Things to Do in Brazil- Your Ultimate Guide

Updated On: November 09, 2023

Things to Do in Brazil- Your Ultimate Guide

What do you think of Brazil?

Brilliant football talents, maybe colourful carnivals, right?

I guess it’s one of the reasons why you want to visit this lively country. But have you ever known that Brazil is the world’s fifth-largest country, with more than eight million kilometres? It seems more extensive than the whole continent of Australia!

That could have benefits and drawbacks. There are many things to do in Brazil, but you need to manage your itinerary at the same time.

Things to Do in Brazil
An aerial view of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fortunately, we are here to provide you with a complete guide before going anywhere. All you need to do is read this post to the end. And don’t forget to take a sneak peek at our insider tips that you will regret if you don’t.

Top Things to Do in Brazil

Taste Joy: Visit Rio De Janeiro 

All the charm of Latin America came together and formed this fantastic city, Rio De Janeiro. It’s full of energy, history, beautiful landscapes, hiking trails, and more. I totally support your plan to start to explore Rid De Janerio once you arrive in Brazil.

If you enjoy a travel experience outside the tourist box, have a look at our advice to hit up the most exciting attractions in the capital of Brazil.

Climb Sugarloaf Mountain

Location: Av. Pasteur, 520 – Urca, Rio de Janeiro
How to get there: The best way is to take the Uber from your hotel for about $4. Or, if it’s not so far, you can search for the nearest bike-renting shop and hit up the streets for a breathtaking adventure.
Price: Around $15 for the cable car journey to the summit.

When you’re up here, you feel like you are just on top of the city of Rio. You’re about to reach out and touch the sky, and there isn’t a better sensation.

Things to Do in Brazil
Go for a cable car to Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Why should you visit Sugarloaf Mountain?

From Sugarloaf Mountain, you will treat your eyes to the best vista in Brazil ever. This mountain is an iconic destination in Brazil, where many tourists make it their first stop, and we strongly advise you to do so. 

To get to the mountain, you have to walk along the beach until you come across a large warning sign that says you should be wary of snacks. (Oh!)

If you have a friend who knows their way around the Brazilian capital, like the back of her hand, join him on the walking portion. To get to the cable car, you’ll have to walk for around half an hour. Otherwise, especially if you have no prior jungle walking experience, taking the cable car from the gate is preferable.

You’re a daredevil or a seasoned hiker!

Okay, there is a third choice, and it is entirely free (Wow). To reach the mountain’s peak, hike the entire trek, and it’s only for pros because it’s not easy.

Things to Do:
  • Take the cable car and enjoy the best panoramic views over Tiuna National Park, beaches, and the coastline. Just speechless.
  • Getting to the summit and enjoying the amazing pink hues of the sky during the sunset.
  • Drink something with a unique flavour and just gaze at the scenery from a fabled cafe scene.
  • Come here at night to take in the views of sparkling Rio. (Extra enchantment)
  • Rio De Janeiro is a friendly- bike community. You can find paved trails anywhere, and you can rent one and use it wherever you want.
Things to Do in Brazil
Things to Do in Brazil- Your Ultimate Guide 1
Things not to Do:
  • Don’t order a pizza slice from the restaurants at the summit; it will set you back more than $4, and you won’t even be satisfied. If you’re hungry, get something to eat before going up.
  • If you are terrified of wild animals such as monkeys, you should not go on a hiking tour. You’ll almost probably run into some of them.
  • If you don’t have walking shoes, don’t even think about walking on the hiking trails, which include a lot of rocks and steep paths.

Pro Tip: You may either take the cable car from the entertainment centre or, if you’re on a budget, hike up Morro da Urca and then ride the cable car for only $11.

Hit up One of the most popular landmarks in the World: Christ The Redeemer

Location: Estrada Redentor – Alto da Boa Vista Parque Nacional da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
How to get there: You  have two options to reach the summit:

  • By the train: for $14, a train ride will take you up to Corcovado mountain and through the Atlantic forest, giving you an overloaded experience. Your journey will start from the Trem do Corcovado station.

You can get the train by taxi or catch the metrô to Largo do Machado metro station and then take a bus to the São Judas Tadeu church. Look right here, the train is waiting for you, or you have to wait for 20 to 30 minutes to get on.

