360 Degree Video of The Giants Ring, Belfast

Updated On: June 15, 2018

See the Giants Ring in 360′ Degrees

It is so amazing what you can see in this video, right? The sound of the wind and the vast greenery areas, it’s so breathtaking. The Giants Ring is not just an ordinary vast grassland; in fact, it has an amazing history. Here, you will learn all you need to know about this magnificent place.

 The Giants Ring

In fact, the Giants Ring is one of the amazing monuments found in Northern Ireland, Belfast in particular. This monument sits at Ballynahatty near Shaw’s Bridge in Belfast. Viscount Dungannon used to be responsible for maintaining the monument and keeping it unspoiled. In fact, Viscount Dungannon was a title of nobility- just like Baron or Lord- however, it ended in 1706.  Around the site, there is a wall with an inscribed stone tablet. Legends claim that Charles A Thompson was the one to carve those inscriptions. Years later, his granddaughter, Ann Aston, confirmed those claims. She stated that her grandfather told her about carving that stone back in 1919.

History of the Giants Ring

Since the Neolithic period, the Giants Ring has been around; being built in 2700  B.C. The site is actually way too old that it is even older than the Egyptian Pyramids. In fact, the sole purpose of this place was either being a memorial to the dead or a meeting place. Some even claim that the henge belonged to a building used for ritual purposes. Throughout the years, the site served several public purposes. In the 18th century, it was a perfect site for horse racing.

About the Site

The site is actually a State Care Historic Monument. Above and beyond, it has the status of ASAI, which means an Area of Significant Archaeological Interest. There is a circular enclosure in this site, measuring around 200 meters in diameter. Besides, it has around 7 acres, in terms of area.

At the eastern part of the centre of the enclosure lies a small passage tomb. In fact, what is left are only the remains of what used to be a tomb. The tomb has a passage that is useless and not functioning at all, facing the west side of the enclosure. On the other hand, some reports claim that outside that enclosure, there are other tombs. However, no traces of them were anywhere to be found; just the one inside the enclosure.

Usually, people refer to the enclosure as the henge. It looks so impressive that it actually acts as a massive amphitheatre made of clay and boulders. In 1954, archaeologists carried out some excavations in the area. They claimed to have found an inner waterway. The banks of the channel have small gaps that go back to the early Bronze Age. More reports were made stating that archaeologists and experts believe this henge used to be part of a ritual building. It used to sit around the Lagan Valley.

The Giants Ring and Religious Principles

Like we have already mentioned, the archaeologists believe the henge was part of a ritual building. Besides, adjacent to it is actually a ritual site that Barrie Hartwell excavated in the early 90’s.

Moreover, Michael J. O’Kelly reported that the Giants Ring contained evidence of some religious practices. Those practices involved honouring the dead as the essence of the principles of a Neolithic religion. He believed that because hundreds of passage tombs in Ireland served similar purposes. Especially, those particular ones that belonged way back to the Neolithic period.

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