffes, at their Busch Gardens Tampa location alone.

To make the most of your brief stay, here are a few recommendations on how to maximize your experience:

1) Be sure to buy tickets online before you arrive — they generally sell out quickly!

2) Make sure you take a photo at Sesame Street Safari of Fun to show off how cute your child looks when smiling at Elmo or Grover!

3) If you have older kids over 48 inches tall, they’ll love riding Alpengeist: Coaster Thrill Ride (the fastest roller coaster in Florida). And if they’re over 54 inches tall, they can ride Cheetah Hunt: Hyper Coaster Thrill Ride. It’s appealing in a scary way. 

Top Hotels

You’re ready to take a dip into one of the stunning beaches or infinity pools in the world. Stay for a couple of nights here in Florida at one of its high-end hotels spanning multiple meters or even just a fine one. The most important thing is to swim your heart out in this majestic state traversing its epic attractions. As it’s your lucky day, you can choose alternatives that meet your budget. Check and compare and do not forget to book as soon as possible to get the lowest price.

Here is our list:

For Families:

  • Mondrian South Beach Hotel (£180)
  • The Goodtime Hotel (£99)

For Couples:

  • 1 Hotel South Beach (£460)
  • Havana Cabana at Key West (£201)

For Solo Travellers:

  • Maingate Lakeside Resort (£31)
  • Miami Cheapest Hostel (£41)


USA Travel Statistics
USA Travel Statistics: Important Info & Tips Before You Go 9

Nevada is a place you have to visit. It is one of the top most visited places all over the world. And no, Nevada is not just Las Vegas— if you have done profound research about places to visit in Nevada, you will be astonished. But, unfortunately, most visitors overlook its unique offerings in favour of Vegas’s buzzing and bustling furore (or shall I say a Sin City?)

Even having an accurate number of how many visits to Nevada is a challenge. All statistics focus on Las Vegas, which is not good at all. Nevada as a state deserves more attention. 

Speaking of many visits to Vegas, roughly 42 million came here in 2019 and about 32 million in 2021. Until the first quarter of 2022, the total number of visitors hit 3.3 million, based on a report produced by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

Yes, Las Vegas is the most popular tourist destination in the Silver State, and it’s easy to see why. It offers something that might surpass your wild dreams with its bright lights, casinos, and entertainment. So if you’re searching for a theme park, a thrill ride, a performance, or a delicious dinner, Vegas has it all. Wherever you go, you can find a rewarding treat in the corners.

But there are other places worth visiting in Nevada besides Las Vegas. In fact, many places in Nevada are just as interesting and exciting as Las Vegas.

For example, Lake Tahoe is the second-deepest lake in the United States and one of the most beautiful places in Nevada. Nearly 80 miles from Reno, this lake is a superb place for water sports like boating, swimming and hiking. In addition, it’s located on the California-Nevada border.

After that, you can head to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Located just outside Las Vegas on Highway 159 near Summerlin Parkway South, Red Rock Canyon is one of Nevada’s best-kept secrets — especially if you’re travelling with kids! Several trails throughout this scenic area allow visitors to explore nature at its best while taking in views that rival those found elsewhere on earth. And don’t miss out on sunset to jump up to the highest point. 

Pretty cool, right?

No, hold on!

There are so many things more than these two places.

Before visiting Nevada, we suggest researching activities you’d like to do while there. But, no, wait— don’t look any further! We have made this for you and compiled our favourite picks.

Top Attractions

  • Las Vegas

Okay, Las Vegas is so famous that it doesn’t need our explanation on why you should visit it during your tour around the US. I bet you’ve already written it down on your bucket list. But a list of top attractions in Nevada can not be done without highlighting this flashy, energetic, and stimulating city.

Of course, the 42 million who visited the city in 2019 have their reasons, which are obvious. 

The city that never sleeps is a bright spot to watch people going about their everyday business. There are so many options you’ll never run out of things to taste and explore in Las Vegas.

Here are some suggestions on how to enjoy your time there:

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, consider staying at one of the hotels on The Strip. You don’t want to leave behind any action as here is where it all takes place! If you pick one of these hotels, you’ll have easy access to all the attractions and entertainment venues that make up this amazing city.

Also, visit many attractions around like Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Eiffel Tower Experience and more to visit while you’re there.

Then, take a ride on an aeroplane simulator or helicopter ride over Las Vegas Strip. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even ride the roller coaster at New York Hotel & Casino’s Roller Coaster (featured on MTV’s “Total Request Live”).

Still, need some excitement?

Well, go bowling at Lucky Strike Lanes inside The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace or Paris Casino Bowling Center inside Paris Casino & Hotel. You can also check out plenty of exciting activities like mini golf, rock climbing walls and bumper cars at Circus Circus Family Fun Center, located inside Circus Circus Hotel & Casino. It’s a whole microcosm of delights. The glitter and glitz of Nevada’s amazing biggest city can not be overcrowded. 

Fortunately, some hotels offer free shuttle service from McCarran International Airport (LAS) to their properties or nearby areas. This service can be a terrific way for you to save money on transportation while in Las Vegas. Just be sure not to forget any valuables in your car while waiting for the shuttle bus because you will most likely not find them again!

You can also take advantage of public transportation in Las Vegas by using buses and trams. However, these options aren’t very convenient and tend not to go straightly to where people want them to go. A taxi ride may be a better option if there isn’t another way around town because they are relatively affordable.

  • Mt. Rose

One of the most attractive landscapes in this state, Mt. Rose is often renowned for hikers as it’s home to several natural wonders and other most stunning spots in the whole of the USA, offering many recreational activities, especially in winter.  

No clear figures reflect how many visitors head to Mt. Rose every year but expect to find it super crowded in the peak seasons, and it’s slightly expensive compared to other similar places.