  • By the official vans: you can catch them up from three different points: Praça do Lido in Copacabana, Lago do Machado metro station, and Città America in Barra da Tijuca for approximately $13.

Important Note: Both tickets include round-way train travel and entry to the Christ, with the last ride for each round taking place between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m.

Price: Around $5 in the peak season and $3 in the low if you buy the ticket from the entry gate.
Another iconic place and a must-see attraction in Brazil, it’s Christ The Redeemer, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Plus, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views from the mountaintop.

Things to Do in Brazil
Visit Christ The Redeemer, speechless view of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Why should you visit Christ The Redeemer?

When we picked the really unique place to visit in Brazil, Christ The Redeemer, not like any photograph, the Jesus statue will absolutely surprise you with its genetic size. You will feel as if you are suspended in mid-air once you reach the summit.

Things to Do:
  • Hike up to the christ by exploring the jungle trails if you are an adventure lover, but be cautious of getting robbed or coming across criminals. Incidents rarely happen, but anyway, a possibility of happening still exists.
  • Approach the summit and enjoy the splendid sight from the top overlooking the whole city of Rio De Janeiro.
  • Bring your coffee before getting up to the christ and enjoy every single moment while appreciating the beauty of this city.
  • Take the perfect selfie with Jesus that will be in the morning before the sun goes in the middle of the sky and share it with our followers.
  • Don’t miss the train ride, which is preferable to a van ride since it is cooler. Many breathtaking views will be available on all sides of your seat.
Things not to Do:
  • Never climb up to the Christ The Redeemer without a tour guide. For your safety and to eliminate the possibility of being mugged, ask to join a tour group.
  • Don’t stop to buy something from a hawker. It’s nothing more than a tourist trap. So, keep your gaze fixed on your wallet.
  • If the sky is foggy, skip this trip; you won’t be able to snap a good photo with the enormous monument.

Pro Tip: If you choose to buy a ticket at the entrance, make sure to have enough cash because credit cards are not acceptable.

Chill out on Copacabana Beach

Location: Av. Atlântica – Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro
How to get there: A 5 minutes’ walk from Dulčića 5 bus stop.
Price: Free access.

Be prepared to indulge yourself in an amazing summer vacation when half of the earth is shivering from the freezing temperature. I think it’s the most tempting thing when it comes to travelling to Brazil. 

Things to Do in Brazil
Beautiful Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Why should you visit Copacabana Beach?

Spending even one week is not enough to soak up all the charm of this beach, and you can find many hilarious fun things to do here. But if we just want to stretch on the sun-washed beach, who can blame you!

With its sparkling water, you will admire the whole vista of the ocean coming together with huge mountains. Take a sip of your beverage and unwind.

If you want some activity, you can walk along the beach or bring your bike till reaching the last point of the coastline, Mirante Do Leblon.

Look up right here; Vidigal Favela mountain stands between beautiful small forests. Go hiking if you like but remember, don’t go there alone or without a local guide.

And the entertaining part is to try the coconut water, refreshing and cheap.

Hangry? Well, we invite you to sample a local snack meal, and it’s super delicious, Queijo Coelho. You can find many other options and all of them will let you know a vital side of any culture, food.


Things to Do:
  • Go for a bike ride along the sea road. (Download the Bike Itau application to know all bikes available around you, and you can get an hour ride for a slightly low price.)
  • Have fun with your family or friends on the sun-soaked beach, lying on the beach, playing volleyball, admiring the sunset.
  • If you have some energy to release, why not spend some money on enjoyable activities like paddling, kitesurfing, kayaking, and more?
  • Don’t fight ​the seductive aroma of food cooking everywhere. Whatever you want to try, go ahead and do it. You don’t come to Rio every day, do you?
  • Enjoy the beautiful weather while listening to music at one of the beach bars or sidewalk cafés.
Things not to Do:
  • Don’t go out at night alone; you can witness a couple of thefts along the beach. Of course, every country has issues, and your experience will be fantastic in Brazil, but it’s a precautionary measure.
  • If you want to stay late tonight at one of the bars, don’t use your smartphone while walking around, it becomes easy to be abducted.
  • Don’t stay in non-tourist neighbourhoods; we recommend choosing from a luxurious and cosy compilation of hotels in a lively suburb to be safe and sound. 

Pro Tip: Be aware that torrential rain is expected in Brazil between November and December. So, before you travel anywhere, check the weather forecast.

