3 Seaside Towns in England to Keep the Summer Vibe Alive

Seaside Towns in england

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And finally, the best days of the year are here! It is summer with its sunny weather and busy beaches. This is the informal season when you take off your shoes and enjoy swimming, sunbathing and barefoot walks along the coast. Let the fun begin!

If you are in the UK, you have plenty of coastal escapes that will help put your mood up since they are full of beach activities and other in-town amusements. In this article, we recommend three seaside towns in England that promise all of that. Let’s help you keep the summer vibe alive!

Seaside Towns in England: Brighten up Your Summer Days in Brighton!

A day out on the beach is a British tradition, but in Brighton, you will also have more activities to fill your leisure time during the long summer days and nights. Here is a guide to the best vacation in this seaside resort in East Sussex!

Brighton is a mix of the then and now, combining regency-era heritage and modern attractions in one place. It is the expansive beach and vibrant nights that keep trippers coming back to Brighton. 

The Beach in Brighton

Brighton is famous for its pebble beach with low tide, which —you might think to yourself— could give you a stretch of sand to sit on and build your sandcastle too! You can also enjoy a nice walk along the beach. 

This popular beach is also a place to relax. You can lean back and watch the rolling waves, or you can paddle your way in the water.  

Guess what? Brighton nights can be as entertaining as its daylight. Beachfront clubs are pulsing with life, which adds to your seaside experience in this town. You will have a lot of pictures to take during your day and night out in Brighton. 

Brighton Marina

Seaside Towns in England

Thinking of shopping? Brighton Marina is here! It is the largest in the UK and has a fantastic range of stores and diners, including quayside restaurants. This place on the eastern edge of Brighton Beach also has a shopping centre, a casino and a top-notch hotel. 

If you are a family, you might consider other activities, such as bowling, golf, live theatre or a multi-screen cinema. Besides the shopping centre, an outdoor market is set on the first Sunday of every month. You should check out crafts and fresh produce sold there. 

The Royal Pavilion

Seaside Towns in England

This is truly one of a kind. With a touch of India’s Taj Mahal, the Royal Pavilion is considered an architectural gem in England. Dating back to the 1800s, this palace has curved domes and sandstone spires that mirror the Indian mausoleum. 

In the past, the Royal Pavilion was the pleasure place where the Prince of Wales invited his friends to have fun away from London. It is no longer used by the Royal Family, but you can visit the Pavilion and have a tour inside. The Royal Pavilion features opulent ballrooms and banquet halls—it would be like seeing your favourite fairytale come to life. 

BA i360 Viewing Tower

Offering a 360-degree view of Brighton from 450 feet in the sky, this tower is an incredible modern landmark in a town known for its heritage sites. It is a 25-minute trip into the sky, taking you on a flight pod that slides into the air giving you a hell of a view from a dizzying height.

A West Beach Bar & Kitchen is found at the base of the tower for you to enjoy a drink and grab a bite after you have finished your ride. So, how do you like the modern world in Brighton?

The Lanes

Alleyways and lanes in Brighton bring the charm of the past with the vibes of modern life together. Once a fishing villageThe Lanes is now packed with shops, cafés and bars, plus heritage buildings.

As you explore this quaint fishermen’s village, which extends over a square mile, you can still see some cottages from the good old days with flower baskets and colourful flags dangling from the rooftops. Come enjoy this combination of the past and present!

Brighton Dome

This is a Victorian theatre where you can attend various live shows. Live bands and standup performances are regularly playing on three different stages of the Brighton Dome Concert Hall. Which stage to visit is your choice!

If you are visiting Brighton in May, stop by the Dome Concert Hall, which hosts exciting performances during the Fringe Festival. 

Hurray for the Longest Sunshine Resort of Eastbourne!

Welcome to the sunshine capital of the coast—where the sun pokes out its head for the longest time in all of the UK. Get ready for many sun kisses during your getaway in Eastbourne in East Sussex.

This seaside town is famous for its Victorian style, shown in its piers, hotels, and historical sites. But what best defines Eastbourne is its pristine beaches that extend for more than three miles. 

