Norway: 17 Riveting Activities to Try for an Adventurous Trip 

Updated On: November 08, 2023


With the temperature going down, winter is getting real in many places around the world. Snow is falling over different countries, covering vast lands and creating magnificent landscapes. What place would be better to live in a freezing winter other than Norway?

Norway has this beautiful frozen phenomenon that leaves you in awe. Besides its splendid picturesque, Norway is packed with many activities to do and exciting sites to see. There are many regions out there for you to explore. 

Many people head to the capital cities whenever they visit a new country for the first time. Norway is no exception here, for Oslo is always crammed with new visitors. However, there are many other cities to see.

Norway embraces countless natural wonders in which you can have the adventure of a lifetime. You will be amused by the fascinating sceneries you’ll behold along the way. In this article, we’ve gathered for you the interesting activities that you can take up for an energetic adventure that you’ll never forget.

1) Chase the Northern Lights at the Deep Fjords

If you have never heard about this blasting phenomenon called the northern lights, you’re missing a lot. This phenomenon forms when particles from the sun that are electrically charged get into our planet’s atmosphere. Such a natural collision forms what we call the aurora borealis, and it happens to be one of the world’s natural wonders.

The beautifully dancing light shows up when the sky is dark, forming different hues of blue and green colors. In rare cases, shades of pink, red, or violet show up. It’s a natural condition that the weather can definitely affect, so you may have to wait a bit for it to show up.

Luckily, Norway happens to be among the few places on Earth where this natural wonder takes place. There are many sites where you can see the northern lights in Norway, with the deep fjords being the most popular. You can join a Northern lights safari where you keep chasing the charming lights across the Arctic sky while exploring other splendid landscapes.

2) Sail into the Arctic Circle

There are also awe-inspiring landscapes for nature lovers in Norway. Some of them are also unmissable destinations that you should probably visit before taking off. One of these sites is anywhere near the arctic circle.

The arctic circle passes through several countries, including Norway. But, what does that mean? It means getting in direct contact with polar bears that we eagerly see in movies. Not only that, but you will also get to see Norway from a totally different and utterly beautiful angle. 

So, it would be best if you considered heading to the most northern side of Norway for a brand new experience. You can choose to cruise along the coast of the country for a whole week. You will see as well as admire the darkness and beauty of winter. 

Travel experts arrange what they call the Hurtigruten Cruise. It’s an epic journey where you sail 2000 kilometers through the coastline of Norway. This fable adventure will teach you a lot about the history and culture of the Norwegians. You’ll venture into the true history of the Vikings.

3) Go Fishing on Lofoten Islands

Norway: 17 Riveting Activities to Try for an Adventurous Trip  1

The Lofoten Islands sit right above the Arctic circle, allowing for an alluring observation of the northern lights. It’s a great thing that this phenomenon appears around different sites, so you may get lucky and not miss it. 

Another phenomenon that you’ll experience is a sun that either never goes down or never comes up. It’s a new world where the night stays for six months and leaves for another six. For that very reason, Norway is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun.

These islands have a rich culture and deep history. Most of them revolve around the sea and the lives within. Many villages around this region have always depended on fishing. You may like heading there and taking fishing for a new experience. Moreover, this region offers scenic landscapes that will please your eyes.

Besides the beautiful sceneries, you have the opportunity to explore the surrounding towns. Svolvær is one of the most popular tourist attractions for housing several art galleries where you can learn about history. It is also home to the rock pinnacle, Svolvær Goat, and several other natural wonders.

4) Drive Down the Trollstigen Road

Norway: 17 Riveting Activities to Try for an Adventurous Trip  2

Driving long roads is a popular activity to take on while in Norway. The Trollstigen road is a fascinating one that passes through a mountain for almost six kilometers long. It links Åndalsnes city to Valldal, with countless scenic vistas in between that leave you gazing in wonder.

The Trollstigen road is a marvelous feature in Norway that you shouldn’t miss. It offers you a panoramic view of this bending road and the greenery that surrounds it. There is also a parking lot that lies at the top of this road. The best part is that you get to take a glimpse of the enchanting Stigfossen waterfalls from up there.

5) Hike to the Kjeragbolten Rock

Norway: 17 Riveting Activities to Try for an Adventurous Trip  3

If you like to keep your legs moving, this unique adventure is definitely for you. Kjerabolten is the highest peak along the Lysefjord, and it’s one of the world’s hardest and most dangerous hiking spots. Thus, it is always advised to visit this region only if you are an experienced hiker to avoid serious injuries.