Attend One of the Most Amazing Carnivals Ever

Location: Cinelândia Square in Rio’s Centro
How to get there: Take the Uber from your hotel to get to the heart of Rio De Janeiro.
Price: Free access.
During full10 days, 25 February to 5 March, I want you to make your expectations run so high, as you will discover something that will shift your perspective towards parties and carnivals forever.  

Things to Do in Brazil
Lady warning Brazilian traditional costumes, Rio de Janeiro


Why should you attend one of the Brazilian carnivals?

Because all you could imagine will be there, Brazilian carnivals are one of the most vibrant and popular celebrations related to culture in the world.

Locals and foreigners are packed here every year in Cinelândia Square to witness colourful large marches, tons of different bands making enjoyable performances that are perfect for all ages, and an ideal getaway to know more about the history of this exciting country.

Here, you can not even blink your eyes as you will catch a glimpse of all kinds of Brazilian dances. The whole city turns out to be a big party, and tons of parties are taking place in various locations simultaneously.

You can choose what you like most, or you can roam around the city so that you don’t miss any incredible shows.

You will spend all night dancing, laughing, tasting Brazilian drinks, and capturing millions of selfies and videos. 

With so many lovely things to do in Brazil, your time here will be like a dream come true.

Things to Do:
  • Watching many joyful shows with well-designed costumes is a must-do experience in Brazil. 
  • Exploring the culture of this country whose people appreciate their history and are proud of manifesting it.
  • Spend all night at one of the famous lounges in the city center.
  • Listen to the world-class bands playing different instruments; some of these soundtracks could be familiar to you and others not. But anyway, you will indulge yourself in this distinctive atmosphere.
  • Make time to discover the significant square in the city with its spectacular edifice, or stop by one of the local cafes for a drink.
Things not to Do:
  • Don’t take a tour around favelas; the security conditions are unstable, and there is a high possibility of getting robbed.
  • Don’t spend even one second during the festival days inside your hotel or indoors. Being in Brazil is about enjoying the outdoor life, especially when it comes to carnival days.
  • Don’t be surprised when some locals try to strike up a conversation with you or even want to take photographs with you. Brazilians are so gregarious, friendly, and open to knowing more about different cultures.

Pro Tip: If you plan to attend these events, book your accommodation and flight as soon as everything will be fully booked and not to mention that the prices are rocketing. 

The Cure of Anything Starts From Beach: Ipanema 

Location: Avenida Vieira Souto – Ipanema
How to get there: Just a few minutes’ walk away from General Osório Station.
Price: Free access.

There is no wonder that Ipanema beach is at the top of so many people’s bucket lists while travelling to Brazil. When Copacabana beach is packed, most visitors flock here because both coasts offer white sparkling water, amusing water sports, and magnificent sand dunes.

Things to Do in Brazil
It’s beach time, Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Why should you attend one of Ipanema Beach?

There is no other place in Brazil where you may relax like this. Even though Copacabana Beach is more popular than Ipanema Beach, many visitors and residents agree that if they had to choose between the two or if they visit Brazil in the near future, they would choose Ipanema.

And that’s because of many reasons. First of all, you will feel like you are just lying in the picturesque natural piece of art. Turquoise waters, sun-kissed paradise, and soft sandy beaches, trendy beach bars lined alongside the shore. That’s what you’ll get when you visit this fantastic location.

If you decide to sit facing the water, you will treat yourself to endless waves of water, and people do some surfing, snorkelling, and waterskiing. Beautiful!

If you turn around and look at the other side, you’ll be rewarded by verdant hilltops that stretch all the way to the Two Brothers Mountain. Lovely!

Ipanema is home to many summer vibes as well, dancing, drinking, or playing volleyball.

Things to Do:
  • Freely relaxing on the beach and marvelling at the wonders of the ocean.
  • Not only can you chill, but you can also taste the different faces of Brazilian culture; food, dancing, tropical drinks, and so much more.
  • Take advantage of being here and try to explore the area around; many shops, restaurants, pubs, and a street market.
  • While lounging on the beach or drinking your beverage, take in the sunset vista.
  • The aroma of Brazilian cuisine will make your mouth water, don’t hesitate to try something out and record this moment with a photo.