Anyway, Mt. Rose is the highest point in Reno, Nevada, 7,916 feet above sea level. It’s about a three-hour drive from Las Vegas and a destination for people who like to hike, ski or snowboard.

The mountain is known for its beautiful views of Lake Tahoe and other surrounding mountains. Mt. Rose Ski Resort is one of the most popular ski resorts in Nevada, with over 900 acres of terrain and 11 lifts on five different runs.

If you’re looking for things to do near Lake Tahoe, West Shore Parkway is a great place to visit with hiking trails that lead up to Mt. Rose Meadows and into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Before descending the hillside roads into Reno or Sparks, stop at the Mt. Rose Summit Inn for a drink or a bite to savour at the Mt. Rose Summit Inn.

Also, The Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe ski resort is located on its slopes as well as other nearby ski resorts such as Diamond Peak and Northstar California. Both will keep you in the heart of Mt. Rose.

Indeed, the entire area is a jaw-dropping place filled with beautiful opportunities, scenic views, and incredible natural attractions you won’t want to miss.  

  • Black Rock Desert

While Nevada is a state filled with outdoor activities, small towns that let you know more about its culture and interesting tour drives, the desert here offers you a scenic view and a healing journey. From camping to hiking, about 75,000 people choose this place nestled between mighty mountains and long trails to hike to Artists Palette.

In case you don’t know before, the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada is home to the state’s biggest dry lake bed. It is a little town about 50 miles north of Gerlach in the Great Basin. The playa covers an area of more than 70 square miles (183 sq km) and is one of the few natural habitats for tufa towers which grow up to 2 feet (60 cm) per year.

The Black Rock Desert has been a recreational area since at least 1914, known as “Black Rock Playa.” In 1931, the Civilian Conservation Corps constructed a road that still serves as the main access point to the Black Rock Desert today. By 1949, it had become a popular location for campers and off-road vehicles because there were no rules or regulations governing its use.

In 1965 the Bureau of Land Management designated the Black Rock Desert as a tourist area. It issued permits requiring all visitors to obey certain rules while on site, including no littering, no open fire except within designated areas, strict laws about firearms, hunting, fishing and boating, and no vehicles without functioning brakes.

This place is romantic and complicated!

Most visitors come here to hike among its flat lands, visit the Fly Geyser, an iconic landmark with natural springs, watch the sunrise on Temple Crag, or even see the sunset at Pyramid Rock. And before they go, a visit to Emigrant Canyon and Cold Springs Ranch and an afternoon or evening at Gerlach Saloon. You will never be short of thrilling activities to do here. 

Side tip: Many local agencies run many day trips for this location. You can contact them to guarantee a free-hassle time. 

  • Hoover Dam

What if you can witness one of the iconic manufactured dams surrounded by unique landscapes? It’s an unmissable tour. Of course, it is! And that’s why more than 7 million tourists visit this spot a year, making it one of the most-visited dams in the world, according to NPS. 

But WHY?

Hoover Dam is an epic structure that was built to combat the Great Depression and provide jobs to thousands of Americans. It also provides power to millions of people living in the southwest United States. It’s also a great place to visit if you want to see something different from your everyday life.

Hoover Dam impounds Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States by volume (when it is full). About 30 miles (50 kilometres) southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada, the dam may be found in Boulder City, developed by renowned architect Gordon B. Kaufmann.

Hoover Dam’s generators provide power for public and private utilities in Nevada, Arizona, and California. It’s estimated that during peak times, Hoover Dam produces 4% of all electricity generated in the United States. 

One of the best times to see Hoover Dam is sunrise or sunset. This time will allow you to get beautiful pictures with the natural light and make it look like you’re on an exotic vacation instead of just visiting a tourist attraction.

If you want more information about Hoover Dam, several available tours can give insight into how this massive structure was built and what it does for the country today. In addition, it is common for these excursions to provide access to places of the dam that guests would otherwise be unable to reach on their own. So, some dollars to join them would be much better for your entire experience.

Most importantly, your better price is here — it’s FREE! You will pay nothing to enjoy this scenic view, plus have a guided tour. So why not?

Head to Hoover Dam, and you will absolutely find something to see or do!

  •   Gold Butte National Monument

Beep beep- we’re going to explore one of our favourites in Nevada, the Gold Butte National Monument. So, hi hiking connoisseurs, there is a big chance out there. You can visit this outstanding for nothing but the best adventurous trails around the world. 

And relax— a few people choose to check out this place. That means you will navigate around on your own without getting stuck in throngs. Instead, you’d discover this awe-inspiring natural landscape and discover yourself, too.

Indeed, the Gold Butte National Monument is a wonderful destination for daredevils, especially those who love camping and safari. The area is known for its beautiful open spaces and wildlife, but it also offers something else -the Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.

The stunning bridge is located on US Highway 93 in Clark County, Nevada, near the town of Bunkerville. The Bureau of Reclamation constructed the bridge as part of the Hoover Dam Bypass project, which was inaugurated in 2010.

Gold Butte is an ancient volcanic field with colourful hills and valleys full of minerals like copper and lead. It’s a little drive away from Las Vegas (70 miles north) on the Nevada-Arizona border. It has two main attractions: Gold Butte and Spruce Mountain, but once you get there, it’s worth it.

This area was once mined by Native Americans and then again later by miners who came looking for gold. Today the land is protected as a national monument so that future generations can enjoy it.

Spruce Mountain is another geological feature that offers excellent views of Nevada’s high desert landscape. This mountain was formed during the last ice age when glaciers pushed through this area thousands of years ago, leaving behind rocks and boulders that have been eroded by water over time into exciting shapes.

The Gold Butte Range, which consists of two mountain ranges separated by a valley, contains fossils dating back millions of years.

The Emigrant Pass and Stagecoach Road are remnants of early transportation routes through the area.