The Kjeragbolten region encompasses the famous rock, Kjerag! It sits between two cliffs, and many people dare to climb over it. While being a perilous spot, it actually makes for a great Instagram photo. So, if you are up to some serious adrenaline pump, Norway is the best place to offer you that.

6) Time Travel at the Iron Age Farm

If you are willing to stray a little far from the capital city, you need to consider visiting Stavanger. Admission is affordable and suitable for everyone. In this wonderful city of Stavanger, you wouldn’t want to miss the Iron Age Farm. It is just as cool as it sounds. 

This farmstead was created to depict the lives of Norwegians of ancient times. The farm illustrates the life that took place on this land around 2000 years ago. It offers real scenes for what people used to do back then.

Beneath this site, archaeologists unraveled a farm that dates back to ancient times. Thus, they decided to take these scenes and reenact them into a present farm right above this discovery site.

7) Head to the Nordkapp.

Norway: 17 Riveting Activities to Try for an Adventurous Trip  4

Norway lies so close to the North Pole, especially its northernmost island, Nordkapp. This island offers spellbinding views that you could never see anywhere else. Don’t expect Santa Claus anywhere to be found, but it’s a definitely great spot to watch the Northern Lights.

There are also many activities offered at Nordkapp. These include snowmobiling thanks to the abundance of snow at this particular spot of the world. You can also explore the wildlife by either trying deep-sea rafting or watching birds and king crabs. Make sure you book your spot before heading there to make the most out of every second.

8) Learn History at the Viking Ship Museum

Norway: 17 Riveting Activities to Try for an Adventurous Trip  5

Norway is home to renowned monuments and attractions that tourists shouldn’t miss. Since it is a vast country, you will find perfect sites to head to around different cities. There are also attractive cultural centers and museums to learn about history. 

For history buffs, this museum is going to be a fantastic site to explore. Isn’t it interesting to learn about the Vikings? In the end, they originated from the Scandinavian lands in which Norway is included. You will get an interesting glimpse into an eerie past.

The Viking Ship Museum sits in the capital city of Oslo, in Bygdøy peninsula. It opened to welcome visitors back in 1926; however, it temporarily shut its doors until further notice. The museum houses several Viking ships that were the sturdiest in the world compared to their counterparts. Also, some of those Viking soldiers are buried in those ships. 

9) Visit the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

Here is one more destination that suits history lovers, and you’ll surely leave the place loaded with fascinating information. The museum is located at Bygdøy in Norway’s capital city, Oslo. It’s rather referred to as Norsk Folkemuseum. 

This region is like a vast open-air museum that encompasses hundreds of buildings. Within the walls of those buildings, you will come across magnificent artifacts representing the lives of different Norwegian folks. You will also get to know about other social groups and the development of their traditions throughout the years.

10) Watch the Nigardsbreen Ice Cave

Norway: 17 Riveting Activities to Try for an Adventurous Trip  6

Do you want to see one of the world’s greatest natural wonders? Europe is famous for being home to many glaciers around different areas. However, Norway houses Europe’s largest glacier, the Nigardsbreen ice cave.

This natural wonder is found in Luster city; it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions. It sits beneath the Jostedalsbreen National Park. Thanks to global warming, many icicles have formed due to the internal freezing within the cave and external melting. This natural phenomenon gave the world this incredible cave to see.

11) Go Whale Watching in Andøya Island

A trip to Norway is never complete without seeing whales in the wild. Norway is best known for its incredible whale safaris. The Andenes on the Island of Andøya is the most popular spot where these safaris take place. 

On one of those whale safaris, you will explore the waters where the probability of seeing whales grow higher. You will come across different species of whales, some of which you have never seen or heard of before. In the Vesterålen islands, you can see the sperm whales’ species all year long.

There are two seasons of whale watching, and these are during summer and winter. The winter whale watching season starts from early October to late January. On the other hand, the summer whale watching starts from late May to mid-September. If you are so eager to take on this trip, make sure, you visit Norway during those months.

12) Wander the Garnet Beach

This beach is one of the hidden gems in Norway that, surprisingly, isn’t that popular despite its allurement. A magical sight to behold and admire the beauty of nature. It hugs the shores of the Norwegian city, Bodo at Mjelle. 