Things not to Do:
  • Don’t leave your wallet and other valuables alone and go swimming. You probably won’t find them when you return. Being cautious is required in any place, and in Brazil, it’s better to be more cautious.
  • Don’t come here on weekends, especially in January. It’s usually crowded, and you can’t even go down the beach to locate a spot to lie down in the sand.
  • If you are a lady, don’t go around topless. Actually, it’s illegal, and if you do, you will put yourself in an unpleasant situation.

Pro Tip: When it comes to crossing the streets, pay attention to the behaviour of every driver. And as a pedestrian, don’t assume that you have the right of way on a zebra crossing because nobody actually upholds the law of allowing people to cross the street safely. 

Things to Do in Brazil
A panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Other Things to do in Rio de Janeiro

  • Visit Feira Hippie de Ipanema on Sunday, a great place for souvenirs and other interesting items from customized jewellery and hippie pants, to leather.
  • Head to Escadaria Selarón, a tiled colorful staircase and snap many beautiful shots to post on your social media channels.
  • Go to the Museum of Tomorrow, a futuristic structure representing the significant sustainability strategy that Brazil started to adopt recently. 
  • Discover many street arts which are likely to be displayed here in every nook. 

Where to Stay in Rio de Janeiro?

Best Hotels for families:

Arena (around $70 a night)
Windsor California Hotel (around $79 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

CDesign Hotel (around $117 a night)
Le Relais de Marambaia (around $100 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Hotel Atlantico Prime (around $24 a night)
Che Lagarto Hostel Ipanema (around $19 a night)

Watch the Magic of Nature: Iguazu Falls

Location: on the border with Argentina
How to get there: The fastest and safest way to get to the waterfalls from Brazil is to fly from Rio de Janeiro Airport RJ Santos Dumont to Foz do Iguaçu International Airport taking 4h for approximately $34 to $152. Then take the Uber from the airport.
Price: $18

When you visit a big country like Brazil, you don’t need to cover and explore all places because it will be daunting and you will spend most of your time transmitting from one city to another. Instead, concentrate on the sights that must not be missed, one of which is Iguazu Falls.

Things to Do in Brazil
Iguazu Falls, Brazil
Why should you visit Iguazu Falls?

For a good reason, this location is one of the most appealing in South America. Whether you stay in Brazil or Argentina, this waterfall offers an experience like anything else. But the first thing you should do is decide which side you want to come to, the Brazilian side or the Argentinian, bearing in mind that 80% of these natural parks are located in Argentina.

On the other hand, step inside the Brazilian side if you want to have a panoramic view over the park. Many enjoyable things can get around you easily; not only strolling down in the park, but you can also go trekking among gorgeous natural flora, relax in one of the restaurants or cafés, and so on.

Things to Do:
  • Hiking inside the park is not only the best you can do in Brazil but the best thing ever especially when you pass through hanging passages over the river.
  • Hire a jet boat and go for an exhilarating ride under the fall, a once-lifetime experience.
  •  Looking for something with less effort! Apart from the waterfalls, you can paddle in the river and venture deep into the Iguazu rainforests.
  • Ride a bike through the jungle for a relaxing activity, but go straight on the walking trail.
  • Observing the exotic animals and taking in the pristine air allows you to comprehend the necessity of maintaining a diversified and balanced ecology.


Things not to Do:
  • Smoking is not allowed in the whole park.
  • Please don’t go to the park without your ID or passport; you are unlikely not to be allowed to enter without showing it.
  • Do not feed animals anything, just let them alone and don’t bother them just to capture a photo. 

Pro Tip: Avoid visiting around the holidays, as there will be a lot of school trips, and you don’t have the chance to explore the whole park freely. Alternatively, come here in October, when the water and weather are ideal, and fewer people are around.

Things to Do in Brazil
Walking around Iguazu Falls park is speechless, Brazil

Where to Stay Near Iguazu Falls?

Best Hotels for families:

Wish Foz do Iguacu (around $150 a night)
Wyndham Golden Foz Suites (around $62 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Belmond Hotel Das Cataratas (around $337 a night)
Vivaz Cataratas Hotel Resort (around $77 a night) 

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Che Lagarto Hostel Foz do Iguaçu (around $18 a night)
Tetris Container Hostel (around $8 a night)

Make Your Time to Hit Sao Paulo

The biggest city in the southern hemisphere with many different spectrums of life, Sao Paulo embraces poor people, super-wealthy figures, and everything in between. This city has many contradictions; you can see sophisticated buildings side by side with filthy slums. Just imagine that the biggest Japanese statement outside Japan is situated right here. So, please don’t go around the city alone or without a local. Stay close to tourist attractions and keep away from unsafe places.

