Malahide Village: A Great Seaside Town Outside Dublin

Updated On: May 19, 2022

Malahide castle and gardens in Malahide Village

Most of the time when people come to Ireland they head straight for Dublin, the Irish Capital. Dublin is, of course, a brilliant city filled with a lively atmosphere and lots to do but sometimes you’ll just want to escape the city life, that’s when the charming Malahide village is the perfect place to visit.

Malahide Village takes you away from the hustle and bustle of city life in Dublin, to a lovely and friendly seaside town that you’ll quickly fall in love with.

Malahide is a place that offers something for everyone visiting, whether you are coming for shopping, a fun day trip by the sea or a weekend break the village boasts a wide array of things to see and do.

A Short History of Malahide Village

Malahide village was known for being a popular settlement of the Vikings in Ireland for a period of time dating back to 795. It wasn’t long after that when Malahide saw the arrival of the Anglo- Normals and its believed that the last Danish King of Dublin chose to retire in the village in 1171.

The Talbot family who resided at Malahide Castle during the 1180s helped to build the area up and over many centuries developed their estate and soon a harbour settlement. In the 1400’s Thomas Talbot, the father of the Talbot family received the powerful title of ‘Admiral of the of Malahide’. This title gave him full control over everything coming through  Malahide port. This title was passed through the family, each new generation took over control as confirmed by the Court of Exchequer in 1639.

As the 19th century approached there were roughly about 1000 people living in the village. This period also saw a number of local industries coming to life, such as salt harvesting, steam bakery, a silk ribbon factory and gasworks – the last of the bunch were the only to survive into the 20th century. Malahide harbour continued to grow as a commercial operation, bringing in merchandise mainly construction materials.

Maladie village was growing as a popular place to live during the Georgian times, which saw many new housing estates being created to accommodate the growing population. Even today you’ll still see some of the Georgian heritage especially in the architecture of the houses along the seafront.

The seaside village has become one of the most desirable places to live/visit in Ireland outside the big cities like Dublin. As of 2011 via a census, there are around 15,000 people who reside in the village.

Things to do in Malahide

There is plenty on offer at the seaside village that makes you feel like your miles away from the busier tourist city of Dublin but in fact, its just a short 30-minute drive. Malahide is the perfect escape in Ireland, where you’ll feel at home as soon as you get there.

Malahide Castle

Malahide village is captivated by the dominating and historic castle that is Malahide Castle. The Beautiful medieval castle is the top attraction in the village, offering visitors a wealth of 800 years of history and heritage to uncover.

“The castle is a picture postcard: the castle and grounds are beautiful.” – Trip Advisor Customer

Although the castle may be small, it makes up for it with its stunning architecture, beautiful furnished design and the rich history that you’ll want to unravel. At Malahide Castle, you can explore generations of the popular Talbot family, who lived in the castle for many centuries.

A tour guide will take you through the fascinating stories and history that took place within the walls of the castle. Offering you a glimpse into how the castle played an important role in Irish political and social life, as it still does to this day. The Castle is the Crown jewel of Malahide village.

Malahide Village

Malahide Castle Gardens and Butterfly House

While you are visiting the spectacular castle, you can’t pass up checking out the stunning gardens and butterfly house located within its grounds. Set over 260 acres of gorgeous parkland, you will find exotic flowers and plants, natural beauty and huge open green spaces that make for the perfect picnic spot.

Make sure to visit the enchanting West Lawn, a tranquil area of green spaces surrounded by tall trees, ornamental wooden sculptures and a magical fairy trail. This is a photographers paradise, with so many great photo opportunities due to the amazing landscape.

Malahide Beach

After a visit to the historic Castle head to the beautiful Velvet Strand beach that stretches 2km long. A popular spot with locals and tourists, with a captivating coastal walk that will lead you into the nearby beach of Portmarnock beach.

Sometimes you might be lucky enough to get Malahide beach all to yourself if you go early morning or in the late evening, offering you a chance to really appreciate its beauty without being disturbed.

“What a view and what a treat! Hearing the waves crash on a beautiful seaside was a really enjoyable surprise.” – TripAdvisor Customer

Malahide Golf Club

Malahide Village

Ireland is home to some brilliant golf courses and the one located in Malahide village won’t disappoint you. Claimed as one of the friendliest golf courses in Ireland, it offers a great place for a round of golf. Malahide golf club offers an impressive 27 holes in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes.

Check out the impressive golf course in the video below:

Shopping in Malahide

Malahide is a great place to enjoy some shopping, a place that is filled with chic boutiques providing something different and unique that you won’t find in Dublin.

Take a visit to Marc Carin, the international successful fashion company for something special, the only Marc Carin shop in all of Ireland. Check out Bianco and Neola for one-off women fashion pieces. For book lovers, you’ll want to visit Manor Book shop, filled with amazing Irish literature and more.

Every Saturday you can visit the Sylvesters Malahide Market in the heart of the village with a variety of 20 stalls featuring; jewellery, vintage items, food, art and more.

Restaurants in Malahide

Malahide is home to great restaurants that offer you a chance to try the local Irish cuisine and enjoy the marine environment.

One of the most popular restaurants is SeaBank; here you can enjoy an amazing selection of seafood that’s caught locally in the marina. The place is a small family run business, so it’s always nice to eat locally when you can and the food is delicious which makes it even better.

If you want to try some traditional Irish pub food, a visit to the popular Gibneys Pub is a must. You’ll usually find the pub busy on the weekends with its lively music and electric atmosphere.  If you want to experience the best of Malahide village this is where you should go and enjoy a drink with the locals.

Also not to be missed is ‘The Greedy Goose’ the latest dining experience in Malahide, offering a great selection of food and gorgeous views overlooking the marina and nearby islands. It offers a variety of miniature dishes, so you can try a selection of everything.

Malahide is one of the best seaside villages in Ireland, we recommend staying here and just travelling in the capital city of Dublin, where you can then explore more attractions but come back to inviting Malahide village at the day.

Have you ever been to Malahide? Share with us what you love most about the place!

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