Top Hotels

Nevada is a great state for all types of travellers with a wide array of accommodations. Families will enjoy visiting many popular attractions and national parks, while couples can spend their days exploring the casinos and nightlife in Las Vegas. Reno is ideal for those travelling solo with its many museums and art galleries. No matter your interests or who you’ll be your traveller fellow, there is sure to be a place in Nevada that is perfect for you. Stay close to your favourites and have a look at our list of top hotels in Nevada. 

Here is our list:

For Families:

  • Trump International Hotel Las Vegas (£94)
  • Grand Sierra Resort and Casino (£65)

For Couples:

  • Bellagio Las Vegas (£185)
  • Atlantis Casino Resort Spa (£99)

For Solo Travellers:

  • Park MGM Las Vegas (£48)
  • Hostel Cat (£20)


USA Travel Statistics
USA Travel Statistics: Important Info & Tips Before You Go 10

Everyone has their own ideas of what Texas looks like. And everyone expects what a visit to the Lone Star State will be, being one of the most famous states in the USA.

 Some people visit it because it offers some of the best street food. Others want to enjoy summer at one of the top breathtaking beaches. 

But from my experience and other travel bloggers, this trip will be like nothing before with such beautiful sights that will leave you star-stuck.

According to Economic Development & Tourism, Texas receives an average of 220 million visitors annually, including inbound and outbound. In 2017, the tourism industry was worth $74.7 billion, according to Economic Development & Tourism.

With an immense size— the USA’s second large state, Texas is a truly unique state with something special to offer you. From the big city bustle of Houston and Dallas to the tranquil beauty of the Hill Country, it’s utterly spectacular. Of course, visiting Texas wouldn’t be complete without experiencing a ride on a genuine Texas longhorn to meander around its beauty, stop for a coffee break or try some of the state’s world-famous BBQ.  

Also, this state has always fascinated people with its beauty and history. No other USA state has held the same allure for so long. Many people have visited Texas at some point in their lives, which is a must when considering coming to North America. Beyond its natural beauty, Texas also offers an abundance of outdoor activities and natural resources to enjoy.

Texas was the primary source for much of the early expansion of the US. In 1823, when Stephen Austin brought 362 German immigrants to Texas, this influx helped launch a rapid growth in the state, eventually becoming a nationalized entity of the US.

Now, Texas has a variety of natural resources and outdoor fun activities to offer visitors. The climate ranges from semi-tropical in the southern region to semi-arid in the north. The state’s forests are primarily full of trees from 100–300 years old, especially red oak and black oak. In addition, there are over 200 volcanos in Texas; some are active, while others remain dormant or have past eruptions that alter soil composition or cause lava flows or tectonic uplifts, making up endless inspiring natural wonders. 

Although travellers can find beautiful scenery throughout America, it isn’t easy to top what is available in Texas without visiting this state at least once in one’s lifetime.

So why not come and experience all that Texas has to offer? You won’t regret it!

Top Attractions

  • Palo Duro Canyon

It’s said, “Everything is bigger in Texas!” 

And it’s undoubtedly true, mainly when you refer to this adventurous spot brimming with countless possibilities for enjoyment and relaxation. 

According to Canyon EDC, US travel statistics show that 400,000 annual visitors come to this land to explore its charm.

Palo Duro Canyon is a perfect introduction if you choose it to be your starting point to what you will witness in this great state.  

Once you enter the place, you’d like to run wild to explore each edge. 

This canyon is located in the Glass Mountains, an enchanting spot for locals and travellers. The canyon is also part of the Palo Duro Canyon National Park. Many Texans love to visit this canyon for nature’s beauty, historical significance, and outdoor activities. With crystal-clear water and lush vegetation, it’s easy to see why so many people love to go there.

Many hiking trails are offered everywhere to take you deeper into the canyon. You can also go white-water rafting or camping in this beautiful place. There are also art galleries you can visit about the area’s history and other traces of native Americans that offer a glimpse of how local tribes live. As you hike or cycle this canyon, you can look far and wide at its magnificence.

Here is a great place to enjoy fresh air, exercise, or even mediate. There are interpretive stations along the way that explain more about the area’s history and photos that bring it to life.

Whether you enjoy fishing or swimming, the tranquillity of this beautiful setting is perfect on a hot summer day. You may also book a wildlife trip to witness creatures like deer, pronghorn antelopes, and mule deer roaming free on their grounds with the assistance of experienced guides. There’s no surprise that you can do pretty much anything in this worthy spot.

If you want to learn more about Texas native plants and animals, there are many guided tours to enhance your experience. In addition, local guides will provide species information for over 60 different native plant species found in this canyon’s ecosystem.

And the best time to visit Palo Duro Canyon is to watch sunset or sunrise as it paints the sky in different colours every day of the year. All year round brings magnificent birdcalls; spring brings songbirds such as red-winged blackbirds and house sparrows, while summer brings warblers and other birds with colourful plumage.

As described by Texans who have visited Palo Duro Canyon, it’s easy to see why so many people love this park! It has plenty of nature for everyone at any time of year! However your trip may be spent there— whether hiking through nature’s beauty or relaxing at one of its parks — you will have a memorable time!

Add this place to your itinerary, and it will never let you down.

For you: Texas is often referred to as the Lone Star because of its Lone Star flag, symbolizing independence from Mexico in 1836 to be one of America’s biggest states.   

  • San Antonio’s River Walk

Since Texas is filled with contrasts, we invite you to visit this incredible attraction, San Antonio’s River Walk, where you can find a large range of things to do, see, and explore. Just keep your eyes pleeded not to miss anything. 

According to NCP, this pathway attracts roughly 11 million visitors each year who spend around $2.4 billion. 

Let’s see why.

This area of downtown San Antonio encompasses the San Antonio River, which serves as a waterway for boats and water taxis. The location also includes two dozen restaurants, bars and other attractions that line the walkway.