Things to Do in Brazil
An aerial view of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Where the Time is Flying: Explore Parque Ibirapuera

Location: Avenida Pedro Álvares Cabral Vila Mariana, São Paulo
How to get there: If you come here to Sao Paulo by plane, go straight to the subway, Tietê Subway Station, and then descend to Santa Cruz station. Take the Uber to the park.
Price: Free access.

It’s the largest urban park in São Paulo and ranked the most visited place in Brazil on TripAdvisor, and it’s one of the most popular sports in the city for outdoor activities.

Things to Do in Brazil
A trip to Parque Ibirapuera will be perfect, in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Why should you visit Parque Ibirapuera?

First, you should know that you have to avoid being here on holidays and in the peak seasons, throngs of tourists tucking into Parque Ibirapuera. And you can find yourself asking how this park that travellers fall in love with. “I think it’s so elusive,” whispered to yourself.

So, avoid all these nightmare scenarios and come here as early as possible.

Now, go for a bike ride around the park and enjoy exploring every nook. Also, you can find gymnastics equipment, jogging tracks, and a large playground. It’s perfect for a family trip if you want a secluded cove to escape from crowds. (Remember: not on holidays unless you want to find yourself elbow-to-elbow with other masses.)

The park comes with a wide variety of spots to discover, including museums, historical sites, exhibitions, and sculptures. Or you can participate in one of the yoga sessions scattered across the park.

Things to Do:
  • A variety of calm activities are available here, from meditation, yoga, and walking around the park.
  • Plus, various dynamic activities range from running, skating, rollerbladers, volleyball, and even a playground for football.
  • Rent a bike for an hour for $1 and wander through the pathways of the park.
  • Pay a visit to the planetarium equipped with telescopes and other advanced instruments to observe the stars and let your children know more about this outer world.
  • Have a rest behind one of the ponds in the park and feed ducks. Don’t forget to shoot amazing instagrammable photos.
Things not to Do:
  • Don’t go inside without hiring a local guide as all signs in the park are written in Portuguese, and you will not understand the directions of trails.
  • If you come across a local who criticizes his country, don’t ever say a word to agree or disagree. Just keep your tone neutral.
  • Don’t come here to the park without bug spray as you will see many waves of mosquitoes waiting for you. 

Pro Tip: Take advantage of one of the many free gardening and handcrafting classes and workshops available. It’ll be a lot of fun for your kids.

Things to Do in Brazil
Street art in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Other Things You Can Do in Sao Paulo, Brazil:

  • Pinacoteca do Estado, an art museum with a huge collection of Brazilian modern art dating back to the 19th century, is a must-see spot for art lovers.
  • Explore theatro Municipal de São Paulo, the iconic cultural hub in Brazil. Many prestigious shows are displayed here. You can either roam about the palace or pay to see a show. Both alternatives are interesting.
  • Visit the giant Football Museum, like heaven to every football fan coming up with a cinema court displaying all the memorable moments in the history of football.
  • Being a foodie means that you can never miss out on Mercado Municipal de São Paulo. It’s a magical destination that offers a wide range of fruits, fresh vegetables, meats, spices, and some local restaurants.

Where to Stay in São Paulo?

Best Hotels for families:

Hotel Calstar (around $25 a night)
Living Design Vila Madalena (around $64 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Hotel Ca ‘D’Oro (around $68 a night)
Hilton Sao Paulo Morumbi (around $99 a night) 

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

São Paulo Hostel Club (around $12 a night)
Hotel Ca ‘D’Oro (around $7 a night)

Marvel at historical marvel: Ouro Preto

Location: Minas Gerais, southern Brazil
How to get there: You can catch the bus from Rio de Janeiro from Dumont station taking around 7h for $23, or you can fly to Ouro Preto, which will cost $54 to $250.
Price: Free access to most of the attractions.

Through your bus trip to the city, you will discover what you are going to experience here. A Brazilian town with a touch of European architecture representing Brazil’s economic and cultural prosperity over centuries, Ouro Preto will take your breath away.

