Explore Stunning Australia: Anyone But You Filming Locations

Explore Australia Through Anyone But You Filming Locations

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Anyone But You filming locations are in breathtaking areas around Sydney, Australia. It is a film that belongs to the romantic comedy genre. It is directed by Will Gluck and stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell. The film showcases iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Palm Beach. The film captures the essence of a destination wedding in Australia, where two characters, Bea and Ben, pretend to be a couple.

Below, we will explore several of these locations to give you an overview of the film’s atmosphere. If you plan to follow the steps of your favourite characters, here is where you start.

Film Overview

Explore Stunning Australia: Anyone But You Filming Locations
Anyone But You Film Overview
  • Genre: Romantic comedy
  • Director: Will Gluck
  • Cast: Sydney Sweeney, Glen Powell, Laura Benanti, Michael Braun, Michelle Buteau
  • Release date: December 22, 2023
  • Box office: $79.5 million


The film follows Bea (Sydney Sweeney) and Ben (Glen Powell), two strangers with an excellent first date ending in disaster. A year later, they unexpectedly find themselves at a destination wedding in Australia, where they pretend to be the perfect couple to keep up appearances. As they navigate the wedding festivities and fake their relationship, their initial dislike for each other starts to fade, and they develop real feelings for one another.


Critics reviewed the film, some praising its humour and charming leads, while others criticised its predictable plot and lack of originality. However, it was a box office success, grossing over $79 million worldwide.

Additional Details About the Film

  • It is loosely based on William Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing.
  • The film was shot in Queensland, Australia.
  • It is the first time Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell have starred together in a movie.

Overall, Anyone but You is a light and entertaining romantic comedy perfect for a night out at the movies. While it may not be the most original film, it will surely charm you with its sweet story and hilarious moments.

Anyone But You Filming Locations in Sydney

These iconic locations served as stunning backdrops for Anyone But You film scenes.

Sydney Opera House

Explore Australia Through Anyone But You Filming Locations
Sydney Opera House

The iconic shell-clad sails shimmer beneath the Australian sun, not just an architectural marvel but now a silent witness to Bea and Ben’s tempestuous tango. The Opera House becomes the backdrop for their sizzling chemistry, from a moonlit waltz on the harborside steps, their laughter echoing against the concrete curves, to a dramatic chase through the labyrinthine backstage corridors, secrets and emotions laid bare beneath the vaulted ceilings. In Anyone but You, the Opera House is more than just a postcard-perfect landmark; it’s a pulsating stage where love and deception play out with the drama and grandeur of a grand opera, each scene infused with the vibrant energy of Sydney’s beating heart.

So grab your popcorn because when the lights dim and the curtain rises on the Sydney Opera House in Anyone but You, you’re in for a showstopper.

The Sydney Opera House is not just an architectural marvel; it’s a vibrant performing arts centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a must-visit for any tourist in Sydney. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know.

Iconic Shells

Its distinctive shell-like structures, designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, are instantly recognisable and synonymous with Sydney. Stroll around the exterior, snap some breathtaking photos, and admire the intricate ceramic tiles that adorn the shells.

World-Class Performances

From opera and ballet to theatre and contemporary dance, the Opera House stages over 1,600 performances annually. Check out their website’s “What’s On” section to see what’s happening during your visit and snag tickets for an unforgettable experience.

Tours and Experiences

Dive deeper into the Opera House’s fascinating history and architecture with one of their guided tours. Choose from the Classic Tour, the Backstage Tour, or even a Tour and Tasting Plate that combines sightseeing with delicious treats from the Opera Kitchen.

Dining with a View

Indulge in exquisite cuisine with breathtaking harbour views at the Opera Bar, Opera Kitchen, or Bennelong Restaurant. These award-winning establishments offer a range of dining options, from casual bites to fine dining.


The Opera House is committed to providing an accessible experience for everyone. All areas are wheelchair-accessible, and various assistive listening devices and tactile tours are available for visitors with sensory impairments.

Bonus Tip

For a truly magical experience, visit the Opera House during Vivid Sydney, an annual festival that transforms the city with vibrant light installations and projections. The Opera House becomes a canvas for breathtaking light shows, creating a sight to behold.

Palm Beach

Explore Australia Through Anyone But You Filming Locations
Palm Beach

Palm Beach was chosen as a filming location due to its pristine beaches and stunning natural beauty. The idyllic setting of Palm Beach perfectly captured the essence of the destination wedding portrayed in the movie.

Imagine strolling along the coastal path, where Bea and Ben first hatch their “fake fiance” scheme, the salty air tangling with their playful banter. Dive into the crystal-clear waters, mirroring the sparkling chemistry bubbling between them.

Palm Beach, nestled on Sydney’s picturesque Northern Beaches, isn’t just the stunning setting for Bea and Ben’s sizzling romance in Anyone but You; it’s a haven for sun-seekers, surfers, and adventure enthusiasts alike. Here’s a taste of what awaits you in this idyllic paradise.