The Beach in Eastbourne

Eastbourne’s long seafront includes 23 beaches for visitors to choose from. If you are an active walker, that’s good news for you! 

Typical of the southern UK coastline, the beaches here are mainly pebbles and shingles. They are also lined with palm trees. You have a good chance of rock pooling when the tide is low, and the waves retreat. 

The Eastbourne Pier

Seaside Towns in England

This is an iconic site for shopping, dining and live entertainment. The restored Eastbourne Pier is a famous tourist and local attraction featuring a Victorian-style tearoom, jazz lounge and fish and chip shop.  

The Eastbourne Pier was opened in 1872 but was damaged by storms a few years later. During World War II, the pier was hit by an exploding mine. It was partially destroyed by fires during the post-war period. 

Extending from the seafront, this pleasure pier is open from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. So, make sure to stop for some fun!

The Treasure Island Adventure Park

This nautical theme park is the perfect outing for your kids. They will enjoy climbing the shipwreck’s slides, bridges and netted walkways—an ideal setting for pirates! This indoor soft play area also has zip lines and ball pits. But the kid-friendly adventure does not end here. Take more time to explore Long John Silver’s Outdoor Park.

This outdoor parkland offers a paddling lagoon splash and a hunt for treasure on a sandy beach, much to your kids’ fun. This is a place to take Instagrammable shots of fantastic childhood memories.

Eastbourne’s Sovereign Harbour Marina

Seaside Towns in England

Opened in 1993, Sovereign Harbour is a marina complex in the seaside resort of Eastbourne. It was initially known as “The Crumbles” and now includes five harbours: North Harbour, South Harbour, West Harbour, Outer Harbour and Inner Harbour.

The largest in Northern Europe, Sovereign Harbour is undoubtedly worth a visit, even to only look at boats. This marina complex offers yachting and motor cruising services, including fueling, pump-out stations and electrical hookups. The place also has coffee shops, stores and restaurants.

Eastbourne’s Wish Tower

This tower is one of about 100 constructed by Britain in the early 1800s to serve as a coastal fortification against incursions by France‘s Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Only 43 towers survived, though, and only two are in good condition, one being the Wish Tower in Eastbourne. You can book a guided tour of the tower and its dry moat. The Wish Tower is considered a piece of Eastbourne’s heritage.

Littlehampton: A Seaside Town at the Mouth of a River

Vibrant and family-friendly, Littlehampton is a seaside town of West Sussex with plenty to offer its visitors. We are not only talking about a beautiful coast here. Situated on the eastern bank of the mouth of the attractive River Arun, Littlehampton is the ideal place when you have things other than a day out on the beach in mind. Littlehampton is unique because it is a perfect destination for individuals, families and couples.

The Beach in Littlehampton 

Have your bucket and spade ready as you head for the sandy beach of Littlehampton, which regularly wins awards from the UK and Europe. If you are looking for shallow swims, you have reached the ideal spot, which is characterized by its hard-packed sand during low tide.

This safe beach on the stunning South Coast boasts a trendy promenade perfect for walking along the seafront. You might like to try kitesurfing and windsurfing, two popular activities in Littlehampton.

Littlehampton’s New Skate Park

This is a hit for skaters! The new Skate Park in Littlehampton has a range of ramps for almost everything that skates: scooters, BMX, skateboards and in-lines. You will have a blast on the long back-and-forth run of this revamped skate park. Located on Sea Road, the refurbished Skate Park opened in October 2019. Make sure not to miss the fun!

Littlehampton’s Harbour Park

Children will love it in Littlehampton. This seaside town also has a thing for the little ones—Harbour Park. This free-to-enter park will be a perfect day trip for your family. It features rides, an indoor soft play area and arcade games suitable for children aged between 2 and 12 years old.

Restaurants are also available for you to grab a meal while your kids enjoy their beach adventure at Harbour Park. While entry is free, the rides and games are charged, and you can book your tickets from the website of Harbour Park.

Have a Nice Vacation in England’s Seaside Towns!

Brighton, Eastbourne and Littlehampton are perfect summer retreats that you should not miss. The three seaside towns have much to offer to make your sunny days more shiny and your nights more glowing. The three towns are indeed worth a visit that you won’t regret!  

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