The River Walk also serves as a popular backdrop for pictures and videos shared on social media websites. In addition, many visitors enjoy walking along the river and soaking in beautiful outdoor spots. As a result, employment opportunities at the River Walk include bartenders, chefs and security guards who ensure visitors have a pleasant experience.

Hang out by one of the outdoor bars while enjoying local music or live performances from local venues and bands below you on the riverwalk flooring.

And fret not the entire area is entirely safe — security guards patrol can be found everywhere around the walkway to enforce rules regarding prohibited behaviour. For example, no camping is allowed on the walkway or within one mile.

Tourists can often see live alligators sunning themselves on or near their route. It’s best to stay away from gators and other wildlife while on the walkway to avoid disturbing them.

Some restaurants even feature DJ booths so visitors can enjoy dancing while eating at their favourite spots on the walkway. Alternatively, you could head to one of San Antonio’s many museums while enjoying your visit to view downtown. The site features San Antonio landmarks like The Alamo church. It’s a historic landmark you’d want to check out. 

Either way will help make your trip memorable!

Although any form of recreational activity can be enjoyed in this scenic spot, some people choose to do so via mountain biking or jogging along the riverwalk route when being here. 

Visitors also have access to various outdoor sports, including fishing at nearby fishing holes or playing basketball at one of several nearby basketball courts located along pedestrian bridges over highways leading to this attraction. 

Everything is placed to offer you an ideal setting on how to keep yourself amazed!

  • The Alamo

It’s a place that offers a wealth of glorious history and many things to see and is one of the most epic landmarks in the entire state.

Based on a report published by the Alamo website, the number of visitors is estimated at 2.5 million people who come here to enjoy their culturally and ethically diverse country. 

Raise your hand if you’re a history buff or interested in the American legacy. Then this place is for you.

Located at 300 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, Texas 78205, The Alamo is one of the most iconic landmarks in Texas. The Battle of the Alamo’s site is now a museum and a popular tourist destination. Located in downtown San Antonio, The Alamo is surrounded by other historic sites, making it a great place to visit for all ages. 

The Alamo is also home to the Shrine of Texas Liberty, honouring the Texans who fought and died during the battle. Inside the site, you can head to the museum, where there are many artefacts, weapons, and other vintage pictures dating back to the history of the place. 

The Alamo is a great place to learn about Texas history, so it’s great if you invest in a guided tour that will give you insights into what you’re seeing.

Also, the historic plaza outside the site is one of the best things to do in Texas, where shops and other points of interest are lined streets, and in high seasons, the entire area becomes overcrowded. 

The entry ticket will cost you roughly £32.

Side tip: Before going to the USA, be precise and choose how many nights you would like to stay in each state if you’re planning to visit more than one (which is what we highly recommend). Or you can specify a range and cover all must-see attractions in one place. 

  • Space Centre Houston

If you’ve gotten enough from the centric-city sense, coastal beaches, desert, and uphill hiking among mountains (Which I doubt!) It’s time to extend your possibilities and come to Space Center Houston. It’s one of the top destinations to visit in Texas. 

According to the official site of the space centre, more than 1 million people head to this inspiring place every year. 

Certainly, Space Centre Houston is a must-see for anyone visiting Texas. It’s one of the most highly-rated tourist attractions in the state, thanks to many activities and an abundance of things to do that keep visitors entertained.

The Space Centre Houston is a fascinating place where you can learn about the history of space discovery and see some of the most impressive artefacts from the Space Race. In addition, plenty of interactive exhibits and activities will inspire you to immerse in the mystery of space viscerally. And if you’re very lucky, you could even have the chance to talk to one or two astronauts! In short, here are some of the best things to do and locations you will not want to miss at Space Centre Houston:

Take a tour of NASA’s Johnson Space Center: This is where Mission Control is located, and you can tour some of the historic facilities where astronauts have trained for space missions.

Explore Space Shuttle Alley: Space Shuttle Alley is home to several retired Space Shuttles, including Enterprise, Discovery, and Endeavour. You can walk around these incredible machines and learn about their many missions.

-Visit the Astronaut Gallery: The Astronaut Gallery at Space Centre Houston houses the world’s largest collection of astronaut memorabilia. You can see items like space suits, tools, and other artefacts used by astronauts on their missions.

See a rocket launch: One of the best things about Space Centre Houston is that you can sometimes see rockets launching from nearby NASA facilities. Keep an eye on the schedule displayed on the website, and try to catch a launch while you’re there!

Also, it’s one of the best places to bring your kids, who will get super excited to watch these unprecedented spacecraft.

  • Big Bend National Park

Along with rough terrains in Texas, there’s always room for more pleasant nature where it would be a lavish haven from hot temperatures if you go there in summer. It’s known for camping, hiking and everything in between.

Actually, people realized the core of these recreational spaces after COVID-19 when they want to go out, have fun, or even share barbecue foods in the open air to avoid catching the infection. As a result, they appreciate more the power of nature.

And that’s what is reflected in numbers. According to NPS, the number of visitors to Big Bend Park increased in 2021, totalling 581,000 people, up from only 464,000 in 2019— when we knew nothing about the upcoming cruel virus. 

Located on the southwest edge of Texas, Big Bend National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Texas, home to a wide range of mountains to admire dramatic views everywhere you turn.

The park is known for its enchanting scenery and a wide variety of wildlife, so be ready to explore its stunning adventure with your boots.

Also, if you haven’t ever experienced camping, there is no great time to do so than this moment. You will get back with a new version of yourself that you’d like most. 

Big Bend National Park is also a great place to go for a scenic drive. The park has two main roads, the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive and the Chisos Basin Road, which offer dramatic views of the surrounding landscape. There are also several viewpoints along the way where you can stop to take in the scenery or catch any specific significant historical sites.

Big Bend National Park is a comfy corner to get away from city life’s commotion and see Texas’s natural splendour. There are many ways to describe this park, but we will go for: proud and spirited.

