Game of Thrones doors! Not the episode from Game of Thrones itself (episode 5 , season 6) but the amazingly crafted doors created from trees that fell at The Dark Hedges. This door is from Mary McBride’s in Cushendun. The local areas were also used to film scenes from Game of Thrones! So really worth visiting.

For Connolly Cove, it is one of the most interesting things to do; to go and check all those places which appeared in Game of Thrones in real and make memories in them, and it is also exciting to track down those different doors which appeared throughout the episodes – and here is one of them.

Game of Thrones Door Number 8 - Cushendun Ballymena - County Antrim - Northern Ireland - Wood Art
Game of Thrones Door Number 8 - Cushendun Ballymena - County Antrim - Northern Ireland - Wood Art

One of the different locations in Northern Ireland where Game of Thrones was filmed is the Dark Hedges ( - one of our favorites. This place is very old and is all about those beech trees which form an atmospheric tunnel and which used to lead to the house that James Stuart built back in 1775. Standing there for more than 150 years, some of these trees have died and fell down due to different reasons and at this point they were taken and transformed to those doors which you have seen in the episodes of Game of Thrones.One of these different doors which are made from the trees of the Dark Hedges is door number 8 which is located in Mary McBride's Bar that is located in Cushendun, Ballymena - another location in Northern Ireland where some scenes from the movie were also taken, such as the Cushendun Caves ( - so you will end up checking the door and at the same time visiting some of the other locations of the movie as well.Inspecting this door in a closer way was an interesting experience because we got the chance to see all those details which we might have not spotted while watching the movie - that of course comes in addition to being an interesting experience to see something out of your favorite movie in real.


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