Ormeau Park Belfast – An Excellent Park Opened in 1871

Updated On: May 08, 2022

Ormeau Park Belfast, Northern Ireland- Flowers

Ormeau Park Belfast is located at BT7 3GG for those not local, everyone else knows where it is! It is one of the most famous parks in Belfast without a doubt.

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Ormeau Park Belfast Map - Ormeau-Ravenhill Road
Park’s Map – Ormeau-Ravenhill Road

There are numerous entries to the grounds – but the main one would be on the Ormeau Road/Ormeau Embankment. Also via the Ravenhill Road.

Ormeau Park Belfast - Ormeau-Ravenhill Road
Ormeau Belfast – Ormeau-Ravenhill Road

Ormeau Park opens at 7.30am each day (it was open prior to this – on the day we arrived there) and closes normally around dark, the time changes with the seasons.

Ormeau Park Belfast Entrance- Ormeau-Ravenhill Road
Park Entrance- Ormeau-Ravenhill Road

Ormeau Park is perhaps the oldest public park in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is also one of the largest and busiest parks in the city and is considered to be a popular sports venue, providing numerous facilities located in the Park Playing Fields including soccer pitches, bowling greens and pavilions, a BMX track, in addition to basketball and tennis courts. The park also has a children’s playground.

Northern Ireland is a country made up of history! Explore the oldest bar in this fablious country.

Ormeau Park Belfast Fitness Equipment - Ormeau-Ravenhill Road
Fitness Equipment – Ormeau-Ravenhill Road

Some of our favourite park images.

Facilities at Ormeau Park include:

  • A short nature trail
  • BMX track
  • Ormeau Bowling Green and Pavilion
  • Soccer Pitches
  • Basketball and Tennis Courts
  • Indoor Tennis Courts & Ozone complex
  • Children’s Playgrounds & the fitness equipment that is appearing in all parks at the moment (for adults!)
  • Bandstand
  • Rugby
  • Ravenhill Bowling Green and Pavilion
Ormeau Park Belfast Band Stand- Ormeau-Ravenhill Road
Band Stand- Ormeau-Ravenhill Road

At Ormeau Park, dogs are allowed to be walked (as with all parks in N.Ireland) as long as they are on their leads. The park is also popular among walkers and joggers alike and has a range of eco trails and orienteering routes. On a side note – there is one park in the Belfast area that has a dedicated secure area where dogs can be let off their leads and allowed to run free safely. This is at the Grove Playing Fields – well worth a visit for any dog owner.

Ormeau Park Belfast Nature Trail- Ormeau-Ravenhill Road
Nature Trail- Ormeau-Ravenhill Road

History of Ormeau Park 

Ormeau was the original home of the Donegall family. The surname might seem familiar as it was later used to name several of Belfast’s most famous streets, including Donegall Quay and Donegall Place.

Ormeau Park Belfast Nature Trail- Ormeau-Ravenhill Road
Belfast Nature Trail- Ormeau-Ravenhill Road

The Donegall family moved to the park and set up their home at Ormeau Cottage in 1807. The second Marquis of Donegall extended the building and lived there until his death in 1844. However, as the family’s fortune spiralled into debt, the Belfast City Council was able to purchase the estate in 1869.

Ormeau Park Belfast Nature Trail- Ormeau-Ravenhill Road
Ormeau-Ravenhill Road

The Park was officially opened to the public in 1871 and the opening was marked with a parade from Carlisle Circus. The public was invited to submit their design ideas for the 100-acre site. The winning design was done by Timothy Hevey, a 24-year-old architect from Belfast.

The park is one of 15 sites around Belfast that holds a Green Flag Award for excellent standards of park management – which will be evident on your visit.

Ormeau Park Belfast Nature Trail- Ormeau-Ravenhill Road
Ormeau-Ravenhill Road

Memorable Events Held at Ormeau Park

• Tennents’ Vital Festival

The park hosted the Tennents’ Vital Festival for the first time in August 2007. The festival is an annual music event in Northern Ireland. It was first held near the Botanic Gardens in 2002 then later moved to Ormeau in 2007. After a three-year hiatus. The festival returned in 2011 at Ward Park in Bangor.

Ormeau Park Belfast Nature Trail- Ormeau-Ravenhill Road
Terrking Road, Belfast

• Belfast Carnival Village

In June 2016, the Belfast Carnival Village was held at Ormeau, featuring arts and crafts workshops, performing puppets, food stalls, mad hatter tea parties, and orchestrated musicians for the entire family.

Ormeau Park Belfast Nature Trail- Ormeau-Ravenhill Road
Open space- Ravenhill Road

Some more pictures from the park – any your favourites?

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Is Ormeau Park one of your favourites in Belfast – or do you prefer a different park? Let us know in the comments below. Otherwise, you can always find then finest gardens ever in Northern Ireland. Leave a comment if you have visited any!

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