Sahl Hashish

Aerial view of Sahl Hashish on the Red Sea

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Sahl Hashish is a famous spot located on the coast of the Red Sea about 25 km south of Hurghada, Egypt. It is a small town with 6 major tourist resorts and more than 14 hotels; Baron, Old Palace, Pyramisa, Premier Le Reve, Premier Romance, and Tropitel. There are many entertainment centers and hubs where you can enjoy yourself along with your family and friends. Sahl Hashish also offers many attractions and activities, like golf courses, an underwater Pharaonic city, and a yacht marina.

Sahl Hashish is only a 15-minute drive from Hurghada’s international airport, so going there by plane is easy and you can go by car from Cairo in five to six hours. 

How to Begin Your Trip in Sahl Hashish

When you arrive at Sahl Hashish, you will see a pharaonic-themed gate with many pharaonic statues lined up on either side of a wonderful walkway as if you are in the middle of a Pharaonic temple. Then, you will reach the center of the city, which looks like a square full of legendary palaces overlooking the coast of the Red Sea. This is where you’ll find most of the hotels between five and seven stars and the cinema complex as well.

The area in which these hotels are located is called the Old Town. The Old Town was constructed in 2007 but its architectural style is inspired by Egyptian heritage. All the hotels there offer trips, parties, and are equipped with tennis and squash courts, in addition to health clubs that offer treatments, massages, fitness classes, yoga exercises, and steam baths.

Nowadays Sahl Hashish has become a favorite destination for honeymooners to spend a great time there instead of traveling to destinations, such as the Maldives or Thailand. It is also suitable for families, where they can find activities for all family members.

Things to do in Sahl Hashish:

  1. The Pharaonic City:

This is one of the amazing attractions in Sahl Hashish. It is known as an important area in the city. The design of the Pharaonic City includes a part that is actually submerged under the Red Sea, which makes it a unique place to visit for all tourists from all around the world.

Divers can explore this underwater city to their heart’s content. They can see the beauty of the underworld and the coral reefs. You will find many dive centers and necessary tools to help you during your trip.

Tops of buildings poke out of the sea as it was once a pharaoh's city in Sahl Hashish
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  1. Snorkeling:

Like many cities located on the Red Sea, Sahl Hashish is famous for diving and snorkeling, where you can find the coral reefs about one kilometer away and you can reach them after a 5 to 10-minute boat trip. You will enjoy diving in the Red Sea and exploring beautiful nature at a depth of 20 meters.

A women snorkel's among a sea of fish in Sahl Hashish
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  1. Senzo Center:

Senzo Center is a popular shopping center in Sahl Hashish. The mall sells local and imported clothes. It also includes shops that sell different products, like Adidas, Timberland, Levi’s, Activ, and many more. 

The center also has many restaurants, such as Macdonald’s, KFC, and others that offer enjoyable seafood dishes, like Felucca Seafood Restaurant, as well as different types of food, such as Japanese, Chinese, Oriental, Italian, Lebanese, Indian, and others. 

The exterior of a famed Egyptian Mall in Sahl Hashish
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  1. Marina Sahl Hashish:

You can go on a cruise from the marina in Sahl Hashish and enjoy many water sports to discover the underworld. Dive or even relax on the yacht for the entire day.

The marina was built on an area of 1.1 million square meters around the international yacht club, it also includes a water body of 117,000 square meters and it contains more than 330 yachts, two 5 star hotels, and a 4-star hotel around the marina basin as well as an entertainment area that includes shopping stores And restaurants, cafes and a lot of different places to spend a great night.

Aerial view of Sahl Hashish on the Red Sea
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  1. The Cinema Complex:

It is considered one of the most popular entertainment venues in Sahl Hashish, with plenty of halls for movie screenings of local and international films where you can watch many movies whether with your friends or family.

  1. Beaches of Sahl Hashish:

The beaches in Sahl Hashish are amazing and quite popular with tourists. The city contains many beautiful beaches on the Red Sea, with clear waters and beautiful golden sandy landscapes. Some of these beaches also offer fitness equipment that is available for everyone who wants to exercise and also for tourists who want to practice and learn to dive among the coral reefs below the sea. You will find many diving centers on all of the beaches in Sahl Hashish to help you dive to discover the beauty of the world under the sea.

Overview of beach in Sahl Hashish
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  1. Horse Riding in Sahl Hashish:

A lovely thing you can do in Sahl Hashish is horse riding to see the beauty of the desert or the view of the red sea and sunset. You can go on this trip with the finest bred horses and experienced trainers and also the trainers will provide you with pre-ride coaching, and assist you throughout your ride. Also, you can share this trip with your family, and it is suitable for children, a helmet is provided to each rider for a safe trip.

A group of people ride horses through the sand of Sahl Hashish
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  1. Fishing in the Red Sea:

One of the famous activities in Sahl Hashish and most of the Egyptian cities is fishing. It is an enjoyable hobby for many to fish in the Red Sea and you can rent a boat that includes all the types of equipment needed for fishing.

Two fishing boats pulled ashore waiting for use in Sahl Hashish
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  1. Quad Biking in the Sahl Hashish Dessert:

Explore more of the dessert of Sahl Hashish by going on a quad bike tour, where you will drive with a tour guide across the desert towards the Bedouin Village and sample some delicious food there and also enjoy a camel ride. 

a woman sits on a quad bike in Sahl Hashish
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The Best Hotels to Stay in at Sahl Hashish

  1. Sunrise Romance Resort:

This fascinating hotel is located 22 km from Hurghada Airport. It includes 6 restaurants and bars, a luxury spa, a private beach, and an outdoor pool. All bedrooms feature a private balcony or terrace. For golf lovers, there is a golf course 15 km away from the hotel and it contains an Italian and Chinese restaurant, as well as a 24-hour lounge bar.

A view of Sunrise Romance Resort from the sea in the Sahl Hashish
Image Credit: Sunrise Romance Resort
  1. Albatros Citadel Resort:  

Albatros Citadel Resort is for families and couples. It has rooms on a magnificent view of the Red Sea and the hotel was built with natural coral stones which have been hand chiseled from nearby mountains. There is a lovely beach that extends over 1.6 km, with 6 private hot tubs and 3 swimming pools.

Beautiful view of Albatros citadel's bay and surrounding sea in Sahl Hashish
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  1. Baron Palace:

The hotel is located in the middle of Sahl Hashish Bay, and it extends on a beautiful sandy beach and swimming pool with a sea view. The Baron Palace includes world-class restaurants offering Egyptian, Italian, Mexican, and Asian cuisine. This place is great for Honeymooners.

The infinity at Baron Palace in Sahl Hashish
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  1. Tropitel Sahl Hashish:

The hotel is located in a classy area in Sahl Hashish with a beautiful view of the Red Sea and it includes 3 outdoor swimming pools that are heated in winter as well as a children’s pool. It also includes Italian, Mexican, Indian, and Turkish restaurants, as well as entertainment facilities for diving, sailing, biking, tennis, volleyball, billiards, and ping pong.

the pools in the tropitel hotel that is located in Sahl Hashish
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