Insidious — The Filming Locations of the 5th and Last Part of the Horror Franchise

Updated On: July 16, 2023


The world is full of countless people who relish the adrenaline rush that comes associated with horror movies. They rejoice in having their hearts pounding out of their chests and sitting on the edge of their seats while danger unravels on screen. In 2010, we were introduced to one of the most famous horror franchises, Insidious, and it never falls short of delivering spine-chilling thrills. 

The spellbinding tale began unfolding the trembling events in 2010 when a happy family moved out to settle in their new dream home, unaware of the world they were stepping into. Little did they know that their new steps were plagued by ghostly encounters, where a malevolent spirit used their little son as its vessel. It may initially seem like a worn-out tale, but be patient, for the story gets better with every turning chapter. 

Surprisingly, this July marks the release of the franchise’s latest film, promising their loyal fans one last scream. Producers and creators have recently made it clear that there aren’t new plans for renewing the series in the foreseeable future after the drop of the fifth part. So, we’re bringing to you some of the actual filming locations of Insidious: The Red Door as a proper way to bid farewell to this riveting franchise.

Although there isn’t a chance for the Insidious series to become a distant memory any time soon, we ought to delve into the locations where many of the franchise’s terrifying scenes were shot. Join us on this enthralling journey of paranormal horror, where you can recreate some hair-raising scenes.

The States Where the Last Chapter of Insidious Was Shot

The last chapter of Insidious turned its last page, leaving loyal fans eager to watch the last of this captivating series while not wanting to say goodbye yet. We’ve learned that this film was mainly shot in both New Jersey and Georgia, in Morristown and Atlanta. While we’re not aware of the specific filming locations, we praise the production’s choice, for these two states are known for being home to numerous haunted attractions.

Morristown, New Jersey

New Jersey was one of the primary filming locations of Insidious, and we ought to say that the production team behind the film made a wise destination picking NJ. The state is recognised for its potential to offer a perfect backdrop; thus, it didn’t have to opt for exotic islands overseas. The particular destinations where Insidious: The Red Door took place weren’t publicly revealed, but we’ll give you all the reasons we praise their choice of picking Morristown.

New Jersey is popular for embracing more than a few haunted houses, especially in Morristown, making it an ideal destination to set a paranormal story. You’ll come across numerous spine-chilling destinations that you can visit in New Jersey if you happen to have a daring soul. While these specific locations weren’t notably featured in the latest Insidious film, they possess almost the same eerie ambience of the movie’s themes.

Among the famous nearby attractions that are suitable for a good scare are the Night of Terror, 13th Hour Haunted House, and Brighton Asylum. They’re great entertaining destinations to enjoy a spooky night with your friends or even family; however, it’s not recommended for children under 13. Night of Terror is one of the well-known haunted attractions in New Jersey that is quite suitable for spending your Halloween. It’s also a great place to sense the presence of malevolent spirits and relive the bone-chilling scenes from Insidious. 

On the other hand, 13th Hour Haunted House is known for its Escape Rooms that never fails to offer a bone-chilling scare. Don’t miss the notorious Brighton Asylum since asylums have always been a classical setting for fictional horrors, given the controversy surrounding what occurs within their confined walls.

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia was another exceptional choice to capture an authentic essence that matches the movie’s eerie ambience. It was one of the prominent filming locations of the latest Insidious film, especially Atlanta. The latter is renowned for its paranormal activity, offering a myriad of haunted locations that were perfect settings for this bone-chilling story of Insidious.

The best part is that the cast and crew opting to shoot within the USA helped in harnessing all of the energy needed to fend themselves from supernatural entities. We can’t help but wonder whether the filmmaker chose Atlanta for its notorious reputation or if it was just a coincidence. Either way, the location contributed to delivering genuine feelings of terror that were displayed on the screen.

If you’re looking for a good scare that will have your adrenaline pumping through your body, look no further than the popular haunted attractions in Atlanta, where the last Insidious film was shot. So many popular places are pretty suitable for spending your Halloween. It’s also a great place to sense the presence of malevolent spirits and relive the bone-chilling scenes from Insidious.

Iconic Landmarks from the Previous Films 

Undoubtedly, all films of the renowned horror franchise have yielded great success over the years, ever since its debut in 2010. The series has offered its fans, unparalleled spine-chilling terror, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats. Even more interestingly, James Wan extensively used the limited budget at hand for the locations, amassing astounding amounts at the Box Office

Since the budget wouldn’t allow for building special studio sets, he went for actual and unconventional locations, defying all expectations. Wan managed to prove that a vast and enthralling cinematic experience cannot be determined by the size of the budget but by the sheer brilliance of filmmaking

We’re sharing with you real-life destinations that were featured in the previous chapters of the Insidious series. In fact, they were merely ordinary destinations until they came into the big screen, urging people to observe the real-life locations where the shockingly frightening scenes exuded on the screen occurred.

The Lambert Family’s House

In Insidious: Chapter 2, as well as Insidious: Chapter 3, Elise’s Highland Park House was featured multiple times. The house appears more than a few times, seeming like a typically ordinary building that we would see in everyday life. The Lambert House was the building used to mimic Elise’s house on screen. It’s located in Victoria Park Neighbourhood in Los Angeles and goes way back to 1908. 

Taking a first look at the house, you won’t feel like there’s anything off-putting about it, except for its sort of tired exterior with a washed-out colour palette, which was an exciting element to deliver the director’s viewpoint. On the contrary, the interiors were quite exquisite, with a vast space covering around 2,580 square feet and featuring large bedrooms and spacious bathrooms.

Thanks to its graceful woodwork, the whole house succeeded in playing as a horror backdrop for the movie’s theme. Interestingly, the rental of this house skyrocketed after it was featured in the films, whopping at almost $4500 per month. This actually brings up an important reminder; this house is private property, so please don’t trespass or disturb the residents out of curiosity.

Herald Examiner Building

Another filming location where previous parts of the franchise took place was the renowned Herald Examiner Building in Downtown Los Angeles, located precisely on South Broadway. It was constructed back in 1914, and its presence has been quite daunting ever since, with numerous theories and superstitions surrounding it. The building was featured in the film as “The Further” location, where Lambert went to retrieve his son.

The building used to be the house of a daily newspaper that was published in the afternoons through weekdays and in the morning on the weekends. Hearst Communications was the title of the newspaper circulating back then, and Hearst Corporation owned it. The building has been abandoned ever since the newspaper closed in 1989, right after publishing its last edition. 

Nowadays, the building serves as an occasional filming site for significant movies and series. It also remains one of the iconic landmarks in Los Angeles, not only for being featured in plenty of films but also for its fascinatingly captivating architecture, designed by Julia Morgan in the Spanish Colonial Revival style.

Insidious: The Red Door was long anticipated since the last film in the franchise was released five years ago. Half a decade sounds quite long for dedicated fans; thus, we can sense your eagerness and excitement to immerse yourself in the final chapter of the captivating series before bidding farewell. If you happen to have a daring soul, make sure you embark on a thrilling journey to the iconic landmarks featured or even haunted destinations that lie nearby the actual filming locations of the renowned film.

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