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Updated On: February 07, 2022


Education is something that should never really end and, luckily, there are plenty of sites that facilitate learning online. From short online courses to full-blown online degrees, the internet is teeming with possibilities and subjects for you to learn. With extensive lists and reputable places of knowledge taking these free courses online, there has never been a better time to pick up extra education or hone a skill with a certification. While all these sites provide online learning for free, the premium comes from receiving a certificate or diploma. Regardless if you are doing it to gain more education and experience or if you’re doing it for fun, learning online has become a pathway to opening the mind and bringing fresh ideas into your life. 

Learning online can open new chapters of your life. (Source: wallpaperflare)


Learning Online: Coursera

Perhaps the most famous of all online courses, Coursera is a website that has global partners with some of the most distinguished institutions and organisations. With an accessible and pleasant database, one can access a plethora of online courses developed by prized institutions throughout the world

Their courses include 338 Arts and Humanities courses, 1095 Business courses, 668 Computer Science courses, 425 Data Science courses, 146 IT courses, and 471 Health courses. There are also 70 Mathematics courses, 137 Personal Development courses, 413 courses in Physical Science and Engineering, 401 Social Sciences, courses, and 150 courses in Language learning. 

With a wide range of free education, Coursera allows you to explore an array of topics from credible institutions like Harvard and the University of Pittsburgh but also offers short courses from other organisations like the National Museum. 

Each course is tutored by instructors who are experts in their fields, usually teaching out of top universities worldwide. Not only does Coursera offer free online learning but it also offers professional certifications, online degrees, and masters degrees online. With a wide range of learning opportunities available, Coursera is a fantastic option for those who want to progress professionally and need to learn part-time. 

Cousera is a leading online education platform.


Free Online Courses: Alison


Education has been known to be pricey but online site Alison has been operating as one of the world’s largest free learning platforms for education and skills training for many years. Free education and skills are at a premium here and are at the ethos of this business. 

Founded in Galway, Ireland in 2007, it has grown from strength to strength boasting over 14 million learners in 195 countries. It also hosts over 1350 courses in IT, Business, Language, Health, Humanities, Science, Marketing, and Lifestyle. While providing free learning, different paths can lead to certifications and diplomas with a small sum – one of the cheapest providers of these online. 

Their courses are tailored to people trying to expand their knowledge and develop in their career. Alison’s courses empower people to take their education and learning into their own hands. Using industry experts, their site provides a practical guide geared towards skill development in careers and jobs. For free online courses that centre around social impact, Alison is the place for you. 

Learn online by watching video lectures.

A Different Academy: Udemy Free Courses

Another site that mixes free and paid content, Udemy allows for students to customise their courses from separate lessons that interest you. While their free content is comprehensive, it’s its paid content that stands out. With over 100,000 online video courses to choose from, Udemy’s courses are carefully curated and developed for those who are interested in specialist subjects. 

Courses range from Business, Finance and Accounting, IT and Software, Office Productivity, Personal Development, Design, Marketing, Lifestyle, Photography, Health and Fitness, and Music. They even have a section on teaching and academics. 

Udemy also offers a program known as Udemy for Business, courses readily available for employees of businesses that have enrolled in their product. This offer allows for your team to access over 4000 videos from anywhere in the world. With industry experts and learning at your own pace, Udemy is a fantastic way to avail of free online courses or, if you want to splurge, treat yourself to professional, paid content. 

Udemy provides a stellar online education.


Learning for Free: edX

edX is an example of an online learning platform honed to bring a variety of courses from schools and universities across the world. Their broad range of programs includes Computer Science, Language, Data Science, Business and Management, Engineering, and Humanities. 

With an accessible interface, edX offers a variety of pathways depending on your reason for learning. They have a MicroBachelors Program which is an undergraduate-level course designed for career advancement or working towards an undergraduate degree. The MicroMasters program operates similarly only it is geared towards a master’s degree. edX also provides Professional Certificates from employers or universities to build today’s in-demand skills. 

Offering an impressive selection of online master’s degree programs, edX prides itself on being affordable yet in some of the tops ranked global programs. For those who aren’t interested in pursuing a qualification, edX offers XSeries, a series of courses that have been developed to give you a deep understanding of a topic. Regardless of the reasoning, edX is a great online site providing comprehensive free courses and stellar educational programs. 

edX prides itself on its quality content.

An Ivy Education: Academic Earth

Boasting an incredible selection of courses and degree programs from some of the top institutions throughout the world. Of the 25 institutions, 24 are top American universities that feature heavily in the top 30 schools in the world. The other institution that courses are available in the University of Oxford. 

Centring around providing world-class education without, at times, cost, Academic Earth allows for you to learn at a pace that suits you as well as picking from a variety of levels to suit you. Offering certifications, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, to professional diplomas, Academic Earth caters to all walks of life. Offering practical courses in trades as well, this online site offers a plethora of information for those wanting to expand their skills and mind. 

Learning can happen through the multiple technologies available. (Source: Learn Forward If)


Learning Online: Free Courses and Paid Content 

The internet has offered people the opportunity to work and earn qualifications in their spare time, though there is now a wider range of free online courses available to those who may not have the means or time to spend on a full degree. Free online courses allow people to delve into their passions and hone professional skills without breaking the bank nor taking up all their time. Learn online today!

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