Things to Do in Brazil
A historical church in Ouro Preto, Brazil
Why should you visit Ouro Preto?

Visiting the city is like taking a trip back in time to discover how Brazil has changed since it was a Portuguese colony. Built on a hilltop, you can see that the view from any point of Ouro Preto is stunning.

Giving you a large-scale glimpse into the history of Brazil, many churches and iconic buildings are spread throughout the city, placing your view toward Brazil from a Latin country to a multicultural spot.

You can roam around the main square of Ouro Preto, where the present and past battle it out, and I think the past always wins. It’s set to be overwhelming with so much to see and so much to do right here.

Ouro Preto has brought all tourist destination factors together, including cobblestone streets, historical white and pastel-coloured architecture, and a plethora of fashionable eateries.


Things to Do:
  • Head to the city centre of Ouro Preto to see all the potential of this city as a tourist destination, a well-preserved colonial city.
  • Visit the historical churches in this area and admire their beautiful facades before going inside. The interior of the building is well worth seeing.
  • Take your coffee from many comfy cafe shops or taste some local cuisines the city brings with them, like Pao de Queijo.
  • Stroll through its narrow and steep streets and explore many hidden treasures of this fantastic historical hub.
  • Check out the open-air market, which is a terrific spot to pick up souvenirs and other traditional items.
Things not to Do:
  • The city is pretty cool, and you will need more than one day to explore all its beauty. Don’t come here for only a night.
  • Don’t miss your chance to visit the oldest theatre in all of Latin America, Teatro em Minas Gerais.
  • Don’t use any transportation inside the city; let yourself lose in its unique streets.

Pro Tip: Ouro Preto is one of the safest places in Brazil. You can go out at night without any concerns, and you can just feel it while walking around, a peaceful vibe that everyone just enjoys the scenery.

Things to Do in Brazil
Amazing view over the city of Ouro Preto, Brazil

Where to Stay in Ouro Preto?

Best Hotels for families:

Hotel Pousada do Arcanjo (around $81 a night)
Casa do Chá Ouro Preto (around $38 a night) 

Best Hotels for couples:

Hotel Solar do Rosário (around $85 a night)
Pousada Do Mondego (around $229 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

E Hostel (around $38 a night)
Ouro Preto Hostel (around $22 a night)

Visit One of the Best National Park in the World: Chapada Diamantina

Location: Rua Barao do Rio Branco 80, Palmeiras, State of Bahia
How to get there: The journey from Rio de Janeiro to the park takes roughly 31 hours, and the only way to get there is via bus. However, because it is a lengthy trip and requires a companion, organizing your trip with a company or a tourist group is preferable.
Price: Around $17

It’s a must-see place to visit in Brazil that will put you in direct contact with nature. The trip from Rio will be exhausting, so if you prefer to stay close to the park to enjoy your time without running out of energy, you might stay at one of the small villages around the park like Lençóis, where you can come across many tourist groups. 

Things to Do in Brazil
Visit one of the biggest parks in Brazil, Chapada Diamantina
Why should you visit Chapada Diamantina?

Located in the east of the city of Salvador, I know you listened to many stories about the safety of Salvador, violence, drug dealers, and armed gangs. They are facts, I see, and many statistics and figures show many murderers are spotted here.

But you know they don’t target tourists. Being here alone, though, is not entirely risk-free.

The park embraces all-natural aspects and crowned it the most beautiful national park in the world.

Many unprecedented hiking trails, gorgeous hill cliffs, and crystal blue water to swim in, and be prepared that it seems impossible to explore all highlights there.

Things to Do:
  • Chapada Diamantina is almost as big as several European countries, and many people say it takes more than three days to see everything it has to offer. Make the most of your stay here by making a list of the sights you must see.
  • Many fun activities can be found here, like zip line down, which will let you jump in a tranquil pond.
  • Go snorkelling in the natural pond, so clean and blue, just like a pool.
  • Be ready to be wowed by the most breathtaking view you’ve ever seen. I’m sure you wish you could pause time right now.
  • Walking through the park, trekking, and listening to the rushing waterfalls while crashing the rivers, all of these activities make your trip unlike any other.
Things not to Do:
  • Don’t forget your swimsuit and sunscreen so that you can not go swimming in its beautiful caves and rivers.
  • Don’t pay what a private guide asks for you without negotiating. Brazilians are okay with bargaining.
  • Don’t go there without packing extra layers of clothing. Brazil is a sunny country, yet the temperature can quickly drop as you ascend hills.

