Belfast Street Art: A Tour Around the Cathedral Quarter (and Beyond)


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Belfast’s Stunning Street Art: a Tour Around the Art of Belfast City

Belfast street art conveys a huge amount of history and present-day cultural expression through some very intricate and stunning street art.

ProfileTree placement student Daire Cullen takes us on a tour of some of the best and most head-turning pieces.

Street Art of Belfast: a Guide Around Belfast’s Art

You could walk around Belfast for a couple of hours and learn a lot about its cultural scene from the street art you’ll find on walls across the city centre, especially around the Cathedral Quarter.

This area of the city is the main spot for many artists to paint with many events being centred around its streets, such as Hit the North and Culture Night.

Walking around and seeing the art that covers the walls of the Cathedral Quarter is stunning, to say the least- with many of these pieces being large scale art that covers an entire shop shutter or even the entire side of a building if you can find them.

Following this guide can save you money on going to a gallery, and if I’m honest; it’ll be more entertaining too.

Cathedral Quarter Art Highlights

Belfast street art

It’s a given that we had to include the 3D street art outside the Sunflower Bar as it just looks amazing. With the added bonus of it being 3D too makes it one of the most interesting pieces on this list.

It’s difficult to notice on your first glance; however, there is text above it that tells you that you can get some 3D glasses to borrow in the Sunflower which isn’t far. So you don’t have to worry about going too far from the art.

Unbreakable – Hill Street

Belfast street art

This piece was made by the artist Psychonautes and has a brilliant style, the amazing geometric style isn’t something you see a lot of. It feels very refreshing to see something in this style on the trail.

Typically you won’t see pieces like this in many places but this kind of art style is refreshing in a way as it is not commonly used.

Curry Half n Half or Pastie Bap – Church street

Belfast street art

This one was decently recent at the time of writing and it has garnered a very interesting reaction from the public. Regardless of that, it is still a nice looking piece and it’s a beautiful piece to see up close and personal. The artist even has a watermark for their Instagram if you would like to see some of their other pieces.

Atomic Collectables Shutter Art – North Street

Belfast street art

This one was a commission for the Atomic Collectables shop and is just on the shutter, so if the shop happens to be open then you can take a look around inside and see what there is that could grab your interest. The piece itself is very well made as it does the shop justice and describes the theme of the shop fantastically.

The Dream – Exchange street

Belfast street art

One of the more elegant pieces and it definitely deserves a spot on this list. This piece is located in a car park so if you’re lucky enough to be able to park here then you can admire this piece up close.

The intricacy that went into this piece of art is astonishing and definitely worth taking a photo with as it is a brilliant piece.

Phoenix – North Street

Belfast street art

This piece was made by Bristol artist Andy Council and it looks amazing up close, I myself have passed by it a couple times and always take some time just to admire the skill and intricacy that went into this painting.

Definitely, something you should see before you leave Belfast.

Triple Trouble – Donegal Street

Belfast street art

This is a tribute to the Beastie Boys band which has been disbanded was painted on the side of a publishing agency which is now shut down. However, you can still see the painting on the side of the building and the painting of which is an exceedingly well-drawn tribute.

Pandora’s Jar – Donegall Street

Street art pandora's jar

This piece was made by Christina Angelina, a Venice, California, based artist who came here for the Hit the North festival. the piece itself is very well made and is stunning to see in real life. The piece is brilliantly drawn and has lot of minor details in it; in my opinion, this is one of the best pieces here in Belfast.

Discover the Best of Belfast’s Street Art

You can find many pieces of street art in Belfast on any corner or turn- some pieces you’ll find are quite hidden but are worth seeking out.

Every piece on the list has their location right next to their name so if there any of these pieces you would like to go and see yourself you can get directions to the streets from locals or Google Maps.


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