Just be ready to pay the vehicle entry ticket, around £24, and £20 for a motorcycle.

Top Hotels

Since Texas is a south-central state bordering some parts of Mexico and embracing many remarkable events related to United States History, we invite you to stay in distant towns.

Or spend one night in a small village trying authentic, delicious food and communicating with real Texasians. Fortunately, no matter your preference, there is a broad assortment of accommodations ranging from five-star hotels to affordable motels, luxury resorts and budget hostels that offer more than you might expect. It’s all up to you. Just define what experience you want to get out of your trip to this exotic land.

Decide if you’d like to stay in secluded cottages or sophisticated hotels or finish somewhere else!   

Here is our list:

For Families:

  • Country Inn & Cottages (£74)
  • Drury Inn & Suites Amarillo (£119)

For Couples:

  • La Copa Inn Beach Hotel (£104)
  • Holiday Inn Resort Galveston-on the Beach, an IHG Hotel (£169)

For Solo Travellers:

  • Wanderstay Houston Hostel (£38)
  • Route 66 Inn (£34)

New York

USA Travel Statistics
USA Travel Statistics: Important Info & Tips Before You Go 11

When travelling to the USA, never leave New York behind. You only need a little help to find the locations that fit your schedule, budget, and interests. 

With so many of us who are fond of travelling and eagerly waiting for the world to open up again, it’s no wonder this state is still on our bucket list. 

New York often welcomes roughly 6.6 million visits (that was in 2019, according to OSC).

But again, everything has been devastated by COVID-19. The number dropped to 22.3 million in 2021, the lowest in 10 years. 

There’s something about New York that just makes it unique. Maybe it’s the influence of the city. Perhaps the diversity of the people and cultures creates its allure, and that’s before you even come across many celebrities shooting a movie or who even reside in the area. 

Whatever it is, New York has a certain magic that makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Moreover, there is no better way to take in the New York magic than by staying there for a few days.

Everything from soaking in the sights of Times Square to enjoying a stroll through a different neighbourhood can be found in New York City.

New York is a truly unique place, and there’s no better way to experience it than by losing yourself among its eye-catching boroughs to take in some of its allure. 

Additionally, it’s one of the states just for night owls with so many nightclubs and places to check out all day. So it might be hard to know where you should start. 

So, if you’re ready to go, send this piece to your travel companion and plan your trip after exploring the top attractions to visit there. Read on!

Side tip: when booking your accommodation, don’t limit yourself to staying at the most popular hotels in major centres of the big cities. It will cost you a fortune. Plus, there will be no escape from fuss crawling to your room. So instead, search more and compare prices and investigate the location. 

Top Attractions

  • The Brooklyn Bridge

As you’re in one of the greatest cities in the world, or at least that’s what Hollywood movies tell us, you’ll find yourself going unconsciously to one of the most popular bridges on the planet, the Brooklyn Bridge. That’s why it’s one of our entire childhood favourite destinations.  

This place welcomes over 1 million visitors each year, based on a report published by Go!New York. They come here for different reasons. It could be their daily commutes to work or just to travel somewhere else. But many of them are showing up here to enjoy the scenic views over the beautiful city of Brooklyn.

You will ultimately be overwhelmed if it’s your first time ever in New York. But we invite you to make this bridge your stepping stone.


Well, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in New York City. The suspension bridge spans the East River, connecting the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The bridge is a popular tourist destination, offering stunning points to appreciate the beauty of the Manhattan skyline. It is also a familiar spot for photo opportunities, especially at night when thousands of lights illuminate the city.

Stroll down the bridge, rent a bike and breathe fresh air, or even go for a swim in the river (which we will not advise you that you’re not a very good swimmer).

Many local bars and restaurants are scattered around if you want to devour this beautiful combo with your eyes.

Anyone who visits New York City should not miss the Brooklyn Bridge.

Savvy travellers tip: stay in New York City for at least three days to check out all the worthy places, and it’d be much better if you depended on a local guide who would show you around the city. Indeed, it’s diverse and dynamic, packed with all the amazing things that any touristy town can offer you.

  • Central Park

New York is such a big state for even New Yorkers. They could live here for four lifetimes or maybe more and they can’t experience all the beautiful places. But without any doubt, all of them have visited Central Park many times. It’s one of the ways how to discover the American lifestyle. 

Just keep in mind that about 42 million people came to this public park in 2021, when the pandemic hit America badly, according to Statista, making it a major driver in the tourism industry in Manhattan. 

Well, it seems that Central Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New York City. And for many reasons – the park offers a much-needed respite from the buzzing city, and it’s a great place to take a walk, relax, and enjoy the scenery.

Spanning 693 acres with gardens, arches, slopes, bridges, and scruples, Central Park is a must. Every bend is tempting to pause for a moment to refuel your body with some snacks or appreciate how the simple beauty of nature can be transformed into something magical with the addition of just a little bit of work.

And the good news is that this tour will cost you nothing to check out this pristine beauty. 

Central Park also has a wide range of activities to keep visitors entertained, from horse-drawn carriage rides to boat rentals to stand-up paddleboarding and electric scooters, among other things.

In winter, you can head to Wollman Skating Rink and have a romantic dance moment conjuring up the pretty scene when John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale skated together in Serendipity movie.

There are many things to enjoy your time in Central Park, making it a must-visit destination for people-watch or even mediate in a lush open space. 

And don’t forget to capture a photo with one of the most renowned fountains in the USA inside the park, The Bethesda Fountain, when multiple film scenes were shot there, particularly Home Alone 2. 

  • Statue of Liberty

Like the Pyramids are a symbol of Egypt, Eiffel Tower is a symbol of France. The Statue of Liberty entails the identity of America. It’s one of the most remarkable statues in the world, where is a whirlwind of activity. 

