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Updated On: March 25, 2022

Redburn Country Park Ulster

Redburn Country Park – A Refreshing Park

When it comes to the different places that one could visit in Northern Ireland then parks are a great hit. As this country is known for its beautiful greenery parks that could interest both adults and children.

One of the different parks that are found in Northern Ireland that we have been to is Redburn Country Park. The Park is set on an escarpment above Belfast Lough and this means that in addition to the greenery inside the park that one will receive, there will also be some spectacular views offered as well.

Park Map
Redburn Country Park Map

Redburn Country Park is a beautiful park for people to visit, but for you to reach the top and enjoy these spectacular panoramic views, they will need to walk 7km through different pathways. This climb up is actually worth it all because you will receive those breathtaking views of Belfast and South Antrim hills.

You can visit Redburn Country Park in all seasons, but always make sure to take care during winter and autumn, better to visit this place during springtime.

So Many Interesting Animals To Discover at Redburn Country Park

The interesting thing about this park are the animals which one could get the chance to spot while you’re here. Such as the variety of birds, like the tits and finches. During the summertime, one could also manage to spot the willow warblers and blackcaps. Which are found in the scrub and gorse at the top of the hill. Rabbits could be also seen in this park and there is also the red squirrel which one could spot out if they are lucky enough.

The Bear Pit at the park
The Bear Pit at the Red Country park

Take a trip to Redburn Country and enjoy the beautiful greenery and the views on offer as long with the relaxing walks that both adults and kids will enjoy. In the springtime its the perfect place to have a picnic and place some fun activities. So next time you are looking for something free to do in Belfast why not take a trip to this park or the many other great parks around Belfast.

Have you ever been to Redburn County Park? Maybe you have another favourite park in Belfast? We would love to know 🙂

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