15 Best Toy Stores in London

Toy Store

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Many of the top toy stores in London are more than just shopping destinations; they’re entire worlds for kids to explore! London certainly does provide the fabled and legendary British shopping experience. It is home to some of the most well-known shopping avenues worldwide, including Oxford Street and Regent Street.

Top Toy Stores in London for Fond Memories

London still boasts a fantastic selection of iconic toy stores managed by individuals who are excited about toys. It is not surprising that London is a significant city for toy stores. It is home to the largest Lego shop in the world and the largest Disney store in Europe.

However, while strolling through London, you can miss some of the best toy stores. While some of them are situated on the city’s busiest retail avenues right in the heart of London, other very unique toy stores are tucked away. It is advised to stop by these interesting toy shops. Set a spending limit and stick to it to avoid spending all your money and returning home with significantly overweight bags.


Toy Store

Since 1760, Hamleys has been the city’s most well-known and oldest toy store. It is situated on Regent Street, one of the busiest shopping avenues in the heart of London. Kids may explore and play on seven fantastic floors full of unique treasures of the top toys and games because it is the biggest toy store with a history in the city. You may find dolls, puzzles, LEGO, action figures, and wands in the Harry Potter-themed Department of Magic. Even if you don’t buy anything, kids will enjoy frequent events and activities inside the store.

LEGO Store

15 Best Toy Stores in London

The Lego Store is the largest in the world and one of London’s most well-known and popular toy stores. It is located in Leicester Square. It has a built-in museum and comprises two floors of LEGO bricks and models. Some famous London landmarks in the store include Big Ben, a Lego-built double-decker bus, and an actual-size underground carriage where you can sit. Eight hundred eighty thousand bricks were used to construct the enormous Tree of Discovery model in the store’s front. With Lego, children may make their mini-figures and mosaic images of themselves.

Benjamin Pollock

Benjamin Pollock is located in Covent Garden; however, it was initially constructed in Hoxton in 1856. It has Victorian-era toys and items from unknown manufacturers. It is the ideal location for children who enjoy theatre. Without skipping over the puppets or marionettes, you can choose from a wide variety of classic toys, many of which have a theatrical theme. If miniature stages aren’t your thing, the store has other classic toys, including Steiff teddy bears, music boxes, paper aeroplanes, dolls, and traditional board games.

Sylvanian Families

It is situated near Finsbury Park on Mountgrove Road. Despite being a small shop, it boasts over 400 classic miniature animal figurines and accessories from different families of toy animals. The shop has everything you need to start building your miniature hamlet, including manors, huts, windmills, caravans, and dentist sets.

Disney Store

Disney Store - toy store in london

The biggest Disney toy store in Europe is located on Oxford Street. It is where kids can set their imaginations free. You can find items with your favourite character on them, including cuddly toys, dress-up outfits, or collectables. Besides, it features animated trees, an interactive Disney Princess Magic Mirror, cartoons on the wall, and your favourite theme songs playing all day. You will feel like you’ve entered the Disney world. Additionally, there are free special events like animation workshops, movie screenings, and more where you can chill out with your favourite characters.

Ottie and the Bea

It is situated in Blackheath, London, on Old Dover Road. It is a place full of colour and opportunity where play and creativity are valued. It carries a wide variety of well-picked goods for kids and parents to enjoy, taking usability, design, and price into account. It’s a setting that encourages personal innovation. You can find classic toys, lovely books, vibrant party supplies, Japanese collectables, and imaginative comics in the shop. Ottie and the Bea is more than just a toy store, thanks to innovative events occurring all year round.

Paddington Bear Shop

Paddington Bear Shop - toy store

Get your hands on the newest Paddington Bear by visiting the Paddington Bear store at Paddington Railway Station. Along with the full selection of bears, books, and presents, the store also offers a variety of unique Paddington products, such as a miniature version of the bear’s bronze statue. Additionally, a Paddington Bear monument, created by sculptor Marcus Cornish, can be found on platform one beneath the clock, designating the spot where Paddington first encounters the Browns.

Harrods Toy Store

It is situated on the third level of the big department store in Brompton Rd, Knightsbridge. Harrods adopted the notion of selling toys and developing a real toyshop so kids could touch and play with the toys rather than just stare at them. So it is a more engaging experience. The Toy Kingdom is clean and contemporary. As it is easy to become lost in the department’s six different worlds, the rooms are colour-coded to simplify shopping.

Buggies and Bikes

Buggies & Bikes is located in Broadway Market, Hackney. It offers a variety of cutting-edge children’s products, including toys, books, outdoor games, baby toiletries, and more. Along with the small nursery, the ground level is dedicated to kid-friendly exercise courses and is available for party bookings. There are some fabulous baby cardigans and young girls’ gowns with lovely prints, done knitting and embroidery by nearby artisans.

Puppet Planet

It is a store owned and run by Lesley Butler where only puppets of all kinds, including the well-known Punch and Judy characters, are sold. In addition to puppets, the store offers Crafty Kids craft kits, many of which let you design your puppet, lovely stuffed animals of Melissa & Doug. It also includes workshops and occasional storytelling events.

Cachao Toy Café

The colourful Cachao Toy Shop is located in London’s fashionable Primrose Hill. For children, it offers a large selection of well-known toy brands. At the same time, for adults, the café area of the store provides sweet, caffeinated refreshments. Many arts, crafts, and science-related sets are available, ranging from Hape to House of Marbles. Cachao Toy Cafe offers a fantastic selection of affordable, delicious meals, serving sandwiches, salads, crepes, and desserts. In addition, it serves delectable smoothies and well-known blended coffees!

QT Toys 

QT Toys is located on Northcote Road, Battersea. Since his parents first opened the doors in 1983, Joseph Yap has been the owner and assigned toy tester. His understanding of what will enchant children is a nail on the head. It offers a treasure trove of traditional and contemporary toys, costumes, educational toys, cards, slime, paddling pools, and baby-safe products.

Snap Dragon

In Chiswick Turnham Green Terrace, you can find Snap Dragon. It’s a terrific location to hunt for a humorous present for people of any age. Excellent toy store with the ideal ratio of classic, hand-made toys and well-known brands like Lego, WOW, and Orchard toys. The shop offers a wide, amusing variety of high-quality products to accommodate different tastes. You are in luck as the staff can provide advice to help you locate the perfect present for a special one.

Kids Stuff Toys

Kids Stuff Toys is located on Putney High Street. It is a family-run toy store with affordable prices. Besides, they have seven stores in the UK, which sets them apart from the competition. The entire family can shop from a vast selection of toys, games, and educational supplies, regardless of age!

After Noah

After Noah is located on Upper Street. It sells a vast selection of games and toys. Original toys and cuddly animals have their section. You can go downstairs, where there are stunning leather sofas, sideboards, and armchairs.

Toy shopping is a thrilling experience, not only for little kids but also for adults. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with your younger self and make sweet memories. So, next time you’re in London, make sure to pay one of these stores a quick visit.

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