Yes, you’d never have enough time to see all city’s offerings. But no one will believe you when telling them you’ve been in New York with a photo with the Statue of Liberty.

For me, this status is what makes New York City one of the most influential cities in the world. (Of course, it’s not the only reason!)

The Statue receives roughly 3.5 million annually, according to CNN. 

Standing proud, the Statue of Liberty is one of the most recognizable monuments in the world. Crowned Liberty Island in New York Harbor, it has welcomed millions of immigrants to the United States since its dedication in 1886. Today, the Statue of Liberty is one of the delightful destinations in the country, putting the city among the most visited places in the world 

Several factors have contributed to the current spike of interest in the Statue of Liberty:

  1. It is an iconic example of freedom and democracy.
  2. It offers stunning views of New York City and Ellis Island.
  3. There are several exhilarating activities to do there.

Visitors can take a tour of the Statue of Liberty Museum, climb to the top of the Statue for stunning views, or take a ferry ride around New York Harbor.

However, we always encourage you to build your own route when exploring new places; your itinerary around New York can not be completed without the Statue of Liberty. 

Whether you’re interested in history, architecture, or simply taking in some of the best views in New York City, the Statue of Liberty is worth visiting!

Also, you may meander through famous sites, glitzy at every turn from museums, shopping centres, and other classy restaurants to bring your coffee. Thankfully, many attractions are within walking distance of each other, offering you an opportunity to discover the hidden gems of the city. 

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

Searching for an indoor activity in New York? Then, there is no place better than top-notch museums equipped with powerful tech and inspiring antiques and artefacts.

According to the museum’s official site, there are 5.68 Million people who hit the Met every year who want to learn more about the history of humanity. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as the Met, is one of the world’s largest and most visited museums. Located in New York City, the Met houses over two million works of art spanning 5,000 years of history.

Visitors can find everything from Egyptian antiquities to modern American art, making it a truly diverse and fascinating place to explore. So whether you’re interested in history, art, or want to see some of the world’s most iconic paintings and sculptures, the Metropolitan Museum of Art will help you uncover the secrets of many civilizations in just one place. 

Consequently, every bend will need many hours to focus on all details and sense the grandeur of the old legacy. For example, Great Hall will take all day to absorb the layers of splined exhibited everywhere. So, plan to visit it for at least 3h. 

And when it comes to photography, be generous. Nothing burns memories into our hearts and minds like photos with beloved companions.

And one of the best experiences you could ever have in New York is to check out the rooftop terrace to enjoy the most scenic view of the city before the sunset.

The entry fee for the Metropolitan Museum of Art is £24, and you can release your ticket online in advance to beat long queues.  

Side tip: Before you go, make sure that you understand the layout of the museum to know the best route you should take to navigate all floors with ease.

  • Time Square

It’s a city inside a city, one of the most vibrant and incredible public squares in the United States, not actually in the world. All you might imagine or not have been placed right here. And it all depends on what excites you more. 

Partying in a typical American bar or self-indulgence in street food? Doing some window shopping? Free-walking tours? It’s a mecca for all inbound or outbound tourists.

But, please don’t expect anything except crowds! This place is one of the busiest pedestrian spots in the world as the number of daily pedestrians exceeds 360,000, based on the official site of Time Square. 

Located in the heart of Manhattan, Time square is famous for its vast, brilliantly attractive ads that adorned the building, creating an atmospheric experience like nothing.

That means that if you want to take advantage of the finest New York City has to offer, which will satisfy all the senses, Times Square is the spot for you. This world-famous intersection is home to towering skyscrapers, Broadway theatres, a plethora of shops and restaurants, and incredibly mouth-watering American street food.

Packed with endless options, you can find just about anything you’re looking for in Times Square, from souvenirs to fine dining. Plan to visit one of the exceptional museums or art galleries around, or simply take in the colourful sights and soothing sounds of this bustling neighbourhood. 

And when you’re out of energy to resume your walking tour, hop on a double-decker bus and explore the city the square from the roof.

And if you’re lucky enough to spend New Year’s Eve here, please do! It’s one of the most famous celebrations around the world when the clock ticks midnight, announcing a new year has just arrived. 

Additionally, it’s one of the free things to do in New York, making it great at all levels.

Even if you’ve lived in New York City your whole life, Times Square is a great place to end your sightseeing in the Big Apple.

Top Hotels

Everyone loves to stay in New York City, where they can find the most memorable experiences and thrill-seeking activities. But it’s not something that everyone can pay for it.

That’s why you should focus more on the accommodation alternatives here and how to stay comfortable and close to the popular attractions without breaking the bank.

Fortunately, New York offers many choices, from luxury properties overlooking Central Park to budget-friendly options in Brooklyn.

You can choose a chic boutique hotel in New York’s trendy SoHo neighbourhood. Or you can stay in stylish guest rooms and suites, each with its unique design. But what matters is to pick out a great location comprising award-winning restaurants serving international-inspired cuisine.

This list has everything you’re looking for, no matter your travel style or budget.

Here is our list:

For Families:

  • Stewart Hotel (£163)
  • Hotel Edison (£145)

For Couples:

  • Soho Grand Hotel (£279)
  • Arlo SoHo (£201)

For Solo Travellers:

  • Jazz on The Park Hostel (£93)
  • Chelsea International Hostel (£67)

*Please note we have compiled the best lodgings in New York City during the high season— if you want something less costly, don’t stay in the significant stay, and you can still have a good time.

When is the Best Time to Visit the USA?

Since the United States covers a whole continent, this question could be tricky. The best time to visit the US really depends on what you’re looking for and where you are going. For example, are you hoping to catch some waves in California? Then you’ll want to plan your trip for between September and November.

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, head to New England in December. And if you want to experience the USA’s famous Fourth of July celebrations, make your way to Washington DC or New York City in early July.

