The Tivoli In Copenhagen: The Magic of Scandinavia’s Beloved Amusement Park

The Tivoli In Copenhagen: The Magic of Scandinavia's Beloved Amusement Park

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The Tivoli in Copenhagen boasts the title of being the city’s crown jewel. This exquisite theme park first opened its doors on the 15th of August, 1843. and ever since has brought joy to its visitors in their hundreds and thousands. 

In this blog we share our experience of visiting the park with some practical tips on how to enjoy your day best and prepare for the magic!

The Tivoli In Copenhagen: The Magic of Scandinavia's Beloved Amusement Park
Tivoli in Copenhagen: The lights inside the Tivoli at night. Photo by Ava Playle on Unsplash

The History of Tivoli In Copenhagen And Entrance Options

As aforementioned this amazing amusement park first opened its doors in 1843. Since its origins, the park has operated with an entrance fee to facilitate the maintenance and upkeep of the gardens within. 

In a bid to create loyalty and encourage the locals to visit, the park has operated a season pass since 1845. Visitors pay a fee upon entrance dependent on the type of experience they hope to have during their trip. Options range from simple entrance to enjoy the gardens and atmosphere, to ride packages and passes. 

Some interesting facts

  • 1843: Tivoli opens its doors to the public.
  • 1874: The Peacock Theatre opens within the walls of the gardens. This theatre still stands today and hosts regular performances.
  • 1951: Walt Disney visits the Tivoli in Copenhagen. This visit took place four years prior to when Disneyland first opened its doors, claiming he took inspiration from the amazing atmosphere within its walls and hoped to recreate it within his park.

Whilst the park itself has changed, grown and been revisualised over the years, one thing is for certain. The sense of fun, enjoyment and magic still thrives at the heart of the park. From the moment you step inside, you are transported into another world. 

It’s pristine gardens, joy filled employees and sounds of laughter from every part of the park create the perfect atmosphere. 

The Tivoli In Copenhagen: The Magic of Scandinavia's Beloved Amusement Park
Tivoli in Copenhagen: The Gardens and a white building inside the park: Photo by Hasibe Salim on Unsplash

The Rides at Tivoli In Copenhagen: Thrills and Delights for All Ages

Ferris Wheels, Roller Coasters,  Haunted Houses, Bumper Cars, Trains… The Tivoli in Copenhagen has an impressive amount of options for you to explore.  Offering something for people of all ages, the website and app allows you to easily categorise by age and ‘Wild Ones’, making sure you find what suits you and your family best. 

Highlights for us included:

  • The Demon: How many times can you go upside down? There’s only one way to find out. This amazing roller coaster is considered to be the most action packed within the park. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, this is the ride for you.
  • The Roller Coaster: This roller coaster is one of the oldest running wooden roller coasters, not just in the Tivoli in Copenhagen but in the world! Prepare for lots of belly laughs.
  • Villa Vendetta: This one is scary. There’s no other way to explain it. Haunted house? Live actors? Walking in a conga line in the dark? Sold. 
  • The Swing Carousel: This ride shows you a stunning view of the park whilst floating high in the air. A little less action packed but just as much fun!

For younger children, The Dragon Boats, Vintage Cars and Ferris Wheels are just a few of the many options to enjoy. The park even has its own Aquarium where you can enjoy some peace and calm with the fishes.  

The Tivoli In Copenhagen: The Magic of Scandinavia's Beloved Amusement Park
Tivoli in Copenhagen: The lights of The Demon Roller coaster at night: Photo by Glen Michaelsen on Unsplash

The Rides: Tips & Tricks 

We recommend downloading the Tivoli app, which you can sync to your wristband. Your wristband contains your ride pass. All photographs from the rides will then sync to your wristband, giving you access to download onto your phone via the app.  

Something to be aware of is that Tivoli in Copenhagen operates in seasons, meaning during each different period Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas, there are different things to be explored and enjoyed!


For those with functional impairments, Tivoli in Copenhagen offers an ‘Assistant Scheme’ whereby you can bring a companion to assist and support you during your time in the park, for free. 

Some of the rides within the park might not be suitable for everyone, however an extensive amount are, including the arcades. You can check out what is suitable for you via each rides description page on the Tivoli website

Service dogs and guide dogs are of course more than welcome at the Tivoli in Copenhagen and sign language interpreters can also be brought to the performances. 

Tivoli In Copenhagen: Captivating Performances and Enchanting Entertainment

Within the park there are a number of theatres and concert stages where live performances can be enjoyed. Some of these shows are included in the ticket price and some, depending on the artist, have an additional fee. You can check out the full programme on the Tivoli website. 

The shows included in the ticket fee vary depending on the season. For example in the Christmas season, guests can expect to see Santa make an appearance. Each evening there is also a light show included in the gardens so make sure to come back in the evening so as not to miss out. 

Guests can exit the park via the Tivoli Food Hall, where they receive a re entry stamp.  

The Culinary Adventure Awaits at Tivoli Food Hall

Within the Tivoli in Copenhagen, is the amazing Tivoli Food Hall. This vibrant culinary hub is renowned throughout Copenhagen as a wonderful place to go and explore an eclectic array of dining options. 

Whether you crave traditional Danish fare, seek international cuisines, or desire sweet indulgences, the Tivoli Food Hall has something to satisfy every craving. Sample delectable Danish smørrebrød, savor vibrant Asian flavors, authentic Italian pizzas, or delight in fresh seafood dishes. The options are seemingly endless, each stall showcasing the culinary expertise of passionate chefs and artisans.

Scattered throughout the park, there are also many restaurants, bars and cafes for you to choose from. Enjoy themepark treats such as doughnuts, ice cream, candy floss and popcorn or sit down to some fine dining. The Tivoli in Copenhagen has something for everyone.

Tivoli: A True Gem of Copenhagen

We think that Tivoli Gardens is so much more than just an amusement park; it’s a magical place that captures the hearts of children and adults alike.

With its enchanting atmosphere, captivating attractions, and rich history, Tivoli offers an unforgettable experience that will leave the whole family with memories that last a life time. There is no doubt in our minds, when in Copenhagen a visit to the Tivoli is a must!

While you’re visiting Copenhagen, we recommend checking out some of its other landmarks. Explore The Botanical Gardens, The Roundhouse or even check out the Little Mermaid!

The Little Mermaid Copenhagen

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