Amazing Things to Do in Portugal in Your Twenties


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Are there things to do in Portugal for people in their twenties? That’s a question that many ask when thinking of planning their trip. Why? Because some families go for good food, relaxation and safety but this might not suit younger generations who want to experience the music, cheap food and fun the country has to offer. This is why Portugal is the right place to go and is getting famous for the festivals and is known by visiting students from the UK, Ireland and around the world. So it’s a perfect spot to study and have fun at the same time. With plenty of things to do in Portugal, make it your next destination. 

Things to Do in Portugal: Study in Portugal

The historic University of Coimbra

The academic year has begun and Universities are opening. If you go to the University in Portugal or visit a friend, this is the article for you. Maybe you don’t know but Portugal’s Higher Education System is highly valued all over the world. With a high level of English, Portuguese students can study English in some of the Universities as well as many international students so it’s ideal. The Catholic University of Portugal is the best University in the country according to World University Ranking 2021 with a total of 17% international students just followed by NOVA University of Lisbon and the University of Porto.

One of the other cities with the most history in Higher education is Coimbra, where you will find a historic university and one of the oldest in the world. Founded in 1290 with 730 years, the University of Coimbra is known for its history and the life that it brought to the city with more than 20.000 students all year.

Apart from where to study, if you are in your twenties, you might also want to know where you can find the best music and nightlife in Portugal.

What Are the Biggest Music Festivals in Portugal?

Music is a state of mind. The biggest music festivals you will find in Portugal are Rock in Rio in Lisbon, NOS Alive Festival in Oeiras, and Super Bock Super Rock, also in Lisbon. All these festivals take place in the summer months making it a perfect choice for a summer getaway each year and attracting huge crowds and all-star lineups of performers. 

Rock in Rio Lisboa

If you like Pop and Rock Music, you should start with a festival started in Brazil that is making a huge success in Portugal. Artists like the Foo Fighters, The National and Liam Gallagher have stepped on the stage in previous years. Other artists included Black Eyed Peas and Brazil Anitta and the artist known as the “hurricane from Bahia ” Ivete Sangalo. In addition to these world-known artists, you will also find some of the best talents Portugal has to offer such as David Carreira, Bárbara Tinoco or Xutos e Pontapés

NOS Alive

A festival that is gaining popularity and attention from around the world is NOS Alive which has the top artists that visitors will travel a thousand miles to go to. Some of these artists include Angel Olsen, The Strokes, Billie Eilish, Arctic Monkeys, Green Day, The Libertines, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, alt-J, Two Door Cinema Club and more making this one of the best festivals in the world. It’s located in Passeio Marítimo de Algés closer to Lisbon.

Other Festivals include Super Bock Super Rock. Starting 25 years ago, this festival received artists like The Cure, Morphine, Faith No More, Young Gods, Blind Zero, Muse, Pixies, Korn, Linkin Park in Meco, and Sesimbra. And also Vodafone Paredes de Coura will receive big artists like Alex G or BadBadNotGood.  This is without a doubt the biggest festival in the north of Portugal.

Things to Do in Portugal: Catch a Football Game


If you are a football fan, a visit to Portugal is a must. It’s impossible to speak about Portugal without speaking about football. So if you want to visit Portugal, go to the stadium where Cristiano Ronaldo learned to play in the Sporting Clube de Portugal team – José Alvalade Stadium. Of course, if you go to visit Madeira the Island, you also can visit the CR7 museum. In Portugal, they live the “Football Culture”, with a lot of sports newspapers and television programs. They live and breathe football so if you are a fan just go to Portugal and enjoy the game.

Things to Do in Portugal: Explore Special Places

Trams in Portugal

Portugal has a lot of special corners where you can discover unique experiences. Hear Fado in Alfama, if you stay in June visit Santos Populares, a very special moment when every neighbourhood in Lisbon or Porto have music and food like sardines or barbecue. People from all around the country go there to meet their friends and have a nice time. Locals celebrate all month but the 12th and 13th days are the one that has more people (Dia de Santo António) and the 23rd and 24th of June (Dia de São João) in Porto.

Is Portugal a cheap place to visit?

Yes. Portugal is one of the cheapest countries in Europe to live in and also to enjoy during the day or at night. You can find cheap places to eat and to visit and compared with Europe the cost of living is very low. 

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