Pro Tip: Hiring a local guide is a must here. Forget about whether you are speaking Portuguese like a native or you are a hiker guru. You will get lost in this massive park without any doubt. Don’t take this risk and pay for an organized excursion with a company. 

Things to Do in Brazil
Beautiful waterfalls in Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

Where to Stay near Chapada Diamantina?

Best Hotels for families:

Terra dos Diamantes Hotel (around $73 a night)
Pousada Tarumim (around $41 a night) 

Best Hotels for couples:

Pousada Amanhecer na Chapada (around $107 a night)
Portal Lencois Hotel (around $71 a night) 

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Hi Hostel Caminhos da Chapada (around $38 a night)
Pousada Pe no Mato (around $30 a night)

Head to Santos:

While it’s not very famous as a tourist destination, you have a range of fun activities you can do in Santos. Located on the coastline of Sao Paulo, it has become clear that you can not complete any visit to Brazilian cities without enjoying the sun-drenched beaches. The city also has the largest port in Brazil, playing a major role in the world’s coffee market. We will show you things you can do in Santos that keep your vacation full of adventure and merriment.

Things to Do in Brazil
Santos harbour, Brazil

See How Coffee is Making in its Birthplace: Coffee Museum

Location: Rua Quinze de Novembro 95, Santos
How to get there: You can fly to Santos Dumont Airport from Rio de Janeiro Airport RJ Santos Dumont, talking about 3h for $32 to $160, then order an Uber ride. Or you can take the bus to São Paulo and then to Santos, and we don’t recommend taking it, a lot of hours and is not so safe.
Price: About $1.

In Brazil, you can not ever say that your coffee is about to run out because you are in the original birthplace of coffee. So, it makes sense to include the Coffee Museum in your bucket list.

Things to Do in Brazil
The coffee shop inside Coffee Museum, Santos, Brazil
Why should you visit the Coffee Museum?

Not just drinking coffee, you can know more about coffee’s history and cultural influence in Brazil. The first thing you will come through here is the auction hall area, the large trading floor where the brokers come together to discuss all things relevant to the stock exchange.

Here, you will clearly understand why coffee is a really important commodity to Brazil, the world’s largest coffee producer. It supplies everyone with a cup to concentrate on their work and begin their day with optimism. It’s obvious that this isn’t a coffee museum; instead, it’s a happiness museum.

Note: I’d like to express my gratitude to Brazil for providing me with the coffee I’m drinking right now to be able to create this piece.

Things to Do:
  • Walking through the coordinates of the museum to know more about the journey of growing coffee until you get it in your favourite mug.
  • Appreciating the effort that goes into every cup of coffee you drink after exploring this flourishing industry.
  • Exploring the whole rooms of the museum induced the room displaying the Arabic discovery of coffee.
  • Sip your favourite coffee in the coffee shop inside the museum, and you can order a sandwich if you like.
  • Reading or just stopping to take photos in the coffee house of the museum.
Things not to Do:
  • Don’t go there without cash. No credit card is accepted in the museum.
  • It’s illegal in Brazil to get into the Coffee Museum without having your coffee! (Weird but exciting)
  • Don’t miss out on your ride around the old Santos by Linha Turística de Bonde.

Pro Tip: Santos is not a destination that can be visited in a single day. It’s a long way from the capital, yet there’s much to do here. Its magnificent beaches and parks are not to be ignored.

Things to Do in Brazil
Explore the streets of Santos, Brazil

Other Things You Can Do in Santos, Brazil:

  • If you are a big football fan, you should visit the Santos club where you can see the history of the football legend and the most talented player in the history of Brazil, Pele.
  • Take a boat trip in Santos Bay during the sunset when the sky turns to be stained with pink hues. Lovely!
  • Book a place in the Linha Conheça Santos bus, which will take you on a historical tour around the city to explore all its beautiful and inspiring spots. The bus ticket is around $3, and the whole journey will take about 3h.
  • Many museums are waiting for you, and they will never disappoint you, such as the Sacred Art Museum, the Santos Museum, and Pinacoteca Benedicto Calixto, an art museum.