Beach Bliss

Palm Beach boasts a dazzling stretch of golden sand, lapped by crystal-clear turquoise waters. Whether you’re a sunbather seeking ultimate relaxation, a surfer chasing epic waves, or a paddler relishing the calm waters of The Basin, Palm Beach has something for everyone. For an extra dose of luxury, head to Barrenjoey Beach, where secluded stretches and upscale eateries await.

Lighthouse Adventures

No visit to Palm Beach is complete without conquering the iconic Barrenjoey Lighthouse. Hike the scenic trail up to the 1881 lighthouse, soaking in breathtaking panoramas of the coastline and Pittwater. Reward yourself with a delicious meal at the Barrenjoey House restaurant, or enjoy the views with a refreshing drink at the Sunset Bar.

Pittwater Playground

Beyond the beach, Palm Beach offers an aquatic playground like no other. Kayak through the serene waters of Pittwater, taking in the lush mangroves and spotting playful dolphins. Explore hidden coves and secluded beaches, or hop on a ferry to Ettalong for a charming coastal escape.

Tasty Cuisine

Palm Beach tantalises your taste with various cafes and restaurants catering to every palate. From the iconic The Boathouse, perched on the water’s edge, to hidden gems like The Basin Seafood Bar and The Beach House, you’ll find fresh seafood, vibrant beachside fare, and gourmet delights guaranteed to satisfy.

Beyond the Beach

If you’re seeking adventure beyond the beach, Palm Beach delivers. Learn to surf with renowned instructors at Palm Beach Surf School or tee off at the picturesque Long Reef Golf Club. Explore the stunning coastal trails, delve into the vibrant village shops, or savour the laid-back atmosphere of this beachside haven.

Getting There

Palm Beach is a convenient 1.5-hour drive north of Sydney’s CBD. Public buses and ferry services connect you to this coastal gem, making it easily accessible for day trips or extended stays.

Marks Park

Located in the coastal suburb of Tamarama, Marks Park offers breathtaking ocean views and is a picturesque location for pivotal moments in the film. The park’s stunning cliffs and panoramic vistas made it an ideal setting for romantic scenes.

New South Wales

New South Wales’s diverse landscapes provided various filming locations, from coastal settings to lush hinterlands. The state’s natural beauty and unique landmarks added depth and authenticity to the on-screen portrayal of Australia as a destination wedding location.

Sydney Harbour

The iconic Harbour played a significant role in the film, offering a backdrop for captivating scenes that showcased the city’s waterfront charm. The vibrant energy and scenic beauty of the Harbour contributed to the film’s romantic and visually captivating narrative.

Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, with its grand iconic arches, featured prominently in the film, offering a stunning setting for critical moments. The bridge’s majestic presence added a sense of grandeur to the scenes set against Sydney’s famous landmark backdrop.

Queen Victoria Building

Explore Stunning Australia: Anyone But You Filming Locations
Queen Victoria Building

The historic and architecturally captivating Queen Victoria Building added a touch of elegance to the film’s setting. The building’s ornate design and rich history provided a charming backdrop for scenes capturing the essence of the city’s cultural and aesthetic allure.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach, with its iconic golden sands and vibrant atmosphere, showcased the laid-back coastal lifestyle of Sydney. The beach’s captivating beauty and lively ambience complemented the film’s narrative, adding a sense of carefree romance to the story.


The serene and picturesque Pittwater region provided a tranquil setting for crucial moments in the film. Its lush coastal landscapes and peaceful waters offered a serene backdrop for scenes depicting moments of reflection and emotional depth.

Terrey Hills

The tranquil retreat of Terrey Hills added a sense of rustic charm to the film’s setting. The area’s lush greenery and tranquil surroundings provided a serene and intimate backdrop for pivotal moments in the character’s journey.

From the dazzling shores of Palm Beach, where romance blossomed under golden sunrises, to the iconic sails of the Sydney Opera House, echoing with secrets and stolen kisses, Anyone but You takes you on a whirlwind journey through Australia’s vibrant soul. Each location becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of this romantic comedy, painting a picture of adventure, laughter, and maybe even a little bit of destiny. So, whether you’re planning a future trip Down Under or simply seeking a cinematic escape, remember that the real magic of Anyone but You lies in the story and the breathtaking beauty of the places it calls home.


When was Anyone But You filmed?

Anyone But You was filmed in 2023, capturing Sydney’s picturesque landscapes and vibrant city scenes.

Who are the main actors in Anyone But You?

The main cast of Anyone But You includes renowned actors such as Rachel Griffiths, Dermot Mulroney, Alexandra Shipp, Glen Powell, and Sydney Sweeney.

Which specific scenes were filmed in Sydney for Anyone But You?

Many memorable scenes were filmed in Sydney, including romantic moments around Sydney Harbour and a passionate kiss on a yacht in the Harbour.

Did the filming of Anyone But You include locations outside of Sydney?

While most of the filming took place in Sydney, some scenes were filmed in the picturesque surroundings north of Sydney and inland at a home in Palm Beach.

How would you describe the filming experience in Sydney for Anyone But You?

Anyone But You filming locations provided a visually stunning backdrop for the movie, with the cast and crew enjoying the beauty of the city and its surroundings while capturing captivating scenes for the rom-com.

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