A Trip to Nature: Top 5 Parks in London


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Today’s trip will be to England, to discover the top 5 parks in London. It is Europe’s greenest city, with more than 3,000 parks and open green spaces. This huge number means the wonderful city has one garden or park for every taste or occasion.

Whatever you plan for your picnic, you can find it in the gardens of London. If you want relaxation, green space, spending time with the family, recreation, and more, you can easily find it in this charming city. So that parks will satisfy your taste.

The other important feature is that all these parks and gardens are free to visit. So, you can enjoy all this natural beauty without any cost. However, these many green space options may confuse you in choosing the garden or park that is most suitable for you. So, we present a short list for you to make it easier. Let’s go deeper to take a closer look.

1. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the most famous park in London. The park is one of the largest London Royal Parks. It was established in 1536 originally as a hunting ground for Henry VIII. It was initially frequented only by the upper classes of society. Although, after a while, it opened to the public, specifically in 1637.

The most attractive spot in the park is the Speakers’ Corner. It has been a point for free speech and debate since 1872 in Hyde Park, where people can freely express their opinions and dreams—known for holding large-scale free rock concerts. The park has also continued to host other major events.

This attractive place also has a famous horseback riding area called Rotton Row. It has also Lake Serpentine, which is home to many species of waterfowl. Of course, you can also enjoy riding your bicycle in that marvellous green areas. Regarding park opening hours, Hyde Park is open all year round from 05:00 AM to midnight.

2. Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park is another park from London‘s Royal Parks. At first, it was a hunting area for Henry VIII. After that, it opened to the public as an open green space and park. The park was designed by John Nash in 1811, but the first opening for people was in 1835.

This marvellous park covers about 410 acres. Looking at this vast park area, you might think it is only green space. However, the park will dazzle you, as it includes many other features. It contains a lake that includes waterfowl, a boat dock, and playgrounds for children. It has sports fields for various sports, such as tennis, cricket, and others. You can also enjoy riding your bicycle.

In its northern part, the park hosts the London Zoo. In addition, it includes public gardens filled with beautiful species of flowers. It contains an open-air theatre where exciting musical events are organised. So, whatever you enjoy on your picnic outside, you can find in Regent’s Park. 

3. Richmond Park

Richmond Park is the largest park of London’s Royal Parks. If you love wildlife, you can enjoy watching hundreds of deer roaming freely in Richmond Park between the ancient trees and rare wildflower species in the beautiful park. This park area covers a space of around 2,500 acres.

It was established by Charles I in the seventeenth century. Interesting to know that the park is a National Natural Reserve; Richmond Park is protected as an important wildlife habitat. The park is London’s largest site of special scientific interest and a special European conservation area. The park was an inspirational spot for film and series makers and artists to be a location for their works. We recommend it for you to visit on your next trip to London.

4. St James’s Park

St James’s Park covers an area of around 57 acres. It is one of London’s Royal Parks. Many vital buildings surrounded the park, such as Buckingham Palace. It includes The Mall -royal procession route- and Horse Guard Parade. The park has great historical importance, making it first place in the historic gardens and parks list.

The park contains a small lake, Lake St. James Park, and two islands: the Western Island and Duck Island, the latter named after the lake’s population of waterfowl. The resident swans have been a unique feature of the park for nearly 400 years since they were donated to Charles II by the Russian ambassador. You can enjoy watching them being fed from 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm every day.

The bridge over the loch provides a leafy view west towards Buckingham Palace. When you take a look to the east, you can see a fountain. The park contains a children’s playground to the north of Duck Island.

The park also includes many types of amazing flowers that are located in front of Buckingham Palace, where they become part of processions and royal events. In addition, the attractive place hosts many other species of trees. The opening hours are from 05:00 AM till midnight daily.

5. Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens consists of 265 acres. It is located next to the famous Hyde Park, separated by the Serpentine River. The gardens are a quiet place, ideal for relaxing. The park offers a mixture of amusement activities and green spaces.

Besides the beautiful landscapes, trees, and flowers, you can enjoy the art and architecture; yes, you heard right. The park contains Serpentine Galleries, consisting of two galleries hosting architectural and art events annually.

The gardens also include the Diana Memorial Playground, the Albert Memorial, and a bronze statue of Peter Pan by George Frampton: the fictional character and the cartoon hero. So, the park is the right choice for a family picnic. All the family members can find their own enjoyment. Regarding the opening hours for Kensington Gardens, it opens daily at 06:00 AM.

That’s It

Here, dear reader, we have finished our selection of the Top 5 Parks in London. If you are looking to discover a new attractive place, you will definitely find one of the above options suitable for you. So, you can explore any of them. We promise that you will enjoy and find what satisfies your taste.  

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