Of course, these are many other examples to enjoy yourself since the USA is a vast and diverse country, so there’s always something new to explore, no matter when you visit.

In general, people always prefer to travel during the summer to enjoy the sunlight and stay the whole day soaking their feet on sandy beaches. But if you want to meander through rough landscapes for hiking or pay a visit to amusement parks without burning from the high temperature, then winter is the best time to visit the USA.

Not to mention low season is perfect for budget travellers because they can take advantage of the lowest rates of accommodations (except the Christmas season, of course).

Otherwise, if you’re willing to go around different states at once, then between May and June is the best time to enjoy America.

How to Visit the USA on Budget?

When we stay in the same place for a long time, we become more reluctant to change because we see the familiar pictures and curtains subtly insist that travel is daunting, especially when we need to create plans. Our well-known rooms can discourage us from leaving them. At this moment, we have to plan to embark on our long-waiting journey to the USA, a land of myriad opportunities and a travellers paradise. 

  • The off-season is the perfect time for super savers to travel to the USA. (Read the previous section, “When is the Best Time to Visit the USA?”
  • Choose your destination carefully, and if you want to save money while visiting the United States, you need to avoid expensive cities like Los Anglos, where lodging and transportation are slightly costly compared to other cities with a similar level of excitement.
  • Spend more time in small towns and underrated places. Prices usually fall by half once you take off-beaten roads. 
  • Make the most of free activities and attractions like hiking and visiting museums and art galleries. With its endlessly varied landscape, fascinating history and diverse cultures, you can enjoy excellent free access to landmarks that will keep you close to locals. And then you’re on the right track because they will guide you to explore the USA like a native.
  • Buy a Federal Recreation pass which will save you a lot. This card will allow you access to almost all national parks, forests and other wild refugees for around $80 for you and the other 3 people, which is a great deal. You don’t want to miss it out. 
  • CityPASS is also a great option to book all attractions you’d visit in exchange for an excellent discount, at least 30%-40% from the standard booking methods.
  • Consider taking ride trips between cities filled with free attractions inside the same state.
  • Search well before booking your journey to find free live music festivals allowing you to attend a surreal atmospheric show without paying anything.
  • Travelling around the USA can be expensive, so avoid overspending on transportation. Instead, make a list of your favourite places and search for the best route to take. 
  • Use public transport and walk or cycle to explore cities and towns.
  • Set aside time to research transport alternatives and book tickets in advance to get the best deals.
  • Use a regional railway or transportation pass if you’re too willing to move around the USA. But don’t make it a standard rule. Always compare how much you’d spend on regular tickets vs pass cards. 
  • If you’re coming here for road trips, consider renting a car rather than depending on a travel agent or Uber. It’s cheaper and more comfortable, especially travelling with your kids. 
  • Consider inflation and high gas prices before making the previous step. Make a plan, weigh your options for other transportation, and go for the cheapest. 
  • Get yourself away from car rental services at the airport. It will cost you more than other companies. 
  • Try to go for a ride bike tour around the city to save transportation fees but make sure you’re in the perfect location to do so. 
  • Make use of grocery stores and cook your own meals where possible, especially if you stay here for more than one week.
  • Take advantage of the American gas station to pick up some food and drinks for the lowest prices, like bring your one milkshake from a machine out there.
  • If you want to save money, forget about your curiosity to try many cuisines along your trip. This tip is not absolutely for foodies, but you can make it by tailoring a solid plan to replace things with other things for the sake of enjoying what you really aspire to.  
  • Flights are costly, whether looking for one-way, return, or multi-city routes. There is no doubt about it, and you have to spend time to spot a much lower price for a ticket on websites and airlines to find out if something meets your budget.
  • Rely on some travel hacks and high-tech tools when booking your flight to the USA to guarantee the cheapest flights, like Google Flights and Airfarewatchdog.
  • Invest in Travel Credit Cards that will give you access to many offers, coupons, and earning points for miles you’ve taken to use it further.
  • Find the unique meta-search websites with a special tool to find cheap flights, accommodations or other services online. 
  • Take advantage of price alert features on many websites that will let you know all the cheapest flights, stays and other deals once available.
  • Don’t fly in and out of the same city unless you have already stayed there.
  • Buy a multi-city ticket to fly into one city and fly home from another town. The price is usually minimal and saves a whole day to get back to the first stop and save money on the useless flight.
  • If you don’t have a particular destination in the USA, simply choose your departure location and search for any American state as your destination and compare the better prices.
  • Consider travelling by bus between two close states if you’re searching for the cheapest way to transport, 
  • Rent a decent apartment instead of a hotel room, not just because it’d be better for big families. But also, you have an opportunity to cook your food and do your laundry. In addition, it will help you save a significant amount of money. 
  • If you’re only one or two people, you don’t need to rent an entire home. Rent a room at someone else’s apartment instead.
  • Hostels, camping, and other low-cost options should be on your list of possible accommodations.
  • Roadside hotels can provide you with what you need for around £50 per night. They are humble, including a bed, TV, bathroom, and if you’re lucky, you will find a desk. This budget lodging is an excellent option if you all need a place to sleep.
  • Hostels are not so common in the USA as in Europe and Asia. Instead, you can stay at YMCA, which will offer you the same experience, especially in New York, because lodging here is costly.
  • When booking your lodging, always say you need a room for one person rather than two. This trick works fine when your ultimate good is to save money in the USA, and then no one will actually know what’s going on inside. It’s okay to sleep anywhere in favour of making up more adventures.  
  • Give the intelligent system of Priceline and Hotwire a try. Both will provide you with the best way to find the cheapest accommodation around by making a bid. First, you will enter information about your next destination like the location, dates, the price you can afford, and the type of your desired hotel. Then the system scans the internet and contacts the accommodations that fit your requirements. Finally, if the bid gets accepted, you will receive a notification to complete your booking process: brilliant, easy, and a game-changer.
  • If you want to camp across the United States and save what you’ll pay for necessary equipment, then use KOA which will offer you a decent campground with other hiking pales.
  • Download apps that will help you save money while travelling; there are a bunch of them in all the services you’d need— like Skyscanner, Kayak, Booking, Airbnb, and so on.
  • Leaving your furry BFF could be the hardest part of travelling. But it’d be better. But, unfortunately, pets are not welcomed at almost all attractions and hotels in the USA, or you’d pay for them to keep close to you. And that would spoil your journey head over heels. 
  • For backpackers, solo travellers, or even a group of enthusiastic friends who want to try something new, volunteering in the USA is a brilliant idea to explore hidden corners of the country with no money. So many opportunities are available out there, like digging a well, saving a forest with other guys in exchange for free lodging or camping in the heart of nature. And you might get free food as well— just looking for a short-term volunteering program that works around your schedule.
  • Use social networking apps like Couchsurfing that will allow you to find couches, beds, and mattresses around you for free, which will be helpful if you rent a home and there are not enough beds for your friends or family. Also, the website can scan the nearby places, trying to find a free local guide who will give you free tours around the town.
  • If you are willing to visit as many as possible cities, pack only what you need to be able to travel across the country by bus or by train without getting exhausted from carrying your luggage. The thing here is to be smart and picky. You’re not coming to the USA to flaunt; you need to dig deeper and not miss any beautiful scenery.
  • Finally, want to get the deets on how this money-saving mindset works? Then, travelling is a time to change your habits. For example, you don’t need your daily Starbucks coffee while you’re here to enjoy a unique experience. Starbucks can be found anywhere else, costing you roughly £2.27 for the cup.

