Turn Your Frown Upside Down: Methods to Ease Blue Monday

meditate and practice breathing

Updated On: April 15, 2024 by   Ciaran ConnollyCiaran Connolly

Blue Monday is a term used to describe the ‘most depressing day of the year’. The third Monday of January, the day was invented by travel marketing executives to encourage people to book holidays. Playing on the feelings of hopeless and loss of drive, they hoped that people would reach into their pockets to buy holidays to lift them from their gloom. With this knowledge, Blue Monday isn’t so blue after all! January is grey and cold but there are many ways to help us focus our minds and look for the positives. Planning for the coming year and getting excited about what the future holds can help us realign our thoughts. 

Splash Colour on Your Wardrobe 

Colour has been proven to be a mood booster and wearing bright jumpers can help you feel that little bit better. If bright colours aren’t your thing, wear an outfit that makes you feel good. Dressing up doesn’t have to be kept for going for dinner or events. Dress in clothes that make you feel empowered and confident. 

wear bright clothes blue monday
Dressing in your glad rags can make you feel better.


Make Yourself a Warm Beverage

There is nothing more lovely than a well-brewed cup of tea. Even if you don’t like tea, grab a coffee and a good book and get lost in the afternoon. If you’re being careful of your caffeine intake, peppermint tea or chamomile tea are great alternatives and manage to warm the soul. 

Missing friends in the office? Organise a Zoom or Google Meet and catch up with them over a brew. Having a cuppa is more than just a drink, it’s about connecting with people and yourself, and it allows you to process. 

unwind with tea on blue monday
A warm beverage is good for the soul.


Pump Up Your Rhythm 

Exercising is proven to be good for your mental and physical health. With this in mind, move any way you can. Not everyone likes to go on ten-mile runs but there are plenty of methods to get fit and healthy that doesn’t require braving the cold. 

Joe Wicks runs PE with Joe every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. Pop on his YouTube channel, and start to work out and enjoy the silliness. Like dancing? Put on your favourite music that pumps you up and dance to it! This is a fun and fast way to move your body. No one’s watching, so dance your heart away.

exercise for your mental and physical health
Working out has many positive benefits for your mental and physical health.

Take Care of Your Mind

Our mental health is super important and making sure that we are incorporating self-care into our routine is crucial. Check out self-care books if you don’t know where to start. Frame the year ahead as one that is going to be positive for you and one that is going to put your needs first. 

Mediate, practice your breathing, let yourself have time to ‘be’. In a culture that rewards fast-paced life, take time to process your thoughts and feelings. Do a face mask, run a bath, and make lists of what you are grateful for – these all help. 

take some time for your mind blue monday
Practising mindfulness and taking time to think about what you are thankful for can help on Blue Monday.


Binge Your Favourites

Television is escapism and there are so many options for us to binge with Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+ providing hours of entertainment. Even if you don’t have a subscription, traditional television channels have box sets on their online platforms like BBC iPlayer and All 4 and the ITV Hub. 

With incredible modern television shows like Schitt’s Creek, you can go back in a fantastical time with Bridgerton, laugh with Community, or get enthralled with the Queen’s Gambit. Classic television shows are also available on many of these platforms, so binge The Sopranos or The Office to your heart’s content. If there’s nothing tickling your fancy on the television, there will be plenty of films and documentaries that might demand your attention. 

Binge watch on blue monday
Binge-watch your favourite shows to improve your mood.


Declutter Your Space 

After Christmas, clutter naturally builds up as we try to find space for our new gifts and assess what items we really need. Taking time to declutter space and review our belongs is soothing for the mind. Spend time organising your room. File documents for ease of access. Get storage boxes or containers to help organise your items better. 

Finding time to organise your life and items can prevent stress at a later date. You’ll know exactly where that bank statement is or where you’ve left the screwdriver. 

declutter space blue monday
Taking time to declutter your space can improve your mental health.


Buy Something Nice For Yourself.

After Christmas can be bleak. After a season of giving and receiving gifts, January can feel empty. It is also usually tight on your purse strings. Luckily, January also brings an exciting event – January Sales. 

You don’t have to spend massive amounts of money to treat yourself to a little something. Buy yourself a book or a lip balm, anything that makes you smile. Invest in yourself and it will make you feel better. 

treat yourself blue monday
Buying yourself something, even a little treat, can lift your mood.


Catch up with Loved Ones

Technology has come a long way and now we don’t even need to physically see people connect. Catch up on Zoom or Google Meet with friends and family. Do quizzes, have a few drinks (of any description) and enjoy each other’s company. 

Even if you don’t want to video call, give someone a call or text. Play multiplayer games with friends on consoles or through free apps on your phone. There are so many options to make your day brighter and Mondays less blue.

communication blue monday
Taking time to connect with loved ones increases endorphins in your body.

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