China Travel Statistics – 124 Million Decrease

Updated On: November 08, 2023

China Travel Statistics

Learn about the China Travel Statistics

China is the world’s most populated country with over 1.4 billion people. it’s created plenty of the foundations of the fashionable world. China is called the People’s Republic of China. it’s one altogether the foremost important country on the planet covering 9.6 million square kilometres. It borders 14 nations. The capital city is Beijing, and Shanghai is the town with the foremost people living there. 

Some other popular cities are Guangzhou, Chongqing and Hangzhou. style of the foremost places to figure move in China are the great Wall of China which is the longest enclosing the world, the Terracotta Army which represents the military that was the determiner in forming a united China, and thus the Forbidden City which might be a part of Chinese cultural and historical relics, and also the large panda which could be seen pack up.

The climate of China is extremely diverse from tropical regions within the south to subarctic regions within the north. China has two main rivers, the river yet because of the Yangtze. China has the Taklamakan Desert and also the desert. as well. The world’s highest point Mt. Everest is on the boundary between China and Nepal. 

The party of China governs China. the govt. is formed from the chief branch, the branch, the branch, and also the military branch. the primary organs of state power are the President and also the State Council and also the National People’s Congress. The Absolute power of the State is the President while the best of the presidency is the Premier. Xi Jinping has been the president of China since 2012. 

Standard Mandarin is the official language of China, which is often obsessive about Mandarin. Mandarin has been the only real language employed in education on the mainland since the 1950s. Mandarin could even be a tongue and having the four tones right when speaking is critical to be understood. Mandarin uses simplified characters accustomed to make literacy easy during the mid-1950s. Traditional characters are utilized in Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and lots of overseas Chinese. 

Many regions in China have their dialects which could be very different. China was one altogether the world’s earliest civilizations. The recorded history of Chinese civilization is traced to the river valley, which is imagined to be the cradle of Chinese civilization. The Xia Dynasty was the first one to be depicted in ancient historical chronicles. 

In 221 BC, China was unified by Qin Shi Huang, who was the first emperor of China. The two-thousand-year-old imperial system fell in 1911 when solon founded the Republic of China. In 1916, China was minified into anarchy, with various warlords ruling over different regions of China. 

The Chinese war from 1946 to 1949 led to the breakup of the country, with the communist leader Mao Founding the People’s Republic of China on the mainland while the losing side retreated to Taiwan. Since the introduction of economic reforms in 1978, China has been one altogether the world’s fastest-growing economies. 

China is the owner of pandas around the world. Any pandas in other countries are loaned from China. China has only a one-time zone, therefore in some places, the sun rises as late as 10 AM. it is the only real country within the globe where reproduction is restricted. Until 2015, Chinese couples were allowed to possess only 1 child, now they’re visiting to possess two.

International Tourism Statistics: Number of Departures

The number of departures represents the number of travels outside the country, not the number of people which means that if the same person travels 3 times, they are counted as 3 departures.  From 2018 to 2020, the numbers were fluctuating. In 2018, the number of departures observed was 149,720,000 departures. 2019 witnessed a slight increase at 154,631,000 departures. 2020 witnessed a dramatic decrease compared to the previous two years. The number of departures in 2020 was 20,334,000 departures. The highest number of departures observed was in 2019 while the lowest number of departures was in 2020.

International Tourism Statistics: Number of Arrivals

The number of Arrivals represents the number of travels to the country, not the number of people which means that if the same tourist travels 3 times to the same country, they are counted as 3 arrivals. The number of arrivals in 2018 was 158,606,000 arrivals. 2019 witnessed a slight increase at 162,538,000 arrivals. While 2020 witnessed a dramatic decrease. The number of arrivals observed in 2020 was 30,402,000 arrivals. The highest number of arrivals was in 2019 while the lowest number of arrivals was in 2020. 

Top Places to Visit in China

China is one of the most captivating travel destinations in the world, from the ruins of the Great Wall to the vibrant megacities, from surreal mountain landscapes to charming riverside villages. 

China Travel Statistics - 124 Million Decrease
Lijiang, Yunnan

Lijiang, Yunnan: Yunnan is located in the southeastern part of China, probably a place you might have never heard about. It is a diverse region made of contrast and it is shaped by ethnic minorities’ heritage and by the cultures of its neighbours such as Tibet, Myanmar, and Laos. The population of Yunnan is around 47 million people. However, they are concentrated in the east due to the high elevation of the western part. Ethnic minorities account for a third of its population. 