Where to Stay in Santos?

Best Hotels for families:

Estanconfor Santos (around $54 a night)
Novotel Santos Gonzaga (around $48 a night) 

Best Hotels for couples:

Sheraton Santos Hotel (around $67 a night)
Bourbon Santos Convention Hotel (around $55 a night) 

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travellers:

Rolds Hostel (around $9 a night)
Casarao Hotel (around $32 a night)

Things to Do in Brazil
Amazing shot over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,

Handy Facts About Brazil:

  • Located in South America, Brazil has borders with all countries in its continent, except Chile and Ecuador, so if you plan to visit another country, you can make it from here. Still, it also depends on where you are in Brazil.
  • Brazil’s magnificent Atlantic Ocean shoreline contributes to the country’s popularity as a tourist destination.
  • There are numerous popular things to do in Brazil, including exploring Rio de Janeiro’s gorgeous city, visiting Iguazu Falls, and hiking through the country’s lush forests.
  • Not just football players, Brazil is known for its role in maintaining an ecosystem balanced by Amazon rainforests, dancing samba carnivals, picturesque beaches, and spectacular waterfalls.
  • Apart from its magnificent attractions, Brazilian cuisine will blow your mind and stomach.
  • Related to the previous point, be prepared to gain weight while visiting Brazil. You can not absolutely resist its smell and taste. Moreover, buffets are very common here, and food is served in large portions.
  • Brazil is relatively safe for visitors, but you have to avoid some distant places like Porto Alegre. It is necessary to highlight that Brazil has a high crime rate related to murder, robberies, and drug trafficking.
  • Many types of visitors can have a great time in Brazil. But if you want to go here with your family, you have to avoid public transportation and not go so far as it would be exhausting for your kids.
  • You can make your vacation in Brazil even rare and unique than nothing with a reasonable budget where many free activities and food and accommodation are affordable.
  • Sometimes, the weather turns harsh, and there are many floods that the country often fails to cope with, causing some people to be left dead beneath the rubble.
  • Brazilians take to the streets from time to time to protest their economic problems and demand drastic changes in the government. However, just like anywhere else in the globe, you must keep up with current events to determine whether or not it is safe to visit Brazil at this time.
Things to Do in Brazil
A lovely beach in Brazil

Connolly Cove Easy Peasy Tips Before Traveling to Brazil

Following these facts, you may be hesitant to visit Brazil. Crimes, drugs, and political turmoil – are a lot of issues that make the country less appealing to tourists.

But with our tips, you can travel to Brazil without giving a second thought and keep yourself and your family safe, amazed, and falling in love with this stunning culture.

Here we go.

  • Pickpockets are everywhere in Brazil, especially at crowded festivals. You can hold your bag between your arms or use a secure belt to make it stick to you with zero possibility of being stolen.
  • Don’t only look at the service and reviews when looking for a hotel. You should be able to pinpoint the specific location of a hotel, hostel, or even a house. Brazil is a loud and bustling country with everything you need, but you must choose the correct neighbourhood.
  • If you choose to stay in a hostel, try to check in the daylight. Many hostels have a full range of security services, and to keep all guests secured, they often don’t allow anyone to get in after midnight hours.
  • Don’t try to speak Spanish in Brazil. No one will understand you because simply Brazilian people speak Portuguese, and English is not widely spoken.
  • Manage your trip to Brazil at any time. Weather is outstanding and sunny year-round, although December to March’s summer months is the busiest in Brazil.
  • Hold your passport whenever you are. Many historical attractions, public parks, and even your hotel are required to show your passport to let you pass through.
  • Don’t show up to pay attention to yourself. Or in other words, it’s not a good idea to wear your expensive watch or sparkling jeweller. As a result, robbers will be more likely to target you.
  • Suppose there is one thing you can do in Brazil, taste all the drinks and come back home. Because of the variety of fruits you have barely heard of before, Brazilians are masters in creating cocktails and fresh juices. Don’t waste any moment without sampling a new one.

Brazil is such a complex country there is much more to do, visit, explore, and eat. If you’re planning a trip to Brazil or even just dreaming about a trip there, we hope you enjoy this list of things to do in Brazil as much as we do, as well as our insider advice for staying safe and entertained. And share with us your photos from the last trip and tag our accounts @connolly_cove

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