Lagan Valley Regional Park-Belfast

Updated On: March 10, 2022

Amazing lush gardens, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Famous for its Lock Keeper’s Cottage at Shaws Bridge, the Lagan Valley Regional Park is an excellent place to visit and get lost for a day (in a good way!). So much to see – it takes a few visits to really see the key areas. Hope you like the photos from some of them!

Lagan Valley Regional Park-Belfast
Boat House – Lagan Valley


Lagan Valley Regional Park covers an area of 4,200 acres and extends 11 miles along both sides of the River Lagan between Stranmillis, Belfast to Union Locks, Lisburn.

Lagan Valley Regional Park-Belfast
Famous Lock Keepers Cottages Lagan Valley Park


Lagan Valley Regional Park was designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty as it is rich in natural features, biodiversity and a range of historically significant sites.

Lagan Valley Regional Park-Belfast
Lock Keepers Inn – Lagan Valley Regional Park

The Giant’s Ring is an ancient Neolithic site; Lagan Meadows boasts a local nature reserve and in addition to being home to different species from Kingfishers to Otters.

Lagan Valley Regional Park-Belfast
Perfect Walks – Lagan Valley Regional Park

Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, such as angling, kayaking, canoe slalom, or mountain biking.

Lagan Valley Regional Park-Belfast
Amazing Walks – Lagan Valley Park

Belfast’s Park includes numerous attractions, including the Lagan towpath, Lock Keeper’s Cottage, Malone House, Belvoir Park Forest, Barnett Demesne, Minnowburn, Lagan Meadows, Shaw’s Bridge, Edenderry, McIlroy Park.

Lagan Valley Regional Park-Belfast
Lagan Valley Regional Park-National Trust Protection

Lagan Valley Regional Park’s History

The Lagan Valley Regional Park was formed in the 1960s to conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the River Lagan corridor to breath in the allure of Northern Ireland’s pristine magic.

Lagan Valley Regional Park-Belfast
Boat House-Lagan Valley Park

Why not check out Lagan Valley Park in 360 Degree – best watched on a mobile device – or use your mouse to zoom around to see all around. This video has been shot in a few different locations across the park – and it starts at the white cottage, overlooking the river – the 2nd photo in this post.

Nearby Attractions – Must Visit! 

Edenderry Village

Edenderry village was established in the late 19th century and owned until the 1970s by John Shaw Brown and his family for the production of the world-renowned fine linen and damask and take your time to buy some domestic items and souvenirs.

Giant’s Ring

The Giant’s Ring dates back to the Neolithic period to delve into the history of Belfast and was built around 2700 BC. The original purpose of the monument was as a meeting place or a memorial to the dead.

In the 18th century, the site was used for horse racing. A ritual site near the henge was excavated by Barrie Hartwell of the Queen’s University of Belfast in the early 1990s.

For Tourists Visiting Belfast – be sure to also check out 

Queens’ University 

The University opened in 1849 and was designed by Sir Charles Lanyon. It is one of the most impressive pieces of architecture in Belfast that offers over 160 years of heritage. You can even go on guided campus tours to see how amazing it really is.

Belvoir Park Forest

A large park near the city of Belfast, the Belvoir Park Forest is rife with wildlife, including Large Bracket Fungi and flowering plants, such as the Giant Hogweed, as well as birds such as the Long-eared Owls, and mammals such as the red squirrels.

Managed by the Forest Service, Belvoir Park Forest walks within the forest link to the Lagan River ‘Towpath’ and the Lagan Valley Regional Park.

Have you ever had the chance to walk through Lagan Valley Regional Park? Let us know in the comments below.

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