Lijiang is an old town sitting at 2400 metres and with 800 years of history. It is the best-preserved minority ancient town. It is famous for its old architecture and water supply system. It once has been the capital of the Nashi, an ethnic minority group originally from the Tibetan Plateau. Now, they are the predominant minority living in these surroundings. As a curiosity, they created the Tonga language, a script originally used for the recitation of virtual in the early centuries. It is the only living pictographic writing system in the world.

Lichen, Yunnan: It seems to carry you to the history, to an ancient place, but at the same time with traces of modern life. It’s a lively municipality, especially in darkness. People do crafts in the expressways. Food and request are far and wide. You can also find music bars and traditional balls. You wander through the history and the present of this ancient megacity and get lost in its winding dale. The views of the roof from the hill are amazing. Hani Rice Terraces, Yunnan They are notorious millenary rice fields. It’s mainly populated by the Hani racial group. They are the ones who started creating this masterpiece 1300 times agone. It was erected upon the hills and dales of high mountains defying all the odds, the great differences in altitude, different climates, rains and ecological conditions. The area is extended to 1000 square kilometres. The sundecks always spread under the village to which they belong. villages, social associations, festivals and traditions of the Hani are all nearly related to rice civilization exertion. Each ménage granges one or two plots of rice sundecks. One can move from one village to another by hiking through the fields. 

China Travel Statistics - 124 Million Decrease
Guilin Classic Chinese Countryside

Guilin Classic Chinese Countryside Guilin is in south China’s Guangxi region, close to Hong Kong and Guangzhou to the southeast and only a6.5 hour lift from Chengdu by train. The name Guilin means sweet osmanthus timber. Guilin has unique- structured mountains and the beautiful scenery of Li and Peach Blossom Rivers could take thousands of hearts of travellers. The four lakes in Guilin municipality are joined by the Li and Peach Blossom Rivers. On the banks of these gutters and lakes are green bamboo and trees. People who visit this amazing place noway forget to get a boat lift on the two gutters and four lakes. The area has a fairly relaxed atmosphere. The scenery is affable at night when the lakes are glowing with colourful lights in distinction to other cosmopolises, utmost structure developments are limited to about 20 bottoms so that they don’t trick the hills and spoil the view. The municipality is filled with their sweet scent. People who inhabit this area, have truly fruitful factory life. However, you can do swash rafting, and hiking, If you go there.

Zhangye’s Danxia Landscape China’s Danxia Landscape is a masterpiece of nature which is deposited in Zhangye National Geopark in Gansu, China. This spectacular Danxia geography covers about 50 square metres. It’s formed from red sandstones told by uplift riding and erosion with the interspersing colours of the stratified layers visible on exposed cliff faces reflecting varying degrees of oxidization. This terrain was attached to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010. This well-known geography was first discovered by popular Chinese geographer Feng Jingling in 1929. Zhangye’s Danxia has lots of precipitous red scars ultimate of which are several hundred metres high and multi-coloured ridges of survived strata sometimes stretch to the horizon. These confirmations are sometimes smooth, and sometimes edges stand out against the foliage or greys of the plains offerings some implausible views across the Danxia terrain. There are weird and awful shapes like castles, cones, and halls as well as mortal raspberries and beasts recalled by numerous red rocky outcrops. So, because of this miraculous scenery where it looks like thousands of rainbows, suited to mountainous terrain. People call this rainbow mountain. 

China Travel Statistics - 124 Million Decrease
Sanya Bay

Sanya Bay: Sanya Bay is one of five major bays in Sanya Bay, Henan Province, China. It is located on the southern coast of Hanen directly south of Sanya city. It has a 22 kilometres beach. It is a beautiful tourist hub in the region that boasts clean white sand beaches, palm trees and clear blue water with a warm temperature. The winter months from December to February are cool and nice, so it is the ideal season for cultural adventures in Sanyo Bay. However, the sea can be quite cold in the mornings and evenings during the winter and you may not be able to enjoy the beach during this period. This area is surrounded by world-popular hotel brands. Hotels can be a little expensive in the peak season. Summers are indeed the ideal times for tourists who like the strong sun and take a sun bath. With the longest coastline which is long about 20 kilometres, Sanya Bay boasts mesmerizing scenic beauty and a beautiful view of the never-ending blue sea. 

