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University was a privilege denied to many but, through the reins of technology, this is a thing of the past. University education can be incredibly expensive but a lot of world-class institutions are opening their virtual doors to allow students to take advantage of their free courses. These courses are allowing students to broaden their horizons and hone their skills to assist with career progression or personal growth. For those who can financially commit, these same universities are offering online programs at more affordable prices than if you were to attend physically. With every subject and topic covered, there are plenty of college courses to choose from. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best university courses online for you to choose from. 

The next successful graduate could be you.

College Courses in California: Stanford Online 

While you may not get the benefits of the sun with your Stanford education, you are certainly getting the educational ones. Stanford Online offers an incredible opportunity to study at the world’s second-best university for free. 

With a robust catalogue of university courses to choose from, Stanford also has some of the brightest minds teaching you and guiding you through the classes. Regardless if you are learning for work or pleasure, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Free content isn’t the only thing offered at Stanford Online. They have a wide array of graduate programs, advanced degrees, as well as hosting global and executive education programs. Promoting online learning, you can fully engage with faculty, even if you’re not in the country!

Created out of the Stanford Center for Professional, Stanford Online headquarters is located on campus. They work closely with faculties to deliver the best content for their students and are on hand to answer any questions you may have. 

Stanford University Campus.

The Big Crimson Online University: Harvard Extension

Ranking third in the world with an incredible history, Harvard Extension offers a historical education and the opportunity to study at one of the world’s most prestigious universities for free. With eight of the signers of the Declaration of Independence attending, Harvard has a rich history and a dedication to the pursuit of knowledge. 

The first of the Ivy League schools, Harvard has a plethora of university online courses to avail from. Offering graduate degrees and graduate certificates, they are a fully accredited Harvard school. With over 900 online courses, there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you pay for one of their many online courses and graduate, you are entitled to walk at University commencement and become a member of the Harvard Alumni Association – if you fancy donning a cape in Boston for the day. Being one of the twelve degree-granting institutions at Harvard, all your certifications will include the Harvard University insignia, just in case people don’t believe you went there. 

With high academic standards and extensive resources, Harvard Extension is a perfect way to achieve premium learning. 

Harvard University Campus.

University Classes in the Ivy League: Open Yale 

Harvard’s biggest rival, Yale, also has their online learning platform – Open Yale. Boasting figures like the Clintons and the Bush family, and, indeed, Meryl Streep, Yale has a rich history and alumni to boot. 

Open Yale offers online courses that consist of lectures and other materials selected from Yale College courses. This entirely free-content to delve into and learn from. The courses are in a range of topics from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. 

Unlike it’s great rival Harvard, Open Yale does not offer a degree or a certificate through its online university courses. Rather, it explores learning for the sake of learning. Designed to accommodate people from all over the world, Open Yale is a free education service that allows you to download and remix course materials to suit your purposes. 

The course set up includes a full set of class lectures to stream on video and a syllabus will be supplied with potential readings. Video, audio, and transcripts can be supplied for each lecture as well.

The insignia of Yale University.

The Best University Courses Online: MIT CourseWare

Considered the best university in the world, with people like Noam Chomsky holding emeritus status, MIT has some of the best online courses available. MIT is credited with inventing the world’s the first computer in 1928 and is still renowned for being the ultimate place to study engineering and technology. 

With materials on over 2400 courses and over 500 million visitors, MIT has managed to put itself on the map. Through MIT CourseWare, this is the university’s chance to share their knowledge and help people advance intellectually and in their careers. They are very open to wanting to publish all their course materials online to make them widely accessible to everyone. 

MIT OpenCourseWare serves as the university’s online publication, where all virtual MIT course content can be published and enjoyed. Actively updated, Professors engage with current students and worldwide learners to help them develop their education. They see it as their task to publicly share knowledge to help fight climate change, create sustainable development, and add to the research that has been discovered on disease/ 

With plenty of options for learning, MIT CourseWare is a fantastic source of learning for those particularly interested in science and technology, and social sciences. 

MIT campus (Source: John Phelan)

A Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

Nestled in the steel town of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon is a university that has become renowned for its contributions to engineering, computer science, and medicine. With alumni like Andy Warhol and John Forbes Nash, their work has become pivotal on the world stage. 

The Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative was designed to specifically improve learning and teaching through science. Offering high-quality course materials, these courses have been classroom-tested before being offered online.

Designed to democratise learning, they are committed to keeping courses low cost or free for most independent learners. With a wealth of free content, paying for other online university courses is optional but, for a small fee, the more in-depth content is available.

Carnegie Mellon University campus (Source: Dllu)

College Courses and Online University

The modern world has provided unique opportunities to develop one’s mind through the plentiful options of online university courses. Considering world-class education and classes are being taught and offered for nothing, there has never been a better time to take the opportunity of free education. Whether it is for personal development or work-related growth, the options online are staggering. Start your intellectual journey today with online university classes. 

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