The sands of this beach display different shades of pink, red, and maroon throughout the day. It is a phenomenon that you don’t get to see every day. Rumors have it that the color alteration of the sand happens due to vaporized gemstones. 

Scientifically speaking, the combination of red and white sands keeps cycling as the beach carries them back and forth. The wind also plays a role in dusting off the sands constantly, creating this color-changing illusion.

13) Meditate at the Svalbard Islands

Norway: 17 Riveting Activities to Try for an Adventurous Trip  7

The Svalbard Islands is a whole different level of wildlife and genuine natural wonder. These islands sit in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. They act as a midpoint between Norway and the North Pole. Within these islands lies the beautiful city of Longyearbyen. 

The whole region is home to thousands of human beings as well as wild animals. You will find serenity and fascinating landscapes to behold away from the buzzing cities. It is an excellent spot from which you can watch the northern lights and never miss them.

However, there are also fancy restaurants that offer gourmet meals, the type that you expect to find in large cities. You will also find a lot of activities to participate in, including ice caving, snowmobile safari, and dog sledding.

14) Walk through the Clouds at Aurland Lookout

In 2005, two creative artists, Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen designed the amazing Aurland Lookout. Those two talented designers were highly aware of the incredible vista that the city of Aurland offers. Thus, they made use of this natural beauty. Some also refer to this spot as the Setgastein Lookout.

It provides a complete view of the majestic fjords of Norway, making for a perfect spot for whoever takes pleasure in exceptional heights. Given the superb viewpoint you get at this spot, it became one of the top tourist attractions in Norway.

The lookout is around 2000 feet above the ground. A height that makes you feel as if you’re walking through the clouds. It may feel like you may mindlessly fall off the cliff if you ever get distracted. However, there is a vast glass that protects the visitors from slipping off at any given moment. 

15) Enjoy the Northern Norwegian Science Center

Norway offers great scenes that make you fall in love with this fantastic planet. Furthermore, it is home to one of the world’s greatest science centers. The Northern Norwegian Science Center is located in the city of Tromsø.

It’s a perfect family destination where your children will have fun exploring the secrets of our beautiful world. However, it’s also a great spot for everyone who is eager to better understand how the universe works. You will also get to know a lot about the human body, weather, and energy. There is a lot of information to take in.

There is a department made explicitly for the science of weather since Norway has this arctic phenomenon. Moreover, this center accommodates the largest planetarium in the country. You will have the chance to experience the breathtaking Northern lights 

16) Have an Extraterrestrial Experience in Hessdalen

While you are in Norway, you may encounter folks who believe in the existence of some extraterrestrial beings. Well, every culture has its own superstitions, but this one is actually a little bit quirky. 

In Hessdalen, there are what people call the Hessdalen lights. These lights appear from afar and keep hovering over the town. Until this day, there isn’t a clear explanation for what the nature of these lights is.

Those lights were first spotted in the early ’80s by some farmers. The lights were too strange for them that rumors started to spread about the existence of UFOs. Throughout the following two decades, people began to flock to Hessdalen, hoping to glance at any UFOs.  

Sightings of those lights were reported to be several times per week. Right now, they can be seen every now and then, and almost on a yearly basis.

17) Marvel at the Hardangerjøkulen Glacier

Well, the name can be a little hard to pronounce if you are not fluent in Norwegian. But don’t let it stray you from the fact that it is one of the many natural wonders of Norway. Hardangerjøkulen is the sixth largest glacier in Norway. The glacier can leave you spellbound while you gaze at its rare beauty that can’t be found every day or everywhere. 

The allurement of this natural spot had led movie makers to make use of it back in the ’80s. This is the spot where many scenes from Star Wars movies were shot. If you have enjoyed seeing this glacier on the screen, imagine how it feels gazing at it in real life.

Hardangerjøkulen can be easily accessed from different points around Norway. You can hop on a train that from Finse and make sure it heads to Bergen. You will get there in no time. The best part is, you get to watch more dazzling landscapes throughout your train journey.  


Norway is a piece from heaven that our planet is blessed to embrace among its many lands. Traveling to this country is a surreal experience that you should go through at least once in your lifetime. We assure you the time you will spend there will be an amazing part of your memory lane for years to come.

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