China Travel Statistics - 124 Million Decrease
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park: In 1982 Zhangjiajie became the first national forest park in China. If you are impressed by the Hallelujah mountains in the Avatar movie, you will see real mountains in Zhangjiajie national forest park. Zhangjiajie is not a big city and it is a remotely situated small town. There are no big airports and no high-speed railways, so the best way to get to Zhangjiajie is to take a plane straight from Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhao. When visiting Zhangjiajie, you have to start with the cable cars from Zhangjiajie downtown and which will take you directly to the top of Zhangjiajie mountain. This ride is regarded as the world’s longest cable car ride and it is nearly 7.5 kilometres long. This ride takes 30 minutes. It goes over the world-famous 99 Bend Road, passing awesome mountain peaks. Zhangjiajie is not only a national forest park, it is a tourist paradise. After getting to the top either by cable car or through the road which has 99 vents, first, you see the Heaven’s Gate which has 999 stairs belong 70-degree inclines above deep valleys. It is located in Tianmen Mountain in the Zhangjiajie mountain range. This is incredibly beautiful scenery. It takes a kind of fantastic look when it is mixed up with some mist. There are a lot of motivational legends tied with Heaven’s gate. There is also a glass sky bridge to walk over the canyon built into a side of a cliff. This skywalk is about 1000 feet above the ground, if you enjoy adventure, this is highly recommended. 

China Travel Statistics - 124 Million Decrease
The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China: The Great Wall of China is the biggest construction and has built-in the 20th century. This was opened in 1957 and has been under construction for around 2000 years. Leaders at the time intended to avoid invaders by building this wall. However, around 400,000 people died during the construction of the Great Wall of China. In 1987, this awesome invention was added to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a must-visit China attraction. Beijing is usually considered the main gateway to the Great Wall since there are several world sections of the wall in the suburbs of Beijing including Badaling, Mutianyu, Jinshanling, and Gubeikou. These sections were constructed during the Ming dynasty between the 14th and 17th centuries and have been well maintained. Of all sections of the Great Wall near Beijing, Badaling is the most famous one.

As a result, badaling is the destination of choice for a lot of large tour groups and is often very rammed. Mutianyu Great Wall is just as near as Badaling. It offers thrilling views of the Great Wall and the surrounding hills with far fewer tourists. This section of the wall also has an exhilarating toboggan run that you can ride from the top of the wall down to the bottom of the hill. For all sections of the Great Wall near Beijing, the spring months from April to June offer temperate weather and are great for climbing. From late April to early May, many trees begin to blossom making this a particularly beautiful period to visit the wall. Fall is also a pleasant time to visit because temperatures are usually comfortable. October to early November are particularly picturesque as the tree leaves on the mountains begin to change colour. The winter months from December to February are chilly and can be windy, but there are usually far fewer tourists on the wall during winter.

Yangtze River Voyage:  The Yangtze River is the largest and the longest in China with a length of over 6300 kilometres. It’s considered the mama swash of the Chinese nation and the lifeblood of China. It’s a curious mix of the grand natural decor and brilliant mortal culture. moment Yangtze sails generally start in the metropolis of Chongqing flowing through nine businesses. This travelling through the swash of the welkin eventually pours into the East China Sea through Shanghai. Sections between Chongqing and Datong are magnific. You can enjoy the magnific three ravines which are regarded as one of the most spectacular scenic lodestones in China and the important Three ravines Dam. 

China Travel Statistics - 124 Million Decrease
The Potala Palace

The Potala Palace: Tibet The Potala Palace is the residence of the topmost leader of the Tibetan Buddhism Dalai Lama. thus, it’s considered to be the holiest point for Buddhists in the region. still, after Dalia Lama fled to India in 1959, the place has been more likely a gallery. It’s located 425 bases above the Lhasa River Valley, on the top of Mapo Rehill which is called Red Mountian and rises dramatically from its rocky base. It’s the treasure house of gold and precious gems that may take several times for a full counting. It’s also a point for ancient Tibetan culture, art and history. Bing a World Heritage Site, the Potala stands high in its grand armature, brilliant artwork and literal significance. The palace stands as the symbol of Tibet’s unique artistic heritage and every corner of the palace is worth laying your eyes on. It remains open to callers throughout the time although the peak season starts from May to October. It has witnessed the despoilments of time ever since it was erected by the Tibetan king Tsongeston Gampo and still stands as one of the most ancient architectural prodigies of the world.

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