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Updated On: February 25, 2022

Peace Bridge, Derry - Northern Ireland Travel Guide

Derry, having been awarded City of Culture 2013, has much to offer in terms of culture, fun, diversity, and excitement. Due to this, it is not surprising that Derry has an amazing food scene, with cuisine from around the world. Derry has a wide variety of eateries to choose from.

Like all cities, there are many chain eateries to choose from, from Nandos to McDonald’s. However, there are also many places to choose from which are local to Derry. Derry offers all the best from Irish to Indian to Mexican cuisine. 

Here, at ConnollyCove, we have comprised this food guide of the must-visit places in Derry to eat. Continue reading to discover all that Derry has to offer. 

Mama Masala

This restaurant is perfect for those who cannot decide what they want to eat. This award-winning restaurant offers both Indian and Italian menus, with much variety to choose from. They import authentic ingredients to give the ultimate taste experience. For the non-meat-eater and the plant-based eater, this restaurant provides many vegetarian and vegan options to tickle your taste buds also.

They also offer a takeaway menu and service downstairs from the main restaurant, so if you want delicious food at home, this is perfect for you.

Located on Queens Quay, there is parking located across from the restaurant. It is an ideal location as it is convenient to travel to and it offers views over the River Foyle. You can book the window view of the River Foyle by booking in advance. 

Pyke ‘N’ Pommes

The Street Food scene is taking the world by storm! It has arrived in Derry, and popping up left, right and centre are different street food vendors. One of the most established in Derry is Pyke ‘N’ Pommes. 

Here, they offer many delicious dishes such as burgers and tacos. However, they also offer more unique, but equally tasty dishes such as barbequed watermelon, charred corn, and whole fish barbecue (“Return Of The Mac”).

This small business has created a large following, and it is all down to the amazing and unique food they offer. They also offer a range of items for their vegetarian followers such as their Vegenderry Burger and BBQ Pineapple Desert and

Within Derry city, there are two locations: their POD, this is a converted double-decker bus (opposite the Foyle Marina), and their small eatery at 57 Strand Road.

Hidden City Cafe

This little cafe in the heart of Derry is not a secret at all. It has many customers daily at Breakfast, Brunch, and Lunch. Their slogan is “Think different: Eat different: Be different”. This is a family-owned business and they have been focusing on catering to all diets, gluten-free to meat to plant-based.

They have a large focus and selection of plant-based and vegetarian dishes. It quickly established itself for the range of organic and wholesome dishes, offering seafood, chicken, plant-based, and gluten-free. A delicious experience is waiting for you here, no matter what your diet.

Located at 1 London Street, a convenient location which is close to shopping, bars and, history.

La Sosta

La Sosta is the longest-running Italian food restaurant in Derry. The menu and atmosphere reflect the true feeling of Italy. This is a family-run restaurant who endeavour to serve the authentic and delicious tastes of Italy.

They also offer a selection of mouth-watering vegetarian options. While dining you can also experience fantastic views of the River Foyle from the conservatory. You can find this authentic Italian restaurant on Carlisle Road, an ideal location next to shopping and the historic Derry Walls.


Guapo is Derry’s fresh, fast, home-made Mexican food home. They offer a burrito bar with burritos, burrito bowls, tacos, and nachos. It is a build-your-own menu, so you can build your meal as you like, and never be disappointed.

They also offer a choice of burgers, a range of sides, for example, soups and Horneada, and little desserts, and much more. This is a casual place to eat, serving ‘a big feed’ at pleasant prices.  It is located on Strand Road, next to Quayside Shopping Centre, making it the perfect place to pop-into for a quick bite.

Walled City Brewery

You are guaranteed an amazing traditional Irish atmosphere when you visit this multi-award-winning restaurant. They offer a range of bar food (Pintxos) and traditional main meals. They also offer some vegetarian alternatives.

As the restaurant is attached to a fully functioning Brewery, no surprise, you will find a selection of alcoholic drinks to choose from (although, we recommend the traditional Guinness every time).

They opened the first brewery school in Ireland called ‘The HomeBrew Academy’ where you can learn to craft amazing beer at home. They also offer 1.5-hour beer masterclasses. Here you will learn the 9000-year-old history of beer brewing while tasting ten house beers matched with appropriate beer snacks.

The Walled City Brewery is located in Ebrington Square, offering views of the Peace Bridge and the River Foyle.

Soda and Starch

This pantry and grill restaurant is located in Derry’s own Craft Village. The menu is ever-changing, based on the season and flavour. However, no matter what you choose, you are guaranteed a delicious meal in the heart of traditional, rustic Derry.

In this casual restaurant, you will find all traditional Irish comfort foods and home-baked goods. They strive to showcase and keep the rich heritage passed down in many Irish recipes. They offer a lunch menu, perfect for a light bite; and a dinner menu which includes their specialist seafood, steak, and comfort dishes.

If you’re looking for a comfortable place to eat with good food and an amazing Irish atmosphere, this is the place to go. As it is in the heart of the Craft Village, you will be surrounded by the rich history and culture of Ireland.

Mandarin Palace

This Mandarin Palace is home to exquisite Asain cuisine right in Derry city centre. They offer a range of Chinese, Asian and European dishes, in a friendly, welcoming environment. This restaurant is located on Queens Quay, overlooking the River Foyle. You are guaranteed a delicious meal, an amazing atmosphere and a stunning view.

You can also take advantage of the restaurants Karma Tapas Lounge, where you can relax and enjoy a cocktail while overlooking the gorgeous River Foyle.

These are only some of the amazing places to eat you will find in Ireland’s Walled City. Have you eaten or stayed in Derry? Please tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

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