By following these handy tips, you can save money and enjoy an incredible experience travelling around the USA.

Quick Info About the US Tourism Visa

Almost all travellers from different countries need a visa to enter the United States. 

And, Yes, British citizens also need a tourist visa to visit the USA. The good news is that the requirements to obtain a visa are relatively straightforward. Indeed, it’s not an actual visa; it’s just ESTA. It’s very easy to get by applying online on

The first step is to fill out an online application form.

Next, you will need to submit the required documents, including a passport-style photograph and evidence of your travel plans.

After that, you need to choose the best time to get your entry pass based on your travel schedule and then pay the fees.

This procedure doesn’t include any embassy interview, as you will receive your ESTA online without so much hassle. Just check out your email frequently, and the confirmation email will send to you within the timeframe you choose.  

Please note that this electronic tourism visa is limited to countries under the Visa Waiver Program, which permits travellers to stay in the United States for 90 days without a visa. So, please check out the official site of the USA embassy in your country to know the exact steps to get your tourism visa.  

How to Travel Safe Around the USA 

Travelling to another country can be dangerous and difficult if you don’t know how to do it safely. So, to ensure the safety of your trip, consider these things before you go; planning and using your common sense. But, planning can be particularly overwhelming if you’re visiting the USA for the first time.

These standard travel guidelines for the United States can help you make the most of your vacation and keep you safe while you’re out and about. Here we go:

– Plan your route. The USA is a big country, so it’s essential to plan your route before you start travelling. Your roadmap will help you make sure you don’t get lost and end up in a remote or dangerous area.

– Be aware of your surroundings. The USA is generally a safe place to travel, but it’s always critical to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions when moving around unfamiliar areas.

– Stay hydrated and rested. USA’s climate can vary greatly depending on where you are in the country, so it’s important to stay hydrated and rested when travelling. That will help you avoid dehydration and exhaustion, which can be dangerous if you’re in a remote or difficult-to-reach area.

– Keep your belongings with you at all times. The USA is generally safe, but like any other country, there are areas where crime rates are higher. So always keep your valuables with you and out of sight when travelling. The last you need is to fall victim to theft.

FAQs About Traveling to the USA

  • Do I need a visa to visit the USA?

Yes, unless you are from a visa waiver country or are eligible for ESTA.

  • What are the requirements to enter the USA?

You will need a valid passport, contact details, and security information. The requirements for other nationalists vary according to where you live, but they often include an onward ticket and evidence of sufficient cash to cover your stay.

  • Can I use my cell phone in the USA?

Yes, but you may have to pay roaming charges if your service provider does not have a USA partner. Also, you can purchase a local SIM card when you arrive. Also, please check your phone provider to ensure your phone can work outside your hometown. 

  • How many days should I stay in the USA?

It depends on a lot of questions. You and only you should answer, like what is your budget? How many states are you willing to visit? What is the experience you need to gain? What are your bucket list locations in the USA? The USA will surprise you with its vastness, and we can’t give you an exact or optimal duration. But if you want to visit only one state, plan to stay for at least one week. Otherwise, 3-4 weeks would allow you to explore more. 

  • Should I tip in the USA?

Tipping is customary in the USA, especially in service industries such as restaurants and hotels. A typical tip is 15-20% of the bill.

  • What is sales tax in the USA?

Sales tax varies in each state but is typically around 5-9%.

  • What is the only advice you need to tell me before going to the USA? 

Plan. Plan. Plan. Be ready with your credit card. And visit at least one national park.

  • Are there any dangerous animals in the USA?

Of course, there are several dangerous animals in the USA, such as bears, alligators and snakes. However, these are usually only found in remote areas away from populated areas.

USA! USA! The USA! The land of freedom and the home of the brave. A country with so much to offer tourists and leisure seekers from around the world. But with such a vast and diverse country, it’s no wonder that people have many questions about visiting the USA for tourism and leisure.

We appreciate that you’ve made it this far and read this insider guide to US travel statistics and much insightful information. Pin this long post or save it on your bookmarks to make it easier to come back to get inspired before travelling to the United States, and always feel free to leave a comment if you’ve any questions. 

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